not sure if i’ll finish my piece for zk week this year in time (or if i like it enough to post lol) so have this super old doodle i found haha. maybe i’ll fix a zip folder with all my old zutara art some day  since i’m not reposting it, it’s wayyyy too much and too old :’)  


And on that day, Bakura knew he needs to strive harder to get Marik’s mind off of his revenge and focus on the more important things in life like him and his procrastinating ass

@maliksishtar, wherever you are, thanks for your text posts!


Loser [X]

Nobody’s Fault but My Own [X]

“all my freaks in check, all you lovely lovely people” 

this Portugal show is just my fav

anonymous asked:

can you tell more about your oc? she looks so very cute!

Ooh thank you anon!! but I’m afraid there’s nothing much to talk about her just yet! more like.. I haven’t decided her whole story… and what I have decided would be like the ultimate spoiler if I ever get to draw it (I promise I will draw your story, my darling)!

What I can tell you is she’s a really energetic kid that loves to interact with other people, stranger or not!! So she can be quite a bother to some haha
Truth is, I decided her design for one of those memes where you put your music player on shuffle and draw things based on the songs you get.. and I got world’s end umbrella - that’s why she owns that fancy umbrella! But shhh nobody need to know that…

aanyway! she’s happy you wanna know about her~

hey, so.. starter call ? 

this probably should have been given out a while ago, a lot of you are plotting with me, but sometimes plotting can be kind of a drag when you just want to be spontaneous and throw characters together with a “where the hell is this going” kinda attitude. Idk, I like to play both sides of the field. Therefore, if you want me to just throw something together for you, go ahead and like this ! 

@voltrashy I vaguely remember promising to draw your OCs more often and how horrible of me for not doing so. Here’s Malik okbye *runs away*

~ Aurora


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You ok there pal? :0


earlier I went on Omegle for shits and giggles

And.. I don’t know what to tag this is but it really disturbed me and really fucked with me

In a nutshell of what this all says:

Someone believes that only two genders exist and told me ( a 13 year old ) to go kill themselves because I told that someone I was nonbinary 

So.. if you really want to go and read *in depth* go right on ahead

This person seems very toxic and I will not be visiting Omegle for quite a while after this


Telling a 13 year old to kill themselves

good job

So yeah I feel like a piece of worthless shit so that’s fun

What I find kind of silly is how they’re attacking me and I’m just being a very chill nut like I usually am

Im sorry