Before Series 3 started I jokingly said I wouldn’t call Bates “John” until Anna did, so sure I was that she would in the very next episode. She didn’t, but he was in prison and that made sense I guess. So I made a big fuss about how it would happen in 3.7 when he was released (I even created an elaborate graphic to celebrate) but no… 3.8… 3.9? It didn’t happen. It didn’t happen in series 4 or series 5.  So he’s still Bates to me for now.

Fellowes knew it was significant when he had Bates ask Anna to call him john in episode 2.1. He still knows it’s significant as we hear it will also be a topic for Carson and Hughes. My fear is that they will get that moment and we never will (or before we ever do). Is it some inside joke now?! I adore the teasing or loving “Mr. Bates” from Anna but I need that John! I’m afraid if I hear Charles first it’s going to bring out the worst in me. 

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I actually think the hand theory could be right. You've said troye doesn't get to choose who's in his music video, so it won't be a Joey hraceffa kind of thing, but maybe Troye wanted Connor to be in iron a small way.

Actually, from an interview Troye did we now know that he gets significant input throughout the whole process. I think he would have been able to put Connor in as Joe if he was determined to, but I don’t think either of them wanted that in the first place which is why he didn’t do it. But the hands would be a really sweet way to low key include Connor, and since we know Laurelle was one pair of hands it’s not insane to think Connor might have been part of that as well.

I’ve been finding myself posting less and less these days and it’s all due to being a Damien Sandow blog. Not only is it difficult to find motivation, but there also isn’t much to post about when your fave has been absent for months. Sure, I can make posts about other superstars, but Damien is my absolute favorite of them all and it hurts not being able to see him on a weekly basis. Half of me feels like #SandowAppreciationDay did nothing, while the other half feels like we made a major impact. But if we really made a significant impact, why hasn’t Damien been returned to WWE television? I don’t know, I just wish there was something more we could do.

also while i’m on a PSA kick

friendly reminder that we should maybe probably avoid turning nicki’s “Miley, what’s good?” into The Next Great Joke Meme of 2015 because tbh nicki was not doing it as a joke, she was trying to get a very real message of “I SEE YOU, I SEE WHAT YOU’RE DOING, AND I AM FAR FROM AMUSED AND I AND MY PEOPLE WILL NOT BE DISRESPECTED, LET ALONE STAY QUIET ABOUT IT” to miley, so there is very real weight and significance behind it, it’s not just about hearing some fuckhead talking petty shit and getting heard, it’s about standing up to blatant and unapologetic disrespect, so we maybe probably shouldn’t be throwing it onto our fandoms to get a good laugh or two, y’know, stuff like that, thanks again for your timmmmmmme

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I'm so thirsty for some ladies in mcu to have some significant interaction so we can have grounds for a femslash ship. but i wish there was love towards femslash in general in this fandom cause i see weird ships like bucky/loki, and every male character imaginable shipped together but so little appreciation for femslash :(

it’s one of the problems with the mcu fandom, imo. (bucky/loki though, good lord). As liking females in the mcu fandom is difficult, bc sure, many people like natasha or wanda, but i’m pretty sure that’s as far as some people go?

i mean, angie/peggy, as well as the many female dynamics in aos, are probably the only female ‘friendships’ *coughs* (or more if marvel actually took the chance??) that the mcu has. In the films they don’t have many except in thor. But even with slight conversations, like w/  pepper/nat, people don’t talk about it anyway, bc the fandom (not all ofc) focus on the m/m dynamics mostly. 

There are so many dynamics that could be talked about, and if they were male, they probably would be talked about. There’s just a lot of internalised misogyny in this fandom, but as soon as you say anything and call out of the fandom, they’re like ‘BUT we L OVEeE NAT11!!’, ‘I L IKE WANDa??’ or even ‘WE LOVe PEGgy!’ ~ who i love, mind you. But beside them three, the mcu fandom is sparse for their ‘love’ and ‘support’ of the mcu female characters. Well, not on my dash, but as a whole from what i’ve dipped my toe into??  So i totally agree anon :’)

another real convo
  • me, speaking to bisexual white dude friend and gay white dude friend, both cis:and people complain, saying we need "straight pride". we don't need something that's already there, you know? they aren't put down.
  • them:yeah! totally.
  • me:and women's history month. women need their month-
  • them:well, that's kind of sexist. :/
  • me:huh? how?
  • them:well...why is there no men's history month? women get one and we don't?
  • me:that's...that's every single month! even DURING women's history month. it's like straight pride. men's history is already taught, but i bet you can't name ten women in history who have done something significant. we don't need straight pride, and we do-
  • them:yeah, we don't need straight pride-
  • me:-don't...need men's history. or white pride.
  • them:now hold on

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Quick question: do Scorpios usually throw the word "love" around loosely? Just thought I'd ask because you're a Scorpio x

with friends and family, yes. with significant others, no. when i say it, i mean it, but it takes me a while to build up the courage to say it to a significant other, ya know? 

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Hey taryn! What does leg day look like for you?

Hey Anon! 

It depends honestly. 

Since I’ve been lifting for so many years now, I don’t have a set workout so much anymore. I’m constantly changing it up and keeping my body guessing so it doesn’t plateau.

With that being said, I am heavily quad dominant. I always have been, and lifting only made it worse. So, in order to avoid muscle imbalances, improve posture, and just for aesthetics (personal and for shows), I stopped isolating quads for a year and worked on just hams and glutes.

Now, I know a lot of people might think that doing that is really excessive–– but my quad dominance was that bad. Not to mention the significant difference it made in doing it.

I don’t suggest that for most people. You should never just neglect a muscle group, but if there are negative physiological implications from the imbalance (like my situation)… then that’s a different story

Now that I finished explaining that whole bit… (lol sorry for the rant), let’s get into the workouts.

Leg Day (Including Quads)

Box Squats (I LOVE these- so much better on the knees and really isolates the quads). 4x8-12

Front Squats ss into a Clean & Jerks (one fluid movement): 4x8-10

Bulgarian Split Squats: 4x8-12

Romanian Deadlifts: 3x6-8

Leg Press (heels off platform- for quad isolation): 4x10-12

DB or EZ Bar Curtsy Lunges: 4x16-20 each leg

Glute Kickbacks: 5x15-25 each leg

ss with cable adductor isolation

Ham Curl Machine: 4x8-12 with a tempo of three, two, one, UP.

Leg Extensions: 5x8-15 with last set a drop set (to failure)

Ham & Glute Concentration Day:

Starter: Bodyweight Ham Curls: 

How to do it: (Using the Lat Pull Down machine lock your heels into the part that holds you down. Knees on the tiny bench part. Face the opposite way that you normally do. Use a box, bench, floor, whatever. Slow and controlled lean over said box, bench or floor. Lightly tap whatever it may be and push yourself back up to start using as much of your hamstrings as possible.)

* These f-ing suck and will make you SOOOO sore. But they have helped grow my hams significantly. 

Curtesy lunges w/ EZ bar and plates 4x12 per side (short rest).
Good Morning’s with barbell and plates 5x12-15

(Supersetted) with DB straight legged deads 5x10-12

Then a leg circuit:
7 sets, no rest, go through all exercises. So, set 1 7 reps, set 2 6 reps…. 5,4,3,2,1 you get it.

Here’s the circuit:
Romanian deads, clean and jerks, thrusters, front squats, back squats and start again.

Next, I did Bulgarian Split Squats with the EZ bar with plates on my shoulders. 4x12-15 each side then continued 3 more sets with hops 4x to failure (about 20 per side) with the weight still on my shoulders.

I finished strong with ham curls with a 3,2,1 and 1 tempo. So down -slow and controlled for 3 and shoot back up for one 5x10-12.

It was high volume and high intensity. It definitely made me want to throw up a couple times. It doesn’t seem too too hard, but you have to make it hard by pushing yourself, and choosing the appropriate weights for you.

I will also include on occasion:

-Heavy Ass Rack Pulls (I go as heavy as possible!) 4x6-8

-Sumo Deads 4x8-12

Sorry this was super long.. but I hope this helps. If you try any of these, let me know what you think!

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6, 7, 8, 29 :3

6: You’re drunk and lost walking down the road; who is with you?

I’m not drunk. I never have been and I don’t plan to be. I have no idea who’d be walking down a road with me, since I rarely have had friends. I’d probably be alone.

7: What would you do if you found out you had been cheated on?

I would confront my significant other and have a conversation about it. Beyond that I don’t know what I’d do. Love is complicated, but I don’t have much tolerance for dishonesty.

8: Are you close with your dad?

Very close. He’s more of a best friend than a father. If it wasn’t for my dad I doubt I’d be pursuing science as a career. He’s been one of the most supportive people in my life and has always encouraged me to follow my dreams and passions.

29: Do you have a best friend?]

Not right now. I haven’t had a best friend for years, maybe even a decade. u_u

I was on the phone with my mother, and I told her that I was voting for Bernie Sanders. She did not know who he was or even what his political party was. So please, if you do not want Donald Trump to win the election, tell your family, friends, significant others, neighbors, and people on the street about Bernie. We live in a bubble on tumblr, so we need to get his name out to the public. Please, talk about Bernie as much as you can to those around you.

Louis is so good and important. His closet is clearly significantly more restrictive than Harry’s at this point in time, and that’s clear by the fact that he had to shake his head at a fan who wanted him to take a rainbow flag tonight.

He may not be able to run around stage with rainbows yet, but he is doing what he can. He is acknowledging his community in small but significant ways - by giving a thumbs up to rainbows and smiling at people who are holding them.

I know this stuff is more subtle than what Harry does, but it’s so so important. I love Louis.

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You know what makes a relationship work? Constantly giving to your significant other without expecting anything in return.

I don’t think this is the case. A relationship, at least how my dad always told me, is two people in congress, moving together and in harmony. There might be some bumps along the road, but to give yourself entirely without expecting the other people to do the same? That’s foolish.

i think some weird chunk of tumblr just doesn’t know jack shit about jewish identity or issues and assumes it’s all just the same as the shit black people face? because hey they’re both minorities right??? and assume antisemitism is this overt and hateful oppression. and a lot of young jewish-american girls on here do a lot of strident blogging about how persecuted they feel and i think really encourage that conflation. 

but it’s not anything like how black people get treated, or even like the hysterical, paranoid aggression leveled against muslims. it’s a bit more like how gays are treated, with a moralistic disdain— they could be normal. they could look normal. but they’re other. they are, by definition, not christian.  

so there’s a pervasive distrust and defensiveness, coupled with the fact that jews are a significant minority and mostly look white, so a lot of people don’t know anything about them or think they’ve met any. it’s like, jews aren’t christian, they don’t have the same morals, or really any morals, it’s suspicious how they always seem to end up being doctors and lawyers, they’re out there somewhere sneakily aggregating power and wealth, they’re some sort of vague and worrying challenge. and they’re not citizens— they’re jews. 

jews are never citizens. in this, antisemitism overlaps with more traditional forms of racism. jews aren’t considered to be true members of the countries of their birth. they are always, always, foreign.

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You said that HL never lose track of each other on stage? How did you come to that conclusion? Are they like, always looking for the other when they're far away? I just need your confirmation. I love them so much!

It’s more like planets orbiting each other. There were a few times I saw Louis very inconspicuously search for Harry out of his peripherals and you could tell that’s what he was doing because when he caught sight of Harry he’d either stop or keep moving as the situation called for.

It’s like being in a crowded room with your significant other (which consequently is exactly what’s happening here). When I would go to a party with a former SO, you have your eye on them most of the night. Even when you’re not together, you know where the other one is. It’s instinctual.

As previously mentioned, Harry tends to get lost in this other world when he’s performing. If I’m wildly speculating based on my own experience performing on stage, I’d say that shows are a way for Harry to escape for a couple of hours into something he truly loves to do. As such, he throws himself into his performance. He likes to know where Louis is and is conscious of it, but Louis’ the major one keeping tabs. It’s like when he doesn’t know where Harry is or he loses him for a moment, he’ll very subtly pause to find him. It’s not something I think people would really pay attention to. When you’re at a show, there are so many things catching your attention. Even I had a hard time focusing. But I was on those boys like a hawk as much as I could, and it’s simply what I noticed. Louis likes to have Harry I his peripherals at the very least. It’s almost like he’s making sure he’s okay.

I still believe that to some degree, large crowds make Harry nervous. Of course again, this is speculation on my part. Coming from a background of social anxiety, I recognize a lot of the similar behaviors, though. Kid knows how to work a crowd, for sure, but he tends and tries to focus on single people or small groups of people if he can get away with it. I’ve always thought that Louis’ presence anchors Harry in a way (pun intended), and helps calm the nerves.

I’m probably reading too much into it. It just seemed to me like there was very much a silent reassurance that happened throughout the show from Louis to Harry. I’m not saying Harry’s not a grown man capable of taking care of himself, but I know what it’s like to have a person present who doesn’t even have to glance at you for you to know they’re your grounding force.

They dance around each other, too. They walk in sync and mirror each other’s movements

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How do we know for sure that Amon is Floppy?

For starters, there’s this post that explains how we know Amon is a one-eyed ghoul now. I recommend reading that first before continuing with this post.

That aside, in chapter 12 of :re, Donato mentions an individual that will be important to unlocking Sasaki’s memories. Based on the silhouette and the person’s significance to Sasaki and Donato, Donato is most likely talking about Amon.

Later in chapter 15, Eto asks Ayato to “finish Floppy” if he comes to the auction. This is the first mention of Floppy.

On the next page, Hinami is analyzing audio recordings from Torso’s taxi talking about Floppy, or a ghoul using a badge to act as a ghoul investigator.

(As a side note, when Hinami mentions “Floppy”, she actually says “Floppy-tachi” which implies that Floppy is with a group.)

The next time Floppy appears is in the aftermath of the Auction raid in chapter 31, when he kills the scattering Aogiri members, and one of the dying members calls out his name:

The quinque is similar to the one Amon is holding above in chapter 12. Plus Floppy mentions the name “Yasuhisa”, the last name of the twins whom Amon knew from the CCG Academy. There’s a high chance that either Kurona or both her and Nashiro are working with Amon as a part of Floppy’s group, since he had a special relationship with them.

And lastly, doesn’t that cloak and profile look familiar? (TG chapter 124)

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Do you think or know if the NASA or others incorporations knows more about the outerspace or life, but can't tell the civilization about it? (because it would do riots or a huge panic)

Naw. For one, I don’t think it would cause a big panic, besides one instance where people were tricked into thinking the Earth was actually under attack by aliens, we have no reason to believe it would cause a panic–all the evidence we have is from Hollywood.

I mean. Think about it. Think about yourself. Think about all your friends. Think about everyone you have ever known. Would a significant number of them run into the streets flailing their arms and screaming once we got news that we’ve detected intelligent alien life? Would any of them at all? 

I hope that I’m alive for the day when we receive a signal from an alien civilization. I don’t think I’ll panic. I think I’ll be rejoice. 

Alison’s redemption

One of the things that bugs me about this show is how they redeemed Alison’s character. It makes no sense because we don’t even know what she went through while she ran away. We have 32432 clues that point in the direction that Alison PLANNED to fake her death. She left diaries for Spencer. WHY?
She was gone for like 4 seasons and we know NOTHING about it. Where was she? What did she do? What did those tapes mean that Mrs Grunwald had of her??
Why was she scared of that painting? I know, we saw a flashback, but it obviously was not real, as this was part of her fake kidnapping story. Also, it’s not a good enough explanation for her to be uncomfortable around the painting. What is the significance of said painting anyway? We’ve seen it more than once…

I am all for her character’s redemption, don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t understand what happened. What made her change? I know she was buried alive by her mother and that must have been traumatic, but it’s just not good enough for a really good redemption arc. It doesn’t explain how she went from bitch to angel. I feel like I missed her journey to redemption because like with everything on that show, the writers go from A to C and leave out B. We have a beginning and an ending, but no middle. Everything seems to be left for interpretation.
How come that this bitch forgives so quickly?This is supposed to be the same girl who threatened and blackmailed half of Rosewood at the age of 14/15. Even if Alison changed for the better, I’m having a very hard time to believe that this girl would forgive CeCe so quickly after everything CeCe put her and her friends through. She has no backbone anymore suddenly. She just takes it all. She doesn’t fight back. WHY? What on earth made her change this much? She’s a timid gray little mouse all of a sudden. And flash forward to the time jump, and it seems that she needs her friends to save her from “Him.” When did she become a damsel in distress???
This isn’t a character who changed for the better; this is a character who was completely rewritten without any explanation as far as I’m concerned. I feel betrayed because I wanted to be there for her redemption… through all of it. 


There is no other way to say it. 

I’ve been running ‘YGFAMILYY’ by myself for 6 years now, and I pride myself on how I ran things. But real life will always be more significant than our ‘virtual world’ (cue COME BACK HOME bgm). 

I don’t think I am ready to hand over the blog to someone else just yet…(but I will keep that option open, at some point, maybe)

But for now, updates will come in spurts whenever I find the time to do so. The blog won’t be as fast as it used to be and I apologize for that.

Thank you for understanding & please know that I appreciate all the followers & lurkers of this blog!!



A thought for today

Sam and Cait love each other.
Romantic love, platonic love, booty call love, we don’t have a clue love, we’re working on it love… I don’t know. I’m not saying I do know what kind of love it is, just that it IS LOVE.

Please don’t feel the need to tell me they are just friends, or that they have significant others, or anything else. I can read. I can think. I can reason.

I’m stating the one thing I do know. Those adorable, crazy kids love each other, and they don’t give two flying figs what you or I or anyone else thinks about it.

You do you, I’ll do me, and let Sam and Cait do each other. Ahem, I mean….