the amount of garbled misspellings i have gotten my phone’s autocorrect to recognize to fix to “killian” is amazing.

then, of course, it doesn’t recognize simple words like “walk,” “as,” “like,” and so on.



Here it is! My first speed paint! 🙌 The sound and quality is a lil weird but I hope you guys kinda enjoy it???

I want to feeeel more uuusefuuul

So you should reblog this or reply to this with things you want me to make like posts on x topic or a youtube video on x topic or a youtube video of training x thing or something.

I don’t care if it’s a generally inflammatory topic, but I’ll ignore the fuck out of anyone that tries to start shit instead of having a calm fact-based discussion and all of my stuff will be science-based and sourced if applicable and if I can swing it.

raphaels-santiagos asked:

ok yes hello do you have any jace/lydia headcanons to share :)))

*cracks fingers*

  • lydia impresses jace
  • at first he thinks that it’s because she reminds him of alec, but she turns out to be completely different
  • jace has always admired people who are strong and fair, even after tragedy
  • jace would never admit it, but he looks up to her, because she’s everything he’d want in a leader
  • jace thinks he could follow her into war
  • he doesn’t know how to talk to her though, actually talk to her
  • but he still knocks on her door one night, heart in his throat as she answers the door
  • she looks beautiful, her hair loose and a silk dressing gown cinched around her waist
  • it’s formal the first time, but jace manages to learn a bit more about her
  • he takes it as a win when she agrees to see him again the next night
  • (jace knows what people would think if they saw him sneaking into her room, and he makes sure no one sees him, because it makes him angry to think about she’d be the one who’d be blamed)
  • once she starts to get comfortable around him, he wonders how he ever struggled to talk to her
  • she’s a lot like alec in certain ways, but also completely opposite in others
  • it turns out they’re both a bit idealistic
  • jace still thinks about clary sometimes, but when he does, the red hair always shifts to a lighter shade, and jace shakes the thoughts from his head
  • he feels guilty when he realizes he likes her, like it’s an insult to her that he feels this way
  • he wonders if she knows, when she catches him staring at her with reverence in his eyes as she speaks
  • for the first time in his life jace doesn’t have the confidence to act
  • she’s the one who finally brings it up, as their conversation dies one night and they sit in a comfortable silence 
  • are you ever going to kiss me?’ she asks softly and jace still doesn’t move, frozen like a statue
  • she just sighs, and leans forward to kiss him herself
  • jace thinks he could follow her into hell

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How do you feel about bulk commissions? Because you might be getting one over the summer from me. I need references for the characters in a book I'm writing. And there is about a handful of characters I need references for. Do you have a limit so that I can plan accordingly?

i can have a limit, yes! but it also depends, like do you want bust or full body shots? because full body does take more time, but i can do busts a lot faster if you need them out by a certain time too!

email me if you wanna give a lot more details of what you want! :O 


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Favorite animal?

That’s a difficult question since I really adore animals in general. A few of my favourites include killdeer, shiba inu, chihuahua, Russian blue, hamster, mice, and many others. 

Converse or vans?

*brings out the sports shoes* I don’t wear any of those since I prefer to wear sports shoes.

Favorite show?

Cartoon: The Amazing World of Gumball

Anime: Hetalia

Do you like to draw?

Yes and I draw all over stuff I work on. Luckily I do it mostly in pencil, so I can erase it.

What is something you like about yourself?

Practically nothing. ;7;

If you could be with anyone right now who would it be?

In the arms of a dead person or someone I’m close to.

What time is it for you?

20:19 (8:19 PM)

Favorite food?

I can’t choose. It’s either ramen, pancit, empanada, okonomiyaki, cheeseburger, mochi, fried rice, angel hair pasta with meat sauce, pizza, enchilada, flauta, rice in general, udon, yakisoba, etc. How the heck am I supposed to choose?!

Marvel or DC?


What languages can you speak?

If you’re referring to fluently, it’s English. However I’m trying to learn Japanese, Tagalog, Latin, German, French, and Esperanto. But the three I’m most familiar with out of that list is Japanese (half of my family //aka my mom’s side// is Japanese and I pick it up), Tagalog (I’m half Filipino //because of my dad// and that side of my family speaks Tagalog), and Latin (since I’m taking that as a class). Learning Japanese and Tagalog (my main focuses) all by myself is a pain, but I want to pass something down to my children. At least I got all the hiragana and most of the katakana down, but kanji sucks butt. 

Now, that’s the end!

So the questions for the people I tag are…

What’s your favourite drink?

If you play video games, which is your favourite?

If you were stuck in a room with Donald Trump and Justin Beiber, what would you do?

Which fictional character would you kiss/cuddle/hug?

Your favourite place?

What do you think the world will be like in 2100?

Would you prefer to go without dank memes for the rest of your life or your favourite food for the rest of your life?

What is your first thought when you see/hear the number 69?

Which face do you commonly type out?

If you were given three wishes, what would you wish for?

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nanahuatli asked:

What's happen if Alistair and Morgana found a copy of The Tempest Inside? Yes, I like crossovers.

Wow. You really do. Well, @withthebreezesblown, what do you reckon would happen?

My thought is they’d mainly spend a lot of time gaping, and then Morgana would probably end up hugging Alistair, hard, and muttering about being very, very lucky. And Morgana would probably glare at me, because why isn’t her hair as fantastic as Solona’s?

Alistair would probably blush a lot and be amazed that any world exists where I’ve actually given him an easy time in comparison. And then be like, “If they end up getting married, why the hell aren’t we doing that?”

Me: Ask her.

*he looks at Morgana, who is muttering at her feet a lot*

Peyton IS NOT Lucas!!!

Peyton Meyer IS NOT Lucas Friar!!!

STOP hating Pey Pey.

Peyton Meyer looks like a wonderful young man. Yes, I do think he’s very handsome, but that’s not the only reason why I like him. I think that he’s really talented. I feel like he deserves so much more recognition than he gets at this moment. He seems so sweet and loving, he looks like he cares about every single person. And have you seen how he treats everyone? Especially those who are way younger than him? Have you noticed that he basically treats everyone like his own family?

Yes, I may be wrong, maybe I don’t know a lot about him.

But that’s the reason I admire him even more.

If you disagree, that’s completely fine. This is what I think about him.

I’m only a sixteen year old who has only five dreams.

And one of them is to meet Peyton.

Stop hating him. DO NOT compare him with his character. Please and thank you! ☺


Person reblogged my post saying I don’t do keto. Like what?? Yes. Yes I do thanks byeeeeee. Not in the mood for anyone like that today.