just to give you an idea of where I’m at with the doodle comic all the white bg pages are ones that I’m nearly? done with drawing wise but like still have to do all the speech bubbles and make it look better basically, the purple are like 100% uncooked goddamnit I’m not even doing lineart why is this taking so long

im crying on the inside

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That 'It' crossover thingy you posted? Amazing. I love it. Fits so well. I see the paper plane. Flug has double protection for his bag. BH is a clown. It all works

aaaaa thanks, also yes I’m glad you notice the paper plane detail ;)

Tho now that you said clown bh my mind went off and designed him
sO here’s something literally no one asked for:

Here’s clown bh. He comes out every 33 years

i hope mark one day explains a bit more about the darkiplier lore.

like how did dark come to be? where is he from? what is he? is he even human at all? an actual incubus?? (would love for that to be true in all honesty)

the first interaction between mark and him?

why did dark choose mark?

did mark do something to bring dark here? 

so many questions!

i would love for dark to stay a mysterious creature and have a lot left to speculation, but i would also love to know the beginning of dark preying on mark, yknow? first contact and all that shit.

edit: read. the LORE. not the concept. this is about the L O R E.

what’s ur fav ice cream flavor?
mine is called Jungkook

My brain: there’s no way Rad likes robots will be what I’m hoping, for some reason we’re still not in a time where lgbt+ content is acceptable in children’s media, even if the crew wanted to the network might not let them, it’s probably about mr logic or it’s het or smth, I should be cautious


Dragon Age LI’s with smartphones (part 1):

Alistair: he uses way too many emojis and writes just the way he speaks (yeeeeeees?). He sends funny gifs to everyone and swarms Morrigan’s phone with texts consisting solely on poop emojis (which really irritates her). He calls the warden in the middle of the night because he can’t sleep- and she’s sleeping right next to him (he finds this incredibly hilarious). He follows tons of mabari puppy accounts on instagram; he rarely posts any pictures (usually just pictures of cheese) but he loves uploading stories with silly filters. He has over a thousand books in his kindle app, and he loves the idea of carrying a whole library inside his pocket. He buys lots silly trinkets on aliexpress. He tweets whatever pops into his head, he always gets tons of likes and retweets.

Fenris: he ignores everyone’s texts, he never answers the phone (unless it’s Hawke). He spends a lot of time watching educational youtube videos, in secret. He’s a big fan of duolingo and never misses a day of practice- he’s hoarding lingots to unlock more lessons. He enjoys rage-reading tweets of people he hates and complaining out loud, while Hawke just nods and kisses his forehead. He absolutely hates emojis and gifs (only he secretly loves gifs, but he will never admit it). He collects pictures of bunnies. He accidentally subscribed to Anders’ blog updates and he doesn’t know how to make the emails stop; he decided it was best to create a new email account. 

Cullen: He uses a moderate amount of emojis, but he always uses them wrong (what? this wasn’t a smiling chocolate chip? and none told me? I’ve been using it for months!- cue giggles of everyone around him). He has a secret pinterest account only to follow the inquisitor’s account: that way he’ll always be able to surprise her with perfect little gifts. He uses the phone’s built-in calendar for everything, he’s a schedule freak. He has neatly arranged folders for all his apps. He has developed an addiction to bejeweled, which he plays even at the war table- he says he can quit whenever he wants, he just doesn’t want to yet.  He loves sending voice messages, long voice messages, and he records reminders for himself. He takes a lot of selfies just to check his hair, sometimes he forgets to erase them. He monitors facebook to see if the recruits are idling instead of working, he comments under their statuses (is this your way to help the inquisition, Jimmy?)


I never thought that you would be the one to hold my heart
But you came around
And you knocked me off the ground from the start