just to give you an idea of where I’m at with the doodle comic all the white bg pages are ones that I’m nearly? done with drawing wise but like still have to do all the speech bubbles and make it look better basically, the purple are like 100% uncooked goddamnit I’m not even doing lineart why is this taking so long

im crying on the inside


you think we’ll still be friends when we’re dead?
i will if you will. 
− happy birthday, tina!

i hope mark one day explains a bit more about the darkiplier lore.

like how did dark come to be? where is he from? what is he? is he even human at all? an actual incubus?? (would love for that to be true in all honesty)

the first interaction between mark and him?

why did dark choose mark?

did mark do something to bring dark here? 

so many questions!

i would love for dark to stay a mysterious creature and have a lot left to speculation, but i would also love to know the beginning of dark preying on mark, yknow? first contact and all that shit.

edit: read. the LORE. not the concept. this is about the L O R E.

Hey guys this is me, Yasmin! So i’ve reached my 1st goals few days ago and i want to say big thanks for you all. Thanks to ppl who love my works here, to my mutuals and my followers thank you for support this blog lol I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU ♡♡♡ 

bold = fav 

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I don’t expect too much since i made this blog actually but thanks for being exist and filling my dashboard, i really enjoy to see you all. hehehhehe ♡