not sure if i’ll finish my piece for zk week this year in time (or if i like it enough to post lol) so have this super old doodle i found haha. maybe i’ll fix a zip folder with all my old zutara art some day  since i’m not reposting it, it’s wayyyy too much and too old :’)  

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hAlp, I'm a new fan and am a little lost. what's so far away? what skit? I'm so hyped that yoonmin did stuff together but I don't even know what haha

so far away is a song on yoongi’s mixtape !! suran featured in it and yoongi’s releasing another version ft jin and jungkook in a few days but he just revealed that jimin sang the guide…..the skit is in his mixtape too, it’s a conversation between yoongi and his brother who are out eating together, and at the end you can hear a distinctly different voice that sounds like jimin… like can you believe that jimin was apparently there, quietly supporting him throughout the whole thing..

So, last night my best friend came over to play LiS and finish our asshole playthrough. Y’know, the playthrough where you’re a complete asshole to everyone and everything. Anyway, we finished it and episode 5 always pisses me off and we had this huge discussion about it again and talked about season 2 and I went to bed angry thinking about it.

Welp, that was a great idea because I had another LiS dream. But more like a LiS season 2 dream. Oh yes. I don’t remember everything, but here’s what I remember:

I imagine it’s been a very long time since the first game because it took place at Blackwell (because recycling settings is great) and the main character was a guy this time. I don’t think there were any creeper teachers so I mean that’s an improvement. Then there’s this new girl who was terribly snarky and rude and kind of an overall bitch. The entire premise of the game is that this guy was found brutally murdered and tied to Tobanga like a crucifix and everyone’s freaking out because who the fuck does that? And the main character was friends with this dead guy and is trying to figure out what happened and the girl makes this difficult and she has her own agenda. Oh, and time travel, of course.

BUT, that’s just the boring stuff. I also remember the townspeople freaking out because multiple people have been reported having hallucinations and visions of a fucking TORNADO DESTROYING ARCADIA BAY. Like… they’re remembering what happened in the first game… except it didn’t fucking happen.

But, what really freaked me out about this dream was the “ending sequence” where the indie song plays and everything is strange and we don’t know what the hell is going on. The very last part was the girl walking into her home at the end of the day and setting her stuff on the couch and fucking NATHAN PRESCOTT COMES OUT OF THE KITCHEN DRYING A DISH AND ASKING HOW SCHOOL WAS. SHE’S HIS FUCKING DAUGHTER.

First off, what? Because Nathan was arrested and only God knows what happened to him after that. Second, who is he making babies with? And where did he find the time to raise her to be I’m guessing 18? Why in the world would he come back to Arcadia Bay if everyone and their mother knows what he did and what his family was like? AND send his daughter to a school where he SHOT someone in the bathroom?

Oh, but it doesn’t end there! The two have a nice father daughter moment before she goes to her room and pulls out a RED BINDER that’s full of pictures and news articles about Rachel Amber, Mark Jefferson, the townspeople and their visions about the tornado, the darkroom and her father NATHAN PRESCOTT.

As you can imagine, I woke up confused and excited because for a split second I actually thought the dream was reality and that season 2 had been released. I then proceeded to be disappointed and text my best friend about the dream.

But seriously dude, what the fuck? XD

dennor vampire au for aphnorja~ uwu

Imagine Denmark as a vampire tho?? And one day he has to go outside for a very urgent reason so he takes major precautions, namely …. using an umbrella and sticking to the rather shady spots. However, one strong gust of wind blows his umbrella away. So Denmark stands in the shrinking shade and slightly panics until he just starts frantically waving at Norway, a passing stranger, to retrieve his umbrella.

Denmark asking Norway to do stuff for him in the daylight because he himself can’t. Norway then asking him if it’s because he would start sparkling and Den getting totally confused because no, he would only get toasted but nevermind.

Den and Nor going on secret strolls during the night. They usually stop at some bench, sit down and Denmark talks a bit about all the past times/ages/years he’s gone through throughout his very long life and Norway practically hangs on his every word. And Den thinks his interest is kinda cute and then asks Nor to tell him about his life and they end up talking and laughing until 6am.