I think it meant a lot to Even (more than he let on) how Isak got so emotional, so fiery and passionate when he told him that he should leave because things wouldn’t work out for them and that Isak would end up hating him. 

Even was giving him an easy way out, a chance for him to walk away, with no guilt and no reason to feel bad about it at all (because Even believed that it was a perfectly good reason to leave) 

Isak could have easily taken it, but he didn’t, but not only did he not, the idea seemed so completely ridiculous and unimaginable to him, like the thought had never even crossed his mind for a second before that, he hated just the brief thought of it and I think Even could tell.

I just had a revelation about why I love Celebrimbor so much. Well, one of the reasons, anyway.  

One idea that’s very prevalent in Tolkien’s work is the concept of hereditary or collective sin. Your ancestor screwed up? You’re probably doomed, or at least have to prove that you aren’t. (See: Aragorn, also movie!Thorin). Your folk did wrong against mine a few millennia ago? Move yourself off my lawn. The doom of Mandos cursed Feanor’s entire house, not just those who swore the oath.  

Maybe it’s because I’m German and very much distance myself from the sins of my forefathers, but I have a huge problem with that. Apparently, so does Celebrimbor.  

Then he basically says “Fuck the entire First Age, we’re making a new start. Curse, what curse? And remind me again why we dislike the dwarves, they’re pretty awesome from where I stand. Btw, I’m putting the star of my house on these doors, come on, judge me for the family I was born into.”  

It’s such a positive attitude and a lot more progressive than most of his contemporaries. Did Tolkien view it as hubris? I don’t know. In any case he knew how to write effective tragedy, because this lack of prejudice may have been a reason why Celebrimbor trusted Annatar, and then… well, we know what happened then.

I might have put too much effort into this one. Might have.
I think the main reason Redd hates Edd so much is because not only did he try to kill him, but he also killed his friends.(Redd’s original Matt Tom and Tord, who will remain dead.)
Redd belongs to @comixartist
And the screenshot that was changed is from Eddsworld: PowerEdd.

An autistic awakening through LSD and reading the truth contest

Hello everyone I wanted to share my experience with awakening. I should start with a little background information about myself. When I was a kid I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. looking back at it now I realize that there wasn’t anything really wrong with me I just had serious insecurity issues because of constant bullying and hate by my peers and even adults.

I was bullied a lot in Elementary school and it made me have a very negative outlook on life, it wasn’t until I started meeting people who had compassion in their hearts that my life started to change. So fast foward to when I’m 19 years old and just graduated High School, everything felt off to me for some reason I had just lost a lot of weight (over 90 pounds) I did this because I felt like being fat was holding me back and everyone was proud of me, some people were still negative to me of course but I got a lot more people who were actually rooting for me and were proud of me but at the same time I felt weird like something was missing. I still had constant anxiety, I spent a lot of time alone and I still do but whenever I went on I felt like I was constantly being judged by other people even if they weren’t or I wouldn’t know if they were judging me.

 I guess it was from being bullied for so many years of my life, I lost my trust in people and I felt like everyone was out to get me even the people who still loved me and were trying to help. I started reading a lot about spirituality on my free time, one of the first things I read was the truth contest which really struck me as interesting and I went back and read it over and over again. I started digging deeper and read even more stuff, from the teachings of Buddha, to Eckhart Tolles book the power of now, spirit science, the bible, I read everything I possibly could my intention was to find out the truth.

 I wanted to know there was more to this life then met the eye, because I was in a state of constant misery battling depression and anxiety I did everything I could, but it felt like nothing worked, one of the main things keeping me from suicide was the thought of hurting my loved ones especially my mother. Well at the time I had a small group of friends I did hang out with occasionally, we didn’t have a lot in common in fact I was quite different then them but I was still glad to have them as friends.

We smoked cannabis together, occasionally we would drink alcohol. One day my friend bought a strip of some high quality high dose acid and some sugar cubes. I have never been a hard druggy, I was happy with just cannabis, but I heard a lot about lsd and how it can open your perspective so I was willing to try it out.

 The first time I bought LSD I had just one strip and didn’t feel anything, this time I was taking a sugar cube which was infused with over 2 doses and I had just lost a lot of weight. So I eat the sugar cube, with a few of my friends it was a great time in fact possibly the most happiest I ever was my entire life just talking and hanging out with my friends we were laughing and joking about everything and I started to realize that life isn’t really all that serious as our mind makes it out to be.

So me and my friends are tripping for hours, it turns out that their lsd wore off early because they had a less strong dose compared to me and they fell asleep. So I was alone and the trip was still pretty intense for me, I decided to walk home and so I did I put some pink floyd on and put head phones in my ears and wow that was amazing like words can not describe. When I got home and took my headphones off I was still pretty euphoric but even through all that I felt some anxiety. I sat down and turned on my computer, I started reading the truth contest again, I already had it open in a tab before I left.

I couldn’t stop reading it and all these questions surged through my head, and my anxiety came back stronger then ever before, my mind worrying about this worrying about this, something inside me cried out IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER WE ALL DIE ANYWAY. Right then everything went silent. and it felt so strange it was like my mind was dead it was no longer thinking. I suddenly got very scared and started crying I thought I messed up, I started saying I sure done it this time I immediately apologized to God even though I didn’t believe in him prior to this experience, I said i’m sorry God I really messed up, I think my brain is dead I think my body is shot, why I said this I don’t know it was the most bizarre feeling ever it was like God had forsaken me it was like I had no soul and I was just empty.

For the next few weeks after that I was more depressed then I ever been before, I kept bursting out in tears for no reason even though I just wanted to surrender and move on, I realize now that it was just cleansing my body of old negative energies. Now I have made a lot of changes, I switched to a vegan diet, starting listening to bi-narul beats, meditate frequently and it’s much easier for me to stay present. Somewhere along my path I came to the conclusion that if i’m going to be in this body I might as well make it a body worth living in.

Nowadays my life is completely different, and I realize that my social awkwardness was just pointless and resistance to what is, I realize that anyone, even the most unintelligent person in the world can come off as likable with some confidence. After the dark night of the soul everything was much more clearer to me though it wasn’t a short walk I remember multiple times within the dark night (more like months) that I thought it was over and I would never be the same again. I realize now that out of darkness comes light, a light brighter than any other. Sending my love to all the truth seekers out there, keep searching within for yourself.

With Love, Austin

Thank you for your submission and story

“I think the reason I really like Star is because she breaks all the many preconceptions we have of princesses and princess stories. One instance is on the Blood Moon Ball episode. Though I ship starco, I think it’s very mature that Star told Marco to let her take care of it. That she doesn’t need a hero. I like that. She’s strong and independent and not a typical damsel in distress. I think Disney did good for doing that and making her character dynamic.”

- Anonymous

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How did we forget Plastic Man, in most versions I've seen he even has history with Bruce/Batman

YEAH there’ve been some good comics with plastic man and batman, i used to really love plastic man, i don’t know why i forget about him

(yes i do, it’s because of adhd, i forget huge aspects of my own personality for extended periods of time l m a o)

whether i could come up with a reasonable excuse for them to bang is another question altogether

Dear tourists,

There is absolutely nothing traditional about canned sardines in portugal. I have never tasted a canned sardine. I have never met anyone who has ever tasted a canned sardine. I have never owned a canned sardine. We dont eat canned sardines. The only reason they are popular is because you idiots heard we ate sardines and immediately thought that could only mean canned sardines, and as a consequence, amidst the niche-market of “lets make shit looking like it’s from 1955”, which blew out of proportions in the past couple of years (thanks Catarina Portas), canned sardines became the hit. Canned sardines did exist back in the day, it still does. Except that’s not what we mean when we say that eating sardines is traditional. I hace no fucking clue who came up with that canned sardine bullshit.

The traditional sardines you are looking for are the ones grilled outside on a hot summer day and smacked onto a piece of bread, dripping of olive oil. Not a can of touristic franchise bullshit.

Yours truly.

Okay so my two cents on the trailer bc of course I can’t keep my mouth shut.

So this scene is the only thing I have thoughts on and I keep seeing people yelling ‘WAHHH WHERE IS JOHN DID HE SHOOT JOHN IS JOHN DEAD?” 

So there are two options here.

1.) Let’s say this is a situation where he’s got the gun and he has to shoot either his best friend (I’m not getting into that) or his brother. Ignoring the ‘I love you’, because there’s no way to know until we see the on scree, here’s what I think could happen. 

He shoots John over Mycroft to prove to whoever is forcing his hand that he is not emotionally attached to anyone. He wanted to prove that he came to his decision through logic and reasoning, and since blood is thicker than water, John had to go. But in true Sherlock fashion, I don’t think that means John is dead. After all, Sherlock did tell John all about how he survived after Mary shot him.


2.) Sherlock just got them out of a high intensity situation and they’re all breathing a sigh of relief which means John is kneeling down with his hands on his knees breathing, “Jesus, Sherlock” like always. So he’s just out of frame.

last night when i was really high i emailed my professor essentially asking for a grade on something i didn’t do because i didn’t think my final grade accurately represented how i did in the class and he emailed me back saying it was a fair appeal and if i turn in the assignment (which is only a 250 word response) i can get an A in the class.

so anyway i just finessed my way into a 4.0 for my first semester in college hahahhahah

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Just a heads up, I recently say that you made a post referring to Alex Fierro as "they". In the book, Alex states that she usually goes by female pronouns until otherwise stated and does not use they/them pronouns

only reason i did that is because she says she likes to go by either she or he depending on how she identifies at the time and she cant exactly tell me how she’s identifying right now

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Okay so like, the reason why there Italians and people in southern Europe who look like they might be a person colour is because like, way back 2000-1200 years ago, most people did just have olive or sand skintone. Idk if they were arab or what, but from about starting in the year 100, white people's modern ancestors starting coming into Italy.

I need you to stop your whitesplaining and pick up a history book, there were tons of African and Arab people in Italy 2000 years ago. Just look at this mosaic from Pompeii

look at this fresco

Not everyone was olive skinned or sand skin colored.  Africans and Arabs were clearly living in Italy.

mod m

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You know I ones said that I think ai was ment to be zero and yuuki child reading another Post that person Said it couldn't be because then kaname wouldn't have any connection to the story anymore so now I am here thinking hino just give ai to kaname to try and please kaname fans

It’s hard to say, because Ai was given no name in the original epilogue or Life, and in the original epilogue a lot of people had thought Ai and Ren were twins because of their age and how they finished each other’s sentence. I’m not sure that Hino knew what Ai’s purpose would be in the story until after she found out she was getting a spinoff series, which is why Ai’s character (and Ren’s, for that matter) was such a non-entity in those chapters. I go back and forth quite a bit on Hino’s original intention, but I do think it’s probably the only reason we got Chapter 89. That chapter served literally no other purpose: Yuuki and Kaname did not reconfirm their love and in fact regressed even further, referring to each other as siblings when the last conversation about their relationship had been a promise to discontinue doing so in order to move forward together. Kaname did not change his plans. Yuuki did not stop loving Zero. Most importantly, Yuuki did not change her mind about turning Kaname into a human. 

Hino probably wanted to recreate the experience Kaname had when Yuuki was born, with Yuuki’s reaction to Ai’s birth. She also probably wanted to give Kaname a second chance with “Zeki,” through Ai and Ren, by having him do right by them this time. And, yeah, a lot of it probably had to do with trying to please Kaname fans, particularly when 1) she nuked their character, 2) she had Zeki spend a thousand years together, and 3) she had Yuuki not be faithful to his character and had his character confirm repeatedly that Yuuki actually loved Zero all along and was meant to be with him. It didn’t work very well at the time, because I remember both Zeki and Yume fans being pissed at the original ending. It took time, and several of the chapters from VKM, before some started coming around again, myself included. 

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So I have this weird thing where I get turned on when I think about having sex with girls but like I don't feel romantically involved with girls. It's like the sex part just turns me on but that's it. I'm a girl myself & I don't see myself in a relationship with girls and it's not like when I see a boob or something that I immediately get turned on but like I once saw this porn (omg this is so awkward) and that was girl x girl and that turned me on so much but what am I? Bi? Straight? IDK

okay well im just gonna pull from my experience here because i cant tell you your sexuality. Basically i felt the exact same way, like before i even questioned my sexuality i was like hey the thought of being with a girl kinda turns me on and the more i thouht about it the more it did, even more than boys sometimes and i would have dreams about girls too but i always convinced myself that the reason i felt so turned on by it was because it was like strange i guess?? you know like i spent all my life thinking i had to end up with a man so the thought of sex with a girl was exciting asnd different and sort of dangerous (i guess idk how to explain it) so that could be what youre feeling here. But i always felt uncomfortable with the idea of being romantically involved with a girl, but long story short that was compulsive heterosexuality talking, because they tell you, you grow up and marry a man always. Even when i adopted the bisexual label the thought of having a girlfriend still didnt really sit well with me but i knew i was attracted to girls in some way, but now im super down for a girlfriend tbh. I think i never really gave myself the possibility of having a girlfriend, like as soon as i thought about it i was like “no its weird i dont like it” but when i started letting myself imagine it it became more appealing and idk you kinda have to work to shake off the heteronormative ideas that were taught to you. 

Thats my experience anyway, im in no ways telling you that your situation is the same but i felt really similar to how you feel now not that long ago so yeah. Whatever your label you are totally valid and you can come and talk to me anytime, seriously ask me anything and i hope this maybe helped a little and that things get clearer for you soon ily!

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What did you think of the confession? Pls tell me everything

I think it was stupid of him to sit there and answer everything they asked him, he should’ve gotten a lawyer. I don’t think he knew how much everything he was saying would affect him now. I do think he is very polite and the reason he answered everything in detail is because no one has ever heard his thoughts beforehand. To be honest  when I finished the video I felt bad for him… I know what he did was a horrible thing, but theres something about him that makes me sad

So … you know when Amy helps Shadow heel-face-turn in SA2? Remember part of her wording was this (emphasis mine):

“Some people may be selfish, like the Professor said … “

Immediately thereafter, her words trigger a flashback to what Shadow had truly promised Maria.

The reason I thought this significant is because Gerald’s work was pretty damn thorough, and yet his hand remained invisible. He also did not change Shadow’s basic selfless nature; otherwise, Shadow would have been content to leave Rouge in the exploding vault. 

It’s unknown whether or not Shadow actually saw the pre-execution video, right? So we may infer that it’s uncertain that as of SA2, he was actually aware of Gerald’s manipulation and quite possibly his intent to destroy the world. All he makes mention of is Maria, to whom he thought he’d promised revenge.

With this in mind, is it possible, even just the slightest bit, that Amy’s callback to the professor’s words inadvertently triggered an override within Shadow’s brain? 

Think about it. Shadow not once mentioned the professor except to state what he had created (the ARK, the Eclipse Cannon). Is it possible he thought he was acting of his own volition, and only then realized that there was more to it than that?

Maybe what Amy said dislodged that “destructive” reprogramming? So it wouldn’t be so much that she triggered Shadow’s memory as “knocked out” Gerald’s work.

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I mostly agree with what's being said about cross abusive or not, but I have one problem with almost all of the conversations so far. In each of them, a person will bring up that Cross had a reason for doing what he did. Abuse is not categorised by why the abuser did it, but how it affected the victim. Otherwise you could easily say that Kanda was not abused by the order because bringing exorcists back was necessary. It's apologism and it should be left out of discussion tbh

Did they? I didn’t notice, damn. That is very true, thank you.

psychoticblackwidow  asked:

Okay, I love following your blog and absolutely love your YOI posts and I wanted to ask you a question. If crazy shit like this happened at the banquet, and EVERYONE had their phones out (even the people in the back were recording I swear) how in the sam hell did Yuuri only find out about this now? The only reason I can come up with is because Yuuri was depressed or because they weren't friends he didn't know. XD

First off - THANK YOU VERY MUCH <3

second of all - I think maybe they collectively agreed to just keep it to pictures and not get it out there, also, they probably threatened the other people not to post it because they know who they were and victor ws all like “i will find you, and I will kill you” and so they didn’t post it. And people have been saying that they didn’t think Victor said anything because he saw how different Yuuri was when he was drunk so that it was the alcohol giving him confidence to be like that. So he didn’t want to say anything to him to make him nervous/embarrassed 

Ok I keep hearing people hating on Molly for slapping Sherlock (which is totally reasonable because he definitely didn’t deserve it) but think about this: Sherlock has been an asshole to Molly pretty much since day one. He has undermined her importance, ignored her, and been extremely rude to her and she took it. She never once called him out on it except for in asib and, to be honest, if I were Molly I very well might have slapped him sooner than she did. But she only got so angry at him that she resorted to physical violence when he began to hurt himself and hurt his other friends. Molly Hooper is so selfless that she is willing to take his abuse for years without anger and without standing up for herself but as soon as he begins to abuse himself and others she finally has the courage to stand up to him. Maybe slapping him wasn’t the best way to deal with her anger, but I still find it interesting and I would like to learn a bit about Molly’s past to see if she has any family members with drug addiction that may have caused her intense dislike and anger towards drugs.