I brought some oranges to work yesterday but didn’t eat them so this may have happened =D


The only thing we need to worry about is the next minute. 

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happy birthday, even, isak x even.

they’re huddled together at the table, what’s left of even’s birthday cake sitting abandoned in front of them. he prods at it with a fork, making swirls in the baby blue icing - vilde had made it in the shape of a star and piped shine bright across the top. he’d loved it. 

“did you have fun?” isak asks, throwing an arm around even’s shoulder and pulling him in so close. even smiles, closing his eyes against the feeling of isak’s mouth at his temple, the warmth of his touch at even’s neck. 

“I did.”

”you don’t have to say that.”

“I’m not.” he never is. he never just says anything to isak any more. he stopped pretending long ago. he stopped being a lot of things he wasn’t.

“it’s not that late, we can still go out if you want to.”



even drops the fork, turning to grab at isak instead. it had been a good birthday - one of the best - and he was happy to be able to sit and think on it. to remember all of his blessings. “sonja messaged me today,” he hears himself say, relieved when isak just smiles.

“that’s nice.”

“every year, for my birthday, she used to make me write down what I wanted on a piece of paper. like a wish.” even curls up into his chair a little more, playing at the collar of isak’s shirt. “then we’d turn it into a little boat, take it down to the water and watch it float away.’

“really? cool. what did you wish for? or can’t you tell me? in case it doesn’t come true?”

“well some of them did. I got a new guitar, and one of my drawings got published in a magazine - ”


“and I met someone who changed me.”

“you mean me?” isak says, exaggerated, putting a hand to his chest. even can’t help the laughter that bubbles up, quick and sharp, from his belly. “you met me?”

“yes. you. man of my life.”

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“What are you hiding from me?” 

“Nothing. Not a thing. I promise.” 

He kisses her nose and she laughs at him. His ears burn red because he’s hiding an engagement ring and it’s practically burning a hole in his pocket even when he’s not holding it. 

“You look cute with this hat, Swan.”

Emma blushes and lets it go this time.

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Asj, imagine this scenario. Michonne tells Rick to take his shirt off to make sure he wasn't bitten/scratched. While she does so, touching all over his chest and back, see start giving her those looks... you know, his looks. Those couch looks. And then he kissed her. And then they end up doing it on the floor of the van. And then I die.


The Revelation™