You know…. I was thinking today what I will do when i’m done with everything (my merchandises, travelling and selling in korea, etc) and I thought……
You know what I’ve always wanted to do since I was young…?

Make a lengthy online comic of my own. ((Probably a swap world (cough not just skeletons) comic.))

That would be nice. I would probably draw the characters much differently. Papyrus would probably end up looking like this!  (⌒_⌒;)

not sure if i’ll finish my piece for zk week this year in time (or if i like it enough to post lol) so have this super old doodle i found haha. maybe i’ll fix a zip folder with all my old zutara art some day  since i’m not reposting it, it’s wayyyy too much and too old :’)  

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hAlp, I'm a new fan and am a little lost. what's so far away? what skit? I'm so hyped that yoonmin did stuff together but I don't even know what haha

so far away is a song on yoongi’s mixtape !! suran featured in it and yoongi’s releasing another version ft jin and jungkook in a few days but he just revealed that jimin sang the guide…..the skit is in his mixtape too, it’s a conversation between yoongi and his brother who are out eating together, and at the end you can hear a distinctly different voice that sounds like jimin… like can you believe that jimin was apparently there, quietly supporting him throughout the whole thing..

So, last night my best friend came over to play LiS and finish our asshole playthrough. Y’know, the playthrough where you’re a complete asshole to everyone and everything. Anyway, we finished it and episode 5 always pisses me off and we had this huge discussion about it again and talked about season 2 and I went to bed angry thinking about it.

Welp, that was a great idea because I had another LiS dream. But more like a LiS season 2 dream. Oh yes. I don’t remember everything, but here’s what I remember:

I imagine it’s been a very long time since the first game because it took place at Blackwell (because recycling settings is great) and the main character was a guy this time. I don’t think there were any creeper teachers so I mean that’s an improvement. Then there’s this new girl who was terribly snarky and rude and kind of an overall bitch. The entire premise of the game is that this guy was found brutally murdered and tied to Tobanga like a crucifix and everyone’s freaking out because who the fuck does that? And the main character was friends with this dead guy and is trying to figure out what happened and the girl makes this difficult and she has her own agenda. Oh, and time travel, of course.

BUT, that’s just the boring stuff. I also remember the townspeople freaking out because multiple people have been reported having hallucinations and visions of a fucking TORNADO DESTROYING ARCADIA BAY. Like… they’re remembering what happened in the first game… except it didn’t fucking happen.

But, what really freaked me out about this dream was the “ending sequence” where the indie song plays and everything is strange and we don’t know what the hell is going on. The very last part was the girl walking into her home at the end of the day and setting her stuff on the couch and fucking NATHAN PRESCOTT COMES OUT OF THE KITCHEN DRYING A DISH AND ASKING HOW SCHOOL WAS. SHE’S HIS FUCKING DAUGHTER.

First off, what? Because Nathan was arrested and only God knows what happened to him after that. Second, who is he making babies with? And where did he find the time to raise her to be I’m guessing 18? Why in the world would he come back to Arcadia Bay if everyone and their mother knows what he did and what his family was like? AND send his daughter to a school where he SHOT someone in the bathroom?

Oh, but it doesn’t end there! The two have a nice father daughter moment before she goes to her room and pulls out a RED BINDER that’s full of pictures and news articles about Rachel Amber, Mark Jefferson, the townspeople and their visions about the tornado, the darkroom and her father NATHAN PRESCOTT.

As you can imagine, I woke up confused and excited because for a split second I actually thought the dream was reality and that season 2 had been released. I then proceeded to be disappointed and text my best friend about the dream.

But seriously dude, what the fuck? XD

random south park episode prediction

Overcome with grief over his break-up with Heidi, Cartman does a lot of random horrible things to try and make everyone else miserable but they all ignore him. Not knowing what else to do he does some internet research and discovers dating sims and happens to start playing one that’s very eccentric aka doki doki literature club.

He doesn’t show up to school for a while but nobody really cares. Butters thinks he should go check on Cartman so he does, and he shows up at the front door and Cartman, wrapped up in like six blankets, drags him into the house and gets him involved with his game shenanigan. Butters ends up getting grounded later for being there when Monika is freed into the internet and starts terrorizing everyone in South Park through their social media accounts, most notably Randy for literally no reason.

MEANWHILE, Kyle is having an existential crisis and goes to Tweek and Craig for help so they can have more screentime even though this would be the best time for him to go to Stan for help instead.


It’s okay Takumi we’re still proud of you, so don’t cry okay?

Seriously though, I’m not even mad or anything, it was one hell of a battle, and kudos to Team Shanna for a good fight.

Team Hoshido is still #1 Short-haired Ladies and Long-haired Gents in my heart =D

A safe place

Just a short Jonsa Post S7 fic 

It’s amazing how suddenly inspired you get once you’re running out of time. 

He’s been home for nearly a sennight and he felt more exhausted than he felt than when he was brought back. 

It was a bit of everything and all at once–and since they crowned him King in the North, the weight on his shoulders had only gone heavier and heavier. 

No one was happy. 

Not in the slightest. 

There was tension everywhere just waiting to be released at the slightest provocation and he was in the middle of it. 

He knew what he did and knew why he did it. 

He also knew that he’d do it all over again if it meant he fulfilled his vow. 

He knows what everyone wants, just as he knows what he wants.

And right now all he wants is some peace and quiet. 

Just for a moment. A little reprieve. 

But where will he go? 

As he mulled his options while he walked, a sight made him pause and took away all his breath. 

There in the wildling camp was Sansa. 

Just the sight of her made his chest ache with feelings he shouldn’t name save for deep guilt and endless admiration. 

He left the North and more in her capable hands and not only has their former kingdom (he winced at that), flourished under her care, she kept the men loyal.

Loyal to her, there was no question. Where she goes, they will follow. And Sansa, for whatever reason she has, chose to follow him. 

Jon can never truly express how much her validations meant to him. There weren’t words that would say it perfectly. Only feelings. 

He knew the cost of her trust, the weight of its price. And to see her loyal to him despite having many reasons not to be only made him guiltier but in turn, even more determined.

One may have great faith in yourself but there was something about knowing someone had greater faith in you and he was all but willing to return it and more. It was the only thing that made him brave enough to still look her in the eye with every chance he could get no matter how fleeting.

She believed in him. 

And damn him if he would break that faith with and in her.

And now there she was.

The stress was evident and etched in the sharpness of her cheekbones, the slightness of her frame, and the shadows under her eyes, yet Sansa was smiling. 

And not the smile she gives for courtesy’s sake. 

A genuine smile–bright and soft as she looked fondly at the small red-haired babe, smiling up at her from the cradle of her arms. 

This image would haunt Jon for as long as he lived.

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I’d like to try to host an event...

So… As many of you may or may not know Easter 2016 is on the 27th of March. I don’t know what it was/is like in your schools but in mine we always used to have a school dance in or around that time. A ‘spring fling’ if you will, though it wasn’t called that. That seems to be an American thing.

What I propose is a ‘Spring Fling’ event. You can draw your Candy in a spring styled prom dress, or just post one from online if drawing isn’t your forte, and on the 27th me, and a panel of my choosing, will pick a spring fling queen. I will then draw the queen and her chosen boy in the outfit they picked for the dance. I’m also hoping to get some other creators in on the panel to get either some extra drawings or some drabbles for the winner and runner’s up that revolve around the events of the dance.

The tag for this event would be #mcl spring fling.

If anyone is interested please reblog this and I’ll let everyone know by tomorrow if this is going to be a thing or not.

There would be 5 people chosen as finalists for Queen by myself and other members on the panel, panelists cannot be entered into the contest. From those 5 finalists, which will be chosen on the 26th, one will be crowned the Queen and an announcement will be made on the 27th with the artwork.


I know it’s kind of a dumb idea but I didn’t really go to school dances or even my prom so I think it’d be fun to do. I’d also like to do another event that’s similar around prom time in England so I can enjoy what I missed in my own way.

Anyway, yeah, please reblog if you’re interested in this idea and I’ll post again tomorrow letting everyone know if it’s going to happen or not. In the mean time I’ll work of asking people if they’d like to be on the panel with me.

I dunno how to end this…

//rolls away