grown-up Mikasa lovingly protecting her precious heicho, just the way he used to in their early days (ch 30 edit)

for rivamika week, dedicated to fuku-shuu: it’s ages I wanted to make something special for Mika involving the strongest fierce majestic Ackerman duo.. it’s a simple edit but I hope it will make you smile (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Reasons to watch Aoharu x Kikanjuu...

Especially if you enjoyed Ouran High.

(No, really. So many parallels from episode one if you squint real hard.)

1. The protagonist is a girl who dresses like a boy.
2. The other main characters include: a really flashy, popular blond host and a bespectacled, black haired guy. They’re close friends.
3. The girl ends up in debt after breaking some stuff in the host club.
4. She ends up being coerced into joining the host’s all-male group to repay her debt.
5. The blond one clearly has no idea she’s a girl.

The Flash Hiatus Meme: 3/5 Episodes - Grodd Lives

The three of us took on Grodd and rescued Joe, we can do anything.

                                                                   Actually it was the four of us.

Ah yes, cue the whining of anti Klaroliners after Julie Plecs twitter q&a with the usual statements of ‘your ship is dead, let it go’ and ‘it’s never going to happen’

Since my fandom shipping Klaroline continues to piss you off, I think I’ll just keep on keeping on.

Now kindly fuck off.


literary character aesthetic: Cecilia Tallis

“I know I sound bitter, but my darling, I don’t want to be. I’m honestly happy with my new life and my new friends. I feel I can breathe now. Most of all, I have you to live for. Realistically, there had to be a choice—you or them. How could it be both? I’ve never had a moment’s doubt. I love you. I believe in you completely. You are my dearest one, my reason for life. Cee.”  

MMFD - Ugh!

Let me start by saying that I have great hope for the last episode.  Many of you are probably shaking your head and thinking “of course she does”.  Everybody that has come to know me because of MMFD or my other fandoms knows that I’m beyond logic a positive thinker, sometimes that breaks my heart, but most of the time it works out.

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((Today is one of those days in which nothing comes out right and my hand has decided yet again to come up with a style that looks considerably different from my usual ones orz

Anyway, have a quick alien on the meantime))

Sharing some of my own favorite creations!

i was tagged by the extremely talented berisaac, thank you! and you guys should check out his faves of his things, bc they rock!!

this game didn’t come with rules but julian did ten so i guess i’ll do ten?

gotta start with my baby, my 45k sterek  WIP that i’m extremely happy with (A Different Kind of Alpha)

then my other sterek WIP that i dropped for a while but am back to now (yayyyy) (To Make It Right)

uh, so this is a super recent sterek drabble, but it did well and i’m pretty happy with it (X)

this was my first chaptered fic on ao3 that i finally got around to posting to tumblr a few weeks ago (Sweeter than a Cherry Pie

i tend to stick more on the hurt/comfort side than the fluff/humor side, but these are a few of my fave fluffy/funny ones (I’m Too Hot (hot damn)) (X) (Roses Are Red- So is Your Face…) (Ho Ho No

aaaand this one from my coliver craze (The Plan (or lack thereof)

also! one non-writing one; these valentine’s icons haha (X)

i tag these amazing writers/gifs & edits makers/etc: feralderek, jennifferblake, 1gurgi1, bahnsee, halepackpups, maliaslydiamartin, scilydia, braedens, and fuchswrites. Can’t wait to see what your faves are, cuz I could never pick faves from your stuff!;)