Omg! Lol

I asked my 2 year old who this person is (I point at Kit) she goes Jon Snow and then I ask her do you know his real name, I kid you not she screams DADDY!!! LMFAO yea I wish!! Lol I swear my kids might be with me if I spot Kit my life is over!


Gif sources in order of appearance: carlosschmidt, thilia, kendallsundies, hayneshoechlin, nadiaramone, bigtimerushinmypants, itzelery, collinsback, thilia

first friday last night


  • made money
  • got a lot more attention than if i hadn’t been in a banana suit
  • saw/hugged whatshisname who seemed happy to see me
  • amazing galleries


  • it was hot even though the sun had gone down
  • i almost got a cute guys’ number 
  • (that’s bad because i didn’t, and he was really cute)
  • i was the third wheel once again 
  • i didn’t get enough money to buy any art

next month i want to play guitar to make more money and sell some of my own art

anonymous asked:

hello I'm not sure if you saw this but in the trailer for the mid season finale (for next Monday) theo is ranting about who he came back for and he says like "I came for the werecoyote, I came for the banshee, I came for the dark kitsune, I came for the beta with anger issues" which is relatively descriptive but then he says "I came for Void Stiles" after that? I know you aren't watching season 5 but I found that interesting that void stiles was focused on

That’s… really strange. I honestly don’t even know how to react to that, and I don’t know anything about Theo or his motivations so I have no theories on why he would be focused on something like void Stiles (who by all accounts isn’t here and hasn’t been for 10 or so months, since void Stiles wasn’t actual Stiles, and is locked up in a triskele box).

Fnugg Blue

Anyone who keeps up with my Twitter I’m sorry for my rants this week cause these freshman are annoying me and customers are worse

*sees soutori fic* aw yee *sees that ai is only called “nitori” whilst the other characters are addressed by their first names* *closes fic*