I know we see this season is from Sana’s eyes but I really hope for a scene when Isak tells Even that nothing, absolutely nothing can make Isak think less of his boyfriend and that yes, he will be with him and love him no matter what. That Even’s past does not define him and that no matter what he did or didn’t do, that’s okay. Everything is okay. Isak understands it.

And I want to see Even finally coming to terms that he can really tell Isak things that he’s afraid to and feel no fear of Isak might not accepting him, because his boy will follow anywhere and that there’s no reason for Even to underestimate Isak’s feelings for him. Even finally realizing that. That is what I want to see for them in the end. Their trust and love for each other growing even more.


Hangin’ from last night!! Sorry I missed the very beginning but I was stoked and not ready to start recording I also cross posted this onto YouTube as well in case vimeo isn’t your jam https://youtu.be/hZ67dvDqC08

  • My friend: Klance is abusive and I hate it
  • Me, a survivor of an emotionally abusive, semi-physical abusive relationship, actually concerned if it's abusive: How is it abusive??
  • My friend: It JuST Is Oh MY GaWD StOP BeInG sO MeAN
  • ---
  • Listen if you think Klance is abusive, please have an actual reason for it, like how one of my friends did (her reason being she couldn't see Keith ever apologizing too Lance because he's too stubborn and that would make it really hard for Lance to function) and not "IT JUST IS OKAY"
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Description: You’re wandering aimlessly when you meet him: the tall man who looks like an angel, the bright red hair on top of his head resembling fire. This angel boy tries to help you, but you soon find out more about him that turns your world upside down.

Warnings: age gap, mentions of death, sexual themes

Pairing: Park Chanyeol x Reader

Author: Admin Xiufairy (because Smutty said I could reupload my babies ^^)

(I’m so ready for this)

Originally posted by khunwufan

Lately, even seeing the flashing lights of a police car sent you into a panic. You found it hard to concentrate on the work at hand, the sounds of the sirens drifting into your ears. It had only been a week since your mother had kicked you out and for some reason, the tall man offered to help you.

You didn’t know why he did that, obviously, but you agreed because you really had nowhere else to go. You learned his name was Chanyeol and he insisted he was going to help you, and that you didn’t owe him anything.

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Seriously my advice to any developer regardless of engine is “don’t trash other developers in the community publicly”. Like, I don’t mean “don’t warn people about working with toxic people” I mean “don’t air petty drama and grievances out on the damn net.” Don’t say “the only reason that x is popular is because of their good graphics they don’t deserve their popularity” or “lmao the graphics in this game are shit why did they even bother”, or even “man this person is a bitch and a terrible writer why do people even like them lol.”

Most people work hard on their games. And the rpg maker community in particular is small enough that when you’re saying bitchy things like that publicly you’re gonna piss off like 1/6 of the community or more because they know the person you’re trashing and will not want to interact with you more, and word will spread. Do yourself a favor and keep it to yourself or your irl friends if you’re that upset. You don’t win over people in video game development by being the biggest trash talker around. You do that on a team and you probably won’t be on another team for a long time.

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They shy characters do nothing for me except serve to annoy me. The manga and anime made me dislike her not to mention her stans. They try to claim that she "supported" him from day one but she never actually talked to him I don't care if she's shy she could have mustered up some confidence to actually TALK to Naruto when he was younger even if she stuttered when talking to him it's the effort that counts but no she gets credit for just standing from behind a tree & that automatically = support

[Long post ahead]

I feel like this issue in particular needs a longer answer than just a simple statement of agreement. Because yes, I agree with that. The reason being, that people like Sakura get bashed and thrown under the bus for supposedly not supporting Naruto even though she’s in the top three of his most loyal supporters. In terms of support being shown on panel, I would even go as far as saying Sakura did the most. And I do not appreciate the fact that characters like Sakura, Tsunade, Iruka and Gaara get ignored or even bashed while Hinata gets praised to all heavens by the fandom. The Naruto fandom is extremely selective and biased.

Kishi has stated in an interview that Hinata has been supporting Naruto from the shadows since the start. Notice how he says ‘from the shadows’. It confirms what we critical thinkers have been saying for years. 
Hinata may have been supportive of Naruto in her mind since the beginning, but it did nothing for Naruto, it did not help him at all during his early childhood. It’s no different from people ignoring him or being mean to him because in his mind she was just one of those who ignored him. I would even say that by admiring Naruto from afar for his strength and optimism, all while not being confident/strong enough to voice those beliefs to him to sooth his pain and give him back what she got from him through watching him, she was supporting herself more than Naruto. 
Support is not support when the person who needs to be supported isn’t actually aware of it and doesn’t gain anything positive from it.

So up until the moment Hinata tries to make Naruto copy from her test in the chunin exams, she hasn’t supported him on panel at all.

And this gets confirmed by the many instances Naruto remembers his past in flashbacks and the reader gets to see how he got from being alone and sad to being with Iruka and then with team 7. All the others AND Hinata come after that. Not before.
Most famous example being this page:

This is also proven by Hinata’s first appearance in the manga, when Naruto calls her weird. He has no recollection of her supporting him or being nice to him in a significant way.
And that’s despite the fact that Hinata knew how Naruto had been treated by the villagers, as shown during Naruto’s fight with Kiba when it’s shown in a flashback from Hinata’s POV. Once again she doesn’t voice those thoughts though. After the fight she gives him some ointment for his wounds.

The first time Hinata actually supports Naruto openly that could have or had a positive effect on him was during her ‘Proud failure’ speech. She helps Naruto believe in himself. And he thanks her for that.

We won’t see her support him again for a while. In fact, not until her confession during the Pain invasion. And even there, she calls herself selfish and does not actually voice support for him, she just confesses and gets hurt by Pain. 

Later on, she tries supporting him through giving it her all in the war and helping him snap out of depression after Neji’s death.
If I missed something, feel free to correct me.

Now, moving on to Sakura. When Sakura gets first introduced in chapter 3, she’s rude to Naruto who seems to like her very much. She even goes as far as to say he has it great with no parents scolding him and that this is why he does childish stuff a lot. However, she changes her mind in the very same chapter and vows to be kinder to Naruto from now on, with Sasuke being the catalyst for that change.

A few chapters later we see her share her meal with him.

Ah. You know what, let me try to find every moment she has helped him and/or supported him and his dream. Without me talking in between.

Part 1 finished. Part 2 under the cut.

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“The Butler did it...” - Batman x Daughter!Reader

Summary : You’re Batman’s daughter, and you just crashed your dad’s favorite car while riding in an illegal race…Needless to say, you’re in trouble.  

Warning for langage I guess, the batdaughter has a potty mouth. Also, again, I feel like I could have write something better, and might re-write everything. I’m still posting it because of reasons. I guess it’s just one of those days eh…or rather, damn month. Funny how my worst works are always the longest.


You looked at the wreck you made, sweat going down your spine. Your father was going to kill you. Well, no, scratch that, he wasn’t the kind to kill…but oh he was going to make you suffer. FUCK ! 

What went threw your mind when you decided that was a good idea anyway ? Damn sometimes you could be so dumb. You reflected on your decision, and wondered how you could ever have thought that it would work out alright…Stealing your dad’s favorite car, who also used to be your grandfather’s vehicle, sounded like an idiotic thing to do. Going to a midnight illegal rodeo race in one of Gotham’s worst neighborhood sounded even more idiotic. And yet, that’s exactly what you did. 

And everything was going on fine, until you felt too sure of yourself, went to fast, and crash the car, wrecking it completely. It was a miracle you got out of the crash with nothing but a few light bruises and cuts. 

On that note, the police arrived, everyone bolted, and you ended up being alone in the street, with a destroyed car you stole (even if it was from your dad), surrounded by cops. 

Some of the Gotham police officers would have love nothing more than to be in the paper, talking about how they busted the great Bruce Wayne’s daughter…But fortunately for you, you ended up dealing with cops that loved your family, and that didn’t want to make an exemple of you. Maybe it helped, that they were quite young, and that you got a bit flirty with them…

You called your older brother, Dick, to the rescue, and he came to pay your bail. Of course he wasn’t alone, all of your siblings were there. You could have punched them to erase the stupid smug face they all had. Jason spoke first : 

-Well well well little sis’, you playing the rebel card now ? You know there’s better way to get his attention. 

You ignore him, just sending a death stare towards him. Catching your father’s attention was the last thing you wanted to do, actually. So, sure, probably he would have discovered what you did one day or another, being the greatest detective in the World, but his reaction would have certainly been nothing compare to the one you were sure he was gonna have. He would have been mad, but forget about it soon. While now…his favorite car was destroyed, and you were sure you caught a paparazzi snatch a picture of you while you were walking in the police station. Thank God you didn’t had any handcuffs on. Still, he was gonna be more than mad. 

Tim was smirking at you, and you lightly hit him on the shoulder. He didn’t have to speak for you to know what he was thinking. He always found your antics hilarious. You always thought that a smart boy like him should know better than to mock you, and when he saw your eyes, his smirk disappeared. Damn it, you were so gonna get a petty revenge now. 

When you met Dick’s gaze, you bent your head down, unable to hold it. He shook his head, and you could see he was disappointed. He still had the reflex of being the “dad” of the group, from when your actual dad went missing some times ago. Dick had the huge responsibility to take on the cloak…and his little siblings under his wings. Your father was absent for months, and so Dick was the one to scowled you when you did something bad…but there was a reason you called him instead of your dad. Dick was more understanding. He was less strict. Besides, he could play the “dad” part all he want, he would always be the big brother who just wanted you safe, and could never be mad at you for more than two seconds when you gave him your best puppy eyes. Which is what you were doing right now, and surely enough, a smile grew on his face and, shaking his head once more, he gave you a hug. 

-That was a very stupid thing to do, sister. 

-Yes, I know Damian, thanks for your input. 

-It’s not the first time you do something stupid like that, it probably comes from your mother’s side. That recklessness and…

-Keep my mom out of this little bro’, I’m so not in the mood. 

As you glared at him, Damian decided to shut up. You didn’t look in the mood for his teasing at all. Usually, you’d answer with equal wit and sarcasm, and he’d love those little oral joust you had with him..But clearly, today wasn’t the day. Jokes about your mutual mothers were often the bulk of the teasing. Talia Al’Ghul and Selina Kyle. The two criminals who got the Bat’s heart. Of course it was a great source of jokes. But right now, you weren’t feeling it. Because what your brother just said hit a bit too close from home. You were a bit like your mother, sometimes, you just couldn’t stop yourself from doing things that’d got you in trouble…Both with the law and with your father. 

Damian looked at you curiously, seeing an array of feelings going threw your face, but didn’t dare say anything. He still wasn’t too good about the all : “trying to comfort people” thing and, too afraid of saying something he shouldn’t have, he stayed silent. On this matter at least, because when he noticed your bruises, he couldn’t help himself : 

-Are you Ok ? 

He asked, brushing his fingers on your face awkwardly, trying to show you that he really did love you, that he would only worry for the best sister in the World. You smiled fondly at him, the brat could be cute sometimes, and answered :

-Yes munchkin, I’m fine. Scratches, nothing more. 

With a sly smile, the boy looked at you and added : 

-Maybe I should give you some driving lesson eh ? 

-Oh you little…

Tim and Jason got the hint, and, there, in front of Gotham Police Station, they each caught one of Damian’s arm and held him into place while you tickled him mercifully. The voice of your father threw Dick’s car radio froze you. 

-If you would be so kind to come home immediately please, I have to talk to (Y/N). It’s important, and I will not tolerate any tardiness. Come home now. 

The coldness in his voice made you shiver, and, under your brothers’ sympathetic gaze, you got into the car. They followed right after. 


During the ride from the Police Station to Wayne Manor, you begged for advice from your brothers. Of course, it wasn’t the first time you got in trouble, but you got a lil’ far this time, usually it was just small things, little troubles at schools, fights that weren’t really too bad etc etc…but this time. You didn’t even had any excuses ready, as you usually had. “He started it”, “He spoke ill of mom”, “I didn’t exactly stole it from him, I borrowed it to teach him a lesson, I was gonna get it back…”. Ok, those were stupid excuses, but at least, you tried. But this time, you had nothing. You couldn’t even explain your own behavior, why you decided to go to that dumb race, and take his favorite car of course. 

Maybe you were trying to get his attention, after all, you were a lot like your mother, and Catwoman had a habit of doing some bad things whenever she wanted your father’s attention (like stealing the biggest diamond in the World or something)…but you weren’t exactly ready right now to psycho-analyse yourself, and so you asked your brothers for help. 

-I’m sorry (Y/N), I got nothing. Mostly because the majority of times, he yells at me anyway because…Well you know. 

-Thanks Jay, very helpful. 

-Hey, you know me, always here to help you little one. 

He ruffled your hair and you growled at him…Quite like a cat really. 

-Maybe you could tell him it was an accident ?

-But it was an accident Timmy. I didn’t mean to crash the car. 

-No I know, but I mean, don’t talk about the race, and just say that you wanted to clear your mind a bit and all. If it’s just a crash he won’t really be mad would he ? 

-To be honest, I don’t think he’ll be as mad as you think he’ll be. 

-Dick, it was his favorite car. It was granddad’s. Oh god I’m an idiot…And it’s just hitting me now that I ruined one of his only memory from his father…He’s going to be so pissed…Not that I don’t deserve it but…he’s kinda scary when he’s pissed…

Your brothers nodded silently. They could try convincing you that things were going to be alright, but when it touched his parents, your father could be a bit…Sensitive. Tim laid an understanding hand on your shoulder. 

-I still think that telling him that you just crashed while out for a ride is the best solution…

-Yeah, sure, like he’s gonna buy that. A ride out at midnight, conveniently when he’s not around. Riiiiiight. And of course, I’m coming home the next day. He’ll know. He knows everything. 

-Well, you still could try. It’s the only idea I got. 

Dick sighed, and said : 

-Alright, I’ll take the blame. 

-You certainly will not. Besides, he said my name when he called on the radio, not any of yours. I’m telling you, he knows ! I’m doomed. 

-I’ll say that it was my idea and…

-No Dick. I appreciate that you want to sacrifice yourself like that, but I’m old enough to suffer the consequences of my stupid actions…For real. I’ll tell the truth, isn’t there a saying that goes : “a fault confessed is half redressed” ? 


The wrecked car is resting on the front driveway, and you wince when you look at it. Did they really have to bring it here ? Your brothers’ heart tighten as they witness how badly in shape the car is, thanking God or whoever protected you from Death. It truly was a miracle that you survived a crash like that…and the car wouldn’t be the only thing wrecked if you died. The entire family would have been. 

You set a careful foot in the Manor, and you’re surprised your father isn’t waiting for you in the entrance hall. Maybe you’ll be lucky and he’ll be too caught up with work in the bat cave to remember what you did ? 

The one who’s in the entrance hall however, is Alfred, and he rushes to you, a bit panicked. 

-We’ll say I did it Lady (Y/N), that I decided to make a bit of money on the side by racing and…

You laugh and hug your adopted grandfather lovingly. Of course he would. The man vowed his life to protect your father and his children, and even if it could get him in a lot of trouble, would always defend you. 

-It won’t work Alfred, and you damn well know it. 

-It could work, you know, that old “the butler did it” thing ?

You and your brother chuckle, but you don’t have time to say anything else as you hear heavy steps coming down the main stairs. 

He’s here. 

And he doesn’t look happy. He doesn’t look happy at all. You shiver a bit, and let go of Alfred. By instinct, the butler shields you with his body. 

-Master Bruce, I’m so sorry about what I did to your car I…

-Out of my way Alfred, and please, don’t insult me, of course you didn’t do anything. Everyone, to your rooms. I have to speak to (Y/N). 

None of them move, tore apart between wanting to help you and not wanting to piss him off some more, and so, leave. The bat glare he gave them almost convince them to leave. Almost, as they’re waiting for your approval. 

You sadly turn to your brothers, and nod. Yes, they probably should leave. They all go, looking at you worriedly, but Alfred do not move. He’s old enough to not be intimidated by your dad’s glare. 

Bruce sighs, and turns to you. His cold eyes makes you go in “turtle mode”, and you try to hide your head as best you could in between your shoulders. 

-In my study, now. 

You go without him having to say a second time, and you’re too far away to hear what he says to Alfred, but a little hope forms in your heart when you see Alfred’s face soften. Maybe your dad isn’t going to make you suffer after all. 

You wait a bit in his study, and the anticipation of what’s going to happen is killing you. That always been a technique of his, to make people boil in their own feelings until he comes and finally speak. You hated it. 

When he open the door, you hurriedly stand up from the seat you took in one of the huge and comfy leather chair, and you face him. He circles you a bit, much like a shark, and narrow his eyes at you. But he doesn’t speak, and it becomes clear he wants you to start. So you do. 

-I’m sorry dad, I don’t know what got into me, I don’t know why I did that…

-Yeah, seems like you didn’t think much uh ? 

-I guess I didn’t. I just…

-Let me guess ? You heard about the race, and because you have no impulse control you went, just because of reasons. 

-…Unfortunately, spot on. 

-Disappointing. I expect better of you, (Y/N). I raised you to be better than that, to think. 

His word stings your heart, but you know he’s right. You fight the tears that menacingly welled up in your eyes, and you look straight at him, straight into his icy blue orbs. 

-I’m sorry dad. Really I am. I’m trying to not just…do things, but it’s…Difficult. I guess I am like mom and…

-Don’t take your mother as an excuse. She might be a lot of things, but not thinking before acting isn’t one of her flaws. 

-No. It’s mine. I just…I just really wanted her to be proud of me ok ? 

-And you think winning an underground race would have make her proud ? Really ?

-Yeah well when you put it like that it sounds stupid, but…I thought maybe she’d hear about it and come to see me you know, to congratulate me. 

Your father’s gaze do not soften, your words not touching him one bit. Or so you think, behind the mask he put on his face to look severe, his heart is breaking for you. Your mother hasn’t really been around much during your life, coming in and out as she pleased, and he knew that when you acted out, it was mostly because of her. Or because you wanted his attention. He made a mental note to try and talk to you more, to pry your feelings open. You were a lot like your mother, but you were also a lot like him, and getting you to speak about what you felt was almost impossible. And he knew it was eating you from inside. But right now, he couldn’t be soft. He couldn’t be the “nice dad”. He had to be strict, because what you did was serious. 

It seemed like your father had no intentions to continue to speak, and you took it as your cue to continue your speech :

-So Ok now that I’m saying it out loud it really does sound dumb, she probably wouldn’t have known about it anyway. Maybe the truth is that I just wanted to race, and that’s it. Maybe there’s no reasons, I wanted to do it, and I did. Isn’t that what spoiled brat do ? 

He still doesn’t react, and you start to get mad. 

-Don’t you have anything else to tell me but that you’re disappointed ? Because you know what ? I know you’re disappointed in me, you tell me that enough ok ? In fact, you rarely miss an occasion to say it to me. So, sorry alright ? Sorry I’m not Dick, Jason, Tim or Damian ! Even when they do bad things you don’t tell them that…But ok, it’s my fault, it must be, so sorry ! ALRIGHT ?! 

He looks at you blankly, even though in his head and heart, a tornado is happening, your words hitting him more than it should…

-And I’m super sorry that even my driving skills are disappointing, and that i crashed grandpa’s car…because it’s really about this right ? 

Still no reaction. But you can see his jaw clenching. 

-Oh yeah it totally is about that. Well I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have taken that car, like you say, I should’ve known better. I’m a total idiot. And I crashed your dad’s car, which is one of the only thing you had left of him.

Now, you can see a shift in his face, but you’re not sure what it is. Is he mad ? Sad ? Both ? 

-I’m really sorry dad ok ? I’m even sorry that I’m kinda angry at you right now, even though I did the mistake. I’m sorry I can’t control my emotions like you. I’m sorry I always make stupid decisions just because I want my parents’ attention. Because I get it, at least I have parents, and you don’t anymore, and I’m totally re-opening the wound right now I know, I’m sorry about that too. You know I can never control myself, and right now, I don’t even control the words that come from my mouth. I can’t help it, I just say things that are in my head. And please say something dad, because I really feel awfully guilty about wrecking your dad’s car and, well…it was your dad’s, and I know how important it was to you and I ruined that too and I…

-Goddamnit (Y/N) it’s not about the car, it’s about you ! How can you think I care more about a stupid car than about your safety ?! Don’t you understand that I cannot loose you girl ? That I would be nothing without your poor impulse control and other antics ? That I’d miss you more than anything I ever missed ?

You just stare at him, stunned. He never told you anything like that before…

-Yes this car was dear to me, but you’re worth much more alright ?! Have you seen the state it is in ? It’s completely destroyed, and you were in it ! I almost had a heart attack when the police came with the car, and the first words they said was ; “your daughter”. I thought you were dead. I thought…

He takes a deep breath and let himself fall in one of his huge leather chair. You don’t know what to say, you’ve never seen him like this…But you approach him slowly. 

-I’m not mad because you stole one of my car, I’m not mad because you participated in an illegal race, or because you destroyed my dad’s car…I’m mad because you could have killed yourself. Because you don’t think enough about what would happen if you were gone. The impact on your brothers, on Alfred, on me…

His voice cracks, and you’re more surprised than ever. By now, your tears run freely down your cheek, and when you meet your father’s eyes, you can almost see tears in his eyes too. 

-I’m…I’m sorry dad…I didn’t think ab…

-About it I know. You don’t think, you act. Which is something I mostly admire in you…but not when you do things like that. So promise me (Y/N), my little girl, promise me you’ll try to work on that, because I can’t handle things like this.

You smile shyly, and say : 

-You can handle anything…You…You’re Batman. 

He looks away at those words, knowing more than anyone else that it wasn’t right. He couldn’t handle your death. Or any of his children’s. He handled Jason’s death poorly…

You always thought your father was indestructible, invincible. He was the goddamn dark knight ! Nothing could get him like he was now…but apparently you were wrong. The mere thought of loosing you almost wrecked him, and though you knew you should feel guilty, your only felt happy. It was rare that your dad showed how much he cared for you, how much he loved you. He said :  “I’d miss you more than anything I ever missed”…More than his parents ? Was that what it meant ? 

On that day, you swore you were going to be more careful, because you couldn’t see your father in that state ever again, shaking from all over, trying not to cry, his heart beating faster than ever, just because you almost died. 

You come and kneel next to him. 

-I’m sorry for being so stupid dad…i’ll work on it, promise. 

He brushes calloused fingers on your cheek, planting a kiss on your forehead, and with a weak smile say : 

-Stop saying you’re stupid, you’re one of the brightest girl I ever met. And I’m friend with Barbara Gordon. 

He winks at you, and this time, you truly smile, your eyes drying slowly, and you go for a hug. A hug he happily return, feeling as if he was thrown back years ago, when you were but a tiny little one, and every night before leaving for his patrol, his hugged you to sleep. You pull away, drying your tears with the back of your hands, and smile some more at him. A smile that he would do anything to protect. Anything. 

A mischievous smile appears on his face, and you suddenly stiffen again. 

-Don’t think that any of this heartfelt talk means that your safe little one, you’re still grounded for the next six months, and next time you steal one of my cars, I will call the police on you. I already warn Dick that if he came to pick you up from the police station one more time, he’d be in trouble too. 

-Oh Fuck ! 

-And that’s two more weeks for langage young lady ! 

-Fffffffff…fudge. Double fudge. But…I guess I kinda had it coming. 

-Yes you had little one, yes you had. 

And on that note, you hug him a bit more, smiling even though you were grounded and all. In the end, you got out of things pretty easy. I mean, you still got your hugs and stuffs, and you made the Batman all sentimental and shit. That was something, wasn’t it ? 


Threw the window, a certain Catwoman is watching the all scene, smiling. Of course, she isn’t going to knock on the window, she isn’t going to talk to any of you or anything. She’s just here to check if you’re alright, and from the look of it, you definitely are. With a heavy heart, she leaves, but she shoves her feeling aside. She made a choice long ago, she wasn’t good for you, a bad exemple, you better off without her in your life. And oh how she was wrong…

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Addison pissed me off too but I think that's the point and means the writers and actress are doing a good job, assuming that their intention was to MAKE us hate her. She's annoying and feels irrelevant, but I think ultimately the central purpose of her character will be to make the girls, especially Alison, reflect on themselves (Addison sounds like Alison for a reason!). After Emily went off on her, she went to her locker and caught a glimpse of her OWN reflection, that was very symbolic :)

Oh no, I have to disagree here, sorry! I don’t hate her because of what she did. I hate her for her simple existence. She shouldn’t even be here, period! Get lost Addison, it’s the final episodes of PLL!

robinlissa  asked:

The reason why I see Ann as Best Girl is not just because she's cute, I mean all of the girls in P5 are cute. But if you think about Akira. Who will he get along best with? It's obviously Ann. 1- Ann knows how it feels to have bad rumors go around. Akira was treated like a criminal even though he did nothing bad. 2- That scene when they first met. Akira's reaction,Ann's smile. One point for Akira. 3- In the first chapter of P5. Ann worried about Akira and even gave him a lecture. One for Ann.


Ann and Akira are outcasts. Seen as “misfits” by their classmates, they would connect on that level. They both have nasty rumors about them, and don’t need anyone’s approval but each other’s, since they know the truth ❤️

When they first met, that song sounded like pure love! The look they gave each other showed their connection, and that scene almost made me sob happy tears tbh…

Also, yes I remember that. You are referring to the manga? There was a lot of shipping pictures… she’s like me. I care but have a hard time expressing my emotions.

They are perfection ❤️

Ask and you shall receive I guess. ;)

Lilo future!fic, in which both are single, Liam’s got two kids, and I end up calling Liam’s first-born “James” because the fucker still hasn’t shared his actual baby’s name with us.

Liam was in over his head. He knew it, and it only served to annoy him further. This was stupid. He was a grown-ass man. He had kids for Christ’s sake!

There was absolutely no reason for him to angst over the meaning of a bloody text message.

Especially not one that said, Im not gonna comment until Ive tried it myself.

Louis had added the sunglasses emoji at the end, which was nice but didn’t help Liam figure out whether he was serious or not.

And knowing whether Louis was serious or not felt quite bloody important, considering the message Liam had sent him right before had been: Then she said i was lousy in bed, like, can you believe?!

Liam took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

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okay so after stiles got taken away from lydia. did she stay in the jeep and cry??? did she go to find scott or call scott but as soon as she has the chance to tell him about what happened she forgets stiles ?? like did she call scott and as soon as he hears her voice he asks if she is okay because he could tell from her voice that she has been crying but when she is about to answer suddenly she can’t remember what she wants to tell him so she replies with “i don’t know” ??? or did she go home not knowing what to do and she cried herself to sleep and when she woke up she didn’t remember the reason why she was crying ???? or did she wake up like everything is normal but as soon as she entered the school she felt like something is wrong ???? i need answers. 

I'm done

I’m going to be taking a break from this blog for a while, because for some reason someone here is deleting everything I post. Whether that’s me asking why my posts are being deleted or a moodboard I’ve made, even when no rules were broken with the request. I honestly don’t know what I did wrong, and I’d really appreciate it if you could at least leave this post up.

I’m sorry for whatever I did that’s causing whoever to delete everything. I remember this has happened in the past with other mods and I honestly don’t understand. So I’m sorry for whatever it is I did wrong.

-Mod Ari

One of the more amusing side effects of this pregnancy has actually been a social one. There’s a girl at work that is an Uber Feminist. Like I mean she lives and breathes that shit. It’s her life. Except that she has this profound hatred of women, I swear. If she likes you, you’re good in her eyes. If she doesn’t, for whatever reason, you’re scum. She has actively gotten other girls fired because she hates them or feels like they’re encroaching on her territory because this is Her Bar. Only girls. She’s totally cool with one of the bartenders that is a sexual predator, but whatever.

She hates me. To this day I have no idea what I did. It’s been a year. I always tip out appropriately and will remember days later to give her money if I forgot that night. I thank her for the drinks she makes, even if she always underpours mine. I have complimented her on her looks, her article writing, what have you – just tried to engage and/or be pleasant and civil no matter what. And she fucking hates me. She also hates children and pregnancy so she really doesn’t like me now.

Only problem? She can’t be a bitch to me anymore. Because I’m pregnant. If anyone sees her being mean to me, they’ll call her out and she knows it. She’ll look like an asshole. I’m by no means popular, as I tend to stick to myself. But it’s not like she can go out of her way to get the pregnant girl fired just because she doesn’t like me. So she’s been more civil to me since I told everyone. And it’s fucking hilarious because I can literally see her grinding her teeth about it and I’m just the same, bland, pleasant girl as always.

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M., did you ever thought about self-publishing and what were your reasons for pursuing a traditional publishing? I understand it's a very personal decision but I see lots of people saying that one is better than the other so I'm a bit lost about the entire thing

I never really considered self-publishing because that just wasn’t the route I wanted to go. I wanted to work with an agent and an editor and a marketing team and have that support system in place. (It’s also just kind of the dream to see your own book on a shelf at Barnes & Noble–or at least it was for me.) Personally I don’t really know what the pros of self-publishing are, besides that there are no gatekeepers and that the writer gets a larger cut of the profit. (At the same time the profit may also be smaller and you don’t get an advance, plus you have to foot all the costs of design and editing and marketing yourself, so that may end up being kind of a moot point.) Which is ‘better’ is probably completely subjective, and unfortunately I can’t decide that for you, because I don’t know enough about you or self-publishing to contribute anything helpful. If you have questions about how traditional publishing works, I’m happy to answer those. (This Q&A series also might help you.)

Okay BUT

i’ve been thinking a lot about what Sonja said about Even memorizing the Qur'an in Arabic. She says that he was manic when he did that, and says it happened “last year”.

BUT BEAR WITH ME. We can assume from what we know that the reason Even and the ballon squad aren’t friends any more is because he had a manic episode. (maybe he hurt someone and they hate him, maybe he pushed them away to keep them safe and they miss him, maybe something else entirely, but it doesn’t matter)

I know it varies from person to person, but most people don’t have two manic episodes within the span of a few months.

So Even allegedly had a manic episode last year that distanced him from his friends. ,,,,,,but like,,,,,, memorizing the qur'an,,,,,in arabic,,,,when your friend group is mostly muslim,,,,,,, would not make them hate you or make you push them away or whatever,,,,,,,

Sonja also said that Evens feelings for Isak weren’t real because he was manic,,,,,but like magnus said,,,,,,,, Even wasn’t manic the whole time,,,,,showing us that Sonja has misconceptions when it comes to Even’s mania,,,,,which means

EVEN MEMORIZED THE QUR'AN WHEN HE WAS ‘STABLE’ (i’m sorry i don’t know what to call it)


I feel this is important somehow.

so did anyone maybe think the reason why Marta hates Blake so much is just because he walked into her house and stole some batteries? I mean its bumfuck nowhere and they probably don’t have a great battery trading system all set up yet… I’d be pissed too. Blake, stop forcing your kleptomaniac tendencies upon these poor baby cultists! just let them keep the fucking batteries and they’ll probably quit hating you!

to my depression, 

you and i have become more distant these past few months. rightly so, all you ever did was hurt me. now J’s gone theres no reason for you to stay, you were only ever here because of her. i think. i want you to leave me alone. i know things aren’t going great right now, dad’s cancer, C’s…whatever it is, my plummeting grades and college applications coming up. but you’re not going to make anything better, as much as you tell me I’m worthless and that i should off myself, i need to keep believing your promises of escape are empty and unhelpful. i need to come to terms with my appearance and weight. going back to not eating isn’t going to do much for me either. neither is clicking myself up. all i can do is keep pushing forward. so give yourself peace and fuck off. I’m done with you. 

reluctantly progressing, K

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Were Mulder and Diana married or is that just stuff I read in fanfic and always believed was true? Also, how are we supposed to defend Mulder's awful treatment of Scully where Diana was concerned. Til this day I avoid those episodes because his behavior was just horrible.

The reason Diana and Mulder sometimes have a background in marriage in fanfic is because Mr. Duchovny thought it would be a great idea to wear his wedding ring while filming Travelers. In 1998 he told Z95.3, a radio station in Vancouver, “I just wanted to have Mulder be married years ago and never have referred to it. It wasn’t a mistake. The hairdo, the ring and the smoking – it was all part of a plan.” Apparently, he did not tell Chris Carter he was going to wear the ring until after it was filmed. CC wasn’t too thrilled.

And I think you know who is to blame for the second thing.

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Did Touka really imply that she would have sex with Kaneki so he could stay as one of the reasons?

Naw, I think that’s just what Kaneki inferred rather than what Touka implied, given the way she chuckles at the suggestion. 

Poor boy’s been manipulated so frequently that he thinks everyone must have an ulterior motive to everything they do with him. She asked you that because she liiiiiiiiikes you, Ken!

This is going to be the last time I am going to mention the subject of @fiber-slayer-red, and then after which, save for my own call out post and my reply to him. I am clearing it out for other peoples sake since I didn’t want anyone to get uncomfortable at all but…

Do not approach him for the sake of starting shit, don’t use our posts as just means to reach out and call him out yourself. Don’t do that. You make us no better than him if you do that. If you want to talk about what he’s done wrong, do it on your own merit, guys. If you think he did anything wrong, confront him because you think he did, not because we told you anything. If you wish to avoid drama, I won’t push you either. Just don’t do it because someone else told you, ever. Do it because you genuinely wanted to and have your own reasons. That’s why I called him out. That’s why Kenzie called him out, that’s why Negau called him out, and Zach too. Call out any problem you have because you genuinely believe there’s a problem, but know when to stop, know when it’s time to pull back and understand, and never, ever stoop to these lows unless you absolutely have to because someone couldn’t keep being reasonable.

I am done dealing with this whole thing, but if he keeps meaning to confront my friends like they are the ones wrong, then I’ll keep confronting him. Simple as that.

If anyone ever has a problem with me, just talk to me like a respectable human being over messages or over IM and I will be fine with keeping it there.

I do not like drama, and I will never like it.

I did what I did confronting what I saw was a problem, not because anyone told me to.

Do what you want to do, and see it however you like. Just be a respectable human being and understand what you are getting into and you will never have a problem with me, ever.