i’m so mad omfg i spent ten minutes making a 300-word role-play post and this person replies with 3 frickin’ sentences.

-kicks down doors- jfc kill me now

anonymous asked:

B itches A re G oing G nackers. I say, E ntirely D umb for M ore bagged milk. I diots L ove it. K ik me jakeisbaked69 A poem by me, also that us not my kik, but my friends. Pls send them memes.


URL Playlist Challenge

I was tagged by the divine xoxomissx. Why, oh why, did I pick such a long one? Here goes…

Scar Tissue - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus

Friday I’m In Love - The Cure

Under Pressure - Queen

All I Want Is You - U2

Natasha - Rufus Wainwright

Dazed and Confused - Led Zeppelin

Thunder Road - Bruce Springsteen

America - Simon & Garfunkel

Karma Police - Radiohead

Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles

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theblondebat asked:

❤ ❋ ✂ ●

❤ - affectionate text

[ENCRYPTED TEXT] It was good to see you last night on patrol.

❋ - an angry test

[ENCRYPTED TEXT] I knew you weren’t the smartest in the bunch, but I didn’t realize that you were an idiot.

✂ - a worried text

[TEXT] Stephanie.

[TEXT] I need you to answer my phone calls.

[TEXT] Do it now, Brown.

[ENCRYPTED TEXT] I’m on my way, ETA 3 min. 


● - text that wasn’t meant for her

[TEXT] Don’t wear anything under your skirt, in fact.

[ENCRYPTED TEXT] Ignore that last text.

[ENCRYPTED TEXT] That was an order.

OHM LOV JUL2O15 OO2 I Hert You

ihs mad then durante - sex = baaD
A does not = B ~ neh neh  - wen God
Sometimes God = sex - sometimes

I wil dou dis all fuk ing day
ihn yoU
[] :D - >80l ohh all god ihs sex and


Don’t watch/water/water like an idioT

games - shows - anything - OHM POT
God is inturwoven into all books -
[~] ohh yes
Oh it is not on tv shows - it is ahN

My mind does idea-hehvy-lyftinG

athletes do a shit ton - same thinG
__ weeeee ahhhh /shrug football 
and left th ability to capacitize thaT
then th universe unanomously did
And then so did parts of galaxies y
Earth’s spirit tuuk refuje in my heaD

Planets are luuking peculiaR
May this suhn guyde you alL

maybe w/ 99 cent frames ^_^ =l V_
student to inspire w/ toxin free penS
to show even the poorest or quietest
PS Paintings wil b pen&ink on 8.5x11

to farmers who’s product myt go therE
for people living next to landfills - and
th showing blahks /shrug V_ ohm pot
look good in a landfill then put it w/iN
O19 If your product does not even
O18 ({}) /=l no I’m in the librrary >XO
but give them scarfs for tthuh ssmelL
of their manmade mountainS V_
then we can polysh their lykenesS
If ppl can make violins out of trash
would sstihl spiritually ffeed you }08l
of trash were tumbuld the CAK tip
louk goud - l08< Even if th pyramid
togethur - my CAK - makes lANDfills
a frequency t bring all buks y cpus
O17 It’s all the sAme thIng - being
Sleep wwwith God’s enkapsolatioN
MmmMakers need to hump a lot lESS
model is not ruhning de 1 angry spiriT
O15 Don’t spend hussler $$$ until thuh
ven if u don’t save - u’ll stihl break eveN
you can afford mistakes - y ur warrantieD
of thought - and if you bought them then
karma - don’t worry about that kynd
for its clohhze - solar ppl get good
learn t wahk b4 you spend # on it
in order t replace them - Solar needs t
so th whole panel does not hav t b removed
outside - tho u rly hav t make them
businesses intead of just going
their lawn - and ppl’d go out to 
hav t remove th panels - no1 uses
If anything happens t th roof - u
panel zone (why the roof? /=l )
Just turn your lawn into a solar
I will help ur capacity t cee - grO
>80l That is what the CAK - rly iS
to fahlow since th sun is travelinG
their legacy survyves if it has a suhN
O14 so - >80l Ppl will make sure that
same # of words as the problem’s title
So - _ __ >,> =l /=l =l - th answer has the
form of “legacy”) is absolutely remembereD
t make absolute that their frequency (in th
also - they don’t stop because they want
of honor in th form of kind appreciatioN
This cud mean “recognition” or “a bit
t know that the spirits r on their sydE
O13 >=l Ppl don’t stop caz quieren
or war’ll take you - >=l not - peacE
Every1 knohs what t do - so du it
(No I will not sae Penis) () (no! >=l )
that quizney forced the 2D MakerS
t accept being smaller like the way
I think companies would first have
peace needs to be is be profitable ~
O12 ugh >=l fuck ok - Q V_ All que
real time) /=l Earth nneeds hhelP
time y history is being wrytten
becaz i cee how ur karma an’
(I’m not fucking letting you go
that is what’s easy - not righT
downwards of complaining caz
meditating is not spiral in th
O11 What we need to do by
because war has let hell reigN
peace whether te gusta it or not
if u’r nonbeautiful as we evolve to
O1O Fairtales will fucking rule even
I don’t accept ur slavery implicationS
good just because they’re on filM
OO9 Cameras don’t make anything
need t not whine in music thougH
everything in thair-hh ~ White ppl
That is what th CAK is for :/ there’s
ppl t portal al universe from 1 spoT
was given books on how to allow
live w/ a rural person if that person
a match maker ~ {} V_V Ppl wud
for just yourself instead of being
You instead use th advocation
u do not give them a gf to calL
into wanting you more because
that with jealousy - u trap people
much @ so many people and u cee
with themselves - you’re thenking so
won’t - stop - critical thinking - y honesty
Momentumous Motivational Mind controL
against th people who u think u’r “heuling”
jealousy - it’s almost as if you go to war
to loving 50 lovers - imagine th crippuling
you treat any1 as special y then return
and then u go to a rural farm and then
OO8 1st - imagine u have 50 lovers
every single person who’s ihn you
OO7 What is relevant is to heal
OO6 Now - this is all lesrelevant
A person like me is ur last warning
baad karma caz yu got too bihg
is so big that each time it is now 
it means that each rippul u make
and when u are heering wisdom esp this
to all those who are not with you
doing for others’ll rippul negatively
anything that you take for you when
OO5 If you are an advocate - then 
somebody with nobody insyde them
by other people - compared t being
love - not you - if you are fuuled
they need you - then they need
OO4 Ppl when living ruraly - (any) if
{} If u don’t then u’r disrespecting spirtS
would cunnect us ahl in feuling wen @ peace
OO3 The habits w/ an unbreakable likeness that
OO2 You honor the cheesy/corny/fruity immortal tokens
OO1 You do not vesselize as if you do not live on this planet