You Both Try Teaching Eachother English & Chinese/Korean


Him: “Say it with me now. Dangsin-eun aleumdawoyo.” (You’re beautiful)

(Y/N): “Dangsin-eun what the hell did you just say to me?”

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Him: “I’m good at English.”

(Y/N): “No, you’re decent.”

Him: “I’m good.”

(Y/N): “All you know how to say is ‘blow it like a flute’. That’s not English. It’s fvckboi.”

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Him: “Come on, you’re almost there. Say it again.”

(Y/N): “Nǐ shì yǒushǐ… yǐlái zuì hǎo… de nán péngyǒu?” (you’re the best boyfriend ever)

Him: “YES”

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(Y/N): “It’s actually pronounced to-MA-toe, not to-MAH-toe.”

Him: “To-mah-did I ask?”

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(Y/N): “But why do I need to learn Chinese? We have Google.”

Him: “You asked me to teach you last week…?”

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Him: “I’ve got Kyungsoo to teach me English.”

(Y/N): “Then he can also go with you on that lunch date tomorrow.”

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Him: “Why won’t you let me teach you Korean?”

(Y/N): “You only teach me the swear words.”

Him: “But those are the only things you’ll need in life.”

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Him: “I think my English is okay, though.”

(Y/N): “Yeah but… It could be better.”

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Him: “I’m not teaching you anymore.”

(Y/N): “Why not? Are you jealous I speak Korean better than you?”

Him: “(Y/N), I’ve been speaking it since I could talk.”

(Y/N): “….Jealousy is an ugly thing.”

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Him: “I want to know all the swears.”

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Him: “I can teach better Korean than that stupid book.”

(Y/N): “You’ve only taught me the names of food. That won’t get me anywhere.”

Him: “It’ll get you everywhere.

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Him: “I don’t want to learn English. I have the basics down.”

(Y/N): “Do I need to bring up a compilation of your English parts?”

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Jin / Suga / J-hope / Rap Monster / V / Jungkook

A/N: this is too long lololol i have no regrets 

  • highkey boyfriend material af
  • like the type your parents would coo at and wouldn’t mind coming over because “he’s such a sweet boy”
  • i know most people see him as this charismatic, sexy guy but as soon as he’s off-stage he like, tackles you and gives you a bear hug while straddling your lap
  • asking things like
  • “did i do well”
  • “was i cool up there”
  • and you’re ruffling his hair with a huge idiotic grin on your face bc you’re just really, really proud of him
  • and then there’s jungkook lowkey judging the both of you from somewhere and making disgusting, kissy faces what a child
  • so jimin, with his head buried in your neck, goes like “stop being a brat, jeon”
  • and jungkook pauses for a moment bc he’s confused as hell
  • like howw???
  • he’s behind the door????

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FitzSimmons’ backstory is coming!

Q) It seems like we have heard a lot of the other characters’ backstories and their family and what not. Fitz and Simmons still seem to be a mystery. Will we ever hear more about where they came from?

Jed: We weren’t going to do that, but now we will.

Maurissa: We had an episode where they went back to the academy and there were a few scenes from that episode that unfortunately had to be cut just for time. There were many conversations within those scenes that did reveal more information about their personal lives. But we’ll get there. Now that they are in a fully committed relationship there will be a lot of pillow talk.

Jed: Also, they have been through a lot of obstacles to get together. Now that they are together, the obstacles that usually come when you find someone is the people that come with them and the families. Everything will change. So, we will get into some of that. Yes. [x]

Book Thief

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam
Words: 765
This is my one shot for @poemwriter98‘s Fall Writing Challenge. My prompt was “Where did you put my favorite book?”

        “Dean!” you stomped through the bunker, looking for your boyfriend, “Dean Winchester!”

           “What did you do?” you heard Sam ask Dean as you neared the library where they were sitting.

           “Hell if I know,” Dean said.

           “Where did you put my favorite book?” you asked, walking into the room and standing over Dean, trying to look threatening, but you knew Dean wasn’t remotely scared of the glare you were giving him.

           “What book?” Dean looked up at you innocently.

           “The one I always keep on my nightstand,” you said, “Come on, where is it?” you asked, “Please.”

           “What do I get if I tell you?” he asked.

           “A repeat of last night,” you shot back.

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Chapter Thirteen


Walking into Trent’s office I was about to say something until I saw him on the phone. I closed the door and sat in a chair while he spoke to whoever was on his phone. I don’t know what was wrong with him but whatever it was had him upset I could tell just by the look on his face. “I don’t care what you have to do but we gotta be able to get this shit done, I don’t need this shit right now. Aight, I’ll meet you down there later.” Once he hung up he ran his hand down his face then looked at me. “What’s up Dom?”

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FS + 43?


“The grade of the product should be weighed against the risk–”

“Well, naturally. If you’re eyeing a larger profit margin, the potential costs from discovery become less significant.”

“What the hell’s happening there?” Trevor nudged Aja and jerked his chin towards where reining nerd-cadets Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons were holding court in a corner of the Boiler Room.

“Oh, they’re high,” Aja explained casually, sipping the little black straw in her cocktail.

What?!” Trevor crowed. “How?”


“Did you trick them into taking them?”

“No – I mean, not really. All you have to do is say ‘I bet you won’t’ and then Simmons will do whatever it is you’re talking about, and once Simmons does it–” She gestured towards the pair.

“That’s amazing,” Trevor chuckled. “What have I missed?”

“They’re not that different from normal, but their conversation topics are definitely more interesting. Right now they’re debating the finer points of drug-smuggling.”

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ok so absolutely amazing and wonderful ethreal being @atomicshelmy tagged me in this i feel so #blessed THANK YOOU

RULES: Using only song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. Tag ten people at the end.

Artist: not really an artist but Book of Mormon

What is your gender? I am Africa 
Describe yourself: I Believe
How do you feel? Hello!
If you could go anywhere, where would it be? Sal Tlay Ka Siti 
Favourite mode of transportation? Two by Two
Your best friend: You and Me (But Mostly Me)
Favourite time of day: Tomorrow is a Latter Day
If your life was a TV show, what would it be called? Turn It Off
What is life to you? Spooky Mormon Hell Dream
Relationship status: Making Things Up Again
Your fear? Joseph Smith American Moses

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mchanzo headcanons

- Imagine Mchanzo having a baby

- Imagine this cute little thing with black hair and dark eyes and these two dorks crying because she’s too pure, too good for this world

- Imagine her and Hanzo in the bed, he’s telling her the story of the two dragons and suddenly she asks “daddy, is this story about you and uncle Genji” and he’s like what the hell how did you know and he starts crying and she tries to dry his tears and omg

- Imagine her at school the teacher asks her what she would like to do when she’s an adult and she says “i want to be a cowboy like my daddy” and everyone is shocked because what the fuck a cowboy but then there’s a meeting between teachers and parents and oh shit there’s seriously a cowboy

- Imagine the happy family and the uncle having dinner together. Suddenly she stops and asks Mccree “daddy, uncle Genji said you’re a masochist. Is it true?” and Hanzo is like what the actual fuck Genji and Genji is like oh shit and Mccree is like I’ll make you eat you’re balls son of a bitch

- Imagine Hanzo and Maccree going to beat the shit out of a guy who’s teasing her but when they arrive he’s already ko because she beat him up first

- Imagine her winning her first battle while her dads are watching and crying because they raised her so well

They seriously waited literally like 24 fucking hours to squash the hype

literally 24 fucking hours

Honestly, I’m fucking mad as hell. If it was just a fucking anniversary rerelease for black parade, they should’ve said something A LOT FUCKING EARLIER. Like literally 2 hours afterwards or something.

I’m mad, but more like fucking appalled that they let people get so fucking hyped up and didn’t clarify before it got like this. They know exactly what they did. So fucking shady and manipulative. Like yeah, it’s not that deep and no one cares and it ain’t even worth getting mad about, but how’re you gonna delete the break up tweet, do a fucking video teaser, pick a symbol that means resurrection, and then say “lol nah, it’s just black parade rerelease”

Their fucking marketing team can fuck the hell right off

Update; suing for emotional damages so I can get me some of that rerelease money

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Ok like Keith is all cool for living in his own shed but like what did he eat?? Like did he steal from the school??

Time for some random world-building lmfao.

  • The Garrison is located in the desert, this we know. It could be Arizona… Could be Nevada… Could be hell… What’s the difference.
  • Anyway we know the Garrison is located in the Sand. When Keith uses his amazing getaway skills to get away from the Garrison agents during the first episode, it’s implied he drives a Long ways away because in the next scene we see the sunrise. Also to shake off the goddamn government I should HOPE that Keith was driving straight on till dawn lmfao.
  • The Garrison might be a military institution, but they clearly house teens/young adults who need to be able to contact their families since the govt is required by law to do that and stuff. And we all know that the Garrison is great about communication :)
  • Okay sorry this post is getting weirdly bitter abt the Garrison… My b… Continuing.
  • Obviously the government can’t have kids constantly calling their parents back home because it might expose how shady they are!! So they restrict these calls to only a few times a month, and require the students to HAUL themselves over to the nearest town in order to use a ‘secure line.’
  • The Garrison probably has enough perishables to survive a nuclear fallout, but there is something to be said about fresh food. So having a town an hour or two away is great for both local businesses and produce exchange!!
  • Plus, the adults prolly get SICK of living with a bunch of teens/college kids so having a nearby town is perfect because then the students get to blow off steam and stuff!
    • Wait I just remembered that in the first episode doesn’t Lance come up with a plan to sneak out with Hunk and Pidge to go hit up ‘the town’ and talk to some girls or whatever?? Oh my.. Did I write out this post for nothing.
  • SCREW IT I’M STILL GOING. Anyway; near the Garrison, about an hour or two away, is a small town. This town is like.. Equidistant between Keith’s dusty house and the Garrison.
  • Keith is probably really self-sufficient at his little slice of paradise, I bet he has a vegetable garden or something lol. But obviously things break, or maybe Keith gets sick of only having beans, so he goes down to the town to find some work in exchange for food, that sort of thing.
  • Because this is an American town in the desert that lives in the shadow of a government issued building, NONE of the locals trust the Garrison lmfao. So whenever Keith comes into town looking for someone to fix his electricity or water pump or whatever… No one tells the Garrison that the kid they kicked out is still hanging around, thus inadvertently ensuring that Keith’s shack remains a safe house, therefore keeping them out of the Garrison’s shady clutches in the first episode.

Why do I have headcanons for this.

sentence starters –> team starkid

  • “What the devil is going on here?”
  • “I’M IN A RAGE!”
  • “Let the record show that I am SUPER ahead of schedule.”
  • “What would Zefron say at a time like this? We’re all in this together.”
  • “Put down that cheesecake.”
  • “Did you get my text?”
  • “And you’d think killing people would make them like you, but it doesn’t… It just makes them dead.”
  • “What have you done with the Zefron poster, you horrid bitch?”
  • “Everything looks a little brighter from on top of a lap.”
  • “I’m not homeless! Anymore…”
  • “Redvines - what the hell can’t they do?”
  • “This is all your fault, ____.”
  • “Remember, boo’s are for ghosts, and cheers is where everybody knows your name.”
  • “Not everyone’s perfect like me.”
  • "Our way of life is ‘lassiez-faire’.”
  • “… Shit.”
  • “A buffalo monster! In a cape!”
  • “Not all of us inherited enough money to buy out NASA when our parents died.”
  • “I can’t get her out of my head and every time I look at her I have these pains in my chest and I just know it’s her fault, that bitch.”
  • “Those are stretch marks, they happen.”
  • “You are acting like Garfield on a Monday.”
  • “You stupid goddamn robot!”
  • “Drop the attitude, _____.”
  • "Calculus was TOUGH!”
  • “It’s gonna be totally awesome!”
  • “What the hell is a Hufflepuff?”
  • “Damn that GLEE, always making twisted abominations out of everything!”
  • “Oh my God, _____, stop texting me!”
  • “What if I were to just… break your fingers?”
  • “He thinks I’m cool, we’re tight.”
  • “Or we could travel around the mundane British country side…”
  • “_____! I said I was joking!”
  • “A song is a dick in sheep’s clothing.”
  • “God did this to us! Damn him to hell!”
  • “Take off your clothes.”
  • “I am a tough bitch.”
  • “So, you guys like Star Wars jokes?”
  • “I am woman, hear me SMASH!”
  • “Cool doesn’t come from other people - it comes from you!”
  • “I consider myself to be a very reasonable uptight bitch.”
  • “_____, shut your ungodly, lopsided mouth and quit interrupting.”
  • “Welcome hotties, nerds and tools.”
  • “I once had a flirtatious relationship with a stack of hay.”
  • “Tequila makes me a dirty slut.”

No but how the hell was Steven conceived?

One of the crew that Rose shapeshifted a womb for him. Excellent. So I’m assuming she shapeshifted a vagina? Okay. So did she shapeshift ovaries? Fallopian tubes? Eggs? How does a gem shapeshift eggs? Did she have to force herself to ovulate? Did she have to forcibly fertilize her own egg? Where did the umbilical cord come from? How did she learn about any of this? How did she know what to do? She’s an alien rock! HOW THE ACTUAL F

Silmarillion Characters as Quotes from My Immortal
  • Turin:He had gone through horrible problems, and now he was gothic.
  • Feanor:A lot of preps stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.
  • Sauron:Voldemort got a dude-ur-so-retarded look on his face.
  • Luthien:why can't I just be ugly or plain like all da other girls and preps here
  • Maglor:“I’m not okay.” he screamed depressedly.
  • Maedhros:“This cannot be.” Snap said in a crisp voice as blood dripped from his hand
  • Finrod:And den……………………………I jumped secxily in front of da bullet!11
  • Eonwe:Why did you do such a thing, you mediocre dunces?
  • Melkor:“Yah I know but he had a headache he wz under a lot of stress.” Satan reasoned evilly.
  • Finwe:You might think I’m a slut but I’m really not.

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What do you think of all the grester breakup rumors


All right. I’ve been trying to stay out of it, but all right.

What do I think of all the Grester breakup rumors? That I’ve had rather enough of them.

Look. Grace and Chester are not casually dating. They’re not even boyfriend and girlfriend. They’re partners. They share a house and a dog and bills and presumably a mortgage; they know one another’s families and have established traditions. They have ingratiated themselves into one another’s lives. For all we talk about wanting them to get married, even if they did, very little would change on a practical front. They have become a family.

Casual or adolescent relationships may well crumble without readily-evident lingering emotional damage, but solid, established, deeply entwined relationships sure as hell don’t. We haven’t seen Chester, but Grace is working, laughing, playing with Goose, and being present on social media. She’s okay. In the aftermath of a relationship that serious breaking up, she wouldn’t be. I don’t care how good an actress she is or how much she prides herself on her ability to act as an automaton; that kind of emotional blow would disable her for a good while, and we would be able to tell.

I love Chester to the tips of my toes. He’s a dear, brilliant man with the biggest damn heart I’ve ever seen. But I think we can all agree that consistency is not one of his strengths. He drops off the face of the earth sans explanation at least three times a year, and in the two and a half years he’s been with Grace, none of those times has been due to any threat to their relationship that’s been made publicly available. (It’s wise for us to also note that, every time this happens, we all shit our pants with anxiety waiting to see him again and have confirmation that all is well.)

Maybe he’s in Africa with the Thirst Project. Maybe he’s drowning in work for his album. Maybe he’s cooking up a new project that he can’t talk about yet. Maybe they had a fight - yes, adult couples do fight; it’s normal and healthy! - and he’s taking some time to cool off. Maybe he’s going through a bout of depression - I hope not, but it’s not unprecedented. Maybe he just needed a break from social media. There are literally infinite ways this story ends, and not all of them end on “he and Grace split up.”

I know speculation is way too easy in these cases and that we all have painfully fertile imaginations, but all of us really, truly, desperately need to take a deep breath and step back from the situation. Try to remember that we know what we know about Grace and Chester’s relationship only at the pleasure of Grace and Chester. They’re under no obligation to broadcast anything about it. We have a responsibility to be…well, responsible, with the information they do disclose. We’re a population that is not unduly afraid of speculation, I know, but there’s a huge chasm between “where’s she taking him for his birthday this year?” and “OMG xyz has happened what if they broke up?”

On a personal note, as someone who’s been surrounded on all sides by a mixed-media exhibition of depression for nearly four months following the loss of my job, it’s all kinds of not good for my mental health to go into the Grester tag and see all these hypotheticals being thrown out. It ticks up my anxiety big time, and knowing everything I’ve written above really doesn’t help that. Thinking about the demise of a relationship I love so much between two people I love so much deals a pretty massive blow to my mental health. So above and beyond the greater question of whether or not the rumors have any merit, there’s another completely self-centered reason I want the speculation train to stop, and it’s the preservation of my own sanity.

I won’t argue that something’s off since Hawaii, but I’m also not going to participate in games of “what if.” If we get concrete evidence of some change in their relationship status, then we can revisit the topic, because like many of you, I will be grieving terribly and I will need the support of this community to do it. Until then, for my sake as much as for Chester’s and Grace’s, I’m going to stay the hell out of it.

If nothing else, for the love of god, keep it out of their tags. Have we not already established that Chester and especially Grace see everything? No matter what may or may not have happened between them, seeing that kind of speculation in their tags has the potential to do a lot of harm, not just between them but between them and their fan community. Tag it Grester if you must, but as with fanfic, their individual tags should be off-limits.

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hc that 1. Gabe has a huge dick ok 2. Jack has maybe fucked like 2 girls when he was growing up so he's new to the gay stuff and 3. Jack doesn't have a gag reflex but doesn't know about it so imagine fresh young gay Jack about to suck Gabe's monster dick for the first time and then he goes for it and swallows it whole???? and gabe is losing his fucking mind and Jack is like "what what did I do"


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If you do smut reactions can you do a bts and got7 reaction to you wanting to do more kinky stuff in the bedroom?

Ooooh~ I see you, anon. I see you *wink wink* ;3 Let’s see what I can do for you *already knows I am starting my descent to hell with the smut about GOT7 because they debuted to ruin my existence*


Mark - with him things could two ways: 1) I think he might be shy and feel flustered the moment you ask him about take it up a notch in bed; 2) The quiet ones are sometimes the most kinky ones in disguise. He might be all shy in public, but behind closed doors…. ;))))))) He would give you that sexy smirk and letting you know that he has been thinking the same as you did and that in fact you should try it right away ;))

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JB: Lord almighty, save me D: If he is not your bias, he is your bias ruiner because this boy is fiiiiine ♥ He would like to try something new as well, different from the usual vanilla sex. And we all know he is daddy status. As soon as you mention spicing it up in the bedroom, he closes the door and melts you with his intense gaze.
“Well, what a coincidence. I was thinking the same. I didn’t know my kitten was this naughty. Why don’t you go ahead and show daddy what you had in mind ;)”

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Jackson: Here comes the hard part for me because I LOVE THIS MAN TO A LEVEL THAT IT IS NOT EVEN FUNNY ANYMORE D:
I think he would tease you, wanting to hear exactly what you want to do even though he knows exactly what you mean. The little bastard just wants to hear it from you and then his playful self would be out the door because Mr. Wild and Sexy has showed up and wants to play ;) I feel like he would be into trying a lot of different positions to find out which one gives the most pleasure. And lucky for you, boy has stamina ;)))))

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Jinyoung: he has this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde vibe to him. One moment he is all calm and romantic, but with the right input, he turns into a savage. He would get caught off guard at first when you first mention wanting to do more dirty stuff in the bedroom. But after giving it some thought, he would consider your offer and definitely not deny you.

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Youngjae: Oh Lord, this cinnamon roll would get so flustered at the mention of some extra sexiness in bed. He has nothing against it, he would actually love to try, but I feel like he would get very self conscious about not being able to satisfy you. But, he gives it a try anyway after you reassure him that you just want to experiment and that you will love anything he will do.

Originally posted by cookey-jar

Bambam: It has already been established that Bambam has his head in the gutter 4 times out 5. He actually has already tried to seduce you into doing more than just vanilla sex, but he didn’t want to push until you were completely ready. He just kept teasing you and now that you are actually asking for it, you are serving the opportunity on a silver platter to him.

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Yugyeom: First of all, when I was first told he is the maknae in Got7 I thought I was getting lied to because look at that giant baby! Now that I know he is an overgrown child, whenever I see him do naughty stuff I’m just like: “BOY IF YOU DON’T–” and JB seems to agree with me.
Now, when it comes to the dirty deed, he is probably all for it after an initial moment of shyness. He would love to explore and discover new things with you, letting things happen naturally and following his naughty instincts ;)

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(I will add BTS to this list tomorrow because right now it is past 2am and I have to wake up at 7am by idk what miracle, but I hope you enjoyed so far ;D)

okay but what ever you do don’t think about

  • Nicky being really wary of Renee in the beginning 
  • he’s freshly separated from his real family in Germany who helped him learn to accept himself and he’s not back in the same town as his parents who threw him out and put him through Literal Hell
  • and now he’s also been beat up for his sexuality on top of that
  • so yes he’s wary of the good christian girl because who’s to say she’s not going to be like his parents 
  • and Nicky refuses to hide this time, he already did his share of hiding
  • so around the team he doesn’t just act so exuberant to balance out his cousins but also to sort of test how far he can go before Renee snaps about his gay-ness
  • and she never does
  • and Nicky is so confused but also really relieved 
  • I mean he knows there are good christians out there like Erik and his family
  • and eventually Nicky and Renee have a heart-to-heart because her and Andrew and friends and Nicky really needs to be sure where they stand
  • and she gives him her “I’m a bad person trying really hard to be a good person” talk
  • and Nicky is just so relieved???
  • because thank fuck he’s not going to have to deal with more of this prejudice here 
  • and that’s why he tells Neil that she’s a sweetheart and don’t mess with her because to Nicky she’s more proof that there are still good people in this world