thehalfbloodhatter asked:

So I just watched the episode, and you know the frame where Chat's face is covering Ladybug's.... Um is it me or was then a Smooching sound effect.....


they seem to be adding in a lot of extra sound effects though, so i dunno if that is meant to be there (especially if the first kiss between them is still something with so much importance to the plot). either way i definitely would not put it past chat noir to steal a kiss on the cheek when he’s got the chance to make it look like an accident

i also love how ladybug just groans, slaps a hand to his cheek and turns his face back to the battle; like for crying out loud you thirsty feline this is not the time

she’s gonna be so outraged when she finds out it was adrien on top of her like that and she didn’t take any advantage of it

perfectlydysfunctionall replied to your post “so I’m enjoying the x-files overall but wow some of these episodes are…”

Damn are they really? I had such high expectations though

Well, short answer is yes, but i guess the longer answer is –

The season I’m watching right now was made in 1996. And, like, there’s a lot of stuff that was made in 1996 that I like a lot, including this show, and also including the first season of buffy and the sentinel and god, idk. Stargate sg1 started in 96 i think.

I don’t think the x-files, comparatively, is much worse than any of them. But par for the course in 1996 was extremely white. It’s not unusual for several episodes to pass where literally NO people of color are on screen, let alone are named characters. And when POC are characters they tend toward stereotypes - think native american psychic which doctors (actually every single one of the shows mentioned above did this one so that’s… something), chinese people selling organs on the black market, and black voodoo practitioners hexing people. In the world of the x-files, POC are either villains or magical or government spooks or they don’t seem to exist at all.

I wasn’t really expecting any different, so i’m not shocked. But I do think that the kind of overtly racist stuff that I’m seeing probably wouldn’t be done this way now (not that tv is less racist now, but that the stereotypes are often much more subtle).  

Still, I really am enjoying the show a lot, and I’m intrigued enough to keep watching. I guess I just feel like it’s important to not let it pass unremarked, but also – a lot of stuff is racist. Even a lot of stuff I like. In this case it’s not a condemnation so much as it is an observation.