Note from the Chronicler

I’m sorry that Dean’s currently sleeping and that I haven’t warned about it beforehand. Two things are temporarily preventing me from adding to this blog:

  • I need to complete a couple of things before I can apply for my Masters’ diploma
  • I have to buy new tips for my tablet pen, before that I can only do watercolour/ pencil drawings.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the verse so far and have not given up on me yet! 

Feel free to comment on this post or send fanmail (or an ask over at my main blog) if you have general questions that don’t require art replies.

I will reblog two pics set in the Pagan Gods Verse later today. 

Thank you for your questions so far and also for your patience! ♥


I shat this out in a day when I was freaking out about getting into art college and needed to do something I liked lol. I love the idea of Slytherin Eren Jaeger, what with his whole ‘becomes what he hates’ thing going on. But like with being a titan, he accepts being a Slytherin and even starts to see it as an advantage when he is paired with 3rd year Slytherin Levi for tutoring lessons!
In my au first years are 15 and 3rd years are 17!

Awkward photo taken by Ravenclaw Armin ensues… AND LEVI IS A TRANS GUY YOURE WELCOME


I love this skip for mental image of researchers just dangling in this neverending tunnel of books and choosing them at random and reading. While hanging. In a tunnel that has at least 4000kms. 

How cool is that :D

Pau’an Inquisitor

First try at sketchcarding (ACEO size - 2.5 x 3.5 inches). The blank cards I bought came with their own little protective sleeves and certificates, too.

Materials: ink and gel pens, watercolour

Rhubarb is my favourite fregtable (fruit vegetable), because it tastes like sour gummies & looks like you’re eating the sinews of your enemies, so after the day I spent walking round with just one shoe (see earlier post) I made this rhubarb cardamom compote for dessert to comfort myself & considering I didn’t use a recipe & just guessed all the amounts it is AMAZING, here is a recipe if you want to recreate it:

top & tail a bunch of rhubarb, cut into smallish pieces

put in baking dish

cover with zest & juice of an orange, about 2-3 tbsps of caster sugar & a teaspoon each of ground cinnamon & cardamom (adjust to yr liking)

stir until all rhubarb pieces relatively coated

put in 200 degree c (like 390-400 f) oven, cook for 15-20 min until the rhubarb kinda collapses into a fibrous mess when you push it with a spoon

cool slightly

put on ice cream or custard or yoghurt or whatever

eat while laughing maniacally like you are a cannibalistic warlord

Today I’m going to the opening of the new exhibition at the MUNAL (National Museum of Art) about the Spanish monarchy in the art “Yo, el Rey”, and   some friends and I are going in all our 18th Century regalia (because of course).

The invitation said “come dressed as a King, Queen, Infanta or court member!”. And well, we’ll do!

Updates comming about the exhibition (with some Goya, some Ranc, some Velázquez), our outfits (yes, that black robe á la anglaise will finally go out of storage for me) and maybe other people’s looks (if we like them enough).

So, I think all should come dress up! The entry is open to everyone, it starts at 7:30 pm at the MUNAL (Tacuba 8, Centro Histórico, México, D.F.), very near by Allende and Bellas Artes metro stations.

Painting from top: “ View of the interior of the Shakespeare Gallery”, Francis Wheatley,  1790, watercolour on paper.