The Wanders

I believe “The Wanders” is the greatest cartoon ever made, for one simple reason: my son Charlie came up with the idea.

At the time he was 5 years old, but had taken a particular interest in the writing for season two. Every night at dinner he would pitch me ideas for episodes. When I mentioned that the executives had asked us to show more sides of Wander, he pitched an idea about a magic cave.

Craig loved the story, so did the studio, and just like that Charlie’s cartoon was in production.

Being a six-year-old writer comes with a lot of perks. You get to miss a lot of school to go to the Disney Studio for things like storyboard pitches, and voice records. He got to meet Craig and Jack and April, and they all took the time to make him feel welcome.

A big thanks is due to everyone involved in the cartoon. They all poured a lot of love into “Charlie’s cartoon,” and it shows.

Craig McCracken and Scott Petersons’ script poured tons of heart into the story. You’re going to get choked up at the end. Just give in and weep.

Jack and April delivered outstanding performances.

Mark Ackland’s storyboard masterfully presented a complex idea in a way that is not only easy to understand but delightful to watch.

Alex Kirwan, Leticia Lacy and the entire art department went above and beyond to make the episode absolutely GORGEOUS.

Gill Comerford and the entire team at Boulder Media outdid themselves yet again. I still can’t get over how great the animation is in this episode. Fellow animators - look upon it and dispair!!

 Andy Bean’s score hits all the right emotional notes. Again, more weeping!

 And Eric Freedman’s mix has never sounded sweeter!

 So as you watch tonight’s episode, think of Charlie. He’s has waited 18 long months for this moment, and I couldn’t be prouder.


I can’t decide whether he did this on purpose

two days ago I went with my father to our friend late at night where I was supposed to fix a psx, and the guy asked me if I want some coffee. Before that I’ve already drank two cups but I was like… yey caffeine!! And I got the coffee and then I couldn’t sleep till 8am and my hands were shaking af but luckily i didn’t have to mess around with the psx anymore because i didn’t have some parts for it anyways lol
The same thing happened today but this time it was my sister who asked if I want some coffee and i was like YES even tho ive already had like two cups earlier

By the time I went to this op, I had seen Misha several times and Jared once just before.

I went up to them, said hi to Misha, who winks and does his cheesy grin, and Jared looks at my shirt (it says Dead Peoples Things For Sale) read it aloud and laughed (he did that like 20 minutes beforehand)
So I’m standing in between them, looking at Jared, and I feel hands on my shoulders… and they start massaging my shoulders. At the exact same time, Jared asked “So what do you think!?” My brain short circuited, I stared at Jared and was like… What? He asked again and I was thinking of what to do for the photo op and it was really fucking hard to concentrate because Misha Collins was massaging my shoulders. So I was like “Ummm I don’t know. I guess a squish or something?”. Jared and Misha were like uhh yes definitely!
I was literally being squished by Jared and Misha, but mostly Jared. My back cracked and when Jared let go, he laughed and said “Wow that was really squishy.”
Man, I really needed that though, my back felt amazing afterwards.

well, it seems as if i did get too antsy after that anon asked and so, here is my first follow forever! i love and appreciate every one of these blogs and the people behind them, honestly. please let me know if you feel as if you should be included in this list or if i have forgotten you! i did get a bit scatter-brained halfway through. bolded users are mutuals! you guys are awesome! off we go!


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thank you all for brightening my dashboard with your humour and excitement every day!

your ghost breathes softly
inside the body lying next to me.

yes, i know
that half of your heart, like the moon,
is always dark.
yes, i know
that we like to laugh with our friends
about the bullet we dodged
and not the bullet we swallowed.
still, i try
to waste my bullet shells,
i try to learn your heart by heart.

i did not ask for this,
for this scratched-record life,
where we die and are brought back on repeat,
where you call me by a dead man’s name
and i feel like i was stabbed.
we stand back to back in the icy river
until we can’t feel our feet.

oh, love,
we take turns being the amnesiac.
you forget that we’re dead
and i forget that you are not my lover,
and both of us end with disappointment
and wet socks
and the roar of the river in our ears.
we wait for the current to pull us under
and bathe us
and wash us up on the shore, clean of sin,
so that we may sin again guilt-free.

here is my covenant:
i will wrap my body around your body
like a bullet casing.

here is my covenant:
when i say that you obsess me,

what i mean is that you haunt me.

—  your heart has always cast a shadow over our clasped hands | o.g.k
The Truth (Part 2)

Part 1

Request for this smut series:

a smut scenerio using that song where Jungkook steals you frm rapmon

Group: BTS

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (…and some Namjoon)

Genre: Smut

“Namjoon didn’t bring me home last night?” you asked.

“Nope. He said that he was feeling sick so I brought you here and then went home” he said. You started thinking back over the party last night. Namjoon was such an idiot.

You thought about your…time with Jungkook and sighed inwardly. You were such an idiot. Kissing him was bad and everything that you did after that was horrible.

Plopping himself down on the floor, Yoongi placed his food on the coffee table. He looked up at you, irritated by the way you just stared off into space. Your elbow was propped up on the armrest of the sofa, your legs were crossed and your fingers lightly ran over your lips. Yoongi shook his head and began mixing his food. He used his chopsticks to gather his ramen but stopped when he noticed that you still hadn’t moved from that weirdly stiff pose.

“Alright, you’ve been really quiet since Namjoon’s birthday party. I know that you said you don’t want to talk about it but this statue version of you is really bothering me, okay? So, I’m going to ask you again: what happened? What’s wrong with you?” he asked before slurping a few noodles from his abnormally large bowl. His white hair laid perfectly flat against his head with that ‘idol-like’ precision, his tired eyes staring up at you. Your fingers tugged at your bottom lip as you looked everywhere but his tired, puffy eyes.

“Why are you eating ramen? You’re supposed to eat soup for a hangover” you criticized.

“Yeah, well, who was going to explain to my manager that I needed soup to cure my hangover? We’re preparing for our comeback, remember? I’m supposed to be taking care of my body; not killing my liver” he said, gathering more noodles. A few seconds of silence passed and Yoongi finally realized what you had done.

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Before the chance was given for him to even ask after her, Hel struck Fenris’ shoulder, a look of violent intent on her face, “Talk.” she hit him again, “To.” again, “Your.” again, “Son.” and one last time before she threw her arms down at her sides, tiny and ineffectual hands balled into fists. “I did not go through months of discomfort and three days of labour for you to make him feel unwanted!”

“Ow!” The wolf whined, rubbing over his now aching shoulder. No matter how tiny the goddess was, she sure was strong. “–he feels unwanted?”

The goddess let go of her anger on a sigh and wearily ran her fingers over her face, she already felt guilty for the little hurt she’d caused. “He thinks you are disappointed to have him as a son, that you don’t love him.” 

September TC Challenge!!!

I decided to make up a September TC Challenge so please reblog this and enjoy! I tried to make them pretty original!


1 - Describe your tc using only three words.

2 - When and how did you first realize you had feelings for your tc?

3 - If you could ask them five questions and they HAD to answer, what would you ask?

4 - Tell us a daydream you have had about your tc!

5 - If you have a Playlist of songs about your tc, what is it called and why? If not, what would you title your Playlist?

6 - What would you want from them most on your birthday?

7 - You get to spend one night with your tc. Where are you and what is the weather like?

8 - If your tc were a Care Bear, what would their name be?

9 - Share a picture of a famous person that most resembles your tc!

10 - What color does your tc look best in?

11 - What is something you have said/done to/in front of your tc that you totally regretted but that they probably didn’t think twice about?

12 - What 3 emojis best relate to your tc? Just share the emojis!

13 - Following the last question, pick one emoji that best relates to a story about your tc. Now tell that story! (Don’t forget to post the emoji as well.)

14 - Okay, let’s get super personal. How do you think your tc would be in bed?

15 - What lengths did you go to to get into your tc’s class? If you can’t answer that, what lengths WOULD you go to?

16 - Tell us about a moment that you got super jealous of your tc! (Or more than one moment if you’re anything like me!)

17  - Hey pal, how’s school going for you so far with your tc?

18 - Pretend you are your tc for a moment. Now write a blog post as if they were posting in a “student crush community” about you! What would they say about you?

19 - What is your ideal first date with your tc?

20 - What lengths would you go to to please your tc?

21 - How much taller or shorter is your tc compared to you?

22 - Do you have any nicknames for each other? If so, tell us where those nicknames came from and if you don’t have nicknames, what WOULD you call your tc and why?

23 - What fictional character is most like your tc? Why?

24 - What do you think your tc’s spirit animal is?

25 - What is the best thing your tc has said to you?

26 - If it weren’t illegal and there were no rules, do you think that you would have a chance with your tc?

27 - Write a “Facebook” status as if it were the morning of your wedding with your tc!

28 - When did you join the tcc, how did you discover it, and who was the teacher that made you want to join?

29 -  Do you know any of your tc’s family members? If yes, do they like you? If no, then do you think that they would like you?

30 - Write a letter to your future child for the day that they discover that they have a teacher crush.

thatghostghoul asked:

(Almost Easy by Avenged Sevenfold )

//I have too much Avenged Sevenfold on my phone

“I feel insane every single time
I’m asked to compromise
Cause I’m afraid and stuck in my ways
And that’s the way it stays
So how long did I expect love to outweigh ignorance?
By that look on your face I may have forced the scale to tip.”

Tattoo Artist!Michael quickly coming to your service when you enter the shop. It wasn’t your first time there actually, but you’d always get tattooed by his apprentice Luke. “Hey y/n, what can I do for you?” Michael says, leaning over the counter and slightly smirking. “Luke was supposed to tattoo me today.” You told him. You knew of his feelings towards you, and so did Luke. This time you wanted to tease him though. You really didn’t have an appointment with Luke. Luke was your boyfriend, but Michael didn’t know that. “Oh.. Where ya getting it?” He asks quietly. “Underneath my breast actually.” You slightly smirk as you watched his eyes basically pop out of his head. “Well Luke isn’t working today so how about I do that for you?”
“What do you mean I’m not working today? I’ve been here all fucking day.” Luke comes out from the back. “Fuck you Hemmings.” Michael grunts. “Whatever, hey y/n come on up I’ll start that for you.” He winks, “By the way Michael, stop flirting with my girlfriend it’s weird.” Michael almost passed out at the word, girlfriend. You ended up getting the tattoo though… And a bunch of apologies from Michael. This didn’t go as planned.

Anonymous said: OMG you guys are married!!! How do you both feel? Scared? Excited?

“To be honest, if feels pretty much the same! We just changed our engagement rings to wedding rings. And I have to remember to sign now with Stark-Rogers, instead of only Stark. I don’t know why I was so scared of all this!”

“AHA! So, you admit you were scared!”

“… I never said that.”

“You just did. We all heard. Don’t deny it.”

“Alright, wise ass. Then tell us how you feel.”

“Well, I think I’m starting to regret this decision.”


“TONY! Babe! I was joking! I love you! More than anything, you idiot!”


“So, how does it feel to be on the receiving end of a heart attack?”


“Oh, come on, don’t be mad.. Give me a kiss!”


“Come onn, just one kiss!”

“GAH! Get away from me!! This is husband abuse! HUSBAND ABUSE! Mmm–hmmmmhmm..”



j2ismyjam asked:

Taylor!!!!!!!! You're mishalecki op has me smiling so much! It's so freaking cute. I LOVE when these 2,interact, and it makes my heart happy! Protect the BABE!!!! (≧∇≦)/ ♡♡♡

THANK YOU SO MUCH! We originally thought about making a cockles op but went “no this is much more Jareds thing” and I am so glad we did, Jared was a riot and we had a blast. MISHALECKI IS SO IMPORTANT. Like as much as Jared loves giving Misha shit it’s obvious how much he cares about him as his friend. I feel like even though Misha’s older, j2 treat him like their little brother.

anonymous asked:

I get the feeling you don't like Elliot Rodger because you're a feminist, and you believe he hated women which really isn't true at all. I feel bad for Elliot Rodger. He was as bad mentally disturbed than Eric and Dylan. He had 0 friends while Eric and Dylan had friends. He never spoke to women while Eric and Dylan did. Hell they even had friends who were girls and had girlfriends and went on dates.

“I get the feeling you don’t like Elliot Rodger because you’re a feminist, and you believe he hated women which really isn’t true at all.”

I”m a feminist, huh?  You drew that conclusion, why?, merely because I’m female?  lol   Ridiculousness!  Though, you’re right about one thing, Elliot didn’t just hate women, he hated the good looking, built men that were able to have those select few kinds of women that he, himself, desired.   If any friendly brunette/brown eyed woman approached Elliot and asked him out he wouldn’t have even jumped at the chance. Why?  Because unlike Eric and Dylan, Elliot wouldn’t be caught just dating any average woman - even to end his loneliness and lacking sex live - all because he believed himself only worthy and entitled to blonde ‘10′ goddesses. What a snoot with a fucking high criteria. Lower your standards if you want sex so bad, dude.   Elliot also hated minorities too, he hated blacks and asians and people of non-caucasian decent. He especially hated when he’d see a minority male dating, holding hands or kissing a blonde chick.  He couldn’t understand how any ‘”brutish Neanderthal” men (his words) could obtain beautiful women like that.  Well, Elliot, stop being such a coward and try being friendly and approachable, try and put a little work into actually. asking. a. girl. out, dude.  Don’t think the $400 sunglasses and that expensive car are going to win you a free ticket to women asking you, your Highness, out.    Elliott also hated minorities so much he spent a lot of time trying to conceal his asian decent by bleaching his hair platinum blonde.  He used a knife to kill his,poor, unsuspecting, innocent asian geeky housemates for chrissakes.   No, Eric and Dylan dated no more than a few times you can count on your fingers but that’s because they actually made attempts to throw themselves out there and socialize.  They made the effort, at the very least, even though they weren’t very successful.  Elliott thought himself too good to even try. He pouted and stomped his foot when no one -no one perfect enough in his book that is - would come to him and ask him out.  I mean, Eric and Dylan were narcissists but c’mon, at least they gave it a shot and that’s why they had friends and a few dates.   Elliot, by comparison, is the supreme narcissist sitting on his lofty throne and glaring at the world for not doing his bidding.  The dude never even tried once. What a big baby.  He gleefully spilled his steaming Starbucks lattes on couples walking past;  he attempted to shove a bunch of girls off of a balcony with the hopes of either gravely injuring them or sending them to their deaths.   Feel badly for Elliot Rodger all you want but you’ve not given me one good redeeming reason why I should.  This entire argument is lame, quite frankly, and it’s the first and last time I’ll entertain the “ooh, poor ole Eliot who was oh so lonely, you should feel more sorry for Elliot over Eric and Dylan’ ploy. It’s ridick.

anonymous asked:

1/2: so angry and upset over what mgmt did to harry w all the 'womaniser' stuff.. like he's so clearly so uncomfortable, like its so clearly not him at all.. and he's a child.. like most of this happened before he was even two decades old.. and like, I'm just a 19yo girl and i feel incredibly uncomfortable when i know I'm being sexualised by people who don't know me so i can't imagine what it would be like for that to be your whole media image.. esp when that person isn't u at all. I'm just sad-

2/2- and can u imagine how much worse it cld have been for harry, like if he didnt have louis, or if the boys weren’t his friends at all, or if he was a solo artist or something… like I think he’s made it fairly clear he has little interest in dating women at all, really, and just.. like its so awful what they did to him, and what the industry likely does to countless other young stars. and it hurts so much. because he really was just a child. i just hope he and louis can soon be free

Same, love! I will never forgive Modest/Syco for doing this to everyone single one of the boys. These 5 boys deserved SOOOO much better than the shitty treatment and team they got. I can’t wait til all of them get a new team and contract.

Thanks for all the follows my little hatchlings!

According to Tumblr these blogs get the most of my love..follow them they’re awesome! turtle-super-genius raph-the-muscle foureyedturtle faithfulwhispers leonardo-hamato80 mirth-and-muscle  donatellotmnt jouyasha also blog-ask-april-o-neil

I did this so fast I almost forgot… millin21 I’m so sorry…You’re always so awesome… (edited)(I feel so bad) also drummergirl231 my dear sweet friend^.^

Fun story: a few months ago when I made jokes about this neo-nazi confederate’s thin lips and pasty skin, half the asks I’ve gotten were racists making fun of my full lips and saying I was a dirty negro and the other half was people telling me shit like “you’re racist” and “how would you feel if people did that to you”


Cassandra’s Point of View

“Hey darling, wake up,” Don murmured. “You have to go to work.”

I groaned and sat up. “I swear to God, Don, if one more co-worker complains, I’m going to throw their desk out the window.”

He hesitated. “…Is this a bad time to mention I’m out of leftovers?”

“Aww but I don’t want to bring another one home. I always feel so guilty.”

“You always pick the right ones, though,” he replied, his fangs showing when he grinned down at me. I couldn’t help but smile back at him.

The room flickered. Not the lights. The room. It was as if, for a second or two, we were in an entirely different place.

“Did you see that?” I asked Don.

“Yeah. What was it?”

“I have no clue.” I stood up from the couch. “Well, I better get going. Don’t want you to have to kill my new boss as well.”

“The last one had it coming.”

“He had a son,” I replied.

“He tried to make a move on you,” Don argued. “And his blood tasted sleazy.”

“How does blood taste–you know what, you’re the vampire, I’ll just take your word for it.”

anonymous asked:

I really need coldflash angry sex fic. Including fighting for domination, bruises, some pain and doggy style. No one has written this yet, right? (Not to mention At the end of the rainbow because it was meta human effects) How do you feel about this idea?

How do I feel about it? I always feel good about hot Coldflash sex, angry and otherwise (so long as it’s consensual). If you’re asking me if I’m taking prompts, not right now. I’ve got a lot of writing on my plate already, and don’t normally take prompts because I tend to just go with what’s inspiring me at the time. I did a prompt giveaway a while ago and was supposed to do three fics but I’ve still only finished two (one of which was Cold Mercy and led to some sequels, but either way, I do find it hard to write from prompts).

But I do love this, and think someone should write it (Barry and Len fighting, arguing, until the fight turns into kissing but doesn’t stop being a fight, until they’re tearing at each other’s clothes and pressing against one another but it’s angry and tense and half a fight still. It’s hard and bruising, Barry slamming Len to a wall, Len getting angry and grabbing Barry by his hair, taking Barry’s arm and twisting it behind him, pushing Barry down onto a ratty old mattress and taking charge.) But I’m probably not going to be the one to write it, at least not right away. All of this being said…. if I write the Ice Hot Lightning prequel that I have up in my head, it’s basically this prompt in a nutshell but between Len and Mick, if that interests you…