I shat this out in a day when I was freaking out about getting into art college and needed to do something I liked lol. I love the idea of Slytherin Eren Jaeger, what with his whole ‘becomes what he hates’ thing going on. But like with being a titan, he accepts being a Slytherin and even starts to see it as an advantage when he is paired with 3rd year Slytherin Levi for tutoring lessons!
In my au first years are 15 and 3rd years are 17!

Awkward photo taken by Ravenclaw Armin ensues… AND LEVI IS A TRANS GUY YOURE WELCOME

Pau’an Inquisitor

First try at sketchcarding (ACEO size - 2.5 x 3.5 inches). The blank cards I bought came with their own little protective sleeves and certificates, too.

Materials: ink and gel pens, watercolour

A rewatch doodle Sharon.

Finally finished this little number off yesterday, I have been wanting to do some watercolour for a while so decided to get some done whilst chilling out before bed. Its been super fun doing this and I have found it really good for stress/anxiety, giving me a little project to do as well before Sunny con.

I also thought I might as well jump on the Steven Universe Bomb, it’s been a good week for that show and I have enjoyed everyday of it, I may do watercolours of the others but we shall see how it fits into everything.

Oh also it has sparkly ink on it too ^V^


maplelithe: Oh, honey, I know exactly what you want.

I thought I shoud thank you for all the likes, comments, reblogs, re-reblogs and tags. Aaand because I just cannot hop on the plane to the US and teach you how I do the watercolour thing in person, I will try and show it this way.

So what will you need?

  1. Sketchbook
  2. Some watercolour papers
  3. Watercolours (mine are White Nights)
  4. Anilinky (Ordinary watercolours are usually enough but sometimes I like to use these. They have vibrant colours and I just love them…all my colored elves? Yeah u right I used anilinky on them. I dunno if you have them in the US, hell I don’t even know how to translate their name.)
  5. Ruler
  6. Skin-colour watercolour from Umton
  7. White tempera
  8. Brown drawing ink
  9. Ecoline liquid water colour
  10. Masking fluid (Daler and Rowney)
  11. Masking tape
  12. Brushes
  13. Old brush
  14. Rubber
  15. Kneadable eraser
  16. Calligraphy pen
  17. Pencils H and 3B
  18. Sharpener
  19. Tissues

Step one:

Choose ur fav sketch and redraw it on the watercolour paper. Make frame around drawing using masking tape and ruler. Then put on some masking fluid. Everywhere where you want white spots. Make sure u are using old brush. Also you shoud put the brush in the dishwashing soap first before you dunk it into that nasty shit. U don’t want to ruin ur brush forever. Let it dry.

Step two:

Wet the whole paper then use some base colour. I like pink ecoline no.390, it’s permanent after it once dries. So paint one layer. Let it dry. Now paint second layer but put the colour only in shadows. Just use it for regular shading. Let it dry.

Now use watercolours and paint large areas. Spread the colour from shadows to light. Use looots of water and lots of colour. Don’t worry about lineart. Colours can mix together so no need to be precise. Let it dry and repeat.

Step three (aka the tricky flowy part)

Wet your brush just a little. Use not too much colour. Make a line. Wet the brush. Smudge the line into pefered shape (in this case floaty fold). Repeat. If the colour stores up on one edge just wait and let it dry a little then repeat. Ok you have one fold on that floaty dress. Repeat making them one aside the other until you you have whole dress. Do the same with hair but use smaller brush.

For colouring face I use umton body-colour mixed with my own orang-y mix (yellow, red and orange anilinky), for shadows mix umton with purple and with red for cheeks.

Also I have special brownish umton for shadows. I use it usually after the floaty part and then i put some floaty strokes over it.

Step four:

Well now take the masking shit down and ink it (I am old fashioned so I use calligraphic and ink. No ink pens for me) with brown drawing ink .

btw: put your ink into some bowl or dish so when you knock it over ink won’t spill all over your drawing.

Then erase remains of the pencil sketch.

Step five:

At this point I have to force myself to do the details. I round up white edges and correct parts where I messed up. Also I use blue ecoline (no. 506) for details on her dress.

I paint the details with white “whatever what won’t sink without a trace into the paper”. Usually with white tempera.

And the last note: watercolours are like onions

They have layers and they make u cry.

Today there was a very bored art student who decided to use a randomiser thing to get inspiration (basically i had to draw batman in the clothes i was wearing)