My Nails This Week

I know it’s not Dragon Age, but I’m kinda tired. I’m at work, and I just like this mani I did on myself. So there. It was inspired by @chicaartistanails, but it was done with polishes and none of the miracle holo powder I have yet to buy.

For some of my new followers that maybe didn’t know (?), I also do my own nail art! Haha!

(Also tagging @thevikingwoman and @inner-muse cause mutual interest?)

I always do my grandmother’s nails when I visit her at the nurseryhome. She’s 88 and has dementia, but nailpolish cheers her up and reminds her she recently had visit. She still have beautiful hands. Her hand to the right, mine to the left. Posted by reddit user livegk

Enoch being mean because he actually likes you

(Author’s Note: this is really flirty and it’s not the best but enjoy reading anyway//requests are always open//)

Your POV

Enoch drove the needle through the pieces of sack, stuffing it with sand afterwards to form a head. He brought the newly sewn head to its body, settling it next to a rat’s heart.

“When did you start sewing?”, I teased, sitting across his desk, my eyes lingering over the scattered metal pieces, needles and clay and even little stains and splotches of blood. “I’m not some old, mad freak who plays with clay and stuffs little hearts in them, Y/N. I work in perfection.”, he stated, making me snort. “Hand me that jar of sand.”, he held out his hand, his other hand checking the rat’s heart. “Please.”, I added sternly, slightly slamming the jar on his hand. He received it with a firm grip.

“When did ‘please’ ever help you in life?”, he shook his head, positioning the heart in his doll. “Perhaps you would know it if you try it out, Enoch.”, I squinted at him. He smirked looking at me, as if I were stupid. In seconds, the doll stood up and balanced on its feet, as if it was dizzy. I looked at it boringly. He raised his eyebrows at me.

“Unimpressed?”, he smirked, making the doll walk up to me. I looked at it. “I’ve basically been your judge since bird knows when, Enoch. Impress me.”, I joked, shaking my head. “Sounds tempting. It’ll scare you. Who would want to scare innocent, little Y/N?”, he pouted, making my forehead throb. I never stopped to wonder why he always messed with me. “Oh, kiss ass.”, I rolled my eyes. “Impress me.”, I repeated. He shrugged.

“As you say.”

He let the doll crawl in a shelf and it came back up, holding a flower. It settled it in front of me. At that moment, I hoped I hadn’t blushed.

“Why should I take a flower from you?”, I challenged. But he shrugged again. This time, it opened the sand jar. It began sprinkling the sand on the desk. I figured he was making a tiny deathbed for the flower. Typical Enoch. But as I leaned in, the last thing the doll did before stopping was form a letter E.

The sand spelled, 'PLEASE’.

My eyes widened in shock. I sort of felt a fluttering inside me. Good move, Enoch. I instantly hid my impressed face.

“Too soon, Y/N, I saw that look in your eyes.”, he said as if ordering me to stand down. He won my pride. “Fine.”, I smiled, heat rising up to my cheeks. I took the flower and held it awkwardly.

He seemed to look at me with a glint in his eyes. His eyes transfixed from the flower to my face, a small smile curling his lips. I looked back at him, wearing a smug but soft smile. “What?”, I smiled at him. He shook his head and chuckled sweetly. “Nothing. I’ve just been extra rude to a beautiful lass.”, he chuckled at himself. The temperature in my cheeks and my temples rose and I could have been melting. Beautiful?

“That’s because you are extra rude to everyone.”, I laughed at him and for a while, he looked stubborn. “Ah, stop being pretentious, Y/N. I’m not that rude. Or perhaps you like me being rude?”, he smirked. There was an odd tension between us. That was true. “Perhaps I do.”, I smirked back. “Nailed it.”, he laughed at me this time and I giggled along.

“It’s late, love. Come around tomorrow.”, he smiled as we straightened up. I gave him a hug and sneaked a kiss on his cheek.

“Perhaps you like me being nice to you, too.”, I giggled, walking out his cellar where all his dolls and clay toys were stowed. His cheeks were flustered and he looked me up and down as I exited.

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Bill Condon Narrates a Scene from Beauty and the Beast

This scene from the live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast” features Emma Watson as Belle and Kevin Kline as her father, Maurice. Mr. Kline sings a song written specifically for the new film, “How Does a Moment Last Forever.” In an interview, the director Bill Condon explained why new songs were added and what his narrative approach was. Here are excerpts from that conversation.

What strikes you about this particular scene?

A lot of people who’ve written about the movie have said that it’s kind of a copy of the animated film, and I thought this scene was a good illustration of how that really isn’t true.

In translating a movie from an animated form into this new medium, inevitably things become more real, nuanced, and hopefully filled with history and psychology. I think the crucial thing is that no relationship, no matter how loving, is without its difficulties. And so that’s what I wanted to introduce here, a sense that there is something about her father that frustrates Belle.

Maurice didn’t have a song in the animated movie, correct?

Right, but he had a song in the Broadway show called “No Matter What.” I looked at the songs from the Broadway show and none of them really fit into what I thought we should do in this film. So this was the first of the three songs that I asked Alan Menken and Tim Rice to write. I really do think Tim nailed it with the first lyric: “How does a moment last forever? How does a story never die?”

As this song goes through the movie, it tracks the relationship between Maurice and Belle, and also the mystery surrounding Belle’s mother’s death.

Would you talk about the music boxes and drawings in Maurice’s studio?

They all represent scenes from different cultures. Belle’s knowledge of the world comes from the very few books that she gets to read and from these images that her father has created. So she has grown up looking at these things. There are depictions of Russia, for example, and the Far East. And in a way, her father’s art represents a way for her to imagine the world.

What was the design philosophy here?

I knew going in that we were going to have a computer-generated beast and computer-generated household objects singing. Because of that I really wanted as much of the rest of the world to be built. I do think people feel the difference. So we took over the entire back lot and many, many stages at Shepperton Studios in London.

The scene was designed by the brilliant Sarah Greenwood with her great decorator Katie Spencer, who created all those beautiful music boxes. They refer to a very specific period: the 1740s in France, which is when the original story was written.

Lesson 24: Witch Bottles

By: Mama Bones

Live class date and time: 3/9/2017 at 4pm CST

Witch Bottles have a historical background in the folk magic of England and surrounding areas. They were, traditionally, exclusively for protection. Sometimes FOR witches and sometimes AGAINST witches- and were more “victim specific” as opposed to the modern use of “household specific”. They were historically made of glazed stoneware, in a jug-like shape and corked. Filled with urine, pins, needles, red thread, hair, and wine.

These days however, the term “witch bottle” doesn’t always mean a protective bottle. Some witches make positive ones for prosperity or good health or love. Really the only unifying factor is that it something that is for the “household” more than a single person. It is supposed to be kept on your property. Ideally it should be buried, although we’ll go over some alternatives to keep Mother Nature a happy camper!

I think the best method for this is a step-by-step. So here we go!

Step 1

Gather your supplies/ingredients

Here’s what I used:

  1. Mason jar
  2. Sock (since I’m burying this, I transfer to a sock after mixing all the ingredients in the mason jar- you can use a coffee filter wrapped up too)
  3. Nails (iron is great, steel is good too- I don’t recommend aluminum unless it’s all your have)
  4. Cinnamon (you can also include pepper, chili powder, cajun spice, curry spice mix, anything “spicy” so to speak)
  5. Juniper berries
  6. Nettles/burrs (thorns and brambles are another great thing to include)
  7. Ginger
  8. Garlic (I like to use a whole bulb, but using it ground or diced is fine too)
  9. Graveyard dirt (this is pretty specific to my practice- feel free to use regular dirt or sand or clay to just sort of “stabilize” the whole mixture)
  10. Ashes/powder to seal (I use a variation of an Underworld powder I make- incense ashes of a particular scent you associate with protection is fine)
  11. A taglock for you and any household members (including pets) that you are comfortable including. My recommendation is hair. But you can also use spit, urine, tampons, used tissues (i.e. snot), nail clippings, etc. You can also use a photo with the person/pet’s FULL name written on the back if a DNA taglock is not possible.

Step 2

Combine your ingredients

Put it in the mason jar first- you can transfer to a safe burying vessel after you’re done. I start with a layer of dirt/sand. Then I do the nails and nettles, then the garlic bulb, then I do all the spices and the juniper berries. At this point I put in the taglocks (hair, nail clippings, photos, etc.) I do another layer of dirt/sand and then cover the top with my powder to “seal” the protection intent inside.

After that, I focus for a couple minutes, raising my personal energy for protection and funneling it into the jar. If you have deities or spirits you worship or work with, you can ask for their blessing at this point.

Step 3

Shake/Transfer and Bury

 This step is pretty simple. Just shake up the jar while you focus on no one ever being able to fuck with you. It should get solidly mixed (besides the garlic bulb, hah). Then you want to transfer to your final vessel. I take the lid off the jar and put the sock over it. I use a sock that’s pretty close-knit so the dirt/spices don’t fall through (it’s actually a men’s dress sock). Then I flip the jar over and funnel everything in. I finish by tying a knot at the top of the sock.

 Now you’re ready to bury and activate the bottle! You have a couple choices here. You can do the traditional: bury on your property towards the edge. Ideally you want it at a corner. If you want the best protection or have a large yard (or live next to a graveyard where you do constant spirit work like me), a bottle at all four corners of your property is ideal. 

You can also bury it in a plant pot either inside or outside if you’re worried about it just being in your yard (or digging in your yard- that can be a problem for family or landlords!).
And the last option is if you put it in a jar, you can put it in a closet or cabinet inside your house (symbolically burying it) if you’re in an apartment with no yard or plants.

Extra Note: On powering/batteries/energy sources

You witch bottle will need to be replaced frequently unless you have a power source/battery for the protection energy to stay constant. I use graveyard/spirit energy for mine and only replace my jars about every 6 months or longer. Some other energy sources are:

  1. Crystals: you can put them in the jar/vessel or on top, or just tie a crystal grid to the vessel from your work table
  2. Plants: this is where the plant pot comes it- you can tie it to the plants energy. You know you need to replace the bottle/vessel if the plant dies.
  3. Moon or sun energy (either directly, or through water/crystals charged by the moon or sun)
  4. Sigils
  5. Your own energy: if you’re confident enough in your own energy and know how to feed it to objects, by all means, just use yours!
I’m With You (one-shot)

Chris Evans x Reader

I have a thing (like most in the marvel fandom), for the phrase “I’m with you till the end of the line”. So this is a little reimagine of that. I hope you like it!

Disclaimer: fluffy, fluff, fluff. Angst(?) but not really.

Originally posted by emilyblunts

“Okay so August through January is filming for that movie” I point to the corresponding script, waiting for confirmation. He nods before I continue, “and then March through June is filming for that one” He nods his confirmation again. “And they’re both in Atlanta?” I question.

“No, first one is Atlanta, second one is Atlanta for the first few weeks and then we go to Europe for a while”

“Right, okay”

“God, it’s literally all year, I’m going to be gone all year” He buries his face in his hands and I can see his stress bubbling.

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  • Me: * Lets nails grow out* hmmm
  • Me: * Cries in a corner trimming nails*
  • Lesbian Police: * Angry lesbian glare*
Everything that happens is from now on. | R.M.

Words: 5114
Warnings: genderbend or female archie, love triangle, childhood, angst


“Just for the record,” she breathes near his ear, five foot on tippy toes as he grips her arm closer. 

“This is a one-off thing, never to be spoken about again.“

"Obviously. I know your shit about Wednesday Addams,” he curls his lips mockingly.

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sentence prompts ➝ natasha romanoff
  • ❛ Eyes front ❜
  • ❛ Don’t look while I change, okay? ❜
  • ❛ Don’t think I’m helpless, just because I’m soft and cuddly! ❜
  • ❛ Fifteen miles in the New York sewer. How could you stand it with your heightened sense of smell? ❜
  • ❛ I could just use some moral support. ❜
  • ❛ Vodka. Of course there is. ❜
  • ❛ Nothing serious, just feeling a little mortal these days. ❜
  • ❛ Just human behavior. It’s all about calculating how willfully blind a person is going to be. And then exploiting that. ❜
  • ❛ This is what I am now. And you’ll never know who I was before. ❜
  • ❛ If it’s the last thing I’ll do on Earth… I’ll make it something good. ❜
  • ❛ My past is my own. ❜
  • ❛ What just happened? ❜
  • ❛ I’m willing to give them the chance to choose their own path.  ❜
  • ❛ This is my mission and this time, I will succeed. ❜
  • ❛ That’s no secret. ❜
  • ❛ No one gets into my head unless I let them. And I rarely let them. ❜
  • ❛ You don’t have a story, little one. You’re simply a footnote in mine. ❜
  • ❛ It is all just information. Easy to control. ❜
  • ❛ You’re on drugs, NAME.  ❜
  • ❛ And I don’t need to be told what to do! ❜
  • ❛ I can take care of myself, thank-you! ❜
  • ❛ We expected a fight! ❜
  • ❛ Don’t … Don’t do that again! Don’t ever touch me!  ❜
  • ❛ I’m my own woman – first, , last – and always! ❜
  • ❛ And don’t let the door hit you in the back on the way out. ❜
  • ❛ I’ve been to hell before. ❜
  • ❛ How traumatic an experience something like that is? To have felt the life drain out of you, and then come back from that? To have known that fear, to have felt that cold – that changes you. ❜
  • ❛ Someday, somehow……I will make it up to you. ❜
  • ❛ I was doing my nails, you? ❜
  • ❛ They said “Chaos would fall like rain.” ❜
  • ❛ You make friends everywhere you go, don’t you? ❜
  • ❛ He can count himself lucky to be alive. ❜
  • ❛ Uh-huh, I know your old tricks. ❜
  • ❛ I am so tired… ❜
A Perfect Valentines Day for Some Meihem

(I struggled to get all this done today while moving, so I’m sorry if it seems a little rushed! Happy Valentines!)


Roadhog was sitting on the closed lid of the toilet in the junkers’ crowded little bathroom, reading another of his old paperback novels. His drooping gaze scanned it as hurriedly as he could, knowing full well that this was likely the only chance to get to read this particular novel before it was ruined. The book was already burnt on the edges and starting to bend and break from the elements, and now it was discentigrating before his very eyes, spattered with water and wilting from steam. As another splash arced his way, he lifted the book up towards the ceiling and tried to keep reading.

“She’s gonna love this, Roadie! A clean, fresh bloke for Valentines Day! You know how many kisses I’m gonna get today? Yeah, she won’t be able to resist all them primal lady urges when she sees all this!” Junkrat sat on his plastic stool in the middle of the shower, bombarding himself with scalding water as he leaned to fill his up his purloined tupperware container and dumped it over his head. He was looking a bit more like a drowned rat than a junk rat, wild swathes of blond hair now sopping wet and drooping all over his head, stuck in a rather grotesque manner across his eyes and face. He was hunched over like a gargoyle on his chair, using his remaining limbs to awkwardly maneuver himself as the water flowing down his body came away black and gray, swirling down a drain that was already bubbling and threatening to clog. Again.

“She probably won’t recognize you,” Hog grunted, lifting his book again as Junkrat filled up his container and missed as he tried to douse himself.

“That’s cause I’m a new man! This is gonna blrlrb-” He doubled over in a fit of coughing as he threw water directly into his own face whilst trying to talk, sputtering loudly before continuing on. “This is gonna be perfect, a real gentleman’s-type holiday. It’s gotta be classy. Okay, hand me all them bottles. We’re gonna turn this Junkrat into a Hunkrat. Okay, how do I… Oi, Roadie, what’s the difference between shampoo and conditioner?”

Hog shrugged.

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cami-chats  asked:

Hc: Tony bonds with Natasha by doing each other's nails

I’m not sure if you realise how many IronWidow bromance feelings I have but either way BLESS YOU FOR THIS HEADCANON!

The way I see it, doing your nails is one of those things that Tony (perhaps surprisingly, considering all those ‘don’t show weakness’ lessons that have been drilled into his head, thanks a lot Howard) has absolutely no issue with. The first time he lets Natasha paint his toe nails, Bruce not-so-jokingly asks what she’s blackmailing him with. 

But to the surprise of everyone (Natasha included–because when he offered to let her do that, she’d assumed he didn’t expect her to take him up on it and his pride didn’t allow for him to back out) he’s not insecure about it at all. He doesn’t hide his bright pink nails either, in fact he goes out of his way to wear flip flops for a couple of days. (Tumblr is a mess and nobody asks how many of those pictures Tony himself leaked.)

So, the next time Tony asks Natasha to do his nails, she offers to let him do hers, in not quite those words (and with a couple more death threats should he mess it up). And he’s really quite good at it, even manages to draw patterns on them because he has freakishly steady hands.

And well, with how they spend all that time together, bowed over each others’ hands and feet, it’s only natural that they talk about something, right? It probably starts out with Tony babbling on and on about whatever is on his mind and Natasha adding the occasional acerbic observation. But things shift when they both find out they like Buffy–and she doesn’t belong with Angel, where do you even get that from? And before the rest of the team realise what’s happening, the unholy alliance has already been formed.

Clint joins them sometimes, but he inevitably ends up complaining about the smell of the nail polish, which leads to Tony and Natasha teaming up against him–which is a fight he’ll always lose. And if, after a couple of official outings end with “Mama, I wanna have pretty nails like Iron Man!” and “But Daaaad, Iron Man has them too!”, a new line of nail polish in the colours of each team member become part of the official, unisex merchandise, well. That’s just the combined power of the Black Widow and Iron Man for you. 

Really, their PR advisor never stood a chance. (Neither did the rest of the team, though Clint is still pouting about his set being the wrong shade of purple.)