okay so this is just my opinion and i could be completely wrong but i think that james purposefully makes his relationship with natalie sound less than it is in front of other people so people underestimate them. but i think that james honestly respects her and their relationship SO much and because of the situation they’re in he has to act a certain way. just ignore me lmao.

how are you……gonna write a song called……‘kill 'em with kindness’……then literally turn around and demean an entire movement……and reduce their struggles and the brutality they face…..as to picking a 'side’ like…….'you don’t know what i do’…..obviously not selena if you have no problem perputating racism……

someday i’ll make a masterpost of why if we needed to designate a pretty, blonde, family-friendly, sweet voiced, white female pop star who writes from her own life experiences for everybody’s daughters to look up to in the 2010s it should’ve been ellie goulding and not taylor swift

So, which one of you is writing the Strange Magic Pokemon Go AU where Bog’s house is some sort of historical monument and people keep trespassing to catch pokemon? He gets fed up and calls the cops on the next trespassers he catches–

Dawn and Sunny

Cue the next day when Marianne shows up on his doorstep, “You has my sister arrested over a zubat?!”

i hate how sexualised some astrology blogs will make Capricorn males and say “the best fun to be around” but then they’ll talk about Capricorn females like they’re sooo boring and always worrying about work. But when they’re just talking about Capricorns in general it’s like we’re all money-on-my-mind messes who don’t know how to communicate like

1. Make up your damn mind on your own damn astrology post

2. Gender has nothing to do with astrology so why would you even…

heyo i’m somewhat dead here lol

nothing happened irl or like, anywhere,like always

i only have finals

just passing here saying for some asks: do what the fuck u want with gaster!sans lol

he’s like, a dead case to me (for now i guess? i know i will not make the comic, i’m not being negative with it, i’m just not made to make comics haha)

and eeehhh i’m on a weird idk-in-wich-fandom-im-now, overwatch, off, eddsworld, yume nikki (again)????¿¿??¿ we just don’t know

This is the epitome of American beauty standards. White girls are rewarded for their mediocrity while beautiful black girls like Lupita are constantly reminded that they will never be good enough. To anyone who disagrees with me about this being a racial issue, ask yourself this question: “If Lupita had a lighter complexion and long straight hair but the same body, would she have gotten a majority of the votes?” I think we all know the answer.

ZimmerGrrl1, Ransom, Holster, and eerily accurate fan fiction

This is so stupid, but also entertaining, I think? Not sure it’s worthy of a real fic, so here’s this:

Okay, so. We know R&H read Jack and Parse fan fic, right? So, I figure they had to set up an account.

And I was thinking, what if there was one author they liked enough to subscribe to, but she stopped writing soon after Jack got into Samwell. There were a few fix it fics after the draft, and one that was generally accepted as her “farewell" to the Jack Zimmermann fandom, a fluffy piece that strangely predicted Jack becoming captain of the SMH team and making a little family out of the team.

But maybe ZimmerGrrl1 never stopped being a fan; she followed his Samwell career, knew his stats and his teammates, lives near enough to catch an occasional game. And one day, she finds herself on the train from Boston to Providence with Eric R Bittle of the Samwell Men’s Hockey team.

Maybe they have an easy conversation about hockey after she blurts out “You’re Eric Bittle!” and he’s so flattered to be recognized for just himself. She assumes he’s going to catch the Falcs game tomorrow, like she is, so she isn’t expecting to be greeted by Jack Zimmermann at the station. And she definitely isn’t expecting to catch the soft looks the two exchange, and the lingering greeting hug-the way they don’t seem to want to pull away is sweet and heartbreaking all at once. Bitty waves her over and introduces her to Jack, telling him “she might know more about hockey than you do, Mr Zimmermann,” making them all laugh.

Maybe they see each other at the game and share a wave. But our girl has got her shipper goggles on, and she doesn’t even need them because the way these two are looking at each other all the time with heart eyes and secret smiles… the story writes itself, guys.

Flash forward a couple days, and Ransom and Holster get an email notification that ZimmerGrrl1 has posted “Little Bits of Love” and when they see that their own little southern baker is a character, they can’t help but read it, right?

Now, I’m not saying that this is how anyone finds out, and R&H are like, the kind of oblivious, so probably they’re just like “Well, that’s weird, right? Why would she come out of hiatus to write about Jack and Bitty?” “Their ship name is cute though.” “You don’t think that… nah. Right?” And then they have a minor crisis over whether they tell Bitty or not (they don’t really want to cop to reading 7.5k of domestic fan fic about their friends, for several reasons. But, like, there are a lot of details? Is she a stalker, or does she follow Bitty’s vlog? Does Bitty talk about Jack and that’s why she’s writing them together? Poor Bits, we should definitely not tell him.)

They don’t tell him, but they also don’t not read the series of sequels that she writes detailing the challenges of staying closeted in the NHL and their eventual coming out, they both cry a little, because it’s hard to be confronted with that truth, and it makes them both think really hard. Also, they are extra sweet to Bitty for a while, offering hugs and buying him butter and telling him how awesome he is, reminding him they support him 1009%.

There are a few smutty ones that they can’t quite bring themselves to finish, but they still can’t look at Bitty or watch Jack play without blushing and getting flustered for days after.

When Jack and Bitty come out to the team, Ransom and Holster are surprised to find that ZimmerGrrl1 was pretty accurate about a lot of their relationship. It’s actually kinda spooky. Then they remember the naughty bits and have to briefly excuse themselves from the congratulatory hugs/story time because she was pretty accurate, what if-oh god!

They are never telling Jack and Bitty. Ever.

But they probably don’t delete their account either, there want to know what happens next in “Little Bits of Love,” after all.