So here is a quick message for swamp-wizard because they be spoiling for a fight and I ain’t interested in their beef.

I blocked them because a few days ago, they vagued very hard about someone in the fandom, and I made a judgement call I have made several times before, and I preemptively blocked them. I do this fairly regularly with discourse-heavy people or people I think are negative or even people with URLs I don’t like. My block wasn’t a middle finger to them, it was my own choice to control my experience on tumblr. Which is frankly a really basic right I have as a user here, and I think getting up in arms over it is weird.

But their reaction was this self-fulfilling prophecy. I made a post about people who are anti-soft dirk that was actually not meant for them, but the wider push-back against the soft dirk revolution (lol). Which has been going on for a long time. I mean, check the tags on any of city’s art posts. This ain’t new.

But they posted some frankly disgusting shit that I glanced over before closing out that tab for the first and last time.

Your witchhunt is boring and you looking at my profile for two seconds and deciding you obviously know whether I’m queer or not is pitiful and gross. Sorry, dude, but you don’t know me outside about two lines of text. And nobody is required to describe their deep personal relationships to their current chosen labels to avoid getting full on witchhunted on goddamn tumblr.

And I am gonna sleep well tonight knowing that over my entire tenure in fandom, which is over a decade ong now, I have never once stooped to the level of personal attacks like you so enthusiastically have.

Peace out.


Hands off his Kookie 😂😂😂

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What is the secret behind your wonderful screenshots? I mean, sims look so smooth and all. How do y'all do it?

First of all, thanks! I dunno about my screenshots being wonderful but at least I have come long way since the first pictures I’ve taken. ^^; 

As for secrets, this will probably sound like the weirdest advice but I turn off the lighting and shadows so all the clunky parts on Sim faces aren’t so damn obvious. (I stole this picture from google since I don’t feel like waiting half hour to open my game just to take a screenshot of the settings):

^ I turn off shadows and set Lightning to low, everything else is high and smooth edges is set to More. The rest is usually very little photoshop and some smoothing in PaintTool Sai, I rarely do anything past that anymore.

Longer version: I first crop the part of the image I want, then duplicate it and use filter>liquify and use that to smooth out the sharpest parts like so:

(I do that on separate layer because if something goes wrong I can just delete the layer and make new one instead of trying to fix it since that’s just faster) and the next step would be to smooth out the parts that need to be smoothed with blur tool but really this particular picture has nothing for me to smooth and I can’t find another. Then once that step is done I duplicate the layer twice. The lower layer is set to multiply and the top one to screen. Then just edit the opacity of those layers until you get the look you want like so:

and the finished product is something like this:

I also have nice graphics card which obviously helps a lot too. I guess that’s it?

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I feel kind of embarrassed asking this, but I am an MJ fan and I never fully understood his vitiligo. I know he didn't bleach his skin, so how did he become lighter each era? Did he just let the vitiligo take over??

“Did he just let the vitiligo take over?”

You ask that as if vitiligo was something he could control. It was not. He had no choice but to let it take over.

How did he become lighter each era?

The vitiligo started to intensify during Thriller era (though it could be seen  during the Off The Wall era too). 

Behind the scenes of Captain EO (1985-86), he’s rehearsing without makeup and you can see huge blotches on his face (can’t find video of it rn but here’s a pic where it’s on his hands)

Then we get to Bad era (1987), and his skin got a lighter still. His vitiligo was a gradual thing, that made him lighter over time. The reason people during that time thought he “all of a sudden” got lighter is because 1) Michael never publicly said anything about his disease and 2) quite simply put, the man wore makeup to cover what would have made those people realize he had something wrong with his skin: the blotches. Also 3) though Vitiligo was attacking his face during OTW/Thriller era, it did not fully cover his entire face. But you could tell it was starting to cover his entire face in late 1984, basically when Say Say Say was being filmed (and even before Say Say Say was filmed). In fact you could tell because his makeup looked a little funny

(a.k.a. He was trying to cover the vitiligo using darker makeup—which didn’t work in the end and brings us to why he was so light-skinned in BAD (1987). It was because in BAD and Captain EO, he finally realized he could no longer use darker makeup and had to use makeup that matched his Vitiligo progression at the time).

If you’re covering up the blotches with makeup every time you’re out in public, without explaining what’s happening to you, you get what MJ got: people assuming that he either just became light-skinned out of the blue, or assuming that he bleached his skin. So between 1982 to 1987, which is 6 years of Vitiligo progression, MJ went from this

to this

Then at the VERY start of the Dangerous era (when he was still recording for the album), it progressed further. In The Dilip Mehta photoshoot (early 1991), Michael still looked like he did during Bad era.

But between the period of that photoshoot and when the video for Black or White came out (late 1991), the vitiligo progressed a LOT.

The Dilip Mehta photoshoot was done in January of 1991. The video for Black or White was shown in November of 1991 (and filmed a few months before that). That’s 9 to 10 months of Michael’s skin getting lighter because of Vitiligo. 9 to 10 months of Vitiligo further attacking his face and hands with blotches.

The rest of Michael’s Dangerous era videos were released in 1992, like Remember The Time (filmed in January of 1992; shown to the public in February of 1992). Again, that’s 3 to 4 months of the Vitiligo progressing more. 

(obviously he’s wearing makeup here, but without makeup this is what was really going on in 1992):

Essentially, I’m trying to get you to understand that Vitiligo is a progressive disease, that usually shows up in a person’s childhood as very small, unnoticeable blotches, then gradually progresses into bigger blotches and a much more noticeable and lighter complexion. And Michael was so embarrassed by this disease he had that not only did he wear makeup to cover it, but he also forever wore long sleeved shirts and long pants to hide all the blotches that were slowly but surely taking over his body.

With all that being said, what we got was his skin appearing porcelain in appearance toward the end of his life. 

So yes, he got lighter year after year after year because of the disease he had. Here’s a final look at what I’m trying to get at.

MJ in 1977:

MJ in 1987:

MJ in 1997:

MJ in 2007:

That’s 10 years in between photos and 40 years overall that Vitiligo was gradually taking over MJ’s body, turning his skin tone from brown to porcelain white (don’t get that confused with the skin tone of actual white people). 40+ Years of blocthes, various discolorations and him covering it up with makeup

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Petition to declare Quantum and Boom Slimes as the Worst Slimes to combine. You get magical teleporting time bombs. I may or may not be speaking from experience when I say DON'T DO IT

Holy shit. What an awful concept. I’d sign that petition