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“You need to listen.”

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            ▬ ⚔ “ I need to listen huh? “ Saying Nyx was careless was an understatement. All his friends told him the same thing over and over, yet he was still so reckless. He couldn’t help it. The adrenaline guided him in battle, set him free. Besides, he just wanted others to be safe, and he would do anything to make that happen.

I guess I’ll try harder, hah. “

Wow, thank you for 1000+ followers!!! I can’t believe it. Somehow I have tricked all of you into wandering straight into clown hell.

Now that’ll be 420 motherfuckin boonies.

Mamrie Hart is an angel.

She really is.

As of last week, my sister and I were planning on attending the LA show(originally on the 21st). We’re from Topeka Kansas, so we’re flying there. The airline we’re flying with in Wichita only flies out Wednesday and Saturday(Because Kansas is boring and nobody vacations here).

I’ve been a fan of the girls since sometime in high school(so around 2011/2012) but I’ve never had the time(or money frankly) to make it to a #nofilter show. I live in Kansas, so there hasn’t been too many shows near where I live..

Right when they announced the dates for this #nofilter tour, my sister Ashlee and I jumped on it and planned the whole trip out!

But then last week, Mamrie tweeted that the show had been moved to Sunday instead..

I was just so excited to see the show and see them in person! But now we couldn’t!

So I replied to the tweet with

I was in tears I was so upset.

BUT THEN!!! (If you’re still with me this is the awesome part!)

I literally didn’t think is was real at first. But I read “@mametown” over and over again thinking it was just an account with a similar name like ‘mametowm’ or ‘memetown’(I apologize if either is your account). Then I realized it was actually MAMRIE.

Short after SHE DM’D ME!

WHAT?!!!?! Ashlee had to respond for me because I was just.. 

Until about a month ago, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to see them and now I’M MEETING THEM?!? As if I didn’t love Mamrie Hart already. I still can’t believe it.. this made my year!

Mamrie, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU(I could go on and on but I have to get up and do a happy dance for the millionth time this week)!

Also, so sorry if I hug you for a solid 10 minutes when I meet you.

your fave is problematic: elizabeth olsen
  • doesn’t know how to take selfies
  • loves to cook for her friends
  • is obsessed with star wars and dressed up as yoda for halloween when she was fourteen
  • would like her superpower to be being able to clean her floors very quickly
  • when asked if vision’s lack of genitals would be a problem for his relationship with scarlet witch she simply responded “i mean, but what’s really important in your relationship then?”
  • makes videos singing in her car
  • while trying to break into hollywood used the name elizabeth chase because she wanted to separate herself from her famous sisters and be successful on her own
  • in 6th grade made platform heels that you would put in the bottom of your shoes and called them “shaquille heels” and sold them to a kid for 20 bucks
  • “i like being the wild card… like what am i going to do next audience at home????? mayBE I’LL PICK MY NOSE :O”
  • touches her upper lip a lot
  • at one age of ultron panel when asked what was the thing she was more excited about the avengers she didn’t understand the question and said “i get excited about eating and cooking”
  • did i mention she loves food???? and star wars???
  • is an actual cinnamon roll too good for this world too pure
Why are people so intent on frustrating me today?
  • Person:Ugh, I don't know why people are excited about the Hunger Games.
  • Me:It's a really good story, I'm excited to see it brought to life on screen.
  • Person:It was a good story until halfway through the second book. Then it just turned into this annoying love fest and I couldn't even finish the last book.
  • Me:...
senior portraits
  • Photographer:So what do you want to be when you grow up?
  • Me:I don't really know yet.
  • Photographer:You want to be with a lot of guys, right?
  • Me:I don't really know yet.
  • Photographer:Like ten, right?
  • Me:I don't really know yet.
  • Photographer:Ten at the same time, right?
  • Me:Sure.

Today I received an e-mail from one of my professors and I was really confused because all it said was “thought of you :)” and I was like what the actual fuck is my professor sending me right now?? Like this is creepy and inappropriate af! So, anyways once I was done jumping to conclusions I went ahead and clicked the link and it ended up being an article about how to build your own Taylor Swift robot….which is honestly still pretty weird.