I always do my grandmother’s nails when I visit her at the nurseryhome. She’s 88 and has dementia, but nailpolish cheers her up and reminds her she recently had visit. She still have beautiful hands. Her hand to the right, mine to the left. Posted by reddit user livegk

anything helps

i hate having to do this but i’m a single mom and full time student with no time for a job so no money ($0.58 in my account) and a lot of expenses i need to pay at once, a lot of unfortunate circumstances have hit me hard in the last few weeks and i don’t have a sugar daddy, my dad (who i live with) struggles to pay his own bills so he can’t help, and the father of my son doesn’t pay child support and hasn’t since february. any amount will help my son and i.

normally i’m able to scrape by on tips from my school time (cosmetology school, i do hair/nails and they tip sometimes) but it’s been too slow recently and i can’t keep up. and with the thanksgiving holiday this week, i’ll only be in school for not even two days, so i’ll make maybe $10 for the whole week if i’m lucky. again, any amount will help.

and reblogs help too. thank you.

paypal: paypal.me/shelbylawsonn

venmo: @shelbylawsonn

and a picture of me and my son! so you can see who you’re actually helping


Yoonseok au where Yoongi aka Agust D is a famous rapper who is smitten with Hoseok, a waiter at a cafe 14/?

 Hoseok is finally giving Yoongi a chance (how many parts has it been?? Too many lol) 

 Fun fact: I’m posting this as I’m waiting for my nail polish to dry

SVT//Eating you out

Request: Hi! Can I request a reaction of Seventeen eating you out, I like long reactions, love your blog, thank you




Seungcheol is such a giver and always wants you to be pleased, so when you told him you wanted him to give you head he wouldn’t think twice about it, giving you exactly what you wanted.

He hooks his fingers into your underwear, dragging them down your legs at a leisurely pace, putting your thighs over his shoulders before moving his head between your thighs. Sloppy licks up your slit, holding your folds apart with his fingers to dive further in. Goes to your inner thighs kissing them gently then sucking harshly on them, leaving blossoming pink marks after his attack.

“I always have time to please my baby””


The words that left your mouth had him nervous, rubbing his hands up and down his thighs, he wanted to do it but never gave you oral before and didn’t know if he could please you in that category.

Started off with kitten licks, nibbling and sucking on your bud slightly, his hands caressing your thighs. The more noises you made motivated him to change up the way he was doing things, licking harsher and the hands that were on your thighs froze in place and dug into your skin. Your body started to squirm, a short warning of your release, Wonwoo ran his fingers up your slit, collecting your juices, bringing them up to his lips and licking them clean.

“Tastes delicious”


Looked up at you as he twirled his tongue around your clit, didn’t want to miss any of your reactions loving the faces of pleasure you made. Would push two fingers in as he sucked and licked at your bud, your moans and the way your body was squirming would make him want to tease you and have you begging. His hands would grip your hips tighter and push your body firmly against the bed, his fingers pumping in and out slower, you whine for him to go faster, him smirking since that was exactly how he wanted you to react.

“Why would I do that baby”


His nails dig into your thighs, licking at your core slowly really taking the time to savor the way you taste. Started to lick more eagerly wanting to hear more of your sounds and get you to cum. After he has had a taste of you, he craved more and would give you reasons why you should let him. Lets be real, you’re crazy if you don’t let him without a reason

“Practice makes perfect”

Chanyeol scenario - Bad things

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not requested

genre: angst, smut

Summary: As a trainee for SM, things can be very difficult, but having an enemy along side you can be even more of a challenge. Especially if your enemy has a soft spot just for you.

Warnings: studio sex, fingering

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humansofbroadway: “During tech I asked if I could paint my nails for the show and they said yes, and gave me five different colors to experiment with. I had a scheme going on once with gold and black, where I painted the middle finger on one hand to represent war, and then two on the other hand to represent peace. When the terrorism attacks in Europe were happening, I had them painted all back in mourning. Part of the reason why I really enjoy doing my nails in the show is that I feel like the world is becoming a lot more open to the ideas of non traditional or non binary expressions of gender and sexuality. I get to wear a really long army vest that is actually an H&M dress that the designers remade into a vest. I found out that a lot of my clothing in the show is women’s clothing that they either repurposed for me, or left as women’s clothing, which is pretty amazing. The fact that I sort of get to represent that freedom of gender expression, and live in a fun place that is sometimes androgynous, sometimes masculine with feminine flairs, and sometimes straight up gender fuckery, is really fun.” [Part 2] - @alexgibby Ensemble in @greatcometbway
Congratulations to The Great Comet on an amazing run!

Enoch being mean because he actually likes you

(Author’s Note: this is really flirty and it’s not the best but enjoy reading anyway//requests are always open//)

Your POV

Enoch drove the needle through the pieces of sack, stuffing it with sand afterwards to form a head. He brought the newly sewn head to its body, settling it next to a rat’s heart.

“When did you start sewing?”, I teased, sitting across his desk, my eyes lingering over the scattered metal pieces, needles and clay and even little stains and splotches of blood. “I’m not some old, mad freak who plays with clay and stuffs little hearts in them, Y/N. I work in perfection.”, he stated, making me snort. “Hand me that jar of sand.”, he held out his hand, his other hand checking the rat’s heart. “Please.”, I added sternly, slightly slamming the jar on his hand. He received it with a firm grip.

“When did ‘please’ ever help you in life?”, he shook his head, positioning the heart in his doll. “Perhaps you would know it if you try it out, Enoch.”, I squinted at him. He smirked looking at me, as if I were stupid. In seconds, the doll stood up and balanced on its feet, as if it was dizzy. I looked at it boringly. He raised his eyebrows at me.

“Unimpressed?”, he smirked, making the doll walk up to me. I looked at it. “I’ve basically been your judge since bird knows when, Enoch. Impress me.”, I joked, shaking my head. “Sounds tempting. It’ll scare you. Who would want to scare innocent, little Y/N?”, he pouted, making my forehead throb. I never stopped to wonder why he always messed with me. “Oh, kiss ass.”, I rolled my eyes. “Impress me.”, I repeated. He shrugged.

“As you say.”

He let the doll crawl in a shelf and it came back up, holding a flower. It settled it in front of me. At that moment, I hoped I hadn’t blushed.

“Why should I take a flower from you?”, I challenged. But he shrugged again. This time, it opened the sand jar. It began sprinkling the sand on the desk. I figured he was making a tiny deathbed for the flower. Typical Enoch. But as I leaned in, the last thing the doll did before stopping was form a letter E.

The sand spelled, 'PLEASE’.

My eyes widened in shock. I sort of felt a fluttering inside me. Good move, Enoch. I instantly hid my impressed face.

“Too soon, Y/N, I saw that look in your eyes.”, he said as if ordering me to stand down. He won my pride. “Fine.”, I smiled, heat rising up to my cheeks. I took the flower and held it awkwardly.

He seemed to look at me with a glint in his eyes. His eyes transfixed from the flower to my face, a small smile curling his lips. I looked back at him, wearing a smug but soft smile. “What?”, I smiled at him. He shook his head and chuckled sweetly. “Nothing. I’ve just been extra rude to a beautiful lass.”, he chuckled at himself. The temperature in my cheeks and my temples rose and I could have been melting. Beautiful?

“That’s because you are extra rude to everyone.”, I laughed at him and for a while, he looked stubborn. “Ah, stop being pretentious, Y/N. I’m not that rude. Or perhaps you like me being rude?”, he smirked. There was an odd tension between us. That was true. “Perhaps I do.”, I smirked back. “Nailed it.”, he laughed at me this time and I giggled along.

“It’s late, love. Come around tomorrow.”, he smiled as we straightened up. I gave him a hug and sneaked a kiss on his cheek.

“Perhaps you like me being nice to you, too.”, I giggled, walking out his cellar where all his dolls and clay toys were stowed. His cheeks were flustered and he looked me up and down as I exited.

dani-si  asked:

Hey! Could your write Natasha daring “I dare you to do your best fake “O” while looking the person to the left of you in the eye.'' to Reader? The person on the left being Bucky? yay

you are evil lol don’t frustrate my innocent baby boy lmao but i enjoyed writing this a lot, so thank you and btw your wish is my command ;) enjoy!  

warnings: sexual innuendos, sexual theme, frustrated baby boy becky, masturbation (?)

“Okay, but hear me out.” Natasha followed you to the living room from the kitchen. You were carrying a bowl of cereal and eating it along the way. “I dare you to—” You cut her off.

“Nope.” You sat down on the couch tha Bucky sits. You smiled at him sweetly and he gave you a small, cute wink. Natasha smirked. She leaned into your ear. 

“I dare you to do your best fake “O” face while looking the person to the left of you in the eye.” Your eyes widened when you acknowledge the fact that Bucky is on your fucking left. “If you don’t, I’ll put your unicorn pj look and that dance you made on YouTube.” 

“You wouldn’t.” But the look in Natasha’s cat eyes told you the otherwise. “Fuck.” She winked at you. 

“Don’t forget to moan along the way,” she suggested you and sat on your right. You swallowed your cereal and cringed. 

You held your breath and put a spoonful cereal in your mouth and moaned loudly. You can feel Bucky’s tensed body on your left and suddenly you felt more confident. You swallowed the cereal with a pornographic sigh. 

“It’s so good, Natasha!” You told her and whined lowly. You can see the way Natasha holding her laughter back and biting her lip. “It feels so good, going down in my throat.” You heard Bucky cleared his throat and moved in his seat. You smirked slightly and put another spoon cereal in your mouth again. 

You looked on your left with the corner of your eye and saw Bucky watching you. He averted his gaze on TV but after a couple seconds your eyes met. You made your best fake “O” face and let a few drops of milk trailing a line along your neck. You heard Bucky’s breath hitch. 

“Excuse me,” he murmured silently and rose from his seat, leaving the living room. You gulped the cereal down. 

“Nat…” You looked at your friend. “You think I went a little over board?” She smirked. 

“Maybe,” she said. “But it was a face to see.” She laughed. You threw her a look. She shrugged. “Go check on him if you want.” You narrowed your eyes at her but got off from the couch, leaving your cereal on the table. 

You walked down the hallway and stopped in front of Bucky’s room. You heard some noises and you scowled. You put your ear onto his door an listened. 

You heard a faint fuck. 

“Ah, just like that.” You pulled away. He couldn’t be… Right? You bit your lip and pressed your ear again. 

Oh, Y/N, ah, doll, just like that, yeah,” Your breath hitched silently. “You look so good with a cock in your mouth, hmmm.” You bit your lip harder. You can feel the arousal between your legs, making your panties wet. 

Ohhh,” You heard him moaning with a shaky voice. “Yes, yes, yesssss.” He hissed and you whined unintentionally. The movement in the room stopped and your cursed yourself. 

“Join me?” Suddenly you heard Bucky calling in his room. You stood there in shock for a few seconds but you turned the knob after a little while. 

He was sprawled on his bed, his sweatpant and boxer were on the other side of his room. He was stroking his impressive shaft and grunting silently. 

“The stunt you pulled there, hmm, effected me more than— ah!— I thought.” He moaned and ran a finger on his angry red tip. You licked your lips without noticing. He chuckled, it was dark and full of lust. “You want this?” He stroked his cock slowly, squeezing it tightly. You swallowed. 

I do.” He ran his nail along the thick vein and moaned, he sounded so fucking wrecked. You fell onto your knees. “Hmm, I do.” You whined. Bucky got off from his bed and walked towards to you, still stroking himself. 

“Open your mouth, babydoll. Lemme see that sweet, red lips around my cock.” You opened your mouth widely, sticking your tongue out. He put his tip onto your tongue. You flicked and licked the thick vein. He hissed loudly. You sucked his tip between your lips, flicking the tip of your tongue on his tip. 

“Ah, shit!” He cursed, grabbing your hair and pulling them off of your face. “Just. Like. That. Fuck.” You took him deeper in one smooth move and grabbed his thighs, burying your nails into the hard muscles of his legs. You bobbed your head and choke yourself on his thick cock. 

“Ah, doll! Shit, you are fucking good at this.” He groaned. “Touch yourself.” He ordered with a strained voice. You pulled your head back. 

“I would prefer you to do it, sir. 

“Aw, fuck. Get up.” You obeyed him. He gripped the hem of your shirt and took it off. Then Bucky grabbed you by the waist and threw you on his bed. “You prefer me to touch you? You gonna get what you deserve, sugar.” He smirked. “Don’t worry. Your Sir is here.” Your breath hitched. He leaned into you. “I’m gonna take care of my little pet so well, right pet?” You whined at the name and nod. 

“Yes, Sir,” you answered. He smiled. 

“Good. Now strip and wait.” You nodded and watched him walk to his bathroom. 

You couldn’t decide if you were fucked up or fucked by him. But either of them looked delicious to you at the moment. 

And you couldn’t care less. 

Steven Moffat on Blink

“Right, then - Blink. What can I say, I haven’t already said. Stream of consciousness ahoy! Last time I said anything about Blink, I answered a question about whether I knew it would be such a hit. Naturally, I said I didn’t, because only a fool or maniac thinks anything will be a hit. What a storm of abuse I got. Whole articles about my stupidity and arrogance. Possibly marked the only time anyone has been accused of arrogance because they’ve just been modest. So forgive me, all, if I tread carefully.

Nah, to hell with it. If you can’t get away with modesty these days, what’s the point in treading.

Okay, so I watched it again. Ten years?? Where did TEN YEARS go?? Has somebody been stealing years?

Oh, it’s rather lovely, isn’t it? Carey Mulligan - haunted and stubborn and beautiful. Hettie McDonald directing the first consciously (and I don’t mean self-consciously) arty Doctor Who. And Neill Gorton giving us the Weeping Angels. Everything a Doctor Who monster needs to be: gorgeous, scary and completely silly. And what about that mournful, dread-laden score - one of Murray’s finest, and that’s saying something. You know, I’m not being modest (so put down that chair) when I say I’d give the lion’s share of the credit to those guys. So many of the very best in the industry, at the top of their game: it’s not modesty to feel outshone by talent like that.

But I’m the writer, so I might as well talk about the writing. And I can feel the engines of Online Hate revving already, because I think it’s pretty good. Interesting though - I won two writing BAFTAS, a Hugo Award and the DWM season poll (I voted for Human Nature) for that, and yet most of my most egregious failings are well and truly there. There are lapses into sitcom dialogue, a disturbing fetish for bootstrap paradoxes, and of course showboating “cleverness”, which isn’t that clever when you think about it. Which just goes to show, anything can work on a good day.

The sitcom chatter makes Sally, Kathy and Larry seem so much more vulnerable, because they don’t know they’re in a horror movie. The wilful complexity of Sally’s DVD conversation with the Doctor, is clearly set out, and decently funny. I was very proud of the double use of the “But I can hear you” at the time, but now I wonder if it’s so have-to-think-about-it ingenious that it might kick you out of the emotion of the moment. Generally, though, it all clicks. It fits. Maybe it’s always true, that your best work is just when your failings work for you.

One other thing. Despite the deafening applause right now for Bill Potts and Missy, I do seem to be under a fair amount of attack for my female characters - come back and save me, Lynda Day - and while there’s no probably no smoke without fire, can I put my head on the block and say I think I wrote Sally rather well? The line “sad is happy for deep people” may be a bit (as in very) smartarse, but it sums her up perfectly. The slightly detached, melancholy girl, in love with the past - forgive me, but I do think I nailed that.

Makes me wonder why an Angel never set her back in time. All these years later, I wonder why I didn’t end it like that? Just after she meets the Doctor, she pops back into the shop - and big fright, there’s an Angel there! A moment later Larry follows her in, and she’s gone. And for the first time he notices something about a painting on the wall - it’s Sally, in the distant past. And she’s smiling and waving.

But no, maybe not. Maybe it was better she learned to live in the moment - to take Larry’s hand and move on. Maybe, in fact, it’s time I stopped rewriting this script (you never, do you know) and let it be.

Goodness, I’ve gone on a bit. But I’ve got little doubt that it was Blink that got me the showrunner job - so I owe a lifetime of thanks to Phil Collinson and Julie Gardner for making me look better than I deserve, and to Russell T Davies, for making me seem, for a moment, good enough to replace him.

I’m feeling very nostalgic today. Can you tell? There’s a reason. When I finish this, I’m getting into a car and going to the very last Doctor Who readthrough I will ever attend. The end of days starts here. This has been the best job I’ll ever have and it was Blink that got me here. That episode was a thunderclap moment in my life, and only today, ten years later, is the echo starting to fade.”

- Steven Moffat, June 2017

  • Me: * Lets nails grow out* hmmm
  • Me: * Cries in a corner trimming nails*
  • Lesbian Police: * Angry lesbian glare*
I’m With You (one-shot)

Chris Evans x Reader

I have a thing (like most in the marvel fandom), for the phrase “I’m with you till the end of the line”. So this is a little reimagine of that. I hope you like it!

Disclaimer: fluffy, fluff, fluff. Angst(?) but not really.

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“Okay so August through January is filming for that movie” I point to the corresponding script, waiting for confirmation. He nods before I continue, “and then March through June is filming for that one” He nods his confirmation again. “And they’re both in Atlanta?” I question.

“No, first one is Atlanta, second one is Atlanta for the first few weeks and then we go to Europe for a while”

“Right, okay”

“God, it’s literally all year, I’m going to be gone all year” He buries his face in his hands and I can see his stress bubbling.

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