Inspired by this headcanon cause traveling SS is life ~(‾▿‾~)

This was intended to be smut but I changed my mind. The did the do will be in the sequel ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)

Listen to this timeless song for extra feels.

PS: I quickly finished the coloring of this one so please excuse my mistakes. I will be very busy starting today until the weekend cause today is my birthday!

PS#2: I forgot to add why I used the Daisies here. It means purity, innocence, loyal love, beauty, patience and simplicity.

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I feel free to ask - can you maybe explain this 'snail'-hour-planning thing? How to do it amd all? :) thank you!

Sure! For anyone who doesn’t know, anon is talking about this:

It’s called spiraldex. You can print one out from Google! I’ve resized mine a bit because I wanted it to be small to fit in my journal.

There are plenty of ways you can use it. It has 24 circles to write time in. You can do a 24 hour clock or a 12 hour clock very easily. I did 12 hours because I don’t feel the need to plan all 24 of my hours.

You just print it out and write the times in the little circles. You can start as early as you want, but since I only did 12 hours, I started a little later in the day (at 10:00 A.M.). The yellow in the center represents me waking up and starting my day prior to doing the work as scheduled in my spiraldex. Some people include a “wake up” section of their spiraldex, but I wanted to save the space!

Then you make a color-coded key. I made my psychology class blue, language app green, reading pink, leisure time purple, and night routine orange. Some of the colors didn’t show up very well on the scanned image, but they are all on there!

You just color in the section for how long you plan to do that activity. For example, Psychology of Intimate Relationships was colored in from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M, Mango (language app) was colored in from 4-5, leisure from 5-8 (as I said, very slow day), reading from 8-9, and night routine from 9-10. 

This was my first spiraldex, and I really do like the idea of it. I wouldn’t use a spiraldex everyday because less busy days don’t really need a timed schedule. But for when class is back in session or those of you who are really busy, this is an amazing way to plan your time. It’s also great for time management, so if you think you spend too much time online or other leisure activities, this is a good way to stay productive.

Sunday was pretty lazy for me. All I really did was homework. I probably won’t use it again until the fall semester, but it’s a great way to keep track of time!

Here are some videos on the spiraldex and how to use it, just in case this was unclear:

How To Use A Spiraldex (Great explanation!)

Kent from Oz

Time Management

organizeandstudy‘s Spiraldex Guide

premed-etal‘s Explanation

You can also use a chronodex, which is similar, but I ~personally~ like the spiraldex better.

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Okay but Lily being Hermione's adopted aunt, two clever muggleborns, Lily making Hermione feel like she had a place in the wizarding world.

Ahh, yes, yes! Of course, Hermione certainly knows she has a place, she’s very headstrong! But okay, like, I love this??

  • Hermione asking Lily everything she did to get be a successful student
  • Sharing jokes about muggles to wizards that are completely untrue, but hey, if they believe that muggles keep bagged milk in their purses, so what??
  • Advice to keep going strongly with their life in two different worlds
  • Side comments about how silly and wonkers wizards really can be (”Quills? In this day and age? I’m packing pens”)
  • Both never understanding Quidditch and still going out to watch for Ron, Harry, James
  • Confused together
  • Very educated together
  • Others being annoyed with how much of a power pair they make with their knowledge, gosh do you guys know everything? Duh, yes!
  • One single prejudiced comment can be made and whoever said it will be glared down by two lovely muggleborns
  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:why am i feeling so emotional over these two pictures of louis and briana? why did he have to hold onto the back of her head? why did they have to nuzzle their faces so closely together? why does she have to look so smitten and happy? why is louis looking like he wants to stare into her eyes for eternity? i cant believe louis asked her to go back to his place. i cant believe they went home and fucked. i cant believe he nutted. i cant believe he nut in her. i cant believe that nut made a baby.

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What do you think will killing molly in his dream meant?

I think it meant that Hannibal’s jealous efforts to begin alienating Will from his family worked. 

When he asked ‘how did you choose yours?’ he likened Will’s relationship with his new family to Dolarhyde’s relationship with the families he murders, that of a dark parasite attaching itself to a place it hungers after but doesn’t belong. 

When Molly said he had a ‘criminal mind’ a yawning chasm opened up between them, compounding that feeling of being the outsider, and then Will’s sleeping brain mixed the two images together and came up with Molly as the woman in red! :-S 

Explains why Will scrambled to switch the light on when he woke up – having just empathy-teleported himself back to the cabin in the phonecall, he must’ve felt he had to switch the light on just to make sure he wasn’t actually there, that Molly wasn’t actually dead! 

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Pt2 I guess I just wanted to know your opinion of all the just out write nastiness. Because I literally just saw a post where someone said Derek physically and emotionally abused Stiles. Sometimes I feel like anti-shippers watched an entirely different show.

i did not get the 1st part of this ask but i am physically tired of this anti stereks so how about we break it to the science huh ? 

Emotional Abuse or Psychological abuse’s most popular sign is minimizing the person and making them feels useless and ignoring their ideas and opinions . 

List of People Who made Stiles Stilinski feel minimized and usless

Sheriff stilinski ( i love him , and he loves his son but . . ) : Sheriff stilinski more than once  verbalized that he did not trust stiles , he more than once expressed that scott is more trust worthy than stiles , he did not believe stiles about a lot of stuff until things were to obvious to not see , how minimized do you think that made stiles feel ?

Scott mcCall : scott mccall despite being stiles ‘’ best friend ‘’ and ‘’ brother ‘’ still minimized stiles opinions more than once , scott has more than once ignored stiles’ warnings about people , he more than once chose to do stuff even when stiles tried very hard to explain to him how wrong they are . so minimizing ? hell yeah !!! 

Lydia Martin ( she is queen but still this needs to be said ) : let’s for a moment imagine that the whole supernatural shit never happend okay ? what are the chances of Lydia Martin being friends with pre-supernatural Stiles Stilinski ? 1% ? 10% ?  30% ?  think about that okay ?

in season two with the whole kanima thing ? Lydia more than once used Stiles’ obvious feelings for her for emotional support when jackson was a douche yet she still eventually went back to Jackson knowing about stiles’ feelings , Lydia and Jackson’s hug after the kanima was gone made stile CRY ??

and Finally Derek Hale : 

Derek Hale has never , not once said anything to stiles that made him feel unimportant , yes he described stiles as ‘’ Skinny and Defensless ’’ which is very legit seeing that stiles is HUMAN :) . But derek has never made stiles feel worthless , he never ignored or minimized Stiles’ ideas on the contrary he went to seeking Stiles’s help ( The miguel episode ) , He Never described Stiles as unecessary and He never used Stiles for his own benefit . He Trusted Stiles with his FUCKING SISTER ! his only remaining family !!!! 

but hey no you’re right , Derek emotionally abused Stiles :) 

Physical Abuse : 

List Of People Who physically Abused Stiles Stilinski : 

Malia Tate : Malia’s First reaction to seeing Stiles in eichen house was to punch him ( ? ), just hours before she had unportected defenitly non-consensual sex with him in the asylum’s basement (?) 

After they sterted their so called relationship Malia still injured Stiles ( probably more than once ) 

Shelly ( The actress playing Malia ) said in interview that Malia sometimes puches Stiles and hit him instead of kissing him because it’s her way of showing love ( fifty shades of grey much ? ) which is just plain SICK ! 

( i’m not gonna talk about Erica Reyes she’s pretty but she did hit Stiles and the writers were planning on making her his love interset (?) some one has a serious abuse kink wtf tw ? still ERICA IS QUEEN ) 

Derek Hale : Are we gonna mention the pushing against the door in Stiles’s room ? okay let’s . If you take time to actually look at Stiles and Derek in that scene you will see that Derek was not actually pushing Stiles he was literally just standing so close to him with his hand on Stiles’ chest ( you will see hs chest chest rising and falling and derek’s hand moving with it meaning he is not using any force ) and they just keep staring at each other’s lips ( they so gay u_u ) 

The steering wheel incident was a little harsh yes and it’s not okay of Derek even if Stiles did make him strip for Danny . 

The Punching through the wall thing - that Stiles asked him to do  -   THEY WERE LITERALLY BEING PLAYFUL WITH EACH OTHER ? yes Derek should’ve used less force but did you see how he was smiling ? it was one of the rare times we so Derek actually be playfuland dorky with someone on that damn show .

what else ? Baby!Derek pushing Stiles against Scott’s room’s door ? okay yeah let’s hold it against a 16 y/o who was in a world he didn’t know with people he never met before without his family and pack after being held hostage by a hunter .

That’s it ? oh god Derek abused Stiles’ so much i can’t even believe i’m shipping this i must be sick ? you’re right antis , Sterek is unhealthy and problematic but every other relationship Stiles is involved with is sunshine and reinbows  :) 

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Hi! ^^ I was wondering if you could maybe write a caulscott fic? I've only been able to find 2 and I just love your writing so much! I understand if you don't ship it or don't have time but it would be amazing if you could! I love your fics! You're my favorite fic writer! Thank you! :)

Oh dear.

I know the feels of shipping the rare ship and having next to nothing for it. Once upon a time, GrahamScott did not have any existing fics…



Pairing: CaulScott

Rating: T

Summary: He approached her in a way much different than she remembered.The Nathan Prescott she knew was an asshole, dangerous, and entitled. So, why the hell didn’t this feel like the Nathan Prescott she knew?



Passing the SM auditions, and the reason for not going; Current trend! Hyukoh interview

Disclaimer: This interview belongs to Pikicast. All translation mistakes are my own. Take out with credits and please ask for permission before translating into a different language. Thank you!

Source: Pikicast, July 11th, 2015, Kwon Seokjeong. (Follow the source link for lots of gifs and pictures that I couldn’t include in this post!)

Did you enjoy watching Hyukoh’s Pikilive? After recording Pikilive we held an additional interview. It’d be regrettable if you only watched their performances and then left, wouldn’t it.

Q. Please greet all the Piki readers.
Hello! We are Hyukoh.

Q. How did you feel about recording Pikilive?
(Blankly stating) It was fun.

Q. Please speak a bit longer.
It was really very fun, and… it was fun.

Q. What did the other members think about the Pikilive shoot?
Since we shot in our workroom, I think it’s something we definitely had to ensemble. It was a comfortable and fun shoot.

Q. You performed three songs. How did you decide the songs?
We did ‘Comes and Goes’ because it was requested, and we did ‘Hooka’ because we wanted to. We did ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ because we wanted to as well.

Q. Apparently ‘Hooka’ is a song you guys are really attached to?
It’s a song where the arranging wasn’t going well, but suddenly we had a revelation and solved it in one go… at that moment the members felt a euphoria. Since it’s a song embedded with that kind of process it’s always enjoyable playing it. 

Q. Is there a reason you chose ‘Isn’t She Lovely’?
I’ve liked Stevie Wonder a lot ever since high school. So I’ve usually sung Stevie Wonder’s songs often. When I was 20 I put up a cover of ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ online. I thought of that and sang the song today for the first time in a really long time.

Q. Oh Hyuk’s voice has received appraise for being mature. It’s difficult believing that it’s the voice of a person born in 1993.
It’s correct that I’m born in 1993. Should I show you my ID?

Q. If there was a reason your voice is mature, what would it be?
Because I smoke?

Q. Your debut album was <20>, and this new album is <22>. Is there a reason you keep using numbers for the titles?
When <20> came out we had no intentions to continue using numbers for the titles. Between <20> and <22>, when ‘Panda Bear’ came out, we thought of continuing it. We wanted to show the nuances in the flow of time of the music that our albums are filled with, in the artwork, etc. As our albums pile up, when you listen to them later on they could remain like a record of us.

Q. On IU’s Instagram she posted “Wow they’re good. #Hyukoh, #Comes_and_Goes, #Same_age, #Really?, #Let’s_go_with_that”.
I gave her our album <22>. I think it was a response to a comment I wrote inside the album. Though I can’t remember the comment…

Q. Why did you give it to her?
Because I wanted to give it to her. I’m a fan.

Q. What were your feelings like when you saw her Instagram post?
It felt like it was my birthday.

Q. Apparently Oh Hyuk originally passed SM Entertainment’s auditions?
Yes. I tried out auditioning to convince my parents. My parents were both completely opposed to me doing music. So as I passed the auditions I showed them that result. “I can do this, so why do you keep stopping me”, it was like that.

Q. So you passed.
I passed up until the camera test. I got past the 2~3rd audition, but since I was attending school I didn’t go.

Q. Inwoo, I heard you’ve skated with Kim Yuna?
Uack! That’s…
Hyunje: You ate tteokbokki (t/n: rice cakes) together?
Inwoo: It was definitely not like that. We skated at the same ice rink once, but it wasn’t just the two of us. There were a ton of people. And she was a figure skater, I wasn’t.

Q. I think the fans like the mood that is unique to Hyukoh. What mood would that be?
I think it’s that we have a trademark. If we speak in terms of music, it’s music that is neither sad nor exciting. It’s music that is neither fast nor slow. It’s  that kind of feeling.

Q. Someone even defined Hyukoh’s music as black music.
It’s not.
Hyuk: Although I have a base in doing black music, it’s not something I’m pursuing. But if you nitpick, then apart from classic, all music contains elements of black music. But black music is not an intentional direction we have.

Q. I heard that if you take a look at Oh Hyuk’s shoulder there’s a tattoo of Erlend Øye (Kings of Convenience, The Whitest Boy Alive)?
It’s a tattoo I had made last year. But I regret it. I met Erlend Øye, but he said that he didn’t really like the tattoo. I didn’t even think I would ever really meet Erlend Øye…

Q. Isn’t it a tattoo you got because you look up to him musically?
It’s not to the point where I look up to him. He’s just a musician I like.

Q. Some critics say Hyukoh’s music is reminiscent of The Whitest Boy Alive (Erlend Øye’s band).
There are some songs where you can feel that. But that’s about it. I don’t think we’re similar.

Q. So will Oh Hyuk have the Erlend Øye tattoo removed?
Yeah. A while back I saw Paul McCartney perform, and he was really cool. So I’m going to remove Erlend Øye and change it to a Paul McCartney tattoo.

Q. Hyukoh are very popular with women. What’s the reason?
Because Hyunje plays guitar well, Hyuk sings well, and Inwoo plays drums well?

Q. This is smething that is asked a lot amongst the female fans, but does Hyukoh have a favourite girl group or female singer?
…. (everyone falls silent)
Hyuk: (To Hyunje) I heard you like AOA?
Hyunje: Yeah, I like AOA. I also like Sistar’s Bora a lot. I think she’s really charming.
The rest of the members: … (still silent)
Hyunje: What? Why am I the only one speaking, why aren’t you saying anything?

Q. You don’t have any female singers you would like to collaborate with?
For me it’s Yang Hee Eun.

Q. Lastly, give a word on your new album <22> for the listeners.
It’s an album with a really large meaning to us. We arranged the things we liked and thought were cool and filled it up with them. It’s music we’re really satisfied with. We hope that everyone likes it as well. These days music is consumed quickly, but we hope that our album stays in your playlists for a very, very long time.

Q. If you compare <20> to <22>, is there something you’ve advanced in?
The members’ participation increased a lot. It feels like we’re a bit more like a band. Actually, in <20 and <Panda Bear>, Hyuk’s individual capabilities were strongly shown. In <22>, since we were able to show our form as a band a lot, it has a large meaning to the members.

Q. So will the next album be <23>?
Ah, how did you know?
Hyuk: We’re 23 years old right now. I think <23> will become an album to arrange our thoughts and all the music we’ve made up until now. In <20> we showed our colours for the first time, in <22> we brought yet another side of us, and while we’ve shown more solid things, I think we will show a more comprehensive Hyukoh in <23>. Like “this is what we are like now”.


for kubis: Sense8 (I have a feeling this won’t be super exciting tho!)

send me a fandom and i’ll tell you:

  1. my beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world fave: Kala, Sun, Nomi, Capheus…
  2. my trash-shit fave: Lito! <3333
  3. my I love to hate them fave:not really…
  4. my I hate to love them fave:no one, all the sense8 are my bbs
  5. my I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire non-fave:Sun’s brother D: D: D: D:
  6. my I didn’t care about them either way at first but the fandom makes such a big deal about them now I can’t stand them non-fave: no one yet, but Will could well be it. I like him as it is, but with enough exposure I could stop.
  7. my I could take them or leave them kinda non-fave: at times, I’m not as into Amanita. I think it might be because, oddly enough, she reminds me too much of the role this actress played in Carrie’s Diaries. But I like the ship. It’s just that the acting bugs me a tiny bit.
  8. my I will go down with this ship and I won’t put my hands up and surrender, there will be no white flag above my door. I’m in love and always will be fave ship: Lito/Hernando
  9. my dirtybadwrong fave ship: not really… I don’t ship it terribly much.
  10. my they’re cute together and I dig them but I’m not all that terribly invested kinda fave ship: Amanita/Nomi
  11. my I didn’t care about this ship either way at first but the fandom makes such a big deal about it now I can’t stand it non-fave ship: look below.
  12. my MAKE IT STOP non-fave ship: Daniela being inserted into the Hernando/Lito ship. To me that’s simply gross: she had no boundaries, behaved completely inappropriately and in a straight privileged, straight gaze kind of way, using queerness for her gratuitous titillation. I like how they dealt with her plotline and characterisation and that we learn why she behaved that way and I particularly like that she becomes friends with the gay couple (even though she still acts in a way that would be a complete deal-breaker for me), but her sexual interest in them is gross and I hate it and I don’t want it romanticised (it’s basically worst slasher behaviour on speed). I feel about this particularly strongly because as a lesbian*, coming out to anyone who’s a dude, I’m always worried if only a tiny bit, that - considering the saturation of lesbian porn for straight dudes - it (my LIFE, my IDENTITY) is going to end up as wank fodder for someone. To see such behaviour on screen and find out people think it hot… UGH.

    *technically bi, but I feel more comfortable identifying through my relationship, bi-erasure bi-damned. (My first bad pun of the day! :D)

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Growing up, when they saw other children happy with their parents,did Rei or Makoto ever get jealous?

Mako, I don’t necessarily think so. She didn’t lose her parents when she was very young (or at least not as I headcanon it; obviously the anime leaves her backstory wide open), only a year or two at best before meeting the others. That’s an important distinction because children are already beginning to distance themselves from their parents at her age, so it would be harder for Mako to be hit in the face with a situation with which she would immediately identify.

More, I think in that space of time, she had a too much else going on for jealousy to really be a factor. Where she was going to settle, that not working out, bouncing from school to school, constantly moving. Those are going to preoccupy her, I think. Then there’s how jealousy comes bundled with negative emotion towards another person, and I can’t see Mako, even in her darkest moments, wanting anyone else to suffer.

What’s more likely to hit Mako, I think, is nostalgic in nature, a longing for a time that had already passed her by. So a pang of loneliness, when spotting a laughing child holding their mother’s hand or riding on their father’s shoulders, that I could see. Feelings of sadness, even envy (which is a different emotion). But something as deep and poisonous as jealousy, I don’t think Mako would go there at that point in her life.

As for Rei, things are a bit different. Rei’s so young and already so angry (THE FIREBALL THAT IS BABY REI) that I don’t think it would be beyond her to feel extreme envy toward other children she sees with their mothers. Being at the Shrine, too, such a public place, it might almost feel inescapable. I could completely see this being one (of many) things that prompts her Grandfather to help Rei channel her energy into meditation.

A much more evident thing, I think (and it’s kind of adorable to think about, even if not exactly healthy) would be Rei INTENSELY jealous about her Grandpa. Particularly if you combine this – as I assure you I now am – with my headcanon of her being very standoffish and distant with him at first. So there’s Baby Rei, hiding from Grandpa, wanting nothing to do with him. Meanwhile Grandpa does his thing, welcoming everyone to Hikawa, being friendly and open (and flirting with every adult to pass under the torii but anyway). Joking around with little kids and connecting with them immediately, because Grandpa. And Baby Rei suddenly shooting in from fucking NOWHERE, grabbing Grandpa’s hand and clutching it all possessively and moving to stand in front of him and GLARING AT THE OTHER CHILD, SO MUCH GLARING AS TO SET THE WORLD ABLAZE.

Yes yes, this happened, yes it did.

With age, though, all that fades. Rei takes these terrible lessons life gave her and forges them into steel. Little children with their mothers is something precious that must be protected, not something Rei wants to take for herself. Grandpa is silly and ridiculous and would never leave her, and really quite irritating which makes the “no leaving” part pretty aggravating sometimes.

Fathers are still the lowest possible forms of life, but we can’t have everything.

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Ok, ok, ok. I just finished the TG manga, and let me just say what the fuck. You've probably been asked this a million times before, and if so, can you link me to an answer. But. DID KANEKI EAT HIDE? Or, if you don't know, then what are your thoughts on it?

I feel you, the end just leaves more questions than answers…but good thing we have :re :)

Tbh no one knows if Kaneki ate Hide. It’s a possibility because when Kaneki came back to his senses, he tasted blood in his mouth. But then Kaneki might have only had a small piece of Hide (like what Nishiki did with Kimi) but I’m not sure if he had the self-control for that since Amon left a gaping hole in his side. Or Hide might have brought some human meat, which would explain the blood in his mouth.

Either way I’m pretty sure Hide is still alive because Ishida wouldn’t kill off such an important character (remember that he’s one of the Aces in the Trump cards).

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q: lately I've been feeling overwhelmed and tired and scared, because I feel like the world is a mess and no matter what it will always be full of bad things and even an attempt to make things better will make it worse. if you've ever felt this way, how did you convince yourself that it was worth getting up in the morning even if violence and death and white patriarchal capitalism exist and feel ubiquitous?

you’re unfortunately asking the wrong person, because i still have the feelings you described daily, and i’ve never seen a therapist/psychiatrist about it in my life, which I think is what one should do. these aren’t feelings you should be having alone - i coped with it all DIY-style, which i think is why i’m so fucked up, like a leg bone that healed weird without a cast and now i will never be able to run again. i won’t bore you with the details of why i never saw a mental health professional, but if you have access to one then my #1 recommendation is to seek help from one instead of trying to carry or control this on your own.

i don’t know whether it’s all worth getting up in the morning. but the reason i haven’t killed myself yet is because it is a god damn miracle that i’m alive. i have never existed before and i’ll never exist ever again. my mother gave up everything to have me, my grandparents survived a fucking war with only pure grit and kindness to survive, and before them humans and nature evolved over an amount of time i can’t even conceive of to produce me, the product of eternity. if i die now i’ll never find out why i was born because once you’re dead there’s no you anymore. that’s it - you can’t see the sky, you can’t feel the seasons change, you can’t cry and scream and have your heart wrenched open, you can’t fall in love and bleed, you can’t feel your body get sick, and all the beautiful sceneries burned onto your eyes will disappear with you forever. that’s it.

i know you didn’t say anything about wanting to die, but whenever i think about not wanting to live or exist i realize the only alternative is dying, and when i’m faced with the actual reality of dying i realize any pain is better than not existing at all. so then i circle back around and start figuring out what i should do while i’m alive, how i should live while i still have time, with the knowledge that death will surely come anyway.

what i’m saying is: please, please go see a mental health professional, because i don’t want you living like i do, having “i don’t want to die” be the only reason to get through anything. living shouldn’t be as hard as i’m making it.

EXO Reaction to you Taking Their Virginity

Here it is i hope all of you like it. Also everyone people have been asking me if the admin submissions are still open and yes they are the new information is here so you can go look at that of your interested. I hope all of you are having a wonderful day so far!!!

(none of these gifs are mine)

♂ ♀ ♂ ♀ ♂ ♀ ♂ ♀ ♂ ♀ ♂ ♀ 

XIUMIN: i’m glad i get to spend this moment with the best girl in the world

TAO: i love you y/n

SUHO: ya he’s happy don’t worry

SEHUN: *happy dance*

LUHAN: did i do good?

LAY: *feels so happy when he wakes up next to you*

KRIS: he’s happy

KAI: i wouldn’t have done it with anyone else

D.O: *realizes what happened*

CHEN: these hips are to good

CHANYEOL: *feels so happy*

BAEKHYUN: nobody does it like you 

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on p6774, when jake says 'I am just having the NUTTIEST deja vu thing going on now. I feel weird', did that ever turn out to mean something?

Yes because that conversation was a memory. Jake was knocked out and reliving a memory in the dreambubbles. And since he already had that conversation he started having deja vu

Mark - Savannah, GA

Mark: Well, I started when I was nine. I was living on the beach, literally. I could go out of the house and be at the dunes in thirty seconds.  I met this cat. He was probably eighteen. Good looking surfer dude. He asked me if I wanted to smoke a joint. So, we went in the dunes and we smoked a joint and one thing led to another and we ended up enjoying each other’s company thoroughly. 

BW: So, you were nine and he was eighteen?

Mark: Yeah man. Breakin’ the law!

BW: Do you feel like that experience had an adverse effect on you?

Mark: No, not at all. Not at all. No one did anything that they didn’t want to do. I mean, it was his idea, but I coulda’ said no. Nobody tied me down.

BW: But you know, society would say…

Mark: it was a positive experience, you know, because I was very curious and stimulated by other guys. I was stimulated by other guys before I was stimulated by women. I like them both now but at the time, I was churnin’ for guys. So this good looking dude wanted to get stoned with me, he put his hand there, and I was like Okey Dokey, you know.

BW: See the thing is, I had a similar experience when I was around the same age but it was with somebody that was  much older. And like, you know, I’ve often wondered if it was the experience that messed with me or the fact that I had so much shame and guilt from being Catholic.

Mark: Was the experience weird? Was it bad?

BW: Well, yeah it was. He took advantage of me. But I wonder, was it the act that messed with me so much or, was it that I had been taught that what I did was so horrible that I couldn’t tell anybody about it?

BTS proposal reaction thing

This is the first thing I’ve written in a while but I’ve got major feels soo…


V would be fairly traditional with his proposal and take you away for a weekend near the coast. One night you’d be walking along the beach at sunset. When he pulled out the ring and got on one knee you started crying immediately.

‘Why are you crying?’ He asked softly. 'Did you really think I wasn’t going to marry you?’ He’d smile up at you one hand holding yours.

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The two of you had taken a small break and gone for a skiing trip. You were at the last slope of the day and the sun was slowly disappearing behind the trees. Yo’d roll your eyes as he leaned down to adjust his binding. Telling him to hurry up because you just wanted to go down the mountain.

He’d clear his throat and you’d look down a him a gummy grin plastered on his face and a beautiful ring in his hands. “y/n I love you”

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He’d be a nervous wreck for weeks, taking you on multiple dates where he had hoped to propose only to get scared and not do it. Until one day you’d be sitting in a little coffee shop you both loved. He’d hold your hand and pass you a napkin with writing on it.

'Years ago I told you I liked you just like this. Now I’m asking: Will you marry me?’ it read.

You’d look up and see him on his knee a nervous smile on his face. “ I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of my life with anyone else. Y/N marry me?” he’d smile. “I mean if you want” 

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He’d be performing his heart out as you watched him from backstage enjoying watching the man you loved do what he enjoys. Towards the end of the concert all the boys minus him would run to your side.

“If you guys don’t mind I have something to say to someone very dear to me” Earning screams on happiness in response. He’d smile as the boys slowly nudged you onto the stage as he continued. “Y/N we’ve known each other for 5 years now and they have been the best moments of my life. You were with me through the worst and the best.” By now you were opposite him your hand encased in his own.

“Please stay with me and make my life amazing till the day I die” He lowered to his knees pulling out a box, the screams of the crowd got louder but you couldn’t hear them. “Y/N do me the honor of marrying me” The boys we’re behind you clapping and hooting with the crowd. 

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He’d take you to the spot the two of you met and had your first date. You’d smile at the memories the two of you had experienced in this place. You’d sit down together just talking, enjoying each others company, making silly jokes. He’d lean over and peck you on the lips before standing next to you holding your hand. 

“I don’t really know how to put this into words without messing up but i’ll try” He’d get on his knee the small cafe getting quiet as people watched you. “We’ve been together now for 4 years and what an amazing 4 years its been.” Taking a deep breath he pulls out a small black box shaking slightly, “I’d like to spend the rest of my life the same way.” Opening the box inside a beautiful ring “Marry me?”

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It was new years morning and you’d just gotten out of the shower and was eating breakfast with him when he asked.

“so when are you gonna be taking down the Christmas decorations Jagi” You shrugged and mumbled “later today” He nodded little did you know there was a ring and a note from you’re boyfriend in your stocking that had been sitting there for a week.

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Rap Monster:

You both had made a promise to get married before you’re seventh anniversary. You’d began to get a little grumpy that he hadn’t proposed and you’d celebrated your sixth little oven a month before hand. 

He had planned on asking you during your anniversary but got so scared he couldn’t, since then he’d been carrying around the ring wherever he went. One night the two of you were having late night conversation in bed when he sat up and pulled out the box. “I wanted to make this super romantic but when i’m around you I’m a mess and can’t do it, I’m sorry for making you wait y/n I love you will you been mine forever” He said smiling widely.

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‘Be where ya wanna be’ 🌴💧💦. 💫!
So last week I made a post about keeping goals so I gotta ask .. How are ya doing ?! Have you had a good week ? Are you where you wanna be ? 😉👊🏼. I had a week of… Basically polishing off the rust off summer ! I kept my food combining goal including a green smoothie and a mono meal a day most of the days and did ok! I feel like it’s setting up for a better week this week ! My skin is already clearing up and my energy has gone up a notch big time !! So here is to wishing you a great week ahead! And if you would like you share your week I would love to hear ! 👌🏼💙 Oh and tonight I’ll share another account 😉✌aloha 🏼️💙🌴💦💫 📷 @masonrosephoto (at Yokohama Beach)

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you understand regina really well so i thought i'd ask you: Why did Regina marry Leopold after she'd already pushed her mother through the mirror and was free? why didn't she kill (or enslave) prince charming as her revenge on snow white?

1) She was already married or about to marry Leopold when she pushed her mother though the mirror.

That’s her wedding dress, and her crown and she wouldn’t have been wearing it on a random day.  It is in fact my feeling that this is after the wedding but it really doesn’t matter even with pushing her mother through the mirror she’s not in any position to run away at this point.  She would have needed servants to get her out of the dress.  She would have needed groomsman to give her her horse.  Even if this occurred before the actual ceremony it was not long before it.  

What’s more, if she had run away, as she is trying to do when Rumple stops her and convinces her otherwise (or are we forgetting that Rumple has plans for her that require that she stay in that palace and slowly go mad), you don’t leave a king at the alter and run away.  Either shortly before or after the marriage.  It would have been high treason, an intolerable losing of face on Leopold’s part.  She would have been a hunted figure just as much as Bandit Snow would be ten years later.  She’s not a powerful sorceress just because she pushed her mother through a mirror.  That’s potential not practical magic.  One of the reasons Regina says yes to Rumple is because he presents magic as a means by which to not be helpless again.  Realistically, she marries Leopold because after her mother said yes for her she had no choice in the matter.

As for why she doesn’t kill David I think the answer falls in line with why does she never actually kill Snow White.  She doesn’t want to.  And she doesn’t want to cause the same grief on Snow that she had at the loss of Daniel.  I think she recognizes quite a bit of Daniel in David.  Regina and Snow hurt each other a lot over the years but there are lines neither one of them is about to cross, outside of time traveling abominations.

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I was assaulted by three different guys durring three defrent years in middle and high school because they wanted to "fix" me. I can't be around many men because of what those three did. I've had friends say I'm only ace because of what happened.

If that’s true, then it still doesn’t invalidate how you feel. How you worded this makes it sound like it doesn’t seem true because they were already trying to “fix” something they thought was missing. But let’s just say your friends are right.  It’s a still valid feeling and label despite any reasons for it. 

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Did you hear that Brendon and the members of Five Seconds of Summer wrote a song together called "Pretty in Ink" coming out in November?? I've seen sources idk how I feel about it. Does anyone else know about this or am I just really late ?

i havent actually seen anything about it officially but have talked to multiple people about it sort o f :0