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I'm "friend" with a girl on twitter who is absolutely the most solo harry ever, she's been saying that Harry only tweeted Niall and would accept a reunion for charity, because he'd pity the other boys so he's be like "ok let's do something together". She's been hating and making jokes on Niall since yesterday... And now the question is... Why is she still here? Go away. If you only like Harry, stop talking about the others.

The saddest thing to me is that harry did the AM spread because of this very reason and that group of his fans still refuse to *listen* to him. Harry has never once proved any of them right in his actions/spoken word and I don’t know why people like that refuse to accept that he’s actually a kindhearted person that loves his band. I hope harry just keeps pushing boundaries and weeding out the weak tbh. He deserves such better fans.



Tatianna has displayed TALENT AND LOOKS. Roxxxy has only consistently displayed LOOKS. She is TALENTLESS as far as RPDR challenges go. This is ABSOLUTE FUCKING BULLSHIT. MY FAVE WENT HOME, FOR WHAT? SOMEONE WHO CAN ONLY TURN LOOKS!!! I’M SO FUCKING MAD!!! I’M FUMING!!!! 

That was PISS FUCKING POOR JUDGMENT on Alaska’s part. I am so disappointed in Alaska. That was a bullshit fucking decision. Tatianna did not deserve that. Her commercial was better than Roxxxy’s. Oh my god I’m so mad. I just, I cannot believe the baffoonery that just took place. The bullshittery. I am so fucking mad. 

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Zayn stans bitter because zayn went the extra mile to promo his album and music with all the interviews and shit, and niall, who hadn't even confirmed a solo deal, did just as well with a fucking tweet. like lol

i’m just going to c&p what i sent to my crew earlier:

the only reason he was considered successful (which let’s be real was pretty much JUST his single) was bc ppl were ANTICIPATING it. they knew it was coming. he promoted up to its release for weeks. OF COURSE ppl were gonna go crazy and yeah it was a catchy song.

his album flopped bc it just didn’t give the substance it needed to follow in the footsteps of his single. nvm the fact that he genuinely thought his music would carry itself without additional promo and cancelled shows. it wasn’t strong enough of an album to do that.

YES he was the fastest u.k. artist to go to #1 for his single (that’s what it was right? lol) , but lbr, that’s the ONLY solid accomplishment he has under his solo career belt. AND that’s bc ppl were WAITING for it.

niall literally threw this at us OUT OF NO WHERE, and that’s what ppl are forgetting. he’s not worried about numbers or money or records, he just wants to get his music out there to his fans and shut those down that are saying he’s not “doing anything” this break and to let ppl know that he has something incredible in the works. he’s not even trying and still knocking it out of the park, that deserves all the recognition imo.

i’m not putting zayn down at all, but it’s honestly not comparable and any zayn stans that are upset about niall going solo and being petty about that, are only threatened by nialls success and belittling is their only coping mechanism.

I explained shipping to my boyfriend and the results were hilarious

He knew I ship Dramione, yet the concept baffled him. “But that’s not how she wrote it! They hate eachother!“ So to the best of my ability I explained shipping and canon and for the next hour while we watched HBP he dreamed up pairs. Here are some of the memorable ones along with his reasoning:

Luna & Neville (he was particularly passionate about this one, likey his OTP, something we haven’t yet gone over)

Hermione & Cedric (“maybe not, she wouldn’t go for the jocky type, course she did date Krum so maybe they could work out, but if not-”)

Hermione & Crabbe (“-cause she actually goes for a more beefy guy”)

The Weasley twins & the Patil twins (“because obviously”)

Hagrid & Madam Maxine (“he loved her!”)

Narcissa and Snape (“they both always look disgusted”)

Trelawny & Slughorn (“they both seem like really fun drunks”)

Umbridge & Greyback (“cause she is secretly into that dirty vagabond type of dude”)

Harry & McGonagall (“you don’t know, maybe he digs older chicks”)

Then he asks if there can be affairs and things got progressively weirder

Mrs. Weasley & The Minister (no reasoning behind this was included)

which led to

Mr. Weasley & Rita Skeeter (strictly as revenge of course)

And finally Dumbledore & Petunia (to get back at Vernon for being such a controlling prick over the years)

Some honorable (and kinkshame worthy) mentions include Filch & Mrs. Norris, a Malfoy/Crabbe/Goyle love trio, Cho & herself because “she just sucks” Molly & Sirius (me: “but they’re cousins” him: “ok??”) and finally Flitwick & Dobby (because “they’re about the same size”)

He finished by making up some (hilarious) smutty dialog between the trio off the top of his head as I watched in horror at the monster I created.

This got all the semi-intellectuals clapping this girl with all their gut, But this is, actually, incredibly stupid.

I’ll explain why: Minorities are a thing.

Yeah she says this in a context that makes it sounds like “hey, you know the only oppression trans people have its that they can’t date, right?” and she says incredibly dumb things like “If they don’t wanna date you thats not tranphobic” (which is not the problem, the problem is that they don’t wanna dare them because they’re seen as gross, a kink or not as the gender they are).
The argument she says about the population gives more salt to the fact that she did blackface once and also gives me an idea of how much support she had about being trans. Because of course, if I didn’t suffered from it, it doesn’t exist.

ALSO isn’t this exactly an argument that people use for being jerks with no reason? and an argument that can be used against wlw or mlm too? and even women in some places where they are minority? so because they’re a less ammount, that makes them less of a person?
I’m sorry for being so salty but I fucking hate her.

So, I randomly got an idea while reading a Prompt List…I haven’t gotten to do one of these yet because I don’t know if I’d be good at it but, eh, I gave this one a shot. If you guys like it, let me know and maybe I’ll open up my requests and provide a prompt list!

Thanks to @beckylynchs prompt list for the idea!!

#11 “How did we end up here?” 

Originally posted by cmjesus

You sat on the couch working on your term paper at the same time you watched TJ play Overwatch. You had decided to go back to school and for some reason, you couldn’t concentrate on homework if it was quiet in the house…so you needed background noise. TJ once decided that playing video games would work and in the beginning it didn’t because you spent more time watching him than actually doing work. It didn’t take long to find a happy medium because when TJ was home, he liked to unwind with some video games and you felt that he deserved that.

Eventually, you found a way to keep up with watching TJ and doing your school work because when you got frustrated, you would just glance up and watch him for a bit, completely letting go of that moment of anger. It just worked and TJ was more than happy to hear you wanted him to play his games.

How did we end up here?” TJ asked you suddenly, his game paused.

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Could you please explain why you hate Itachi so much? If you don't mind.

Consolidating previous answers here, because I get this question a lot. ^^

I think a lot of it has to do with all of his treatment of Sasuke, and with the hypocrisy of his actions. He’s always shown in a heroic light once his past comes out, but…he tortured his little brother. He traumatized Sasuke when he was 7 years old, and then again when he was 12, because he wanted Sasuke to hate and kill him. There were ways to keep Sasuke out of the massacre - he could have knocked him out and left him somewhere else, or just refrained from making him witness their parents’ deaths over and over. The reason he did it was incredibly selfish.

Beyond that, he’s placed on a pedestal comparable to Naruto, and I hate that. If they were put in the same situation, I can’t imagine Naruto making the same choices. For that matter, I think the entire massacre was absolutely the worst choice Itachi could have made. It wasn’t supported by the Sandaime, who wanted to find a peaceful situation; it was all Danzou’s manipulations, and given that Itachi is supposed to be pretty much the smartest, strongest, most awesomest ninja ever, I find it ridiculous that he couldn’t think of some way around it. Even just double-checking with the Hokage would have let him know that Sarutobi didn’t want the Uchiha dead. Itachi is supposed to be a pacifist, and it just strikes me as unpardonably stupid that he didn’t even look for another way to resolve things. That’s not pacifism; that’s peace at any costs, and extremism.

I suppose that another reason I dislike him is because I feel that outside of the “self-sacrifice” setting, he doesn’t have much of a character. The tragedy of his story is so overemphasized that it doesn’t leave room for much else, and I see him as a fairly flat character. But most of all, I can’t get over the fact that despite him massacring his entire clan, he can still be regarded as a hero. I have absolutely no problem with asshole, evil characters - Obito is my favorite, and I love him despite what he’s done. But it’s never justified. It’s wrong, and yet Itachi tortured his little brother, killed his family, and is a hero. That’s not how it works. I don’t care if they were planning a coup; even in the shinobi world, just wiping out the entire group - including every single child except for Sasuke - can never be justified. And yet Itachi is written as a humble, noble hero, and it doesn’t work for me.

I have accepted that Itachi did what he thought was best, even if he went about it in a frankly horrible way that reflects nothing of his purported genius. Characters like Obito got redemption arcs, and you can argue about how well-written or reasonable those were. Meanwhile, Itachi never seems anything less than a saint, and between that and his actions, he will never be my favorite character, especially for someone who is not blindly crazy.

Honestly, the only thing that could make me like Itachi is if he were actually a villain instead of a giant woobie. Most of my problems with him stem from the fact that there was absolutely no reason for him to massacre his clan.


1) The Sandaime opposed violent countermeasures and wanted to try and find a peaceful solution. Just asking his superior or even attempting to confirm orders could have shown Itachi that it wasn’t a sanctioned action.

2) Danzo had a history of thinking the Uchiha were dangerous - why the hell would Itachi, son of the Clan Head and surely aware of the state of inter-village relations, listen to him without talking to literally anyone but his half-dead best friend who had just had his eye stolen by Danzo?

3) The motivation behind preempting the coup was that a civil war would destabilize Konoha and lead other villages to invade. But Konoha had just come from the Kyuubi attack, which destroyed huge swathes of the village, put its jinchuuriki out of commission for at least a decade, and killed its young and dangerous Hokage - arguably more dangerous than Hiruzen, especially because the Sandaime was already in his 60s. No one invaded then. Even the Hyuuga Incident, which was very close to war and a definite surrender for the sake of peace on Konoha’s part, didn’t carry that risk. Again, Itachi was supposed to be a genius, and this is shinobi stuff, so there are no cop-outs. Reading motivations/dangers is part of the business, especially for ANBU members who get the dangerous/politically sensitive jobs. He should have rationalized something.

4) Itachi calls himself a pacifist. Bullshit. A pacifist would have looked for any other way.

5) Uchiha Madara, greatest and most dangerous missing nin ever (actually Obito in a mask, but w/e) was advocating wiping out the Uchiha. This did not rouse any suspicions at all? He never thought to mention it to the Sandaime? Because that’s kind of a threat to the village and his job to notice? Especially given that this is an Uchiha who can control the Kyuubi, and whoops, what were the Uchiha being suspected of again? Hmm. Logic. More shinobi stuff!

So, tl;dr: Itachi had a plethora of other options, don’t try to tell me it was for the good of the village that he did what he did. It’s a thin excuse for Kishimoto to redeem his favorite character and provide justification for actual genocide, and I’m not going to start liking Itachi any time soon. Full-stop.

Pearl I don’t think they sell that… anywhere. You’ll probably have to steal it just like the Cookie Cats.

Yeah, I agree completely with Greg here and it makes me happy that he’s actually standing up to the gems.

Pearl’s plan is not going to work, I don’t think even Steven thinks it’s a good idea, but he’s just playing along because he wants to make Pearl happy. The problem is that Pearl is not fucking around, she fully expects to go to space.

“He did!”

Okay that was pretty funny. Never give your company to others Steven.

But Pearl the whole point of this was so Steven could go to space, now you’re just going with it without any actual reason.

Except the real one that you’re trying to hide to everyone including yourself.

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Wow Josh pretty much laid it on thick for denying his relationship with Jen just to promote PL. It startled me at first thinking did i get this all wrong? Did i imagine everything. Yet, it really proves just that he is in a relationship with Jen because he would have completely ignored the rumors and what did he do? He focused on talking about his fake relationship instead. You protest too much Josh. You can never convince me that you fauxmance with C is real. You barely can touch the leech.

There was no reason whatsoever to focus on our so-called “conspiracies”. No reason what-so-ever. Hell, him just talking about it brought it to the fore-front. Less attention would have been paid attention to us and Joshifer if they just let us play in our sandbox. But they so wanted to prove that Joshifer wasn’t real they showed some of their hand. In the very least it told everyone how desperate they were for people to buy that his romance with the PL gal was “real”. But hey it seemed to help them out in Italy. PL received the most money from any country there by far. And yes, there are many of us who will never buy it for many reasons. That’s our own decision to make. 

Shuu’s Diabolik Interview!

1) Shu why do you have old headphones when they finally made noise cancelling headphones ? « They’re bothersome. Too big and bulky. Besides, sometimes I do enjoy the sounds that come out of your lewd mouth. Heh, did I embarass you? Good. »


2) Shu, how do you feel about Yuma…? « Heh…about that guy? I don’t care about him, he keeps waking me up and calling me ‘Neet’. He annoys me. »


3) How would the guys react if their gf is super flexible ? Shuu, do you like flexible girls? « Flexible girls? It makes no difference. A lewd woman is a lewd woman, and easy prey. Her being flexible is just another advantage of hers I can take. I wonder, is the reason you asked because you would like to test this theory out…? »


4) I don’t mean to be offensive, Shu…You lounge around lazily a lot… And often can’t be bothered to do anything… If you and your signifigant other were getting intimate, would you do the work, or would it be all her? « Hehe~ Why do you want to know, are you interested because you’d imagine me doing things to you? What a scary woman. But if you really want to know, I’ll tell you. She would most likely do all the work but I’d make sure to tell her what to do, and as shy as she is it will be delightful to embarrass her~ »


5) Shu do you have any kinks you like being intimate with a girl? « Hmm…why do you wanna know huh? Are you ‘that’ kind of woman ? Hmph… You’re scary… I would say lingerie can be pleasing in bed but a pain to remove… I wouldn’t mind having the girl top me and for once take my role ~ but of course I’d tell her what do you and she would have to obey me… I’d make her to embarrassing and shameful things. So Every Time she things about it she will get wet and all aroused because of it~ Satisfied with my answer ? »


6) What does turn you on? « Hmm..what a lewd question. Skirts, they’re so teasy, hiding the forbidden area and yet showing it~ It’s always fun to tease a girl who wears a skirt~ »


7) Does vampire bites hurt? Like on the neck ? On the leg ? Where does it hurt least, where does it hurts the most ? « That’s a stupid question. No matter where, it’ll hurt. When I bite you, it’ll hurt. But where it hurts the least? Well, why don’t we find out together, since you’re desperately demanding it~ »


8) What’s your favorite subject in school besides music?? Favorite music piece? (Like moonlight sonata) « School does not interest me… It’s a waste of time for me, therefore I don’t like any subject. And as for my favorite music piece I’d say any pleasured feminine voice, the louder the better~ »


9) Do you preffer dogs or cats? « Cats. Cats don’t annoy me with barking and constant whines to play. »


10) Do you believe that love exists or is it simply attachment? « Hmmm a rather philosophical question… Love is one abstract notion, there is a thin line between love and hate, both strong emotions but what is love? Is it simple attachment to one significant other or simply desire to be part of their lives? I believe there is no such thing as love if there is no pleasure but once again… We may get pleasure without any sign of love, In the end there is a big difference between love who involves both pleasure and attachment and simple attachment who is merely a feeling of friendship and attraction towards one person. »


11) You were different when a kid, what changed? « Hmph. So were you. I grew up. »


12) What kind of food do you like? List them?  « I don’t like many food aside from rare steak. I really like the taste of it, mostly when some blood is still dripping from it… »


13) Why do you sleep everywhere if you have a comfy room? « It’s too bothersome to move… »


14) How can you hear everything going on around you if you always have your ear buds in? How is your music device not dying? You have it on constantly. « My ears buds are always in but I sometimes pause my music, aside from that vampire have a good hearing sense so in any case I’d hear everything. My music device doesn’t die because I regularly change the batteries inside it and have a spare MP3 ready for any emergency case. »


15) What’s with the skirt fetish ? « Skirt fetish? Heh, cute. Skirts are befitting for lewd women like yourselves. They hide just enough to only give a taste of what’s underneath it. Whether it be a simple pair or panties, or the natural state of her womanhood, it excites me. They’re easy to get a few rounds in, especially in public. Look at that red face of yours. Did I excite you instead? You lewd woman… Heh, why don’t you put a skirt on. An action speaks louder than words, after all. »

(Please do not repost the picture without creds! I worked hard to make this little edit! )


snapchat!AU - jackie and sebastian document their weekend together

moodboard request for jackie @darkwaltz

“You look so cute,” Sebastian said as he watched his girlfriend try on a pointy, black witch’s hat. Jackie puckered her lips at him, and he ducked his head for a quick kiss. “Almost makes me forget about being mad at you.”

Her jaw dropped open as she sat the hat back on the rack. “Mad at me?” She exclaimed. “But what did I do?”

“I ask you to come spend the weekend with me, so you can see what it’s like at the conventions, and because I knew you’d have fun-” His voice trailed off, and Jackie just stood there waiting for him to finish. “And the only reason you want to come is so that we can go to Hogwarts.”

“Sebastian Stan, that is not true and you know it!” She replied, taking one of the hats and placing it on his stupid head. He only rolled his eyes playfully at her and crossed his arms. “I want to spend every single second with you, no matter where we are.”

“Mhmm,” he muttered in reply.

Jackie wrapped her arms around his neck and placed a kiss on his pouted lips. “I love you, silly.”

“Not as much as you love Harry Potter.” He pointed out as they began walking.

“Don’t worry, babe.” She said as she squeezed his hand. “You’ll get there one day.”

Too many reasons to count (but i’ll try)


the number of breaths you take in half hour, your eyes blink less,
your heart beats less
when it’s quiet,
and the sun is the only movement, for moments,
I forget sometimes that
I don’t exist less.


Each morning I woke hours before you did,
even before the sun,
I used to let my forehead rest
in the cavern between your breast
and I timed my thoughts to each of your exhales,
I knew you were waking up because my thoughts begin to falter
Long pauses       between                                             wanderings
your breathing slows further,                     the gaps                               between my thoughts                  

grow deeper.    

The images         behind my eyes                                cease                                                   completely
your lips on my forehead,
My nose
My lips.


Your mother said she loved me
Before you did
Your entire family diverged
created for me a space that used to never exist.

Your sister called me once, having just broken up herself, asking me how I dealt with it,

I asked her
If she knew how many times he inhaled in an hour.
had she mapped the creases in his forehead,
Connected his moles to each other with lines only she could see
could his sister call her two weeks post break up, and still call her sister

She says I’m not dealing with it at all,
and I know I’m not.
because you’re coming back to me,
you’re coming back,
you’re coming,
you are.


You did come back to me,
six days after I’d stopped counting,
pounds lighter. heart heavier,
we were unsynchronized, all our words mistimed,
your laughter like choppy kisses,
you trying to fuck me and re-love me at the same time.
You, not sleeping at all, waiting for me to wake up
and see,
you’ve been timing your newly oppressive thoughts
to my steady breathing
you’ve been listening to my healing heart beating
stronger with each passing second
I’m sorry darling,
only the sun can wake me now,
only then will my lips touch your forehead,
your nose, your lips.
Only then will your flickering thoughts,
burn out.


Maybe time is relative,
certainly the way we measure it is.
Seconds are never long enough
moments flit by faster than we can observe each,
every minute hour
too short by half,
so many things happening,
and I’m observing less.
Your face filters
millions of feelings,
wander in your eyes at my eventual forgiveness
and disbelief when I utter
the four letter word you’ve been missing.
Then, the three letter word
you’ve been wishing for.
What are you thinking, now?

Too many thoughts to count, I’m sure.

But I will try.


There’s only ever been the two of us,
but the two of us have been several people
in the time that we’ve been here.

I’m not who I was before you left,
surely the love sickness is gone,
and I’m not who I was when you came back,
can barely discern the fault lines you carved into my heart
from the daily wear and tear of living.
And I am still different from the girl you proposed to,
I have mapped the fractions of expressions
that filter onto your face
every second of every moment

I don’t question how we
measure time, I know
we have enough of it now.


Sometimes I forget how many breaths I breathe in a half-hour,
and you remind me I exist.


He did not in fact pick out a skin novel to read.

A skill book.  Okay.  …. without sticking my mind in the gutter about the damned title, my sim is a good egg.

They for some reason met in the hallway only for her to pass out.

I guess you’re not reading a bedtime story.  It’s probably for the best.

Andrei already has a fan in this house.

As soon as Nora woke up, she asked her brother Orion for a bedtime story.  This was his response, but.. he went to go get a book anyway, because sims are bipolar shitbags.  xD

And promptly peed as soon as he got to the damned bookcase.

And that apparently is the moment Nora Lawless decided her brother was garbage who has shamed this family for a hundred years.  xD

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Yes to your ot3 proposal for the obvious reasons. But also, ~I M A G I N E~ poor Cruz's headache when the tequila-smuggling, death-faking toddler boss outdoes herself by hooking up with two of her subordinates at once. I am here for this.

“Why did you have a threesome with JJ and Tara?”
“Why do dogs lick their balls?”
“Jesus christ.”

So I walked into the train station this morning and found the ceiling on the floor.

I came off my own train and saw one woman screaming that no trains would be running, and bolting off herself in the opposite direction. So of course, just like in a horror movie, everybody just keeps going as usual, because one person yelling does not an emergency make (at least not in the New York metro area).

Also, the commuter subway (known as PATH) has been shut down for various reasons before, and there are still other ways to get to New York. You can take a ferry. Or a light rail train to another station or ferry.

So as I turn the corner I see some freaked out Dunkin Donuts employees, and before I can wonder why they’re not in their shop I see the ceiling of the station down on the floor. I did not even know at that point that another train had crashed into the station; all I knew was that the ceiling is held up by heavy steel beams, so something Very Bad must have happened.

Also, the structural integrity of the roof was in question, so I could not take the PATH (the entrance was blocked by the ceiling and train), and I wasn’t about to go further into the station to catch a ferry. So I turned around and headed for the light rail station, maybe half a block away. At some point I heard someone state that a train had crashed. I called my wife to tell her I was ok and noticed with surprise yet another above-ground passenger train coming in.

I had arrived JUST AFTER the train had crashed. Literally. It was deathly quiet when I came in and I only started hearing ambulance sirens a few moments after I got in. They hadn’t even had the time to tell other trains not to come in.
I am surprised that I did not hear the crash as I’ve heard lightning strike the building before.

I got on the light rail with all the other freaked out people because it was the only option. I could not go home yet even if I wanted to; I knew there would be no trains running at all in a few moments! One startled-looking businessman asked me how to get to New York and I told him, but he followed me like a puppy until we got to the next PATH station.

So of course I forgot that if there were no PATH trains running in Hoboken, then none of them would be coming through to the next station. Luckily there are several tracks, so I left the World Trade Center track and got on a train going to Christopher Street. (One train did come in to let off passengers that had been in transit during the crash, and even though it shut off its lights and told everyone it was going nowhere, people stood and waited for another one. I think they didn’t know what happened yet.)Once there I asked a construction worker and a doorman for directions and found a subway station for the 1 train. I took that to a station a couple blocks from my office and finally got there 45 minutes late.

It was surreal because nobody knew this had happened, and only just after I sat down did I start getting “are you ok”? emails from co-workers that knew I commuted in from Hoboken. We have TVs in our lunchrooms and I was in and out of there for most of the morning.

Anyway. I’ve always been careful to stay in the middle of the train because you never know when something like this might happen.

ya’ll i dont want to be the dent in everyone’s happiness i love this comic a lot but theres one thing that really bothered me??

If the gang really knew all along then they couldve done their part and not been insensitive pricks around bitty when it came to talking about jack?

I mean part of the fuckin reason bitty wanted to come out was because of all the nonchalant shit they used to say and it hurt him and now we find out not only did they know but they knew while saying all that crap too??? doesnt sit well with me idk

This was originally posted yesterday. In response, I believe, to Harry’s Another Man spread, because if you look at it in context on the OP’s blog, that’s where it appears.

First off, there was no reason to have been concerned about this yesterday morning. A magazine spread is not a solo project. Dunkirk is not out yet. There is nothing for them to say. Niall did in fact talk about supporting Louis, by the way:

But I don’t think he mentioned it on the day – however, a one-off TV appearance is not on the same level as releasing solo music, so it’s not weird that there wasn’t more response. It’s not sinister. They probably just forgot.

Second off – when this was posted yesterday, it was reblogged by many people who just genuinely wanted to see the band interact. But as you can see from verily’s tags above, it was also reblogged by a lot of people explicitly saying that this (totally normal) lack of public support for Harry getting featured in a magazine was a clear sign that 1D are not free. That this supposed “failure” to show support is clearly portrayed as being not by 1D’s choice, clearly linked to Simon Cowell and babygate and stunts.

This is by no means a complete list. I got bored going through the tags. So I just… I have to wonder what these people are thinking today, as this same post circulates with a triumphant addition.

Surely this is a powerful tick mark in the “maybe their lives and choices aren’t being controlled” column? Not to mention how it once again reveals how incorrect Larrie expectations are - they were convinced that the only reason 1D could not publicly talk about each other’s projects were that they were not being allowed to. They were wrong.


Oh no!

…… hm.

I mean you pushed the button, right?

And you did the goofy countdown with hands to ears thing, right?

… Idk.



I didn’t do it.  xD

I assume Cara’s gonna go gum on one of her family members’ exposed limbs, so… I mean whatever.  xD  It’s fine.  It’s NOT.  But it’s fine.  xD

That was all I got up to.  xD  Aaaaaand now I’m done.  Probably won’t post anymore gameplay tonight because I gotta go in and test.  If I’m successful for some reason I may put up a queue for tomorrow, but Idk how long situating things will take, so… be prepared for nothing again, though I may do a status post.  :X

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak Academy (Last Thoughts)

Just finished the Hope Arc. And I’m going straight to the point.

Despite my disappointment on the previous episode, I can still say that I love this series. That Hope Arc episode was not that perfect because of the reasons that led to it, but it was absolutely wonderful (I’m a sappy little girl who’s weak for happy endings). I don’t think words are enough to say how happy I am watching that last episode.

Overall, I’ve never been so invested in an anime like this before (all those thinking every episode was something I never did before). Although what brought me to this series is the mystery theme, and it kinda somewhat failed at the end, I still love the way they presented hope and despair. It was befitting for this modern world on how the good and the bad, and despair and hope, are usually mixed up, and people need to learn to think of what is right and wrong.

Like everyone else, I also want to thank Kazutaka Kodaka for that wonderful series and Director Kishi Seiji for executing this show well. I look forward for more from both of you.

So, that’s the formal part.

Here’s the wild-side part:











And with that, I bid Danganronpa farewell. :)