[ @lucytheresearcher​! for our paper—there are a bunch of these but this is a classic fanwork example of woman-as-obstruction, in between hero and the better-than (as feminine as? or even more feminine than?) (but feminine-inflected) masculine…it’s put forth as lighthearted cattiness  (“she’s so stupid / what the hell were you thinking”) and thus is apparently unconcerned with or tries to justify its imbrication/overlap with overt sexism…? ]

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Are you always alone when you take self portraits on the field? I always wonder how you focus the camera to yourself even if you're pretty far away from it. And your pose are elegant too, do you use a remote?

Yes, I like shooting by myself when I take self portraits. Its a time of self reflection. When I’m setting up my shot I’ll focus on the spot where I know I’m going to stand, If I’m in a field it might be a certain spot of grass, or maybe a rock. I focus on that, either set my self timer or use my remote, and run over to that spot! It might take a couple of tries before the focus is perfect, but I always check over the pictures to make sure their in focus before I end my shoot. 

*Prayer Circle*

We gon start this off right by taking it back to the Gospel Medley SUNG by Destiny’s Child.

“Thank you, Lord, hallelujah
You’ve been so good to me
Thank you, Lord, hallelujah
I’m grateful for my blessings

I’m grateful for my struggles
Trials and tribulations I’ve been through
I’ve realized no one can love like You do “

Yes, feel that energy! Channel that energy! You gon need it tonight for when Giselle comes through for a few minutes tonight Yes GOD! MMM !

Lord we ask you to bless everyone who is not prepared to be slaughtered tonight. We ask that all the wigs and weaves that will be snatched tonight be done swift and painless. We ask that this legendary and iconic performance be remembered by everyone for centuries to come. We ask that you can lend your voice to those who are have sore throats so that they can stan out with the rest of the Beyhive. We ask that you moisten everyone’s eyes so they can see Beyoncé clearly and eventually cry when this performance is over. We ask that you warm even the coldest hearts so they can realize that NOBODY does a performance like Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. We ask that you have a plethora of doctors, nurses, and EMT’s on standby just in case it’s too much for anyone to handle. @illuminatimess‘ words: We ask that you keep using her to keep doing your work because the others simply have not met your expectations to do the job, Lord.”You done went above and beyond on Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter and the TRUE Beyhive unhesitatingly appreciates ALL of it. We ask that you make sure we are ready for this performance in a few hours. Keep on blessing us! In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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1, 20, 32

1. Post a picture of u?

It’s not super recent but there you go

20. Name something you have to do tomorrow?
Work on my BA thesis 📚

32. Do you like watching scary movies?
Yes! I love it so much!

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Do you know how to wear anything other than skater skirts and distressed jeans? I love your blog but I feel like you always suggest the same outfits.

Yes I do. I’m really trying to help out and I find it a lot easier to help if I suggest things that I wear. There’s other things like overalls, babydoll dresses, shorts. I just don’t wear a lot of those things

do u ever just feel like an undercover kgb spy during the early 1980s. cuz i do. i just get a vibe when im walking around like “yes, stay tru to mother russia” also ive started pretending to learn russian on duolingo so maybe this whole vibe is stemming from that