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So, I assume you're following the US releases?

Sorta not really. I did watch Ep. 10 already because obvious reasons. I’m missing a few episodes this season, even as early as episode 2. I finally get to blame Canada… And conventions.

And my first draw of some SunsetSparkle/Sunlight

I just realised that two of my many OTP’S are very similar. Of course i’m talking about Bubbline and Sunlight. So I wanted to draw something about that and I did it because my head reasons xD

Maybe Sunset is not a Princess in Equestria like she wanted but is a vampire Queen now!

This was kinda difficult to me because I don’t have a graphic tablet, and I did it with my lovely mouse, but i’m happy with the result!

A peck on the cheek before battle?

Okay, I’ve kinda started shipping @sinksanksockie‘s OC Diana and Maya a little. Sorry for the bad drawing, but I just couldn’t resist. As I always say, I’m new to digital art, so please don’t be too harsh (in case anyone actually sees this - which I highly doubt). But yeah, here is a quick drawing/sketch thingy I did because…reasons.

                       ₪₪ M O D E R N   O L Y M P I A N S ₪₪

                                                    p h o b e t o r

It’s almost amusing, you know, to see that the ones who most vehemently insist that different reasons of one’s actions equal to excusing the actions are not Severus’ fans, but the haters.

I have no problem with saying that he was a jerk, because he was. You can’t read the books and say that he was not. And yet there are people incapable of understanding that just because I think that he did something because of reason A instead of B, it doesn’t mean that I approve what he did. It’s simple, really - to me at least; no matter the reason he is a jerk.

But alas, I’m clearly excusing him. Especially when I see all wrong and good he did. Because apparently even real people are incapable of doing both, good and bad things, in their lives. Go figure.

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I did do it because of reasons deeper than that but Lucifer does not feel the same

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1, 3, 4, 8, 10. Sorry if that's too many lol

Lol, no, don’t apologise, I’m a nerd, I like talking about my games XD

1. What got you into game making?

Playing games! FF7 changed my life for the worse, then Winter Shard showed me that I could actually get something done without a team or any money.

3. Why did you start making your project?

I started Hierofanía because I played Winter Shard and thought “BRO, ME TOO!”. Then I did Rhyme or Reason because I was sort of burned out on H2 and thought making a game in a month would be cool (I did NOT finish it in a month, lol).

 4. Do you have any previous projects you’ve never released?

No, absolutely not. I downloaded Renpy to start working on Hierofanía, and here we are.

…I had rpgmaker for the psx (yes, the first playstation! I swear it was a thing) and tried programming something there, but I didn’t get far at all.

8 and 10 I’ve answered already :D

Hi everyone so I would just like to introduce to all of you this little project of mine, and I hope that you could understand it. So please bare with me, I’m going to try and explain it well to you what this is all about ( sorry for my bad english btw )



So why did I do this? Because, here’s the reason why. The purpose of this one is to help bored or got nothing to do roleplay helpers or resource makers or just anyone tbh to find a resource to do. Like not all the times we would get a request, but there comes a time ofc that when we want to do something, but really no one would like anything or sent us some request. This is based on the experience of some of my friends who does an rph too. So by just looking down into the list, the resource maker could easily find FC’s they’d like to do stuff for, and perhaps make a new resource for the said face claim.

The only rule is just make sure that they are OKAY to roleplay with and use as a faceclaim. oh also do tag the post once finish making a resources with #make a resources project so that I would know which one have made some resources :3

So that’s all ! and I do hope I somehow made it clear ahahah sorry my english sucks. There are already some referrals or FC’s that were placed in the list. 



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"Come back" or "Loss" for the certain 2. And you pick which one because I couldn't decide between these two. @_@

Gee the angst… I did both because… Well, reasons. 

“Come back” 

Aria sat up in bed, covering a yawn in the process, she had woken up only to find Titaya staring out the window. She had opened it, letting the crisp cold of the night in. Aria noticed her shivering slightly, completely distracted by whatever was making her upset. 

She rolled out of bed and made her way towards the other woman, wrapping both arms around her waist once she reached her. “You are cold… Lets go back to bed, alright?” She whispered softly on Titaya’s ear. “We can talk about whatever it’s bothering you there. Or later. Whatever you choose, just don’t stay here in the cold by yourself.” 

Titaya nodded, leaning back into Aria’s embrace “Okay… This is far better anyways.” She added, her hands resting on top of Aria’s as she gave her a peck on the cheek. “But… I don’t want to talk about it right now. I am a bit tired, to be honest.” 

Aria smiled softly at the kiss and pulled the window close with the Force as she lead Titaya towards the bed “Alright.” 

Once in bed, Aria held Titaya close to her, one of her hands playing with a few locks of gold hair. She kissed the top of her head softly “See? Better this way. Should make sleeping a lot easier now, don’t you think.” 

“Much.” Titaya said burying her face on Aria’s neck, drifting into sleep soon after.

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Circumcised at 18

Published on 23 April 2009

I got circumcised when I was 18 and it has been a complete Nightmare since then. There really are no words to explain how traumatizing & devastating this has been. I did it because of various stupid insecure reasons (got made fun of in school, was told it would be a lot better etc.) not knowing at all the Hell I was getting myself into. Being young & naive I didn’t look into the dark history or anything else about circumcision thinking that they would tell me everything I needed to know. I also didn’t know that it was really only done in America for the most part.

Well if I only knew then what I know now…. I did it strictly for the look (just to fit in) and of course the doctor did not let me know anything at all or tell me any of the consequences (which is their responsibility to do if they are operating on someone and someone’s life is in their hands). I actually was told that I would have more feeling & sensation which I know now is the biggest Lie in the world Ever. I still can’t believe that they told me that.

After they did it I basically had no sensation or feeling at all in my penis. I knew something was completely not right but I thought if I just waited maybe things would change but it only got worse. I was in total denial for a long while because I didn’t want to believe that things were as bad as they were. One day reality hit me though. And it hit me hard. As hard as it was I knew I had to stop being in denial to move on and heal.

When I called up the doctor to tell him how upset I was he said that it’s me and that kind of thing does not happen. He cut me off and said he’s busy and not to call him again. Then he hung up on me. They never even charged me for having it done which i didn’t understand at the time. He knew though after I talked to him that he screwed up not telling me what the consequences were and they were hoping that I didn’t pursue legal action (which I did try to do a little too late). I received a statement in the mail saying “Thank you for your complete payment.” I didn’t even pay them yet either so I didn’t understand what the hell was going on at the time.

Sexually though i seriously went from a 10 to basically a zero and I didn’t really understand what was going on and had no idea what to do. It was just such a shock and so traumatizing to experience such an extreme difference in feeling and sensation. I really got into a very deep dark depression and basically have been really depressed since then. I maybe have gotten a little better but not that much. I try not to be as suicidal and self destructive but it’s definitely not easy because it still comes back to haunt me all the time, constantly. I have nightmares a lot too. I just can’t believe people and doctors can completely ruin a person’s life like that and still get away with it. It does not make any sense at all. Circumcision is just evil and should be outlawed.

I did finally try to sue but they said i waited too long. I guess I wasted too much time locked up in my room being depressed and numb. If only I had known I could and looked into suing earlier. I didn’t have a computer at the time and the internet is where most of the information was. I really wish I had a computer at that time. Maybe things would have been different.

I joined NORM in Pittsburgh to get some kind of help through this nightmare and hopefully i will eventually get some sensation and enjoyment back again. I’ve been restoring for 3 ½ years and I seemed to have grown a good amount of outer skin. I’m almost completely covered when soft. I think I’m at a plateau now though. I still have had no increase in sensation at all which is what I’m really worried about and don’t know if I ever will.

I was cut extremely bad. I had a very long foreskin. They took my whole frenulum and practically all of my inner mucosa. I really would like to learn how to grow the inner mucosa. I know that does take a lot longer to grow than the outer skin. I don’t know though if I’ll have any enjoyment again because of the circumcision.

I’m really trying to be patient though and to keep hoping that with time maybe I’ll get something back and there will be some kind of improvement hopefully. Right now though it’s like I don’t even have a penis. I can’t even masturbate anymore and it’s definitely not psychological. I know for a fact that it is because of the circumcision.

It’s extremely depressing. My brain still kinda remembers how unbelievably good it always felt being intact and how I so enjoyed it then, so that makes it even worse. It’s really a battle every single day to just keep it together. I know it will never be like it was but any improvement of sensitivity is better than what it’s like now. I get no sexual enjoyment at all anymore because of circumcision.


Financial Advice...Life Advice

There have been, in my life, a number of times when I have intentionally made decisions that I knew would mean I would make less money and be less influential. I did this because, for whatever reason, it just wasn’t worth it. It wasn’t worth the stress…it felt icky…it relied on me exploiting relationships that I valued. Stuff like that.

And then, years would pass, and something would happen where someone I didn’t like would come forward talking about all of the money they made doing the thing I didn’t do and I would be angry and jealous.

This is going to happen to you in your life. You’re going to make decisions that are not in your best financial interest because they make you happier or more fulfilled or because of what you believe. You’re going to do that because you’re a good, smart person. But don’t forget that you made that decision…don’t think you fucked up because you now don’t have as much money as the person who did the thing that you decided not to do.

This is very hard to do…to isolate the moment of the decision you made and realize that you controlled your destiny and made the call and that’s why you aren’t as rich as you could be. It’s very easy to forget that you made the call at all.

So now, whenever I think to myself “If I did this thing, I could make more money, but I’m not going to for reasons,” I send an email to myself with all of my reasons and analysis using the same title every time. The title I use is “Fuck Money” but you can use whatever title you want. So then, in the future, when it becomes clear that I have indeed made a decision that resulted in me not realizing an increase in net worth, I can at least look at the email past me sent to future me telling me why exactly past me fucked future me so hard.

And maybe I’ll think, “OK, past me…you win this time. Maybe you were even right…I may not have as much money as I might have had…I may be watching others prosper from an idea that I had first and likely would have executed better…but I made that call, and I made it for good reasons. And I suppose I’m doing pretty damn good…maybe even better than I would be with that extra cash.”