The most complete player ever.

He has magic in his boots. The first thing you notice about him is that he is incredibly quick and very, very powerful for such a young man. He has great, close control and his technique is excellent. He believes he can do anything with the ball, and that confidence makes him very special indeed.” - Eusebio

(based on this video)

bonus (because it might be his most important characteristic)

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Honestly, after episode 8, some people started trashing on Kanaan and shit. Im not one to butt (hehe booty) in, but this pisses me off. Like why would you do that???

Ok i understand the KanaMari scene that got everyone crying ( ;;w;; im still crying like a bitch in the inside, thats for sure ) is one thing to talk about, but dont talk shit about our edgy mermaid just cause she rejected Mari’s hug.
(*wispers to Mari*: its ok bb ill hug u, along with suwa)

I really do feel bad for our fav Engrish chara, but dont think shes the only one suffering. In this very episode, you see crying. Hell this isnt Sunshine!! at all, this anime should call Love Live! Feels!

okokokok i should stahp.
But seriously, i think Kanan is the one suffering the most. I know how it feels to be scared of something that gave you a bad memory, especially if it was something you loved doing. And she also have to witness seeing her childhood friend go through the same situation (kinda)

Some random person: “B-But she’s not real… “


btw i went all out on this like, what????? thats me that drew that???? wtf i dont believe it, im so speechless


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it's always a pleasure to see someone appreciate youngjae's voice and talents. everytime i think about a young youngjae working night and day to achieve his dreams, it really makes me want to be a better person as well. ive only been in this fandom for barely 2 months but within that short time youngjae somehow crawled into my heart. it was never just about physical looks for him, something about yj really just makes people feel at home(1/2)

Hi dear, 

I really appreciate your long message about Youngjae. It’s always nice to see other’s opinion about Youngjae and knowing other people appreciate and love him as much as I do. I really understand where your coming from when you talk about Youngjae because to be honest the worry about Youngjae always feels insecure about himself has always there with me since the day 1 I’ve become a fan of him. Before I write my replies I want to apologize if I’m writing too much since I love talk about him. kekeke 

I may or may have said this but the real reason I be in this fandom is because of Choi Youngjae and later I fell in love with the rest of the boys. It’s never been my intention to be a fan of GOT7. I mean at that time I have 2PM so I don’t need another boy group who pretty much similar because I have 2PM but there’s something about Youngjae that made me attracted to him the very moment I saw his debut teaser and it was not about his physical too.  After the debut, I didn’t pay much attention other members except Youngjae because in my mind Youngjae was new while the rest of the members pretty much much well known to the public before the debut. So, it really made me sad when Youngjae didn’t get much attention like the other members did. It got me so frustrated because I saw other members were all over on twitter and tumblr while Youngjae wasn’t. I don’t blame the other members though. So, that’s why I decided to create this tumblr to spread more attention towards Youngjae.  I always keep track about Youngjae, you know read any mentions about him so I always cried when I saw people said bad things about my youngjae. I only can wish that Youngjae didn’t read all those mean things people wrote about him because I knew that Youngjae has the issue of insecurities about himself from the start. I still remembered where I got so mad when I saw people said Youngjae was ugly. I just couldn’t understand why they said that. I know you don’t like him but don’t say things like that. I know that he isn’t good looking like Mark or Jinyoung but don’t say things like that. I know that you can’t force people to love someone but said something bad like that till Youngjae himself knew about was just cruel. Because of that, I grew protective about Youngjae. I guess that’s why I’m easily cry when talking about Choi Youngjae. I said many times already that Choi Youngjae is not just member of GOT7 to me. He’s more than that. 

In the past of two years, I’ve learnt so much about Youngjae. Though I never have the chance to meet him face to face but I got another chance to ‘meet’ him in a different way. After debut, Youngjae was such a timid and shy young boy who never had exposure or experience on how to behave on screen because I don’t think he really prepared himself to be an idol. I think for Youngjae, he only wish was to become a singer so when he auditioned for JYPE he never thought that he would be the one of the members of GOT7 despite having 7 months of training. I still remembered that Youngjae said the only thing he remembered during his training days was dance, dance and dance. At one point, during GOT7 introduced themselves, I felt pity towards Youngjae though he has a good vocal but fans didn’t see that. They saw something lacking in Youngjae. I know Youngjae can’t dance as good as Yugyeom or JB or Jinyoung, he can’t do martial arts trick like Jackson, he can’t fly like Mark and he’s not as cute as Bam Bam but he has a great vocal and he worked hard to dance so that he can pulled off all the dance routine of GOT7 and tried not make any mistakes. But no they didn’t even acknowledge that and that made so sad. I don’t expect people to love him overnight but at least give him a respect. He’s a member of GOT7 and there’s a reason why JYPE chose him to be in GOT7. I know that Youngjae feels insecure about himself because he himself knew that he really can’t compare with the other members in terms of dancing and look department but he hardly showed it to us. When he got the least part in Girls Girls Girls despite him being the main vocalist he didn’t say anything but we know he actually cared and that’s why he was so happy that he got many lines in A. Also, Youngjae always think that if he loses weight he will look beautiful and more people will love him more. It was so sad when he said in an interview that he doesn’t want to eat and had to refrain himself from eating his favorite food in order to be beautiful. So, when he said like that you knew instantly that the idea of becoming beautiful is been there with him. Youngjae and beautiful are always never go together in his mind and that’s why he still couldn’t accept when Nichkhun chose him as the visual of GOT7. He just doesn’t see that he’s perfect as he is because his look is the first thing people say when it comes to him. Sometimes, I can’t help it but hate those people who think that way.  During Manila fanmeeting where the MC kept forgetting Youngjae’s name and he himself had to remind the MC that he is one of GOT7. It’s a basic thing but people kept forgetting. Youngjae isn’t an easy member to be bullied. He did his best for GOT7 and IGOT7. He kept wanted to perform when he was sick back in China and attended the Chicago concert despite his body was still weak. As I said, Youngjae is very mature at his age. He made his own choices thinking about others around him. Despite being only 20 years old he really knows how to behave well on and off the screen. He has a good manners and very responsible member and son. He never thinks of himself highly. He always humble and willing to learn diligently to achieve his dream. Though his main dream to be a singer but now that he has to share that dream with other members of GOT7 he is okay with it. I think it’s very mature of him when he said “ I feel that if my voice stood too much, I would not fulfilling my role as a team’s lead vocalist’. Though he wants to showcase his singing ability but he is just happy when he didn’t get many part in a song. He’s very talented not only in singing but also his composing songs. Two of his own songs are really amazing and the one he did with JB is really good. As a fan of Youngjae, I just wish more and more people will realize and acknowledge his talents not only in singing but also in dancing and composing songs. I want people to stop talking about his look because that would made Youngjae feels more insecure about himself.  I can say Choi Youngjae is someone who likes making people laugh with his silly antics and loud laugh and will be happy if his effort and his skill are acknowledged. He doesn’t like to show his worry to fans and he covers them with his sunshine smile and big laugh. Because making people laugh would be some kind of relieved to him. Youngjae isn’t someone who keep wanting people to praise him all the time but there are times where he needed assurance of himself and that’s where those compliments even just ‘Youngjae you’re good’ is matter the most to him. I know some of you think I may sound bias but I don’t care because I know what I said are true. I think I would end my long rambling here about my Youngjae.  I could go on but I’m sure you have other things to read. kekeke anyway sorry for the long reply. 

im not the sort of person who compliment people i usually consider thinking it as nice enough so if i tell you a compliment in person i really fuckin mean it ok

I’m thinking about entering a poetry contest. I haven’t picked one out yet and idk when any are, so idk if I’ll use one I’ve recently written or write a new one. But idk if I’m good enough to enter a contest. Like I literally don’t know how to write poems, I just guess. I also know most of my followers are not real big poets are people who usually read poems, but if you read mine can you give me your opinion. Do you think I should find and enter one?

I don’t need to prove to you that I’m bisexual. I don’t understand why people are like “how do you know you’re into girls if you never had sex with one?” Like??? UH HOW DID YOU KNOW YOU LIKED GIRLS WHEN YOU WERE A 15 Y/O VIRGIN BEATING YOUR LIL BEEF TENDERLOIN TO PORN HUH???


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I finished Twilight Princess recently and the fact that there is Midlink on this blog in any capacity lessens the sadness of the end of that game :') thank you you have done a service

(insert gif of a corgi puppy running excitedly towards the camera)

^Roy when Midlink is mentioned.

Right?! The ending of Twilight Princess makes me cry every time. There really isn’t enough Midlink stuff, both in the games and in the fandom in general. Petition for more Midlink! XD Anyways, thanks! ^_^ ~Mod Roy
Edit: How do you mobile? I can never understand.

Edit: Fixed it for you, Roy! …Err, kinda?? Rest in peace, corgi gif. -Mod Junior

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How do you make money? You always say you work for crush but what exactly do you do?

Once I am in Wisconsin I will be a trainer at the crush gym, working behind the scenes doing crush support, working in the warehouse, traveling, social media, etc etc etc.

I will start vlogging what I do once I move so you will get a better understanding of my role in the company :)

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But what drugs did you do? Meth? I saw where you tweeted Tina

I don’t understand why it matters. It was a few all at once about a week and a half ago now. /: I really don’t care to share because I’m still coping with it

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i have the very strong urge to find out exactly how fucked up Vader's body is. I want to know what Palpatine was like "ehh, does he need this? Nah, he doesn't. Rip it out." what he can and can't do, etc etc. I feel like you understand this.

considering i can’t go a day without making bad posts about this very same topic, YOU’RE AMONG FRIENDS HERE

the day i lost my sanity was the day i read about vader’s suit on wookiepedia, i swear it. it changed me.

honestly - metal organs??? an instant-access dock for pain killers??? the fact that there is, apparently, a large bundle of wires feeding into that control panel???

(like - if you jerk it, are you literally pulling at the wires threaded under his skin? is he going to scream bloody murder? doesn’t having an open-ish wound like that scream infection, especially because that area isn’t effectively sealed - and vader is constantly getting down and dirty in warzones. that’s.)

Umm... okay?

I have the habit to check those who reblog my posts and see how they have tagged it. But I do not understand why some of you tag the reblog EXACTLY how I tagged the original post. 

I mean, okay it’s normal to tag a picture with the character’s name or game but why do also tag ‘bonus5′ or ‘bomb8′ or anything like that?

I tag those posts with this supplementary tags because I organized my blog in a certain way, with pages for each game and I want the links to be relevant. For example, if you check the section “Other scenes” from EoSD it will show you EoSD posts, not from PCB, not from TD. I used the tag ‘bonus6′ for that. 

For me, tags like ‘bonus2′, ‘joke15′, etc. have a relevance.

But for you, those who tag exactly like me, what relevance does it have?

I am very curious about this. I am not mad or something like that. It just seems so funny because there is no reason to use those tags.

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Do you think that when Eliza talked about kissing adc and how that was always her favorite part, she was just being coy or she really felt that way?

why should she be coy? why should she lie, in general? this is not the first time that I see people implying that she’s not sincere and I wonder why? I’m genuinely curious, so tell me please.