yespleasehawkeye smoaking-greenarrow I saw this and immediately thought of olicity (because of course i did) Some inspiration for you both. Photo-prompt, if you feel like it. Have a great week ;)

Wow. I can’t believe Vanessa has become such a dangerous player. I can’t believe she nominated James and Meg. I can’t believe she’s deciding another eviction. I wish someone had seen this coming sooner and done something to prevent it. I wish someone would’ve tried to evict her. 

But who? Why on earth could’ve seen this coming?

Polished! January-April 2013

1) Black and white konad nail art thanks to I Do Nails in Eastwood! I’ve been going to this nail salon often recently because it’s super near where I live, plus I usually hang out in this mall with my friends!

2) Topshop silver polish, Etude House giant glitter polish and Tony Moly teal polish. Felt a little creative with this one.

3) Etude House CPP501. Cute pale lavender for spring.

4) Chanel Beige + konad nail art stamps thanks to I Do Nails

5) Orly Frisky thanks to Polished in the City. I will always be a sucker for blue nail polish. My friends have called certain blues as “Tricia Blue"s as I used to sport different shades of blue polish back in college!

6) CND Guava thanks to Dashing Diva. Went warm peach this time. 

7) Chanel Rouge Fatal thanks to I Do Nails again. I love their selection of Chanel polishes!

8) Chanel Emprise thanks to Polished in the City

9) Chanel Inattendu with white houndstooth Konad stamps! And yes, I used Solanin as a bg, lol

10) Orly Gumdrop thanks to Park Jun’s in Glorietta. Had a sudden urge to have my nails done while waiting for my hair to be dyed. Same day I bumped into Camille who was dyeing her hair red for the third time!

11) Current nails! Orly Cotton Candy and Chanel Gold Lame thanks to I Do Nails. 

I changed my nail polish 11 times since the start of the year. Talk about being fickle. To celebrate the start of May, maybe I’ll change my nail polish again tonight…

I Do Nails

If you’ve been following my Instagram for a while now, you’ve probably heard of this place a couple of times. It’s the only place I go to for my nails.

Prices are very affordable, and the location is convenient for me as I live near Eastwood Mall in Quezon City. So near that I am always tempted to change my nails every week even when they’re not even chipped yet! What a problem to have, eh?

Anyhow, I dropped by last week to have my nails done because I haven’t had time to do my own nails, Christmas rush, Taiwan and all.

Since the festive season started, they’ve been promoting their nail charms! Been so obsessed that it’s already my third time to have charms put on my nails. 

They also do caviar manicure which looks super interesting but just not my personal style.

I’ve watched a ton of movies on this screen, lol. They usually show movies like Legally Blonde, Mean Girls and Pitch Perfect to keep you from getting bored. 

One of the reasons why I keep coming back to I Do Nails is their massive collection of nail polish brands and colors. And an updated collection at that. They have about 4 more giant trays worth of nail polish in the store so you’re bound to come back and try everything.

They also have a copy of my book in the store so you can browse it there if you don’t have your own copy yet! 

Gel nails! My go-to polish when I’m traveling! 

On some days, you can find the gorgeous owner, Monica Maceda, in the store. We actually came from the same high school but we never got to meet until after college! We also happen to be neighbors so I always joke about how fate really wanted us to meet no matter what, haha.

I Do Nails started out as her thesis in school before she decided to turn it into a full-blown business.  

Check out her party nails! They totally match her shoes!

My time for a manicure! I can never be as bold as Monica to pull off bright, fancy colors. As expected, I went for something clean and feminine. 

I’m slowly going back to my ultra-girly style since I dyed my hair back to brown. I swear my whole lifestyle seems to change depending on hair color. Same with nail polish - I tend to match my clothes and make-up with my current nail color. If I go for black polish, expect me to wear edgier-looking clothes until I decide to remove it!

Here’s the final look - SpaRitual Idyllic with Deborah Lippmann Boom Boom Pow. Kawaii spring style nails! I don’t know any Japanese nailists here in Manila so this is the closest I can get.

If you want the same nails, just show the I Do Nails girls this photo so they can easily replicate it. Sometimes I show them photos of the kind of effect that I like so they can recommend the best nail colors to help me achieve it!

#justgotcharmed at I Do Nails! Rings not necessary when your nails are blinged out enough. You just have to pay something like P5 each for the small round charms, but the special charms (like the bows) can go up to a much higher price. About P150. The bows stayed on my nails for a week before they came off - I forgot about them and combed my tangled hair with my fingers. Whoops.

The bows are still with me and I can have the nail salon reattach them whenever I want!

Much thanks to Monica and I Do Nails for always taking care of my nails! Love you girls so much! Please don’t ever leave Eastwood because I don’t know what I’ll do without you!

I Do Nails is located at 3/F, Eastwood Mall. You can check their website for more information on their rates and services. Follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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I'm just sitting here kinda in awe because I really like your pic that's on your mobile header/banner thing. Like??? It's really super nice. How do I draw nails and expressions that nice please teach me your ways.

I made this in 8 minutes but I hope it helps omg (and thank you!!!)

I’m fucking exhausted.