the studio director for mama did a shitty job during exo’s performance. I understand focusing on members who aren’t singing atm but if it’s almost every solo, that’s ridiculous. on top of that, there were too many wide shots and some of those wide shots were too wide I couldn’t even tell what was going on. they either didn’t know the performance, didn’t know how to be a good director, or were trying to do us a “service” by showing abnormal shots that shouldn’t have happened on the biggest award show of the year.

i don’t understand peoples logic, HOW did she back off bcoz “shes racist” when she knew he’s black all the time ???? she knew he’s black when she accepted the offer ,she knew he’s black when they rehearsed the song and she sure knew who he is this has nothing to do with him being black shut the fuck up and let go of a thing she said back in 1788 and apologized for it . 

she didn’t just back off in the last second bcoz she realized he’s black lmao none of you make any sense, she or sm haven’t said a thing about this yet and you’re already accusing her of shit

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After reading that post explaining Yuri and Victor's relationship, you're officially one of my favorite people. You understand them the way I do, but I can't never write it out while you did it beautifully. I love your metas and your understanding of the characters (not just YOI, but also in your fics). Thank you for being a part of YOI fandom. Certainly makes it better for me. :)

Aww thank you so much! That reply actually took me n hour to try and make it coherent haha, I’m glad to know you liked and my other stuff! Thank you <3

Sorry if it’s flooding your askbox but is there anywhere i can check whether or not my country has bought the isu broadcasting rights? I’m planning to watch the gpf live but i’m pretty sure the live stream on eurovision sports will be blocked in countries that have bought the rights

The ISU has a list of TV rights holders here. I don’t know how comprehensive that list is; it’s pretty short. You might have better luck contacting the ISU directly or some of your local TV companies.

I’ve always thought that the only ‘rippon’ jump is ‘rippon lutz’, because Adam mastered it with two hands above his head, but I never new he was first to jump ANY jump with two hands up – or did I understand wrong? So that means, from now on we can call (informally) every jump with two hands up the 'rippon jump’, like 'rippon flip’ or 'rippon toeloop’? That would be cool! Has anybody jumped that or the 'rippon lutz’ is the only known example so far?

Yes, Adam was the very first skater to do a jump with both arms above his head! ETA: I was wrong, Adam actually was not the first skater to do a jump with both arms over his head, it was Norbert Schramm over 30 years ago. Adam was definitely the one who popularized the move, though, and the first to do it on a triple. He first did it several years ago, and he usually does it on a lutz. “Rippon” can be used to describe any jump with both arms above the skater’s head. Many skaters have used the Rippon variation on different jumps; Adam’s is just the most famous. (He’s also done it on a flip before - a “flippon”, according to @realdetective lol.) Some of the Russian ladies have definitely used it, and Angela Wang did a rippon loop in her short program last season, just off the top of my head. I’m sure there are many more examples. James/Cipres do a rippon throw jump in their free skate this season; it’s the first time I’ve seen a pairs team attempt the variation on a throw jump.

The potato medal is so funny! In French, we say 4th place gets “a chocolate medal” :D

I’ve heard of that before, too! It’s cute. Not as funny as “potato” though, haha.

Sorry if you already answered this elsewhere, but where can we watch the skating with english commentary? Is there a specific channel for it?

Canada, USA, and the UK air skating with English commentary. Canada’s CBC livestreams most skating competitions on their website, but their streams are geoblocked outside of Canada. British Eurosport streams are readily available online and we often list them in our streaming info posts. NBC rarely airs skating live, but NBC videos are often uploaded to Youtube after the broadcasts. To find skating videos with commentary from these TV channels, just search Youtube for a skater’s name and add “CBC”, “NBC”, or “BESP” to it. Or check out some of the Youtube channels on our list.

I’ve seen a couple of people use the word 'pop’, what does that mean? Like, so-and-so popped his jump. Does that mean he did well or did poorly?

The question that inspired our Glossary of Skating Fan Terms! Check it out; “pop” is defined there, along with many other unofficial skating terms.

Rumbelle thoughts, fears and speculations.

I hope that what Belle just did will help her understand Rumplestiltskin’s need for power. She gave away her son because she feared that someone more powerful than her was trying to hurt him. That’s exactly why Rumple craves power, because if he is the most powerful around, then he can protect his family.

We know that we’ll see the grown up Rumbaby again, so my greatest fear right now is that someone will irreversibly speed up his aging. I really don’t know how Rumbelle could come back from this, because Rumple would blame Belle for it, and rightfully so. I don’t think he could or should ever forgive her if their son suddenly turned 28 because she gave him up.

My current theory is that the guy Belle saw in her dream is the Rumbaby, but the Rumbaby from the AU that will come to life in the next episode. Somehow, Rumple and Belle had a child in that AU, but Rumple royally screwed things up, probably while trying to find Bae. So his son, who now hates him, uses his powers (he’s the product of TL and the son of the Dark One, after all) to contact his mother from another timeline, hoping to… idk, save at least her? Change the course of fate? That would explain how could “Morpheus” know so many things.

I mean it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated but boy did the writers fuckup by leaving Iris out I’m furious on her behalf also I’m unreasonably angry Mick shared scenes with Cisco b/c can we all please have this FRIENDLY REMINDER THE LAST TIME CISCO SAW MICK MICK WAS BEATING DANTE like wtf

and the recconcilation was rushed, so I’m chosing to believe that was Cisco knowing that saying that was the only way to keep barry from sacrificing himself and leaving no one to deal with Savitar (b/c cisco does not yet know he can stop the speedforce) and a proper “ I now understand you did not intend the ripples to happen how they did but you still are responsible and I still need my space maybe someday things can change but not right now we can be coworkers but for now that has to be enough” convo

I approved greatly of Kara’s actions and of the fact that Cisco has seen stranger things ps remind me to tell y’all about my flash stranger things AU

Jax is my forever son and I hope he agrees to keep Martin’s secret on the condition martin saves his dad and then these buddies can have /family/ 

how old is  Christina Brucato is she in the right age range to be dating Caitlin because fuck I ship that.

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you probably don't wanna read this but as annoying as I find drug users to be, I did acid once to try and understand and it actually helped me temporarily get over a longstanding debilitating phobia I have that makes it incredibly difficult to go about day to day but that faded away over a few days. i think they can have positive effects of studied more

Eh again i dont really care about this like its really not my issue i just find it funny when like, im saying “i think this sounds kinda lame” and people are like, but you havent met ME and MY FRIENDS we arent LAME we do/believe *totally normal ass thing that you would have to be super lame to see as “profound”* i really dont care. If yall need acid to reach the weird leaps my schozoaffective brain gets normally, have fun and more power to you. I am not the anti acid blogger now i stg if this becomes yet another weird label i have affixed to me based on a shitpost

Wait a minute, did I understand that correctly; there are two million metas? Wtf, where are they all? How come we only see heroes and villains? Where are all the casual metas strolling around Central City, just going about their daily lives and levitating things with their mind or whatever?