seriously though the fact that this anime tried to trick us into believing that Boruto has a unsteady relationship with his grandfather

only to reveal that Boruto’s just embarrassed by the fact Hiashi is super affectionate & doting towards him

is the most amazing plot twist this anime has ever shown

love letter 2.0

to the boy i am in love with,
i am not sure where to start and how to tell you i love you. i know people feel you’re just another boy that i met when i was young and wasted but it doesn’t feel that way. it doesn’t feel like you’re just another boy who i’ll forget. i dont think i can even bring myself to forget the little things i know about you. like how much you despite okra. or like how much you hate cheaters and liars. or like how much you love me. i don’t think i can ever bring myself to forget how i feel when i am with you, how good i feel when you hold my hand, how my heart beats faster when you kiss me, how my world seems better when you smile at me. i don’t think i can ever bring myself to forget the first time you said i love you to me, and i was just surprised because i didnt see it coming frankly, like i didnt see how strong we would be despite 6500 miles between us coming. i don’t think i can ever bring myself to forget you. ever. i know people always told me long distance is hard, but people always told me the earth is round. i dont believe it, not unless they get me concrete proof because we did long distance and i’m still as desperate in love with you as i were before. i think long distance would have been hard if we let it be, but between busy schedules and time differences, one thing always kept us going. the fact that we kinda are crazy about each other. pretty hard to believe, but since im not deep alseep and typing this at thirty past midnight must be true. so yeah, this is my public display of affection. this is where i tell you, someday im going to move in with you and make you breakfast and kiss you first thing in the morning. and you’ll know then how good a cook i can be. i love you like you’re the sun to my rainbow. i cant be fucking radiant without you. and you know what the best part it, you can’t see a rainbow without the rain.

ive been reading wolverine and the x-men and now im in too deep…plz give me an animated series of these kids

BTS!AU: Nostalgia Of Autumn Nights

“Namjoon thought that beauty resided on the simple things. The aspects of life most would consider mundane, the unnoticeable bits and pieces of the universe’s perfection; from the kindest of winds to the smaller of dewdrops, the contours of ivory clouds and the incandescent starlight that illuminated obsidian blanket of dawn. It was the auric proportions, the golden ratio; the soft crashing of the waves against the bay or the delicate contours of your lips. Beauty resided on the kind smiles you gifted him, on the way you hugged him against you as you simply looked up at the darkness of sky; counting the scintillating stars and outlining ghostly constellations as if time itself has ceased to exist — for Namjoon, beauty resided on that mundane, simple instant you two shared.

And, god, how he adored it.”

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Is it weird that I feel kinda bad for Genji? Like, in universe, he's probably a pretty chill dude. He probably appreciates Support. But because people that play Genji just don't understand the concept of simple things like, "Stay on the payload," and, "Protect your Mercy," he will forever be associated with rushing ahead into danger and the "I need healing" meme. Poor Genji; this is probably not what Blizzard intended for him.

yeah idk why a lot of the people who play genji happen to be like this lmao blizzard def did not foresee this happening

back in closed beta i thought reaper (or maybe even soldier 76) was gonna be that one hero known for being played by toxic ppl so i def didnt see this coming either

yoongi; atomic number 47: fucking silver

❝being a vampire sucks sometimes, yoongi thinks.
►1750 words // scenario, vampire!yoongi
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Warning. Spoilers. Duh.

1. Tamlin. I dont know at first i pitied you (AGAINST MY WILL) cause you just loved fiercely (so fierce it was becoming obsession) but then YOU BECAME A FUCKING TOOL AGAIN AND A NARROWMINDED JERKASS but then “be happy feyre” AND I MELTED. SJMAAS SHOULD I LOVE HIM AGAIN OR WHAT. I forgive you tho.

2. Rhysand. I THOUGHT THAT I COULD NOT LOVE HIM MORE BUT THIS BOOK PROVED ME WRONG. His actions were so expected of him but when the time came, I still didnt see him coming or I am still bewildered by his kindness and purity of heart

3. Tarquin. HE WAS ANNOYING AT FIRST?? (okay , yes, they stole from him at first but he was pissy??) But THE EASY TO LOVE CAREFREE AND POWERFUL HIGH LORD CAME BACK AND *squeals*

4. Azriel. I saw your sassy side like PLEASE SHOW US MORE. I JUST WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY. You radiate darkness but you are the easiest to approach and please find happiness

5. Cassian. I CRIED AND WEPT AND LAUGHED AND GUFFAWED. I dint know if there is a mating bond there but I just want you to know that #NESSIAN is my OTP

6. Eris. He is fucking confusing. He is self - serving but compared to his jackass of a father, he’s better I think. (I STILL HAVENT FORGIVEN YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID TO MOR)

7. Lucien. YES. OMG. I am so sad for you. YOU FINALLY GREW A SPINE AND MADE DECISIONS FOR YOURSELF and I am so proud. I dont know if i ship you with your mate cause *looking at az from the shadows* but i feel like you should find happiness too

8. JURIAN. I was deceived again and again. But we cool bruh.

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What is your view on the girl squad whose friendship we've loved and looked up to as solid kinda not understanding sana still after two years of friendship viki? :(( like they still offered the wrong pizza to her, vilde still asking and stating ignorant and insensitive things to sana about sex etc and just misunderstanding sana her close friend, 's religion. Im just.. So sad for sana cause i feel for her

i honestly didnt see this coming? which makes it even worse bc sana’s been probably feeling like this since day one but none of them realized?? sana “somethings wrong with vilde” and “we’re her friends we have to be honest with her” getting none of those in return?? i just….