ahhhhh I have the best husband ever. he bought me the hue shift afghan kit and I am so excited to make it when it gets here sometime next week. there will definitely be unboxing pics.

for those not in the knitpicks knitting know, this is the hue shift afghan. and it is fabulous.


I am soooooo excited.

my life is a constant struggle of knitting probs.

“I have so many things to knit but I have to work and sleep and eat.”
“I have so many things to knit but I’m going to undo this finished project because I don’t actually like it.”
“I have so many things to knit and no yarn I want to knit with even though my stash takes up one corner of the living room.”

sometimes I feel like a really talented knitter and then I spend twenty minutes browsing the knitting tag and get weird inferiority/super inspirational feels.

like “oh man, check that sweater she’s knitting, I totally can’t knit that… . Yet.”

or “why can’t I knit socks? I can knit hexapuffs, leg warmers, afghans and scarves of all kinds. oh wait, that’s actually pretty cool too.”

knitting feels, man.

so I was really sad because I wanted to knit and read at the same time and I don’t have that level of multitask down yet.

then I got excited because I remembered kindle has an option where it can read to you.

then I got sad again because I remembered it’s crappy.

suppose it’s time to begin investing in audiobooks…