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Bit of a question for you: Do you have any tips when it comes to cleaning/caring for paintbrushes? I try to be careful with mine so they last, but I still feel like I fray them easily and was wondering if you have any suggestions?

Hmm, I don’t really paint with actual paints very much! And when I do it’s mainly watercolour or acrylics. All I can really say is invest in decent quality brushes, never leave them standing head-down in water, clean them thoroughly, and reshape the bristles once you’ve cleaned them to make them stick together. Be gentle if you’re using them to wet the paint, if you’re working with watercolours in pots as opposed to the tubes you get. And try to avoid using them to mix your paints, maybe assign one older brush for that.

That’s all I know, really. I’m going to publish this so if anyone else has more tips, please weigh in! :)

Can you tell that I’ve been working on flowers again?

Fucking Water Lilies Majestic AF Im sorry not sorry

I just love sketching out flowers and watercolouring them so much

Oh a good note I finally got to order in my new watercolour paints so they should be here next week ish? So I’m going to finish these guys with the new paints bc I’m a snobby paint whore that way.

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Hi, first I want to say that I love your blog and I was just wondering what kind of paper do you use for water colour?

For my everyday work I don’t use watercolour paper, I just use my regular drawing pad from Gordon Harris, the paper is 110gsm and holds ink quite well. 

When I do use watercolour paper it’s usually Canson or Arches watercolour paper around the 300gsm weight because I’m too lazy to stretch the paper. 

“’I love these trees, you must do more drawings like this, then maybe add a touch of colour.’ She said, ‘OK, I do more but I’m not too sure about the colour thing.’, I replied, ‘Maybe I should just do some watercolours’” - Steve
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Hi, i was wondering if you could help me? I see you have your watercolour painting on a shirt you got from society6, I want do that, not watercolour or anything but basically how does society6 work?

Hi there. Basically you upload a high res pic of your work according to the dimension they require price them and they make the products and ship them for you. Therefore they get more than 50 percent of the profits but you obtain the ownership and copyright.

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Hello! I really admire the artwork posted on your blog and I was wondering if you had any tips on how to work with watercolor + ink? Thank you :)

hey there! thankyou! well I often do it in many different ways, recently I’ve been experimenting with more loose, messy drawing styles so I’ve been doing rough watercolour blocking first, then adding detail over with ink. mostly though i ink first, but i make sure to just do a light wash of watercolour, so it doesn’t fade the ink lines. make sure to use a waterproof ink pen either way, unless you’re aiming for a more watery effect where the ink runs, which can also look really good for certain things! hope this helps in some way c:

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Tattoos: cacti or lyrics from le mis? A pride flag/symbol maybe?

You know me so well darling ^^

I do actually plan on getting a tattoo of a cactus somewhere at some point~ I’m thinking something in watercolours.

I do want Les Mis lyrics, but I’m iffy about where I’d get them. But “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise” would be the ones I’d get. Maybe on my ribs? I don’t know.

I would love some kind of pride tattoo, but for the life of me I haven’t the faintest idea what to get. Maybe I can include the flag colours in one of my watercolour pieces?

Thanks for the suggestions ^^