On today’s episode of Psychiatrists Not Giving a Shit

  • skims printed list of symptoms because it’s too long
  • accepts “umm” as an answer to “are you having psychotic episodes”
  • says “well I don’t really know what’s going on with you…” after talking to me for five minutes, having not seen me in 2 months
  • writes prescription for high dosage tranquilizer because “you’re parents seem to think you’re bipolar” (in the letter she didn’t actually read) and “anyway you shouldn’t be this anxious anymore, you’ve seen me several times”
  • responds to mention of increased suicidal thoughts by taking a five minute phone call from a friend on her cell while I’m in the room
  • after being told I cut for the first time asks me if I know where the nearest hospital to my house is then smiles and says “I think you’ll be ok“ and gives me an appointment in two months

all this is just one exciting 15 minutes episode!

oh yeah okay so three things:

1.) i finally started watching steven universe rather than just taking the plot from this website and i’m on like episode 10. nice.

2.) i convinced my mom to let me do my hair white so long as i get it done professionally. i mean whether they’ll actually do it or not is a different story, but the fact that she even said yes means good things. and then since i want to cut it too, she said fine but i have to do it in steps, meaning dye my hair first, cut it later, which i am fine with. I’m shocked she’s even letting me do it at all

3.) i went to art yesterday and a few of my friends were there and my one friend told me that he was having like a horror movie party thing on saturday and that i had to come. ??????? i still have such a hard time believing that people actually want me around them, at things ??????????????? i feel like i annoy everyone so much, this kid more than others sometimes and yet ?????????????? having friends is surreal