Eeee I’ve been working on this dress for over a month now and I’m so happy it’s finally done ^-^ I’ve been in love with mid century fashion for years, and earlier this year, I went to a fashion exhibition with my grandma and I got so inspired, I sketched this design in my book on the floor of the gallery haha
All of the beading is entirely sewn by hand and I’m really looking forward to doing more in the future ♡
Dress: Made by me
Purse: Etsy

Rumors || Conor

Request: Hey girl! I absolutely loved the imagine with Joe and the rumors. So I was wondering if you could do something like it with Conor? xx


You were so excited for this year’s Brit Awards. You had released your second studio album earlier in the year and were nominated for a few categories. Even if you didn’t win- which you truthfully didn’t expect to- you loved going to events like this one. You loved dressing up and seeing all your celebrity friends in one place. Often, you got to meet new people too, which was always a fantastic bonus.

This year, you were wearing a long, sleeveless, grey gown with a floral beaded bodice. Your hair was up in a braided do’ and your make up was done to perfection. You felt like a princess. You walked the red carpet, stopping for pictures at all the people who called your name. You got to do a few interviews but, before you knew it, you were already inside. An usher guided you to your seat and you almost jumped with joy as you saw who you were seated beside. “If it isn’t Conor Maynard,” you said with a smile. The charming boy looked up at you and his face lit up.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N),” he said, his eyes glowing. “You look exceptionally extraordinary tonight.”

“Why thank you,” you giggled, doing a small curtsy. “You don’t look too shabby yourself.”

“Ah yes, well, my mum picked out my outfit,” he joked.

You and Conor had met a year ago at the previous year’s Brit Awards. You had been seated together then as well and had immediately clicked. Since then, you spoke occasionally on Twitter but never really found the time to hang out. Seeing him again gave you little butterflies. You thought Conor was extremely good looking and quite the charmer. It was exciting to be around his contagious smile once again.

The two of you thoroughly enjoyed the award show. Neither of you won anything, but it was clear that you didn’t quite mind. Just being able to sit with each other, laugh at the banter on stage, and congratulate your other friends made the night one to remember. Conor would occasionally lay his hand on your thigh or put his arm around your seat, and when he spoke to you, his lips always grazed your ear. You thought he was flirting with you but were too afraid you were misreading it all, so you didn’t make any moves back.

Once the evening was over, Conor suggested you exchange numbers. “Maybe we can actually see each other again before next year,” he said lightly.

“Yeah,” you smiled back. “That’d be nice.” He walked with you outside and waited with you until your car arrived. When it pulled up, he gave you a hug and a light kiss on the cheek and you were on your way.

The next morning, you woke up to thousands of tweets and a few text messages. Apparently, the media had gone wild overnight. Pictures of you and Conor standing outside the venue and him kissing your cheek were flooding your Twitter feed. You clicked one article that read Conor Maynard and (Y/N) (Y/L/N), The New Power Couple of 2016? You laughed and read on:

Conor Maynard and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) were seen getting quite cozy during the Brit Awards at the O2 Arena last night. It seems as though the awards were the last thing on either singer’s mind.

You read the rest of the article, most of it just a load of bullshit and embellished captions on the pictures the paparazzi had snapped. Even though they were all just rubbish rumors, you couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if they were real. The article even said you would make a stunning couple.

As if reading your mind, your phone buzzed in your hand with a text message from Conor.

Conor: you see all the articles this morning?

You: how could I not? we went viral!

Conor: funny how quickly the paps can make a story out of nothing

You: Yeah

Your fingers paused over your phone. You took a deep breath and typed the words you were contemplating.

You: yknow, maybe they don’t just have to be rumors?

Conor: I was thinking the same thing

You smiled widely and, before you could type anything back, Conor wrote again.

Conor: maybe we could go out to dinner tonight? give them a killer follow up story for tomorrow?

You laughed to yourself and replied.

You: sounds perfect


I have mastered the art of
being a professional mannequin
To be designed with curves
more perfect than a smile
and to get a perfect posture
just enough to please you
I have wore the fanciest dress
however, I never walked
on ramps like giants on tv do

Hairless, head banged against
two-edged, 360-degree mirror
bouncing in a trampoline of petticoats
Faceless, covered with beads
and braided by scars in sequins
are all you see in sidewalks
This is the life of a mannequin
and she hopes James Dean
loved window shopping

a style study for a bigger piece I wanna do… I like the idea of drawing 2b and 9s in alot of different fashion styles, so I was working on their looks for the 20s era. 

This isn’t entirely accurate: Nines’s clothes should be a lil baggier, as clothing in the 20s was actually very loose, and 2b’s dress should be straight and not have the elastic waist, but I didn’t think that the straight line suited her. I’m gonna go for a floor length beaded gown instead when I draw the real thing. Also, 2b should have a hat as well, because you just didn’t go out without one back then. I just didn’t find one that I liked yet. But this took me all day so I’m posting it. :P 

1920s fashion history/ what the fuck are those god-awful pants below the cut:

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Tanni’s and her date Theron’s outfits. 

Tanara looked down at her bandaged sore fingers and sighed. Her two mannequins dressed in the garb she designed for the event on Saturday that she hoped on performing for. “I regret doing all this beading and embroidery work, but holy shit is Theron going to love his jacket.” She looked down at the wolf who somehow managed to put her beaded headband on. 

“Alas Speranza, you can’t go ‘cause too many people are going to be there in beaded dresses as well.” She heard the poor Frostwolf whimper in sadness as she took the beading off. 

“Oh fine you big baby, you can keep it on.” 

Things have been pretty quiet I haven’t done much of a life update in a while, so here’s a neat project I’ve been working on ^_^.

I’ve been volunteering at my local museum, and my supervisor is letting me me do some repair/conservation work on this lovely lady!

It’s an 1880s Victorian wedding bodice! She has the beautiful beaded drape around the neckline, but unfortunately it spend too long on a hanger and the weight of the beads have caused tears in the netting.

So with my supervisor’s permission, I’m removing the drape so I can mount it on a backing fabric to stabilize it and repair the holes.

Prepping for surgery!

I’ve only just started stitching it down, but I’ll post more pictures when I’m further along!

Honestly i died laughing abt the Belle dress but now… I’m really sad and disappointed bc fashion is something i love amd want to pursure more into but its just like… Is it even worth it when yt people will always get more say in it than you? That someome who has no clue what they doing can ruin your career you work so hard and long for?

And it doesn’t help that i feel worst abt it when my sewwinf and embiondyimg amd beading bad compared to my ability to desgin amd skect the dreses and outfit.


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2016 | 6.19.16

theme: KP’s top wedding picks for 2016
cathedral veil with rhinestone floral beading by melindarosedesign

i didn’t think i was a veil person until i found my wedding dress … once i put that veil on, it felt right. if i was to do it again, i may choose an even longer veil with a boho vibe, like this one — LOVE the subtly beaded flowers and the long, ethereal look.