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Hikaru Midorikawa ; Yūki Kaji ; Daisuke Hirakawa ; Katsuyuki Konishi ; Kōsuke Toriumi ; Takashi Kondō

Here you have another Diabolik Lovers Tokuten Drama CD~


Translation: (made by augustoctobervixen~~)

Ayato: Diabolik Lovers Limited Edition Special Drama CD

All: Sakamaki Brothers, Test Battle outbreak

-explosion sound-

-birds whistle-

Ayato: So sleepy, is it already morning? I better get to bed soon.

Kanato: That sure was a big yawn, you could almost put Teddy inside there.

Laito: Nfu, wouldn’t that be interesting to see, an Ayato-kun with a stuffed bear in stuffed in his mouth~ Nfufu

Ayato: I-diot! As if that will happen, I punch you in the face before you even have a chance to do that.

Kanato: Try if you want to, Ayato you are quite the blockhead so I don’t think I will loose. -chuckles-

Ayato: huh Blockhead? I don’t want to hear that from you Kanato!

Reiji: -claps- Yes, yes yes, you three siblings, how about you three all stop your blabbering and get to sleep already? Seriously so noisy.

Laito: Nfu, what is it Reiji, is it a bad thing that we three are here?

Reiji: Are you going to tease me again with that? If I have to give a proper reason, you are being a utter nuisance to the girl who studying hard for her test over there.

Subaru: Heh being all kind, so you can be a nice guy when you want to be.

Reiji: Hmpf, it is only because she is studying. You all know of it right, I dislike noisiness, it is one of the things I want to eradicate from this world

Shu: Test? Ah, the test that tells you your school progress and skills is soon.

Reiji: Oya, that a good-for-nothing remembers this, I wonder will there be snow tomorrow.*

Shu: It is a drag, though when you do this test good, you will be excluded from more annoying extra classes for the subjects you are failing. There even came an ugly message that those who fail can expect, a deadly extra class. -sighs- So sleepy

Laito: Nfu, is it perhaps from that man? (Karl)

Kanato: Who else. He hates foolishness more than anything. Isn’t this more a case to decide who is fit to be the next clan head by measuring your intelligence? Won’t it be a drag for him if there is anyone this familiy who is a fool?

Subaru: Keh, while you are all acting high and mighty, you all are even lower than her who is studying like her life depended on it. Aren’t you being a bit too big of a fools…

Ayato: huh? So in others, I can hear you say that you are quite the person then?

-string breaks-

Subaru: What is that? Tch, studying is a drag! First of all, why must I go to a human school in the first place? There is no meaning to this now is there?

Shu: If you complain about it now, it cant be helped. You are fighting against that man. Well, it is true that studying is troublesome.

Laito: Indeed, we vampires who live long and long lives, compared to the humans that is, that said, it is sure is boring and filled with lots of free time. To go to school….

Ayato: Yeah, furthermore, I have heard there is ghost at school too you know. Isn’t that our specialty? 

Reiji: On contrary to your believes we are vampires.

Ayato: It’s the same thing right?

Reiji: No they are not.

Kanato: Really, school is a really boring thing, it is not like studying will fill your stomach, instead…. instead… It is making me very hungry. Even when I try to eat a snack…

Subaru: What there is no need to cry for that…. Well I understand your feelings though.

Laito: Long story short, studying is simply a waste of time, right? Eh? What is it Bitch-chan? When you say it like that it sounds more like you can’t study, you say…” -laughs- I see.

Shu: You, you are quite underestimating us here aren’t you.

Ayato: What did you say? Don’t act all so high and mighty when you are a mere Tiny Tits.

Kanato: The anger from the past is now fueling my body, say Teddy, how shall we take this situation?

Subaru: Damn it! Just by showing that you can study a little bit you act all high and mighty… I kill you

Reiji: Well this is all your own fault, just by thinking that school and studying is only a drag or useless thing, you have worked yourself into this place. 

Ayato: That is not true! Furthermore, at the last test I scored 3 points higher than Laito.

Laito: Huh? Don’t you mean with only ONE test of them all?! In general I score 10 point higher than you though.

Ayato: But, still I am far better than Kanato!

Kanto: I am, I am, I couldn’t concentrate all too well cause there wasn’t enough candy! That is why, furthermore Shu, yes, Shu you skipped the last test didn’t you! I heard that, so that makes me far better than you right!

Shu: Huh? Which test was that? While I have no recollection of missing a test though… -chuckles- If that is the case, Subaru is even worse. When a difficult question popped up, he ripped the test apart and threw it out of the window, at least that is what I heard… ((omg))

Shu: And because of that… I was called to the teacher’s office for it. 

-wooden click sound-

Subaru: Furtermore, to make up a question like that, is simply fucked up! It is the teacher’s fault! 

Reiji: -sighs- dear lord, all this talk of who is worse with the test, there seems to be no end to this.

Laito: Well Reiji how did you do it?

Reiji: Isn’t that obvious, I am simply perfect, is there something wrong in being the top of Class and School? Compared to that good-for-nothing who is repeating a year that is. -chuckles- Intelligence is a man’s weapon and status! There are enough woman who want a man for their brains rather than their brawl.

Laito: That is… I have a feeling that I remember this from somewhere, that this me can’t make a objection to it.

Reiji: Seems that was a bulls eye, that is what you get when you keep on calling your opponent a Bitch at the first meeting.

Kanato: But that doesn’t make you an idiot right, it is just that I am not studying right now…

Ayato: Yes! Even we are keeping up with out studies, we just don’t show it. Isn’t that enough?

Reiji: So you admit that you aren’t studying at times, seriously, such foolishness, all in all, I don’t remember having the responsibility of making sure you are all studying. Don’t you think so too? ( directed at you) -chuckles- It is useless to deny it. Your eyes speak what your mouth wants to say. That expression looks like you are trying to be on par with me.

Subaru: That is… You won’t know until you try right…

Shu: Well it is true that I didn’t do anything until now that is. There should be a certain qualification for it right?

Reiji: Well that is true, well, while I don’t like to admit it, we are brothers after all. (meaning they sometimes think alike) Mother was well educated as well.

Kanato: Even my mother was!! -drip drip- …an Idiot right

Ayato: tch damn that slut of a woman. Well it is true that I haven’t heard that, that woman had a brain. Is the reason that we are idiots her fault. No! I am not an idiot, I am not an idiot.

Laito: nfu, that woman is far off better without a brain. She was a type that would move before she thinks right… -chuckles-

Subaru: Well that makes me a bit better, even I had time to properly study. Huh, what? Dad…, you ask. Are you wondering how father did?

Reiji: Indeed, father is perfect in everything he did. Of course he was a genius in his studies too. 

Kanato: If that is the case, there might me some sort of desire left. Hmm, the test is not how you can decide the next King? You… What do you even know!

Laito: Well, well, Kanato-kun, you are scaring the Bitch-chan. But, if it doesn’t determine a king, what does it determine?

Shu: Huh, effort? Uwah, so boring

Ayato: Only effort… damn it. That is true! If it is not true, Tiny Tits you will be taken responsible!

Subaru: Okay I understand now, so, this means a competition!

Shu: Huh, a competition? A test competition?

Subaru: This test is that right? A general test to see how good you are progressing at school. Ah yes, yes an all-in-one test. If that is the case this is the best one to make a competition of

Reiji: Ah that will indeed bring light to this case. This is the best kind of competition we can think of. Who is the smartest and therefore most suited to be next Sakamaki Clan leader. This will include you as well, ah, drop outs and fools will prove only futile for this though. What shall we do?

Ayato: -snaps fingers- I’m in! The one who wins can do whatever he wants with the Tiny Tits. That is how it goes right?

Kanato: Heee, is it all right if we decide it like that? If that is the case I am in too.

Laito: Aha, if Bitch-chan is the winning prize, there is no way I am backing out of this. 

Shu: Eh? Is everyone going to do this? So annoying. But, I am your upperclassman so it is a bit…It can’t be helped. Then I will enter as well.

Reiji: -chuckles- For a change everyone will be in this time huh. Fine, however, until the time arrives there will be no quitters all right. As your upperclassman I will not back down, and as a Vampire I say there is no objection to this plan.

Ayato: No objections

Laito: No objection here~ Nfu

Kanato: No… -cries- Objection.

Subaru: First of all why are you crying Kanato? No objection.

Reiji: Hmm, Shu, no, good-for-nothing, what about you?

Shu: -sleeps-

Ayato: Geh, when did this dude fall asleep?

Laito: What is wrong Bitch-chan? Ah, oh the decision that you are the prize. Is there something wrong with that? 

Kanato: At this moment you have no right to object to this. This has already been decided. 

Subaru: Even you should get used to this by now.

Reiji: Well in this condition there is no way I will lose. This battle is good as mine. In fact this is giving me a good feeling. You can relax, the one who will win will be me after all.

-drum rolls battle soundtrack-

-clock ticks-

// the following contains lots of detail and i am too lazy to actually translate it all, sorry guys OTL //

Ayato is studying History noting the years when the big events happened in Japan, when he doubts he asks you which year it was to be sure.

Kanato sounds like he chanting something but I can’t seem to make a decent sentence of out this one, what he does when he doesn’t know is ask Teddy for guidance first, when Teddy doesn’t know he asks you.

-scene change-

Subaru is chanting facts as well to memorize them

-scene change-

Laito is studying english and noted after a couple words that he finds the english language rather interesting. Then he asks you what ecstasy means. 

Reiji: Laito were you even studying back there?

Laito: heh? yes, that what is supposed to look like, thanks to that I know lots of words now. English  sure is easy. All that is left now is maths and chemistry. Furthermore, why are you asking after you have seen me study like this?

Reiji: It is because you were acting like a idiot back then. Furthermore, aren’t you doing the wrong parts for the test?

Laito: Eh wrong parts…

Ayato: What is that, I didn’t hear of that

Reiji: Don’t tell me you didn’t know of this. Ah yes, Ayato and Kanato, you two are studying the wrong parts.

Kanato: I didn’t hear that…

Reiji: Fools, I knew you were fools, but to actually learn the wrong parts… There surely is no end with you three, really. 

Subaru keeps on chanting to memorize.

Reiji: Subaru, you as well, that is not what will be tested…

Subaru: -keeps on chanting before he flips- Aaah! You are lying aren’t you!

Reiji: What good will it do me if I lie. Ah, indeed, there is a reason for me to lie, cause if I did, my chances to win will increase after all

Ayato: Hold on, Tiny Tits, did you know of this? Eh, you did, but didn’t tell anything cause it looked funny to watch? Huuuh, that can’t be possible, you bitch. If this doesn’t get in the test why the fuck am I even doing this?!

Kanato: Indeed, why must a general test have these sort of questions anyway! Such thing as that, there is no such thing as that!

Subaru: Yes, yes! Oy, what happened to Shu anyway? Isn’t he studying? Is he giving up already?

Shu: No, I am over here

Laito: Were you laying down all over there, I didn’t notice you at all…

Reiji: You good-for-nothing, just what are you doing over there? Are you already throwing in the battle?

Shu: What you ask, you can tell by looking right? I am studying.

Ayato: Studying you say, you are simply doodling over there

Kanato: I see, I see, I see now, we had that. Shu let me see it too

Shu: Huh? It’s fine with me

Reiji: I got a nasty feeling about this. Don’t tell me you are making a cheat sheet

-ping pong sound-

Ayato: Ah I see now, so we had that, okay! My victory is now sealed!

Laito: Indeed, just a little bit more and I wouldn’t have had enough time to study for Maths, when I knew I was doing something foolish as this, i wouldn’t have put so much time in it. Shu, let me see it too.

Shu: Fine…

Reiji: Hold on, you people. Are you intending to cheat?

Subaru: It is nothing much, besides there wasn’t a rule that said we couldn’t cheat.

Reiji: Wha- well that is true.

Subaru: Then there is no problem there. Okay! Let me have a shot at it too. Huh, what is it? You won’t look at people who use primary school tricks you say? I see

Shu: Hmpf, that is a rule made my humans right? That has no meaning to us right now.

Kanato: I see, then it is indeed no problem at all


Kanato: Subaru, don’t come so close.

Subaru: Shut up, you are in the way!

Ayato: Ah damn it, don’t argue. The paper is small enough as it is the writings are even harder to read.

Laito: Somehow, I can’t really read it. Well it is written something like this huh. I guess it will be right this way

Reiji: tch, Those people, well whatever. In the end there is no way I will lose in this test. Since those are my opponents, there is no way that they will succeed. I will not lose. Well, did you hear that. Well you should do your best in getting used that I will be the one you will choose in the end. -chuckles-

-scene change-

Reiji: And so the night has passed and the time for the test has come. The day where many things will be decided for the Sakamaki’s.

Ayato: This has to be a lie.

Laito: It can’t be, after all that work we put in making that sheet.

Shu: Ah, well it was hand made after all

Kanato: But, the sheet should’ve been perfect. Even then, why, how come, how is this possible Teddy, tell me. Say, tell me.

Subaru: All the ones who made the sheet, all of us have failed it? That is not possible! 

Reiji: Well, this is the expected result. -chuckles-

Ayato: Reiji, you, are you declaring a war now? Huh!

Kanato: Aaah, so that is why everyone managed to fail. I give up, so that is how much you wanted to win. You four eyed old man!

Reiji: Hah, look from whose mouth it is coming. The ones who gave up are you lot. I have no recollection that I went to the teacher’s office. Also I am not a four eyed.

Shu: Ah, then how did we got caught? Huh, what is it, do you know the reason? Haah, I see, we all had the same parts wrong and the same sort mistakes. Huh, i see now.

Laito: So in others words, we had the perfect mistakes… Also, we had all the same mistakes, nfu

Reiji: -laughs- I knew it would come to this. First of all, to believe the plan of that good-for-nothing would succeed is your fault. 

Subaru:  Damn it, this is annoying. Give me back my perfect answers!

Shu: Even when you say it, you take the responsibility of your own actions right. I never said that this would do it in the first place. 

Reiji: Well these are the results of todays’ match, seems this time I am the winner.

Ayato: I won’t acknowledge that!

Kanato: If that sheet had been the best of the best I wouldn’t have lost.

Reiji: This is your fault is your own. Anyway, this person will be now mine.That is fine right?

Laito: Bitch-chan you don’t have to take this you know, you are more pleased with me right~

Reiji: Ah, you over there, I prefer that you don’t call my possession with Bitch, as long as she is mine. 

Laito: It is not like I meant to do it on purpose though. I am only giving a compliment, right Bitch-chan. You will answer my feelings right? I hate studying, though I like your body from the bottom of my heart. Even when I study this much, I love you already so much. Bitch-chan, you as well can’t live without my fangs piercing through that lewd body right. Give up and just become mine. 

Ayato: Oy Tiny Tits, even you have a certain say in this, right!

Reiji: Hold on! You too Ayato, Tiny Tits is taboo! Also you, need to back down some tones.

Ayato: Even I am only saying the usual things. Say Tiny Tits, you understand it too right? Just who is the top in this house, also you, are living for this ore-sama’s existence right. Tiny Tits, your neck, is always yearning for my fangs, I will seize it all, also you as well, not only your blood, body and heart too, your everything, give it to me.

Kanato: Even I didn’t want to participate in this match, that is why, I have no need to give her up. Say, you too, don’t like it when you become someone else’s besides me right. Or are you going to say that it is fine whoever your opponent will be? Are you going to say that I am not enough? Just when I am needed your blood so much. -heavy breathing- It can’t be helped, more and more, I want to bind you more and make you feel fear more. Until that you only want my body alone. Entertain me okay~

Subaru: This is not how is supposed to happen, but it is not like I didn’t had any confidence in studying. I just felt like doing it this way, I wonder why, maybe I wanted to show them just to who you belong to. You should just throw everything away. Look only at me, feel only me you blood is mine, I won’t give it to anyone else. The one who will break you, will be me.

Shu: You are all noisy people, well it is not like I don’t understand their feelings, to think that I didn’t manage to win you, disappoints me a little bit. Usually I would drink your blood and wouldn’t feel a thing, i wonder why. That this body is yearning for your body. I see, you are…You just need to stay silent and let me drink your blood.

Reiji: No matter what you all are thinking it is all too late. No matter how much of a ruckus you make, the fact is that she won’t become yours now. No, not only this time, next time, until the end of this line, you are now, mine. This is not something i decided, did you not notice, this is something you, your being decided on. With those eyes, that blood, you are acknowledging me.

-blup blip-

Reiji: Eh, what is it? A little word, you ask. Fine. what is it.

Laito: “I got an even higher rank than Reiji..” Eh?! Why?

Reiji: Huuh, that is impossible.


Subaru: While everyone was studying for the test.

Kanato: It seems you got the test done all perfect. 

Shu: Hmm, so you can do this. So that means the number one of this test is this person here.

Subaru: Keh, well while it interesting it is also boring. Well, it looks like it is. 

Laito: What, so that means Bitch-chan is standing alone this time. 

Kanato: It can’t be helped. Though what should be do about the prize?

Laito: Ahn, if that is the case, Bitch-chan, take me~ ((omg laito))

Ayato: What are you saying, if that is the case, Ore-sama will be good, right Tiny Tits.

Kanato: If that is the case, I will give you Teddy for one entire day.

Subaru: What are you guys all saying, if that is the case I too!

Shu: You lot sure are hotheaded. Well, from time to time this isn’t too bad. If I can walk beside you for a day will be fine with me.

Reiji: Wha-! Just what are you guys all planning to do. No, that is not the case, not ignore me and continue your talk! In the first place, she wasn’t a participant in this match right! 

Ayato: But, the question was who is the number one in the Sakamaki Household right?

Laito: hmm, hmm that was exactly the case!~

Shu: So can we say that this battle is over, right now?

Kanato: No objection

Subaru: Well, Reiji, while you did your best, too bad for you. 

Reiji: Wha-wha-what did you say! Damn it, you lot I will definately burn you all. Prepare yourself. Te, what are you looking at a stranger’s face? Yes, you, you over there too! You sure have some guts to humiliate me. Prepare yourself!

Ayato: Oooh, scary, old man hysteri, 

Reiji: Don’t call me an old man!


Hi!! It’s not yet complete but I just wanna make a list so it will be easier for you guys to navigate~

(ps. Gohn, Kidoh & Jenissi were included cuz I wrote them when they we’re still in the group so…. but they won’t be included in the next parts anymore)

1. A-loe Vera (Atom x You)

2. B-and Aid (Pgoon x You)

3. C-ake (Hansol x You)

4. D-ream (BJoo x You)

5. E-levator (Yano x You)

6. F-ather (Sangdo x You)

7. G-one (Gohn x You)

8. H-eat (Kidoh x You)

9. I-diot (Jenissi x You)

10. J-eans (Hojoon x You) 

11. K-ite (Nakta x You)

12. L-ibrary (Xero x You) 

13. M-aybe (Pgoon x You) 

14. N-oona (Atom x You) 

15. O-verwatch (BJoo x You)

16. P-hotograph (Sangdo x You) 

17. Q-uiz (Yano x You)

18. R-ain (Hojoon x You)

19. S-orry (Xero x You)

20. T-rain (Nakta x You)

21. U-nrequited (Hansol x You)

22. V-acation (Sangdo x You)

23. W-ait (BJoo x You)

24. X-ray (Pgoon x You)

25. Y-ell (Atom x You) 

26. Z-ipper (Xero x You) 

TalesFromRetail: Awesome customer at the grocery

I tried to post this last night but it had dirty words in it and I didn’t know about the spam filter…so I’ll try again, this time with a little more detail since I’m on my laptop.

So I work in a neighborhood grocery. The checkout aisles are narrow, which is relevant. I am bagging, and the guy checking in the next lane is a ghostly white with a tinge of green on this day, which is very relevant. He will be SC for sick checker, I am tangential to this story so I am nobody, manager is I(diot)M(anager), my checker is MC, and finally our hero, Mr. A(wesome).

No need for a big build up. Mr. A is in my lane and I am halfway through bagging his order as MC is punching his produce in by hand. All of a sudden SC abruptly spins around and pukes ALL OVER MR. A’S BACK. Everybody freezes in sudden silence. I swear it felt like ten minutes but was probably just a second before Mr. A reacts. I had happened to look up at just the right moment or I would have missed it. Mr. A tensed up and a flash of disgust washed over his face in the tiniest measure of time possible, then returned to normal.

Mr. A is wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt. He pulls it over his head to reveal an identical version short sleeve T-shirt underneath. He balls it up, puke side in and places it in the child’s seat of his buggy. SC is still standing there like a dope. Mr. A turns to him and points to the door and says “go out and get some air, son.” Then he turns to MC and says “let’s finish my order sweetheart.”

By now, IM is on the floor in Mr. A’s face with apology that, free groceries this, your shirt will be replaced, SC will be dealt with…blah blah blah. Mr. A puts his palm up in IM’s face. He will be paying for his groceries, the shirt will wash just fine, and he could see that “the boy” was sick from a mile away, so why did YOU have him on the floor (with a long skinny finger poking at IM’s chest) instead of letting him lay up at home.

Now Mr. A demands that SC be brought back up. Oh boy….IM obliges and SC start to sputter and stammer. Again, Mr. A puts his palm up in SC’s face. Turns out that Mr. A is a local businessman, hence the identical shirts from before were his company logo shirts. He hands SC his business card and points towards IM. “If you catch any (mess) from this clown over this, I want to hear about it.”

And just like that, Mr. A was out the door and gone with his buggy full of groceries and pukey shirt.

By: asdfasdafs


…You keep going on and on about stuff like “I want to die,” and “I want to disappear”… You just haven’t found a reason to live. You’ll find it soon. Just don’t throw away the life you managed to put back together. Look, you can walk already, right? Go.

…Kaneki. “I want to die in style,” “I want to risk my life for someone else,” you said? I~diot, back then, I was thinking, “I want to live with you.” I’ll say it as many times as it takes for you to listen. It may not be stylish but… live.

Donten ni Warau Gaiden ch12 translations

I’m not sure if anyone has a preference but I think I’m going to put the translator’s notes at the end of the chapter instead of inserting them in the middle of translations as I’ve done in the past. I feel like doing so tends to break the flow of the dialogue >< 

If people rather I go ahead and put my notes next to the translations I’m referring to though, I can go back to doing that too. Let me know if you have a preference? ;w;

Previous translations can be found here.

Translations and spoilers below the cut.

Please do not use my translations for scanlation purposes.

note: since I am also translating rengoku, i will be tagging all future dnw gaiden translations specifically as ‘dnwg tl’. i’ll go back and fix the tags for earlier chapters later… when i’m not feeling as lazy ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

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dinosaur-puke  asked:

My parents forgot my birthday again. Could you make a handymen(including Alex) scenario and what they would do for their s/o's birthday? Thanks! :3

Well, first off, I’m terribly sorry to hear that. Hope this little something cheers you up. Happy Birthday, Sunshine !!  — Admin Vic.

Worick Arcangelo would probably make the biggest fucking deal about it. He’d have known from days and weeks before the actual celebration, has it marked on every calendar and the event even has its own fucking countdown.. He wakes them up that morning with breakfast in bed (which he’d gotten up real early to make…ended up burning the first two batches of pancakes, though), just about the smuggest smile plastered on his face. Wishes them happy birthday every two minutes. He follows it up by dragging shopping for gifts, and usually ends up buying almost everything that catches his or his s/o’s eyes (not that he hasn’t already bought them huge pile at home) and announces very loudly to everyone they meet that it’s his s/o’s birthday and they have to elbow him in the gut for him to shut up. Basically he’ll do anything and everything and spoils his s/o rotten, if not unnecessarily. He’ll even organise a party and shit, invites literally everyone over. And of course, let’s not forget their night-time fun… “You know, [Name], they say the biggest gift one can give another is oneself. So why don’t you have me for tonight?”

One wouldn’t really expect Nicolas Brown to be the type of guy to do something for this s/o’s birthday. I mean, the poor guy can barely remember his own birthday, for fuck’s sake. The day passes excruciatingly slowly for his partner, almost disappointingly even, as the ravenette shows almost no signs of their birthday’s acknowledgement. It’s just like any other day, and by that afternoon, after not having received even a birthday wish, his s/o is irritated to the point of wanting to throw themself into the sun. They’ve been dropping hints about it all day, too! 

But surprisingly, when he finds his s/o sulking alone in a corner, he slides a small, red box over to them. Turns out it contains a necklace (a necklace with the letter ‘N’ on it, to be exact, as he’s a self-centered fuck that wants his s/o reminded of him always…), and he reacts to their surprise with by rolling his eyes and helping them put it on. What? It’s your birthday today, remember? What are you looking so surprised for? When he finds out it’s because they thought he’d forgotten, he shoots them with yet another eye-roll. Of course I hadn’t forgotten, i-diot. I was going to surprise you, but you ended up ruining my plans.

Alex Benedetto seems to have the sweetest way of dealing with things. Not sure if it’s because she’s really into planning out cute little things, or just because she’s a sweetheart in general. It’s lazy day for the both of them, with lots of snuggling in bed until she finally insists they get up (it’ll be past noon by then) and bake a cake together, because ‘homemade cakes are always so much better than store-bought ones’. Things end up a little messy after a flour fight breaks out, so they both end up having to shower. This is where the next surprise lies - Alex had got them a handmade set of soaps (she’s a sucker for everything handmade good shit..). She slips out first, though, and sets about preparing for their actual two-person celebration. Nothing too fancy as the both of them weren’t big fans of crowded parties…just a gigantic teddy and the cakes they’d made that morning, as well as the chocolates she’d made the previous night. 

Oh, and let’s not forget the real present, which had taken her months to make (she plans very far ahead, you see). It’s a book, 150 pages long, handwritten. Each day had it’s own page where she’d write down little notes and reasons as to why she loved them, or just write about them in general (it’s filled with mistakes, though, bc she hadn’t been to school and couldn’t write that well BUT TRIED HER BEST ANYWAYS) and yeah THE BEST, MOST ADORABLE PRESENT EVER HANDS DOWN. And if you were wondering yes, obviously they did the long, sensual frickle frackle that night.

Track 1 - Ayato
Hikaru Midorikawa
Track 1 - Ayato

This is the first Track from a Bonus CD that you get when you buy the 3 Diabolik Lovers DVDs from Animate (Drama CD) Sasayaki CD


Thanks a lot augustoctobervixen for the translation~~~~!:

sounds of sheets, then someone enters the room

Ayato: Yo chichinashi! Huh? Why are you surprised. Don’t freak out just because I entered via the window. -walks to you- Shut up, who cares about what you think, all you need to do is obey my orders. You don’t have any right to defy. Huh? You were about to go to sleep? For a tiny tits you sure have some guts to say that. don’t you defy me. I won’t allow you to do so, now that Ore-sama has arrived I won’t let you do any of it.

Ayato: Huh? -chuckles- don’t be so conceited, it is not that I am here to see you. I just want your blood, that is obvious, you i-diot~  Listen, I will tell you your mission. Listen carefully and let your body remember it. Oy, go over there, I can’t enter this way. Oy, where are you going, don’t you run. I told you I would teach you, now be quiet and stay put.

Ayato: Listen, you are mine. You will answer to only me when I am in your presence, that is my first rule. Shut up, hush and listen. Ah, then, the second rule, don’t defy me. You understand right? Hmm? You are sleepy now? That is what I told you, your feelings has no meaning to it. We are going to do it whenever I want to do it. That is my third rule. You understand right? What? Is there still something? Huh, there is school tomorrow so you want to sleep now? You, are you already breaking one of my rules? -chuckles- You sure have guts, to defy Ore-sama. 

you struggle

Ayato: Listen very carefully Tiny Tits, you exist simply only for me, not for anyone else in this entire world. To make sure that you remember this clearly, I will make sure to carve all the rules into your body. -chuckles- Don’t you be embarrassed now. Come, stay still. That is good. Such a fragile arm, so white, it looks like with only a little bit of strength that I can break it. -sucks and chuckles- You are looking pleased by this, I will give your body more of this feeling. By only holding your arm like this does it already hurt? Just how weak are you? Seriously, say, shall i hold you even tighter than before -chuckles- That fearful expression, it is the best, it is not like I will break your arm, just, I am going to show you a bit what will happen if you defy Ore-sama.

Ayato: If I don’t teach your body, Tiny Tits, you will forget it very soon right. Oy, who touched you here? There is another guy’s scent over here. Listen Tiny Tits, you are mine! Don’t let anyone else except for me touch you. Look only at me, I will not forgive you if don’t look only at me. Huh, impossible? Then struggle like your life depended on it. Next time it happens, make sure you fight it like you are about to die. I will never forgive the person who dared to touch you. Don’t let yourself be touched so easily. Of course! When Ore-sama in your presence I won’t let anyone touch you with a finger. When I find such a person it won’t be simple like that. Huh? Why are you laughing, it is not for you, it is so your blood will only be mine, don’t make up things. Well, to make sure that will never happens, I just need to make sure that you are only mine now.

Ayato: That is why I keep telling you stop moving, you should now by now that you can’t win against me. Stay still. What? You won’t let anyone else touch you. No… I need to make sure that the one who touched you before won’t do again, i need to carve it into your brain that you will not let it happen henceforth. You were the one who wanted to try what will happen if you broke a rule right? This is all for you. -sucks- So sweet. Why is your skin letting off such a sweet smell? I can’t get enough of it. -sucks more- This sweet smell, I better not make it too sweet so it can be smelled throughout the entire mansion. This takes your entire mind, body and soul to do it.

Ayato: That is how dangerous your blood is. Your scent should only be known by me. -sucks- Seriously, you sure are defenseless, have some more self restrain. Listen, you are only mine now. You will not question me, defy me, or let anyone else have your blood. -kiss- Oy, this will not end after I had blood. I will hold you even tighter after that. -chuckles- What is it all of a sudden, holding me so tight. You are an interesting person. Do you want to be held that dearly? I-diot~ Today, hold me for the time being. Say it, where do you want to be bitten, I will bite all your favorite places. Give your all to me. Whenever is please for it, whenever I yearn for it, you will give your all to me. That is, my fourth rule. There are still countless of of my rules. If I told them all to you now, you will forget them soon right Tiny tits. I will teach you more next time, slowly, with your body that is. It’s good, don’t say anything, today, just stay with me.

I had to do fanart of Yuramec’s ocs I couldn’t decide on who so I did some!
Leopold and Luca were a must so yes! Eloise so I may not like what she did to Leopold but she DID play a big part of who he is! And Diot I mean look at her elegant necromancer! So below I had to put my ocs so hope you don’t mind Shiloh and Keiko ><

Shiloh: well he is ‘alright’ impressive but cool I guess >\>
Keiko: really young miss? Just “alright” to someone whose profession is like yours? >>
Shiloh: yup. >\-\> nothing beyond that.

Keiko: oh?~ well why is it my young miss blushes every time I say Leopold~
Shiloh: o////o

Shiloh: oh god, do I have a crush on him? Oh man, he’s hot but-oh crap I do like him!!!! O//////o
Keiko: my work here is done~

Track 5
Track 5



Door busts open

Yuma: I finally managed to open it. Seriously, unlike you I can’t enter a tiny hole like that! Thanks to that I lost a lot of time to bust this thing open.

Azusa: Yuma… Didn’t you go back to Ruki’s place…

Yuma: I felt a bit uneasy, thanks to the Lunar eclipse, I thought the piglet would die if I weren’t here. Furthermore, you are in that state, saying you wouldn’t do shit to her..

Azusa: Mmm.

Yuma: Oy, are you all right, I thought he would snap an arm or two… But in the end it is Azusa that got hurt instead. What is going on. Furthermore, Azusa, are you still saying some crazy shit.

Azusa: What do you mean.

Yuma: Don’t fuck around, about me hurting you or something! Seriously, get you dizzy shit together!

Azusa: Yuma won’t understand..

Yuma: Huh?!

Azusa: I am different from Yuma. Our roles are totally different. Furthermore, usually I feel like someone is delivering me, though now thanks to the eclipse I feel free.

Yuma: That is not the case.

Azusa: Pain is my value, it is right Eve.

Yuma: Huh?

Azusa: While having not that kind of value, why? Say, why am I… Yuma… jealous of you.

Yuma: What are you saying, I don’t understand!

Azusa: This is strange, it is weird. Everything is the fault of the moon that is what I want to believe. But… when I see Eve and Yuma together, you hurting her, I can’t help but feel irritated, my chest feels pain. I feel like nothing is good enough. Getting pain is my worth. That is what I understand, this pain is I can’t handle it. Yuma… is this… the fault of my deliverer? Eve is… only mine… I think so, I can’t stop that, there is no value in that, I can’t become Adam. But, I… Eve… I want her for myself. You… I want you…

Yuma: Seriously I really don’t understand what you are getting at. Now and then you don’t make sense at all. Furthermore, just get rid of it… Ruki has told you before right. We are brothers. While out blood is different our bonds is still stronger than anything else…

Azusa: Eh…

Yuma: Just think back of the days in the orphanage. Even if you want to forget you can’t forget. We were there with all of us. When we tried to flee, we got hurt.

Azusa: But…

Yuma: But, No buts! The only one who thinks there is a value in that is only you! You are different from the one that was camping with those people! (referring to the Gypsies) That is why, you feeling jealous, you not wanting to leave her alone. Those are not bad feelings.

Azusa: … Yuma…

Yuma: Even so! I can’t have you hog all the things… This is something reason can’t win over. You sure dare.

Azusa: Dare?

Yuma: It is the same as eating food, you just can’t stop.

Azusa: But… right now… I never felt this before..

Yuma: I wonder about that. While I don’t know what kind of thing you are talking about, but isn’t that what makes us human. Say… it is right. That is why, it is fine if you wonder about this. The one you are looking for who tried to tie you down, is no longer here. The one you call deliverer, isn’t that your own emotions?

Azusa: My own….

Yuma: Yeah… having no value, having no worth, you overthink things like that too much. It is nothing weird to think of them. Even when I say it, it is normal.

Azusa: Even Ruki, and Kou? Do they also think that way?

Yuma: That you think that those two aren’t thinking you, I will punch you! It is only you who thinks that your life has no worth. Those things hurt! Here, there is no one who will take pleasure in hurting you.

Azusa: T-then… the pain in my chest… should I leave it as that.

Yuma: You like pain right. Just leave it as that. Also even old pain will come back. That said, I will take her now. Then maybe that pain will disappear. Hmm..

Azusa: … Take her. Is that fine? I… can I take her…

Yuma: I-diot! That is not for you to decide. But, this one is mine..

Azusa: No, Eve is mine..

Yuma: Seriously, you really are a stubborn guy. But this is interesting, if it wasn’t like this, there wasn’t anything to steal. –kiss-

Azusa: This pain, I think I will like it, that is why, I need her.

Yuma: Then it is good. It is a contest. Will I be good, will you be good, let her decide on that. Of course. With these~ -bites-

Azusa: Don’t do that Yuma, she is my, Eve, come, don’t look at only Yuma, look at me too. If you don’t I will do this. –bites-

Yuma: You look rather fine now Piglet. –drinks- How does it feel getting sucked by two vampires. –chuckles-

Azusa: Eve, does it hurt? Does it feel good? I will give you more pleasure. –drinks-

Yuma: Oy, oy, Azusa, if you bite her like that, it will only tickle her. If you are going to bite her then do it like this.. –bites- Here look, she lost the words to speak words. You feel good now right. –drinks-

Azusa: Strength alone is not good. Say, I know you best place. I am able to pierce my fangs from there. –bites- look over here Eve. It feels good right. Shall I kiss you? –kiss-

Yuma: This is not interesting, furthermore Azusa, you never had this kind of interest before right?

Azusa: Only today is special. But, usually I would focus on this too I wonder. I only didn’t realize it, thanks to the moon, I understand it now. –drinks-

Yuma: Come, look at me too. –drinks- just like he said don’t let blood be the only thing that compels you. –kisses-

Azusa: Not fair. Yuma, it is not fair if it is only you.

Yuma: Shut up! I am not waiting for anyone’s turn.

Azusa: Eve… is it ok if Yuma is like that, I am fine too, after all. Look, my fangs are able… to give you an tremendous pain… -bites drinks-

Yuma: For you Azusa, you sure are cocky. –drinks-  This is bad, now that I have said that I am feeling more. I just, it seems like you just went. That is strange.

Azusa: Cocky or whatever, I like Eve… -drinks-

Yuma: Tch, so annoying, Like or whatever, I suck at sweet shit. I will make her say that she likes me.

Azusa: I wonder which one will be faster?

Yuma: Piglet, tell me that you like me

Azusa: Eve likes me more obviously. Right? That is true right, it is the truth right.

Yuma: Ah, yes, yes of course she does. Here piglet, don’t me caught in that air… -drinks-