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ok so im 5 away from my next hundred and my friends suggested i do ships again n*ce!!!

ok so rules yo

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anyways if this doesnt get notes it never happened and im embarrassed 

beccadaisy asked:

internal screaming au: but how many pictures does the press/paparazzi have of dave just standing and staring at his smol manager rant and d y i n g


like okay in the actual au im doing w cats they made their first public appearance together besides just going 2 local cafes during lunch break and shit. theyre in the airport to go to location and shoot and theyre being complete fucking dorks running thru the shops and daves buying all the most expensive chocolate and keeps getting up in karkats personal space 2 make him try them and there are only a few distanced pictures so the press does as the press does and fucking social media is bursting with WHO IS MR STRIDERS NEW WOMAN??????????? and they think its the funniest shit ever o m g theres so many grainy pictures of them being goobers right up in each others faces and sharing chocolates o no