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hey i hate doing this but im opening up exclusive $10 headshot commissions AND if you can pay up front, the same headshot will only cost $5!!! i need money really really badly and i didnt even realize it until i literally had no money but uh please message me if youre interested

you can see my art at cabbagepatchkids.tumblr.com/tagged/snart

Shout out to this incredible girl from my hometown for being a great role-model at such a young age. I’m so proud of everything that she’s accomplished, including co-authoring a children’s book for transkids, being named one of Time’s Most Influential Teens of 2014, and landing a show on TLC about her life (which will air in the summer).

I couldn’t be more proud of her, nor could I be proud of how supportive everyone on our community is of her and her accomplishments. Go Jazz!


Kogami & Tsunemori illustrations from Newtype Magazine Feb 2015 Issue



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(Victory Tour vs. Brazil, 10/25/15) PHOTOCRED: @home–town !!!!!

“They say home is where the heart is
So where do you keep your bed?
And if home is where the heart is
It’s a crying shame we can’t afford the rent.” x

/Guys, seriously, thank you ALL so much for following me and supporting this blog. I can’t believe we made it to 5,000, donttouchmyprincessparts!

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because of the whole mask thing roadhog has to improvise when he gets mad (based on x)