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((Hey mun! Height chart please?))

((These are approximate to my headcanons, anyway. Anyone is welcome to disagree.

Chart credit to GhostWriterNext on deviantart.))

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If Harry doesn't post something on twitter about this, I'll be so disappointed you have no idea. He's been absent for so long, I'' ready to leave. If he stays mute, I'm out.

First of all: What is it with people and social media? Honestly, what the hell did people do before it? Writing things - condolences especially - on social media is, to me, very impersonal. It’s for the audience first and foremost, something Harry has shown me he’s not about.

Secondly: You’re wrong. We just got photos of him from yesterday. And if you’re referring to us not seeing him as often as before, you’ve got to learn some patience. He’s working on it.

And lastly: I’m not interested in having an argument about something so pointless, so incredibly irrelevant today. Why are you making this about Harry? Why sit at the ready, waiting for him to say something? Don’t answer cos the questions are rhetorical. I’m very sorry if I come across as rude but this is ridiculous. I debated on whether to answer you or not and chose to do so in hopes of you understanding that they are -real- people. It’s not about social media. It’s not about Harry. This is real life. Perhaps logging off and looking around yourself could do you some good.

And hey. If you’re out by midnight, you’re out. Harry won’t even notice. x


and there. right there are the words that make my heart break. he thinks his bipolarity is a monster, like it’s able to swallow everyone else just like it did him. he views his mental illness as this big scary thing and it doesn’t only scares him, it scares other people as well. he thought that because if it, isak will abandon him. the only person in probably ages that was there and listened and made him laugh and made him feel something again. a boy who faced mental illnesses with a person close to him. his mother. and that left him with all of those thoughts that were just false, but even has what he has and saying anything was frightening because he did not want to take the risk of having to lose isak, but now, after billion thoughts running inside his brain after he sent that text to isak and isak arriving in what seemed like years later, he knows that everything is going to be okay because isak is there for him and he is not alone.

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I thought I was fine already too, but here I am, crying again after seeing all these beautiful gifs, and just thinking about that scene makes me tear up. It was too beautiful for this world. I can't believe this isn't a dream, I can't believe Skam is an actual tv series and not just my imagination.

did i send this into myself

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I don't know why i'm telling you this but I'm crying so much. My own mum started making disgusting faces at me for watching the last clip. I just thought I didn't want to hide from her and she did that. She told me it was disgusting, she asked me many times if I was lesbian for doing that. I'm just here crying so much because she ruined the moment and she can't even understand the story. And it was such a beautiful scene and I just want to move on my own now and go far away from this

hey there 💝 i’m sorry your mom was so horrible to you and i’m sorry she said those things and i’m sorry home doesn’t feel like a place you want to be right now. your mom was wrong. 100%. don’t let her words change the way this clip and this story made you feel. there is nothing disgusting about it and about you. i hope your mother learns over time. i don’t know her and your situation and if that’s even a realistic and safe possibility for you but i hope you can find a way to teach her. crying is okay and understandable right now. but try to take deep breaths and in a bit try to concentrate on something else. i hope you feel better soon 💝

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Hiii Guang-Hong! I loved your performance at the Cup of China, especially your FS ;))) That's quite a scenario you thought up heheheheh... do you happen to have a crush on Leo-kun? I mean, you were willing to take an imaginary bullet for him and all.. ;DDDDD

“!!!How did you know who I was thinking of- I-I mean, w-what would ever make you think that! Leo’s really great and kind but he’s just a really good friend of mine… A-and if I was thinking of Leo during my FS, t-that would’ve been because I talked to him recently, the bullet scenario was just a part of my routine, it could’ve been for any one of my friends!”

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to be honest, i feel like camila isn't in a closet. i never felt like she was. i think the industry obligates her to create a closet but if it wasn't for that,she'd be out. i think the only thing she has to say is her sexuality just like lauren did. she's all out, literally. she doesn't hide the fact that she likes woman, she never did.

makes sense if we think 🤔 but she can’t be that free

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Moonbyun reminds me of hobi :x

Oh OH GOD I SORT OF SEE IT?? But I think Moonbyul’s less… hmmm… how do I say this… like okay I think Hoseok’s very very self aware and very very in control of himself and what he shows to the fans. Like, not that he’s fake or anything, but the Hoseok we see is very much J-Hope, a collection of conscious pieces of Hoseok that he’s chosen to share with the fans, with rare instances when Hobi shines through when he’s very very caught off guard (like especially emotional or scared; my poor baby bun please protect him T__T <3). This is not to say that I think that makes him any less genuine. It’s still Hoseok, parts of Hoseok… but he lacks the… awkwardness? of being genuinely uncertain of how he should act/what he should say. 

And I haven’t seen… a whole lot?? of Mamamoo (not as much as BTS, at any rate) so I could be wrong, but I think Moonbyul’s got much less natural control over this aspect. She’s goofy and kinda randomly high energy, but I also see moments when she’s just awkward and uncertain and definitely relies on Yongsun in those moments to smooth over any sudden silences. But I’ve only really watched them in Showtime so maybe this has changed since then??

Basically what I’m saying is I definitely see similarities between them (their loudness, the way they both seem to throw themselves into their laughs [why can’t I find a better one of Moonbyul?? There were so many times she just cracked up and died during Showtime but google has failed me TAT], their unimpressed expressions), I think the point of difference is that in a situation where Hoseok would be in the thick of things, screaming with Taehyung and Jeongguk about something, Moonbyul’s at the back of the group, cracking up as Wheein and Yongsun and Hwasa scream up front. 

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What did Naysayer mean when telling Marco that Star's a good friend because, not only was he sounding a bit devilish, and as he only tells his darkest secrets. Plus Marco seemed to get upset him saying that, and that's what prompted him to get on with his life

The Naysaya didn’t only tell Marco’s insecurities, he seldom commented on other things as well.

In that case, I think he was just being honest with Marco, or trying to make him feel bad.

I think Star’s words, and concern, got to him, something like “She’s right / I can’t let this stop me forever / She’s always been rooting for me and now I can’t stop”, and Naysaya’s words might have, at the same time, gave him the last push he needed, while irking him. “This curse dares telling me things I already know as I wasn’t appreciating Star as a friend! Screw this curse! i’m going to bribe it, and get on with my life!”

If we really want to take it as “everything Naysaya says comes from deep inside Marco, in one way or another”, the comment might have stemmed from Marco feeling guilty for wasting all the support he got from his friend, but that sounds like making things more convoluted than they need to be, to me, and not that consistent with the curse’s behaviour.

dearsenna xmas gift/promotion

I was thinking about doing another giving away but I think it’ll work better next year. So, for xmas I’m making this strange thing. Like and reblog this post and in december 25th I’ll ramdonly pick up the name of 3 people (just as I did in the giving away thing) and here are the prizes:

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it’ll give me a lot of work in the F1 break and good content for you I believe. not a great thing but, hope you enjoy this game :)

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Elise just said her EP is out tomorrow on Evan's snapchat. It kinda worries me that they literally pushed this out in a couple weeks when it takes actual musicians months and sometimes years. Hopefully they're not sacrificing the quality to get it out before Christmas just to make money. Well, I mean she has to pay her rent so it is to make money as well but it seems something she's so passionate about. I want it to be good for her and for us.


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Do you think Junhoe would ever sub? -baby butt

This Junhoe?

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This one??

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Fuck, if he’s not one dominant piece of ass!

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But the thought of him in a collar is one of the sexiest fucking things I’ve ever thought of!

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Dragging a needy Junhwe to bed and he’s just SO willing to do whatever you tell him so he can get the release he needs so badly.

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It would a lot to get him there, but GIRL! If you did you’d for sure be hooked!

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I just know he’s holding back some whines that could make mama proud!!

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Imagine him whining your name because he can’t see you and he just needs you to touch him some more. FUCK! Okay! I have work to do..

What even is my life?

I had a job interview today. It went okay. I feel like it could have gone better but we will see. I did however get another phone call and have another interview next week. Also pays way more than I’m making now. Makin waves, makin waves.

Last night an old friend of mine practically admitted to being in love with me since he met me. I honestly had no idea and I don’t know what to do about it. I’m pretty sure he has a girlfriend and I’m not quite sure what his intentions were as far as telling me those things. I don’t know if he just needed to get it off of his chest or if he is expecting to come out of it? Either way, it caught me off guard.

Ryan also admitted this morning that he fucked up big, that he wishes he had a time machine, that he wishes we would have worked things out. He told me how sorry he was for abandoning me and his family, for hurting me, for being in this situation we are in now. Once again, I don’t know what he is expecting out of this because he lives with his girlfriend. What can we do about it now? And I think the bigger question is would I even give him another chance? That I don’t know. On the one hand he is/was my husband but on the other, how could I ever trust him again?

Y'all this is too much! I’m not focusing on any of it. I’m doing me and going to continue to move up in the world.