Is That My Sweater? - Requested

Harry Holland x Reader

Words: 1,387

Requested by: @voidxkenobi (love you infinitely, darling!)

“I was wondering if you could write one where Harry catches the reader in lazy clothes and notices the reader is wearing his sweater. And a whole lot of fluff goes down.”

I’ve gained a whole lot of appreciation for Harry, I’ve gotta be honest. Being the same age as him, he’s definitely accomplishing so many things and doing things that make a difference. I totally admire him so much more since I’ve started writing about him! I really, really hope you all enjoy this one! REQUESTS ARE OPEN!


It was another slow day for you. Your parents were out, they wouldn’t be back till late, all your other friends were otherwise occupied. It was just you, your phone, and the internet. What else was there for you to do?

Knock! Knock!

The sound echoed through your empty house. You elected to ignore it, you weren’t properly dressed for answering the door anyway.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Three more attentive knocks bounced off your walls.

“Take a hint, bub. Nobody’s home.” you mumbled, scrolling through your Instagram feed, double tapping absentmindedly

Your fingers were on autopilot, liking almost every single post your eyes would land on. The sound of the lock on your front door clicking made you look up from your productive activity.

You were in the living room, which was adjacent to your front door, so you’d have a clear view if anyone were to enter. After a few beats of silence, and you watching the door like a hawk, nothing happened.

How anticlimactic.

Well, it wasn’t like you were expecting nor were you wanting some sort of serial killer to come bursting in, knife at the ready to slit your throat.

What a comforting thought.

Suddenly, your door slammed wide open, the sound of it startled you and you ended up on the floor, flat on your back.

“Nice.” you heard someone grumble

You didn’t dare move a muscle. You lay absolutely still on the carpet of your living room floor with your hand clamped firmly on top your mouth. The intruder’s footsteps grew louder and louder as he approached the couch, if he were to take a few more steps, you would be caught.

As if the universe was plotting against you, the intruder took those few steps until you could feel him standing right by the top of your head.

“Y/N! What the hell? Are you alright?! ”

Harry’s familiar, comforting voice filled your ears, you immediately wrapped your arms around him tightly, accidentally squeezing the air out of his lungs.

“Harry, Harry. Oh my God, you’re back. There was someone in the house and-”

You narrowed your eyes at him, piecing it all together. Poor unsuspecting Harry didn’t see your hands coming at him. They landed against his chest forcefully, making him stumble backwards.

“Ow, Y/N, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! You weren’t answering the door, and I had a key! You gave me a key!” he had his arms up, shielding himself as you whacked at him repeatedly

“Harry, I fucking swear! I thought I was going to die! What the hell! Couldn’t you have texted or called or anything!”

“Well, Y/N, couldn’t you have just answered the door?” he asked you, clearly not thinking the consequences through

If looks could kill, well, let’s just say there would be one Holland twin buried in the ground right now, and it sure as heck wasn’t going to be Sam.

“Do I look like I’m dressed to be answering the door?” you swept a hand over yourself in aggravation

Harry swept his eyes over you. You wearing your favourite cotton shorts, well worn and a tad bit frayed at the hems, and a sweater.

“Well, I suppose not but..” he trailed off. Now it was his turn to narrow his eyes at you

That sweater was a bit… Familiar. He just couldn’t put his finger on it, until of course, he did. And when that little lightbulb in his head went on, a devilish smirk graced his lips.

“But what?” you demanded, the steam still blowing out of your ears.

“Where’d you get that sweater, love?”

“What are you even-”

Looking down at what you were wearing, you instantly knew what he was talking about. It was totally embarrassing but there was no fucking way in hell you were going to let him have the satisfaction.

So you squared your shoulders and put on the best poker face you could muster.

“I bought it. So what?” you crossed your arms defensively against your chest, looking at your boyfriend haughtily

He tried his hardest to stifle his giggles. Just the look of you, all in a huff, looking at him like you were queen of the world (well, you were queen of the world, his world, at least). It was just about the cutest he’s ever seen you, and you were wearing his sweater? Harry was restraining himself from just scooping you up in his arms and kissing the living hell out of you.

“Ahh. You bought it? Okay, I see.”

Harry put a hand under his chin thoughtfully while walking around you. Oh, it was definitely his sweater, he could tell by the little stitch at the back his mum sewed in when he ripped it playing basketball with his brothers.

“Cut that out. You’re being so weird. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming back today?” you asked, trying to distract him

“I wanted to surprise you, love.”

You plopped back down on the couch, feeling exhausted from the scare he gave you. He sat down next to you and took you in his arms. Thankfully for him, you didn’t push him away. It had been awhile since you’ve seen him, the last time was when you dropped him, Tom, and Harrison off at the airport to start another one of their amazing adventures.

“Well,” you sighed, snuggling deeper into his chest. “You know you did a right job of it.”

He placed a kiss on top of your head and pressed his cheek against it. A contented sigh both left your lips as you reveled in the feel of one another, his arms wrapped securely around you, the warmth that was easily seeping off of him and into you. It’s just been too long. You silently prayed that he wouldn’t leave so soon this time.

“Can I ask you something, beautiful?” Harry asked you, rubbing your back in circular motions. It was making you a tad bit drowsy.

“Hmm?” you were almost half asleep

“Is that my sweater?”

A groan left your lips as you nodded your head. Why, oh why did he always have to ruin warm moments like these?

“Harry, for the love of all that is good, why can’t we have one moment of love-filled, peaceful silence?”

“Because I gots to know.” he said in a very poor American accent

His feeble attempt made you both erupt in uncontrollable laughter, he held you in your arms as you doubled over.

“Please tell me it wasn’t that bad!”

“I am so sorry, but it was. You’re going to need more lessons from Tom.” you pecked him on his rose-tinted cheek

He rolled his eyes at you and squeezed you tighter.

“I don’t recall giving that sweater to you.”

“That would make sense, because you didn’t.” you nervously tucked your hair behind your ear, a little mannerism Harry always swooned over

“Then how did you procure my sweater?” the corners of his mouth quirked up. You were so fucking cute, how lucky was he?

“Jesus. I stole it from your bedroom okay! After I dropped you lot off at the airport, your mum invited me back for tea then I sort of.. You know..”

“What? What did you do, Y/N?” he prompted you, poking at your cheek

“I snuck off to your bedroom and pinched it from your closet!” you exclaimed in exasperation. “There! Now you know the truth!”

You dramatically collapsed into his chest, covering your face in your hands in shame.

“You’re too fucking cute for your own good, Y/N.” he gently pried your face from your hands and began to pepper your face with kisses

“I. Love. You.” Harry told you with each kiss

“I love you too, Harry.” you giggled

Just as he was bombarding you with another round kisses, you angled your head just right so the next kiss landed on your lips.

Harry pulled away and shook his head with a soft smile on his lips. He ran his hands through your soft hair as he looked at you with the utmost adoration.

“Sneaky one, aren’t you?” he smiled before capturing your lips in his once again

If this was what stealing one of his sweaters would get you, you were definitely going to start doing it more often.


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every fucking day when I have to go out I’m standing in front of the mirror tryna figure out what personality I’m gonna have that day like

me: Do I dress all black? Do I isolate myself from everyone in school? Do I dress like a punk and act all confident and shit? Do I feel depressed all day to get some Attention™?

my bpd ass: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk mate ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That’s where all the cats went!

[[Hey guys sorry i haven’t posted in a few days! I was moving out to the country! I have a small house with my dad, step mom, and baby brother surrounded by nature now! It was worth all the cleaning and packing because I get the attic room that has the best view haha]]

Hour Lunch ( 24hr challenge piece)

“Hey babe, I couldn’t get you; so I just wanted to let you know that I will be home late tonight. My boss just invited me out to dinner. Just wanted to give you a heads up and to let you know that you didn’t have to cook tonight… I love you and I’ll see you when I get in tonight.”

I don’t know how many messages like this Janet had received over the last five or so years from me. I became the lead QA field operations guy for the south east region for Five Star Communications. I was constantly on the road if not for overseeing sites but also for trainings around the country. It was clearly taking a toll on my marriage. I hadn’t seen my wife smile in what seemed like ages. I mean I’d bring her flowers just about every time I touched down but aside from that, there was no romance. I typically spent the weekends, doing yard work, do it yourself projects, or catching up on sleep.

Janet had been so supportive of my career, from day one. But over the last month the look in her eyes seemed different. Her tone was completely different. I can’t front, it plagued me. I mean her smile used to light the darkest of rooms and brighten my most troublesome days. But somewhere in time it faded. I blamed myself for letting things get this far. No amount of money was worth the love of my life. No matter how dim our flame was I have to fight for her, for us.  
(Ok bae) was her response to my voicemail that I had left about thirty minutes prior. This shit wasn’t sitting well with me. I boarded my flight to ATL from Dallas. I didn’t even sleep on the plane I was busy using the inflight Wi-Fi to do what should have been done eons ago.

“Hey Babe.” I said before she could even say hello as she picked up.

“Hey Man-Man.” That was my nickname since I was two. The way she said it though, always made me blush.

“I just touched down babe wanted to let you know. How’s your day coming?”

“Oh it’s ok same ole same ole, ya know.”

“I hear you, you had lunch yet?”

“Nope, not yet wanted to wrap up this paperwork first.”

“Hmph, well forget that paperwork babe how bout you come meet me in the parking lot.”

“Excuse me?”

“Meet me outside right now.”

It had been nearly a year since I’d been up to her job, but today I had plans for her. I saw her come through the doors looking good as ever. I had almost forgotten how good it felt to surprise my woman. Thinking to myself, “man I’ve be slacking”. Funny how the monotony of life can so easily take hold and we live life on cruise control. Her dress was hugging her just right. I could see she was looking for me, I hesitated as I was just admiring the queen I said I do to. Pulling up I barely put the car in park before I was hoping out.

I greeted my lady with the tightest of hugs. I was genuinely happy to see her. It was as if I had been away for 4 years rather 4 days. I picked her up and spun her around and she yelped a tad. Placing her feet back on the pavement, I planted my lips upon hers, pulling her close.

“What’s up with you?” She said pushing away and clearly taken aback.

“Nothing babe…. I just really miss you. Come on lets go.”

She had this real precarious look on her face as she followed me to the passenger side of the car. I was like a kid in the candy store I can’t lie. I opened her door to usher her in, but before she could get in all the way I gave her ass a nice pat to let her know that, that there thing was all mine. I could see her pretty cheek go up her face as I knew she was smiling.

“Babe where are we going?” she asked as she saw I was getting on 75/85.

“You’re on your lunch break right? I got you babe just enjoy your break.”

“Ummm Hmmm.” She murmured rolled her eyes.

I’m typically the kind of person that can’t hold water so decided to play music rather than talk, if not I would be bound to spoil the surprise that was in store. It wasn’t long before we were getting of the express way in Buckhead. I went ahead and had the car parked via valet.

“So you bring me to Phipps for lunch?”

“Yep.” I kept it short and simple.

“You know my lunch is only an hour right?”


I led the way into Nordstrom’s, looking over at her every so often as she still had a puzzled look on her face. She tried to stop at a pair of shoes but I politely let her know we weren’t here for that and slightly tugging on her arm as to continue on. “Only an hour remember?” I said jokingly. She sneered at me, as we continued to walk. Casually I strolled her over towards the women’s department and let her go by design. She took the bait and began browsing the racks. Quickly made my way to the register to ask for the manager.

“Hi, yes I spoke to you earlier today about a few items.”

“Oh yes sir right this way.”

I motioned for Janet to come over so we could follow the gentleman. He led us to a private fitting room, hell I didn’t even know such things existed. The look on bae’s face said the same. It was a nice set up off in the cut with a nice lounge chair for me to watch the show.

“Sir, the selections you’ve made are already in the room, here is some complimentary champagne for your enjoyment.”

“Thank you.” I was impressed with the layout I must admit.

“Man-Man, what is all this?” she was confused

“Baby you only have an hour for lunch go try on the apparel please.”
She obliged, I decided two play some music on my phone. Of course I had to hit the slow mix. Lloyd (feel so right) came on first. I could hear baby girl humming the tune on the backside of the curtain. Meanwhile I myself was sipping and vibing. She came out in a silver dress, I’d picked out three for her to try on, all of which I thought she’d look stellar in. One was black, one red, and then it was this one.

“Baby can you zip me up please.” She said with a mean grin going on. I walked over admiring my woman head to toe. I grabbed her hand raising it above her head, she spun giving me her back. I let my hands travel her curves before I zipped her up, kissing the back of her neck as I completed my task. I took a step back and admired.  It was definitely a good selection on my behalf.

“Babe, how do you like it?”

“Daddy I love it.” She called me daddy, I knew whenever she started referring to me as such she was excited.

“MMMM… I’m glad you like it baby.” I said unzipping her. “Now let’s see what the others look like.”

I went back to sipping my champagne and listening to the music. (Touching) by R. Kelly and Nivea was on now, mid song. I couldn’t have imagined this idea going any better. I was elated. I knew in this moment I could never desert my woman like I had, ever again, she deserved better, hell I deserved better of myself as well.



“I love you.”

“I love you too. You ready to see the next one daddy?”

“Yes love.” Aaliyah (Let Me Know) was just coming on. She decided to try on the black dress next. Instantly I knew this is the one I was purchasing. No questions asked. I’m sure my mouth hit the floor. This woman was absolutely stunning. I stood and stared at my woman in utter awe. All she could do is blush. I knew she knew I was feeling the dress. But I wasn’t sure if she knew I was feeling the model even more. Slowly I walked over to her admiring her elegance.  No makeup, no fancy hair-do, nothing extra. Just her favorite studs she wore to work, her eyebrows done and acrylic nails, and her smooth cocoa tone. I had to pat myself on the back I done good.
Still looking her over good I reach my hand out to hers. I pull her into my arms, holding her close. “You like this one baby?” I ask softly in to her ear. All she does is moan into mine as I am caressing and gripping her cakes. I give her left cheek a firm smack, “I said do you like this dress?”

“Oh yes daddy.”  She moans into me.

I lift her up and naturally her legs wrap my waist. We are kissing feverishly and I’m pulling at my at my belt buckle. We haven’t been at each other like this in years. This was like new love all over again.  We made our way into the dressing room, but didn’t bother pulling the curtain behind us. By now dick was free and her panties were pulled to the side. Bae was dripping on me before I could even enter her. I don’t ever think my wood was this hard. I wanted, no needed to feel her, embrace her, make love to her. Our bodies lock together as we become one I heard her whisper, “baby I love you so much.” A tear rolls down my cheek as the passion and emotion rushed through me.  We find our rhythm and slow grind to Tony Toni Tone ( Lay Your Head On my Pillow).

I cared less that we were making love in a $400 dress. This moment was priceless. I found me, I found the woman I loved and married. Nothing could compare.  Honestly I think she was in the same frame of mind. We needed this, I need her ass in my palms, her titties in my mouth. She needed to be wrapped around me, nails digging in my back. Her pace quickened, I knew she was drawing near.

“Yes baby bounce on daddy.” I encouraged “Damn you feel good.”

“Oh shit, oh shit.” Was her only reply.

“You only got an hour for lunch baby, get that shit.”

“Im getttttiiiiinnnn iiiitttt.”

“Ooh, how long ya lunch?”

“A… A… hoooooouuuuurrrr……”

We came together, not giving two fucks bout these people dresses or their store for that matter. We got decent and headed to cash out.  Janet went looking as I took the merchandise up to the counter. I ended up getting all three dresses she had no clue.  The manager cashed me out coincidently.

“Thank you for all your help today, you’re a good man.”

“Oh it my pleasure, and you sir are a lucky man.” He winked at me. “Come back and see us now.”

“Will do. “  I said with a chuckle.

I walked over and found my love. “Hey mama, you ready to go back to work?”



am i wearing this because it looks nice or because i’ve been trained that looking nice is imperative. do i want to get my hair dyed because i like the color or because it’s the latest trend. do i feel good when i look good or do i just feel like this is how i’m supposed to be. like i’m in an audition room. are heels good because i love how they click or did i just discover their sound while trying to be tall enough i could climb out of this body. do i like eating healthy because it makes me feel good or have i been taught that the two are synonyms. do i love makeup for the ritual, for the armor it gives me, or do i love it because i wasn’t accepted until i wore it. do i not own pink because it’s not my color or because i’m subliminally trying to distance myself from traditional femininity. do i like this dress or do i like it because of how others will see me. how much of my personality, my private choices, how much of these are really me and not just years and years of constant behavioral training. i reclaimed dresses and lipstick and long hair. or did i just give up and give into the whole thing. 

girls are told that when we refuse to look nice, it’s a sign something is wrong. we are told that if our nails are done and our hair is perfect, we’re having a good day. it feels like that. it feels like that.

but does it feel like that because i was told?

Beau, soyez libre

LeFou whimpers as Gaston stomps away from the small boy. He called LeFou childish and went off to play with the older children. All LeFou has said, is that he would love to play hide-and-seek. Is that not a normal game to play for a nine-year-old boy? According to Gaston it’s not, but LeFou doesn’t want to go after the older boy to apologise for being childish, even though, maybe he should.

“What’s wrong?” LeFou looks up from where he’s sitting on the ground, to see a child, maybe two years younger than himself, standing in front of him. LeFou shuffles his feet, looking back down and not daring to look the girl in the eye. “What do you want?” He mumbles, frustrated. Surely, she’ll mock him too. “My maman said I should try and make friends with people who seem nice. You seem nice.” She flops down onto the grass next to LeFou. “I don’t play with girls.” LeFou mumbles, remembering how Gaston had laughed at him for playing chase with a girl the week prior. “I’m not a girl!” The small boy(?) said indignant. LeFou flinches. “Sorry! I didn’t mean – Why are you wearing a dress?” The boy shuffles his feet nervously. “Because it makes me feel pretty.” The boy starts looking more and more miserable every question LeFou asks him. 

“I – I should go.” The boy gets up and LeFou scrambles on his feet as well. “Wait! Don’t go, I’m sorry.” LeFou sounds desperate. “I never – I never talk to kids my own age.” LeFou explains. “I don’t know how.” The other boy nods in understanding. “There are no kids for me to play with where I live, either.” LeFou steps forward. “I really do like your dress. It does make you look really pretty.” The boy brightens immediately, twirling in a circle. “You really think so? My maman made it for me!” The boy looks at LeFou, so honest and vulnerable and open and LeFou etches the sight in his memory, hoping that one day, someone will look at him like this again. It makes LeFou feel important, like he matters and he finally knows the right things to say, something that rarely happens.

“Pink suits you really well.” The boy stops twirling. “Pink? This is peach!” “I-I’m sorry!” LeFou stammers. He really is a fool. The boy’s face softens. “I couldn’t tell many of the colours apart at first either.” He assures LeFou. “Until maman teached me. Do you want to play hide-and-seek with me?” LeFou perks up. “I’d love to!”


“Stanleeeeeeyy.” LeFou singsongs as he enters their cottage, expecting an answer but receiving none. When he walks to their dining table he sees a small piece of parchment with a quick sketch of a castle on it. Due to LeFou’s illiteracy, Stanley and LeFou figured out a way to tell where they can be found without using letters, simply by drawing a little sketch of the place they would be at.

LeFou picks up his satchel from the floor, before mounting Pote and taking off towards the castle.

Ever since the curse has been broken, Stanley has spent a lot of time at the castle, trying to spend as much time with his lost family as he possibly can. Madame de Garderobe and maestro Cadenza were thrilled when their Stanley ended up on their doorstep, but they were a lot less thrilled he showed up as a part of an angry mob to kill their master.

“Bonjour Monsieur LeFou.” Lumière greets as LeFou enters the castle. He is seated at the fireplace with Plumette, for it’s a rather chilly day in December. “Good afternoon, Lumière, Plumette.” “He is in Madame’s room.” LeFou nods, walking up the stairs and down the hall in the east wing. He can hear excited chatter. Maestro Cadenza walked out of the chamber, a happy smile on his face. “Ah, LeFou, salut!” “Bonjour Maestro.” LeFou smiles, the maestro talks so loud, he’s surprised the whole castle can’t hear him speaking. “Let’s go ask Mrs. Potts for a cup of tea, shall we? Stanley will surely join us in a moment.”


LeFou laughs loudly at Mrs. Potts’ detailed story of how Stanley used to play pranks on all of the staff within the castle. Her face softens. “He used to be such a lonely child. He was a child of us all and we wanted him to make friends so badly, but the master never allowed the boy to leave the grounds.” She seems sad now, and Cadenza sighs. “He ran away one day. He was 17, if I’m not mistaken.” LeFou turns to Cadenza, not used to the maestro looking so serious. “It was the day the curse was cast upon the castle. The master had yelled at him for being a- for being different.” He couldn’t get the word over his lips, but LeFou heard it anyways. Sodomite.

Adam had judged Stanley for his interest in males.

“Stanley ran away from the grounds and forgot about it the same day. Forgot about us.” There are tears in Cadenza’s eyes. LeFou is speechless. He never knew why Stanley was in the village during the day the castle was cursed, Stanley refuses to talk about it. It all makes sense now.

The door the kitchen opens, revealing Madame de Garderobe, Stanley trailing behind her. LeFou’s eyes widen as he stands up from his chair, not taking his eyes off Stanley. Stanley shuffles his feet nervously, not daring to look LeFou in the eyes. “I-” His fingers pluck at the fabric of the dress he’s wearing.

LeFou slowly steps closer, taking in the sight in front of him. Stanley’s body was wrapped in delicate fabrics and his eyes were underlined with coal, his lips made a darker shade of pink.

“Stanley, you-” Madame de Garderobe steps forward slightly, looking protective over her boy.

LeFou places his hand on Stanley’s cheek, forcing the man to look at him. “You look gorgeous, mon amour.” Stanley perks up at that, not dropping his guard completely, not yet. “You really think so?” He asks carefully. “Yes!” “They make me feel pretty.” Stanley bites his lip, still looking unconvinced. “You look beautiful, Stanley. They do make you look pretty.” Stanley looks up, looking so honest and vulnerable and open and memories come rushing back at LeFou.

The boy he met when he was young, he recognises him now, in an older version, perhaps, but he never changed his love for dresses. “The pink – Peach, suits you.” Stanley looks at him with unbelieving eyes. “You remember that?” LeFou steps forward. “How could I forget that look of pure joy?” Stanley leans down, capturing LeFou’s lips with his own, before freezing and backing up, nervously looking over his shoulder to his maman.

She looks fondly at the pair. Love, that’s all she’s ever wanted for her boy and she knows that LeFou will take good care of him. Beautiful, be free.


P U T   Y O U R   M O N E Y   W H E R E   Y O U R   M O U T H   I S

15 Days of Valentines ♡ | a Jon/Sansa meme
↳ 6/15: Pretend relationship | Casino Heist

In desperate need of some quick cash, Sansa engages the help of her brother’s card-counting friend Jon to help her rip off a Las Vegas casino.

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Domestic murder husbands acquire an illegal weapon

“Hanni what do you think’ll happen if I were to just pull the trigger right now?”

“I’d die, Will, just- I’m going have to call you back Chiyoh my husband seems to have lost his goddamned mind since you got him a gun.” 

(”He asked nicely.”)

[ photo reference from IASIP because my favorite thing is mac recklessly pointing a gun at dennis’ head in the hallway ]