I’m 23 followers away from my next hundred which means I’m 323 followers from my first thousand since deleting. I know this is probably a lot to ask, and I don’t expect it to happen, but I’d love to to hit 1000 followers again by my birthday on July 13th. So I’d really love if you guys could reblog this or promo or something. Obviously you don’t have to and I don’t expect many people to, but it’d be awesome to even get close to my goal. Thanks guys <3

I recently saw an interview I did on TV while promoting a film. In it, I was asked about my experience with postpartum depression and as I watched, I cringed. I said things like “It was a nightmare,” or “I felt like I was in a black hole.” But I couldn’t even begin to express my true feelings. On screen, I had seemed so together, so okay, as if I had everything under control. As I watched, it dawned on me. If I had been able to truthfully convey my ordeal with postpartum depression under the glare of those lights, I most likely would have said no words at all. I simply would have stared at the interviewer with an expression of deep, deep loss. - Bryce Dallas Howard on the emptiness of post-partum depression.

She Sees Everything 👀

I truly and firmly believe that Taylor sees EVERYTHING here. So many instances have come up where she said to someone that she saw something of theirs on tumblr or saw another specific post from someone entirely different. She joins in our fandom jokes and asks for our help in finding Vines. ;) I have even found that she sees user names/comments on what we think are the most random of posts and decides to follow that person or persons. So, don’t count anything out. Don’t give up. Don’t assume that since she did not like a post that may be very important to you that she did not see it.

Oh, and I am speaking for myself here, but, from where I stand, never feel that you must apologize for reblogging too much or for blogging something that is meaningful to you and you sense that others just don’t get it or understand. If you are blogging from a place of truth and realness and goodness, then you know in your own heart that whatever you are posting is authentically you. That is enough for me. I don’t have to “get it” or understand it.

We all know that it often takes many times of reblogging something for Taylor to see it. There are huge numbers of us and she is only one person. I am proud that the great majority of fans here are amazingly supportive of one another. This is a wonderful community of people who have the most beautiful spirits. I love you all and I love our girl, Taylor.


Men who take charge are SO hot.

I should probably start by saying that my biggest complaint in my current and previous relationships has been that the guy doesn’t take control and I always feel like everything is left up to me to to take charge of. 

Anyway, today I locked my keys in my car and I asked my boss if he happens to know how to pop a lock, expecting him to say no, and he says sure why, did you lock your keys in your car? And instantly I was like cool, this guy knows how to do things. From the moment I said yes, I did lock them in, he completely took over and was going to fix it. He walked around the different floors to find a wire hanger, walked with me out to my car (mind you, it helps the manliness factor that he is 6′3 and I am barely 5′2), and was about to jimmy it open when I stopped him because I was nervous about the alarm going off. So he says ok, sees a fire truck and cop and walks right over to them, shakes one guy’s hand and says what the problem is and asks if they have a slim jim, but no luck. So he says ok and pulls out his AAA card and is calling them.

He never once made me feel like I was an imposition and he completely took control of the situation and all I had to do was stand back and watch. I kept waiting for him to be like “well, I tried.” But nope, he took ownership of it like it was his problem.



YAAAAAAAAAS THEY ARRIVED! They look outstanding and the print job on these were top notch! Few slight margin issues on the TSSSF card but those can be easily remedied next print! But these shall be playtested and given to the tumblrpon buds at BC!  

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hey i rly wanna get into toppdogg and ive tried so much but omg idk....... Help Me...,pls i cant find too much stuff abt them tbh so idk

alRIGHT i feel like my whole life has been leading up to this moment

this isnt a full list so pls feel free to reblog and add to it

first of all obv watch all the videos on this yt channel especially the pepero game (like these are the basics)

they were on pops in seoul (not all of them tho, they wouldnt fit)

they were on chatter box (xero’s aegyo!!1!!1!)

ask in a box special (aka where’s seogoong)

fan q&a on aewen radio

they were on asc once too!! (all 13 of them)

they did a radio interview with k-poppin

(x)tv! interview or the one where byungjoo is a chameleon

DoggOnTopp Episode 1 and Episode 2

DoggOnTopp backstage (show champion and mtv) 1, 2, 3

show champion (only jenissi and kidoh with bts’ rapmonster and suga, and b.a.p’s yongguk and zelo)(its rly amazing tho pls watch it)

show champion backstage (crazy shenanigans)

theres so much more but its 5:30am and this is all i can think of for now

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How do you keep motivated at the gym? I get so tired and then I leave and 10 minutes later I feel like I did nothing

When I get tired on bench, I look in the mirror and ask would kingorb hit this, and then I say no. Then I do another set. (Repeat as often as needed)

TBH the latest addition to that 9x06 post just made me realise if all those headcanons add up, we can carry on to assume Cas probably lost his job after that, which was why he was free to go around investigating dead angels by 9x09 and never ever mentioned how getting his grace back affected his career as a sales associate.

I mean yeah the end of 9x06 sort of implies he wants to get back out there and help anyway but I’m just saying, he might have been given a nudge out the door to get back in the game. :P

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prompt: mikasa is in trouble and eren finally realizes how much he cares for her

Thank you so much!!! When I put the prompt post out I thought I wouldn’t get anything but here you are!

Rating G

No Archive Warnings 

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hardworkingwitch ha dicho: She didn’t say much, blubbering slightly. She really did have the mind of someone at a young age. “She… I… Crush… Can I… Have a hug?” That was probably asking too much, but she was clearly distraught.

You didn’t really understand what she just said, but you clearly understood the part asking for a hug.

You are still so confused, but seeing the witch cry moved your feelings a bit, so you just wrapped your arms around her for a hug from you, not saying anything for now.

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omg I just watched Shane's video and I'm crying that is exactly how I feel and it's so important that he made that video not only for his fans going through the same thing but for him to come to terms with himself and how far he's come. I just feel like he's gonna help so many people including himself wow

yeah, i related to the “eating in order to not have people look at you” thing because i did the same thing (but for a different reason), and like i felt so emotional omg that video is helpful to a lot of people but to himself too and yeah man it’s so so important

I wanted to make a list of Monster High characters that are neurodivergent, but I didn’t want to take away from the POC list-post’s goal, so here are the ones I know from the top of my head:

- Jane Boolittle has clear social anxieties. 

- Ghoulia has many hallmarks of a non-verbal autistic person. (In fact, most of her ‘Zombie’ traits can be seen as autistic traits) 

- I always read Heath’s ‘Freaky Flaw’ as him having ADD

- Nefera, while I can’t pinpoint something, is also not neurotypical, if you ask me, her diary showing her having a panic attack due to paranoia over what people were saying about her.

- I’m still not entirely sure what to think of Holt/Jackson. It’s playing with DID tropes, especially early on, but it’s more fantastical then most other examples here. That said, Holt has some clear anger issues.

Feel free to add. I’m pretty sure I’ve missed some.

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oh no did you see laura's tweets, "kirsch isn't her type" are they really taking bi danny away from us :'(

oh they definitely are. have you seen how they handle danny’s sexuality? its been vague for forever, no matter how many people ask its a “spoiler” or its “not relevant” and once it comes out that she’s gay, anyone that feels hurt by the fact that vampires are more real than bisexuals in the show will be labeled as problematic.

anyways if i were you id just lower my expectations bigtime cause carmilla is definitely not the show i go to for bi rep. the 100 and greys anatomy tho, they have good & respectful bi rep and a cast and crew not afraid of using the dreaded b word. 10/10 would recommend

really hope i can be proved wrong here tho

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For the prompts, D6 Eremin?

Idek. I just like the idea of tattooartist!Eren. Idk. It just happened. This is based off of something irl though. 

You can’t get tattooed drunk, come back in the morning and if you still want my name on your ass we’ll talk

That was the prompt from this list, you should send me one with your otp/ship.

Rating T because language as per usual with me

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screwfears answered your ask“Do I know you?”

Shit, he did not want that Murphy would fall. And now there was blood on the ground and it was bad. “ Yes Murphy you do know me… “ Maybe it was better not to mention that the younger tried to kill him not too long ago. He had to help him now. “Move slow, you hit your head badly. Do you feel sick?”

He winced, face screwing up in pain. He wasn’t sure how he’d gotten hurt, but there was something sticky forming on the back of his head, and he could feel it getting colder.

“Do I have to move?” He asked, staring up at a hazy sky, a warm face leaning over him. He didn’t know why, but he felt the need to listen to the man speaking. “A little nauseous…”

When I was a freshman in college, this guy asked if I could come over and watch a movie with him, so I did. He asked a few questions like:

“are you sure you’re ok sitting on the floor like that?? Don’t you want to hang out on the bed with me?”

“Nah,” I said, “my friends and I do this all the time. No one has any furniture here don’t worry haha”

and later, he kept asking weird personal questions so I asked if he was feeling alright and he looked bewildered

And at the end of the movie I said thanks and got up to leave.

“This is the first time anyone’s ever seen a movie with me and just… watched the movie,” he said.

“That’s so rude of them!” I said. “They get invited over and they don’t even pay attention?”

He never spoke to me again. I just realized right now that he’d actually been hoping to make out/have sex.

hahahaha thank goodness, what a creep

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*reads tags* NEED MORE CS QUESTIONS, YOU SAY? Hmmmm, okay…when did you first KNOW that CS was true love? I know we don't have actual confirmation yet, but come on. So, whether from a fangirl point of view or from examining the writing, when did you feel certain that Emma and Killian are true love?

When Emma opened the door to her NYC apartment and it was Hook who was standing there I knew without a doubt that he would be her True Love.

From a writing perspective it seemed like they were setting up these two to be something important from the very beginning. Going back to Tallahassee - that climb up the beanstalk, him reading into her soul, the soaring love score that played when she opened up to him and admitted she had been in love…and the fact that in the S2 finale he turned his ship around and gave up his 300 year revenge quest to help her save her son…just all of it screamed end game.

But in 3A the writers tried really hard to make us think that Neal could  be a contender.  So of course you have to accept that only the writers know how it’s going to turn out - even if all the signs are there it may not go the way you expect.

But after Emma was cursed and separated from her family with no memories it was HOOK that showed up on her doorstep.  It was Hook that the writers choose to save her. 

And with the Charming family motto being “I will always find you” there was no denying that he was the one for Emma. Even with the failed TLK my shipper heart was overjoyed - because you just knew that it was a set up for a later TLK that would work (just like Snowing).

So I shipped them from the beginning, but the scene above was for me a confirmation that everything I’d believed and hoped about these two was true: TRUE (AF-timeless-endgame-“i will always find you”) LOVE

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@anon who said zinnia is unreliable: ding dong ur opinion is wrong. I did not want to get in an argument but zinnia must be defended at all costs. Zinnia has spent her entire life studying the world of pokemon, and as lorekeeper she has inherited a great amount of knowledge. if anon or anyone would like to bash zinnia more, i wILL WRITE A GODDAMN PERSUASIVE ESSAY WITH A THESIS AND MLA FORMATTED CITATIONS. (I'm sorry i just feel v passionate about zinnia)

What have I done 

There is now an anon fight……..


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i never feel dysphoric about any bit of my body except my boobs, but while i hate looking at them and genuinely feel sick when i think abt the fact that theyre there, sometimes i like them and all the time i feel like id miss them if they were gone... but i still want them gone. Is there anybody i could connect with who has felt this way too? ive been scared to connect due to truscum erasure, so i feel like asking maybe other NB people if they feel the same and have or plan to get top surgery...

hey i felt similar and i ended up getting top surgery. i have alexithymia so i never rly like was able to um feel dysphoric if that makes sense? it was mostly feeling weird abt them existing and being there and made everything uncomfortable for me bc i didnt like how they made clothes look and while i did like how they looked and everything i still generally did not enjoy them and they made me feel not good a lot and sometimes i got physically sick over them.

anyway, but yeah i never hated them and a lot of times i didnt even dislike them. sometimes i do miss them or if i think about it sometimes i think how it would be nice to have them again or i wouldnt mind having them back in that instance, but i also like my new chest. my new chest makes me feel better and i get more comfort out of it. sometimes i dont always like my new chest, but usually how much i do not like it is a lesser amount of dislike than when i didnt like my other chest. and not liking my new chest happens less frequently than with my old chest, and times of liking and even loving my new chest are much more frequent than with my old chest.

youre definitely not the only one, i know there are other people with similar experiences to me i have talked to, and we have gotten other anons similar to you. feel free to keep messaging us or me at my main blog (notcishet)