my life is a constant struggle of knitting probs.

“I have so many things to knit but I have to work and sleep and eat.”
“I have so many things to knit but I’m going to undo this finished project because I don’t actually like it.”
“I have so many things to knit and no yarn I want to knit with even though my stash takes up one corner of the living room.”

sometimes I feel like a really talented knitter and then I spend twenty minutes browsing the knitting tag and get weird inferiority/super inspirational feels.

like “oh man, check that sweater she’s knitting, I totally can’t knit that… . Yet.”

or “why can’t I knit socks? I can knit hexapuffs, leg warmers, afghans and scarves of all kinds. oh wait, that’s actually pretty cool too.”

knitting feels, man.

so I was really sad because I wanted to knit and read at the same time and I don’t have that level of multitask down yet.

then I got excited because I remembered kindle has an option where it can read to you.

then I got sad again because I remembered it’s crappy.

suppose it’s time to begin investing in audiobooks…