alright! in order from top to bottom, left to right! check the photos bc i put captions on some of them & the links below lead to goodreads 👍💖🌟 (things that are crossed out are claimed)

also: i haven’t read a lot of these in a really long time and i wish i could give warnings for them (bc i know at least two that need them) but i can’t be trusted to do it tbh since the details are fuzzy. i’m sorry! if you’re concerned about anything you see on the goodreads page etc let me know bc i’d be happy to research into it more

i’m gonna say a rule should be two/three per person? but if nobody wants any i’ll update this and tell you to have at it

general fiction

the best american mystery stories 1999the bone people (the only reason i’m giving this away is bc i also have an electronic copy; it’s a gr8 book but it does include mentions of child abuse and alcoholism)fragile thingsthe dark of the woodsthe bloody chamber

misc school books

the myths of mesopotamiawho wrote the bible? (note: if this book interests you PLEASE read the reviews), the art of fiction (i remember absolutely nothing about this book)dead men do tell tales (this book is a+++ but i’m biased i think bc the author used to teach at the university of florida and a lot of my professors knew him and liked him)

indigenous religious studies books

around the sacred firenative american religious traditionsreligions of mesoamericathe world we used to live in

classics/roman antiquity shit

the world of late antiquitythe history of the franksthe later roman empirethe secret history (not the cool one with the rich murder students or whatever)

general christian + jewish studies stuff

the christians as the romans saw themconfessionsrome and jerusalemthe rise of david levinsky