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I'm feel sad because I think Clarke rejected Lexa when she said I did it for my people or something like that and when she said goodnight commander. :( I don't understand Clarke, I mean I get it she is still mad but she kind off broke lexa's heart. :(

Hi Anon! I love you guys coming in my ask box to scream about Clexa! Is there anything more fun to do? Hell no!

Clarke says all those things because she’s obviously emotionally invested in Lexa and I’m guessing she feels vulnerable af. They both do. And Clarke is still rightfully hurt and mad and feels that hurt on such a deep level because she was betrayed by someone she never expected it from. And even tho Lexa is doing everything in her power to win her trust back it’s not going to be easy and I think despite everything that’s happened Lexa is radiating with trustworthiness because she also cares. And Clarke knows this. Clarke gets Lexa and Lexa gets Clarke and they have this understanding on a deeper level and that’s what’s going to bring then closer and closer again. But it’s a slow burn and it’s angsty and… Don’t you just think it’s perfect? I sure as hell do! It’s so well written and it’s in character for both of them. They’re careful and taking baby steps and are somewhat playing all these games with each other because hell. Clarke said earlier “this isn’t just about my people anymore”. Well no shit. She cares and she can’t even hide it anymore. But she can try right? She’s stubborn and it’s another level of stubbornness because it’s Clarke Griffin we’re talking about. And Lexa knows this. She’s a bit disappointed of course. I mean think about it. She’s like what 19-20 mayyybe 21 y/o. And in that last scene with Clarke she gets a break from it all. For a few moments she doesn’t have to be the commander. She’s just Lexa in Clarke’s presence. Wanheda isn’t there either. It’s two young adults being bad at flirting and being damn adorable. So just imagine. Even if she’s pragmatic and stoic because that’s just how she is, Clarke makes her softer. Not weak. Just human. So of course she has hope. But also she’s very careful and tender and respectful. So even though she obviously knows Clarke cares she’s not going to take advantage of that in any way. She gives all the control to Clarke. She lets her dictate the pace. She’s showing her that whenever Clarke’s ready, she’ll be there. As Lexa not just as the commander.
When Clarke asked her about how she’s going to move forward after being betrayed she gives her an answer that Clarke needs to hear directly form her. Even though they both know the answer Clarke needs to process it but she’s definitely not ready to talk about it.
Clarke’s playing the “I did it for my people” card because she’s not ready to out loud admit that she cares. But she showed it with her actions anyway. And then she shuts Lexa out because she’s not ready for that whole betrayal conversation. Or she doesn’t even sees the point of it anymore. Plus I’m guessing she doesn’t trust herself around Lexa so she polity says good night. The fact that she uses the word “commander” let’s me know that she’s not ready for anything personal yet, but I think it was also a bit playful. And Lexa totally gets what she’s doing and where she’s coming from so she goes along with this little “game”. Lezbehonest. Lexa just wants Clarke to be okay. So she’s just going to do whatever Clarke wants and needs. Yeah man, she’s whipped af.

Well that got longer than I wanted it to. Damn. I hope it makes some sense because I was just jumping from one thing to the other and I made a mess. Clexa makes me incoherent. They have a weird effect on me

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Do you think that the "for my people" thing will be paralleled later on and Clarke will say that she did something "for Lexa"? I feel like they keep having her say that to not only show how closed off Clarke is and how much she's trying to convince herself that everything she does is for her people not because she cares about Lexa, but also because they'll parallel it later on. Lexa will think Clarke did something for her people again and Clarke will correct her and say she did it for Lexa..?

oh gosh i hope so, just thinking about it made me so freaking emotional. clarke needs more time, that’s understandable, BUT imagine when she will finally admit to herself that she still cares about lexa, that her feelings for lexa are real, that she can finally move on from MW because she understands why Lexa did what she did, that she can trust Lexa because she swore fealty to her, imagine how epic all of this will be and cry with me 

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Is it too late to ask a question? How did you get your style to be so energetic? Mine's always a bit stiff, and I'm not sure how to loosen things up. Even when I try exaggerating things, they still manage to somehow feel held back.

Get loose, homie! don’t focus on linework for now, just get loose and worry about cleanness of lines later!

Happy Valentine’s Day, guys!!
That’s for the amazing anon who asked for “percico first kiss” and gave me this idea in the moment I was desperate for some inspiration. And yes, that viral video from a couple of years ago was the first thing that came to my mind.

I never did believe in fate, but after that day I would say it’s okay, because fate is something unbelievable and completely unexpected. Unexpected like that day I was recording a video for Valentine’s day after Rachel insisted so much I had to agree. Unexpected like that kiss and the feelings that came with it. Unexpected like that boy.

At the beginning I wasn’t feeling nervous at all, for me it wasn’t a big deal. But I can’t deny how embarrassing that situation was and the boy in front of me seemed to feel the same.

He had his hands in his pockets and looked at me shyly under the long eyelashes. Maybe he was a little bit nervous by the way he kept moving uncomfortable changing his weight over a foot and the other but I could tell he was checking me out and I felt in the right to do the same. Not that this would matter in the end but I really liked what I saw.

The boy in front of me was… gorgeous? Yeah, absolutely. He used his hand to put a lock of the long black hair behind his ear and I smiled when I saw he staring at my lips and blushing at the movement I made to bite them.

“So… we just…”

“Yeah, take your time.” Rachel said behind the camera and I immediately turned my attention to him again.

“I’m Percy.” I said and held out my hand to him.

He smiled to me for the first time before hold it, not as a handshake, he hold gently. His hand was cold and he had long fingers. Then I felt the mood between us change. He didn’t let my hand go so I intertwined our fingers, because that seemed like the right move. It was easy to notice that he appreciates the act by the way he was looking at me and for some reason that made my heart beat faster.

“I’m Nico” He said low, still looking deeply in my eyes. I felt like I couldn’t turn away even if I wanted, I was feeling so lost in his dark eyes.

I always thought this would be just funny, embarrassing and that we’d laugh about it later, but it felt different in a way that I couldn’t explain. At that point I already had forgotten any instructions they had said.

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Can you summarize what the hell is going on with kanye?

He wrote a misogynistic lyric towards Taylor in his new song “Famous” that says: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous. Goddamn I made that bitch famous.” And whilst he claims that Taylor approved and made the lyric up (which is obviously not true), Tree Paine (Tay’s publicist, manager, spokesperson, etc.) told Perez and Media that Taylor did speak with Kanye because Kanye WANTED Taylor to promote the single on her Twitter but she warned of the misogynistic lyrics and was unaware of the lyric about her.

The fact that she clearly was uncomfortable with the song and didn’t want to promote the lyrics he has written… The fact that she’s been through so much shit and still has kept her sanity and hasn’t gone all Blank Space.

i did so well in the advanced yoga class i feel so groovy & then the instructor of the special valentine partner yoga class asked me to come in again later today to be her demo. and also drink wine. my valentine this year is yoga LOL

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are you a terf

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Down to the Second

by commandmetobewell

“Wisdom, compassion, strength,” Aden quotes the pillars of a Commander’s essence to you, “but a plank cannot be supported on only three columns. Its integrity would be compromised. You forgot one, Heda.”

“Did I? And which pillar would that be, Aden?” You ask as you both pull away from your hug. His calm eyes glisten knowingly as he smiles. Aden reaches out, takes your hand, and squeezes before nodding.

“Love,” he murmurs as he glances back at the doorway. “Don’t Hedas deserve love, too?”

Lexa finally makes peace with her past and Clarke is brave and accepts her feelings.

Words: 17575, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here: http://ift.tt/1Snr21q

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Hiya! I read your answer to that anon who was asking your thoughts on the whole matter, and I really liked it. You said you still have hope though... really? I'm not trying to be rude at all, I swear, I'm just wondering... how can you have hope but think that he fathered a child? If he really did, which I don't really believe but then again I seem to have no other choice now, then that MUST mean he's not with Harry and he said yes to a long term closet. Hope you can help me understand :) x

I think it just depends on what you’re hoping for. If you’re hoping for a big Larry coming out and a big lawsuit in which Simon Cowell breaks down and confesses all his sins followed by a televised Larry wedding, then yeah, there may be disappointment on the horizon. But if you’re hoping for the best possible outcomes for Louis, Harry, Liam, Niall, etc., then I think there is a lot of hope to be had. 

The problem right now is that a lot of people want everyone else to ascribe to one of two possible scenarios- Larrie or anti. Whereas there’s about 100 different possibilities that fall somewhere in between and if you land somewhere in that area or if you don’t have a definitive answer or opinion for every question, you’re going to get shit on from both sides. 

I don’t want to play the game anymore. Louis has told us he has a kid now and I’m going to respect that even though there’s a lot of things I don’t understand about it. And Larry is still my OTP. I’m gonna be 85 and checking the internet from my nursing home waiting for them to get papped together having a casual lunch. That’s just the way it is. 


Lexie woke up a few minutes later, and started to cry. She was hoping these dreams were just her mind playing tricks with her. Wanting some answers she waited until Jared came back from work.

Once he was home, they sat at the table

Lexie: “Jared, one last time, did someone inhabited this body named Faie?”

Jared: “No Lexie, there never was a Faie.”

Why do I keep feeling that he is lying to me?… Maybe I shouldn’t be asking him?”

Lexie: “Okay. I am just going to lay down again. I didn’t get much sleep”

I will need my energy if I want to go on see him..”

You know what?

I hope Blake is the first person from team RWBY that finds Ruby and JN_R.

She ran away from that life on her own accord and would wind up finding her partner’s sister in the wilderness and has to choose between confronting her guilt or running away, again.

She wouldn’t be dealing with Yang at first, but she’d be dealing with Yang’s sister, her own team leader, which is almost worse in some ways. Because Ruby saw how broken up Yang was over Blake disappearing; and Ruby herself left behind her sister, who is now a shell of her former self. Ruby would get to ask Blake questions that Blake wouldn’t answer if it was Yang asking.

I want Blake to apologize to Ruby; not because she did anything wrong, because she didn’t. But because she feels guilty for leaving Yang, Ruby, and Weiss behind. Because she genuinely feels like Yang’s injury is her fault even though it isn’t. I want her to be willing to come along with Ruby and JN_R. I want Ruby to be the one to convince Blake that she needs to stop running away from the people who care about her. I want Ruby to forgive Blake.

I just would like to see significant Blake and Ruby interactions, you know? I want Ruby to be the one to bring Blake back because they haven’t had a real “moment” with each other yet. 

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idk if this is a dumb theory but do you think that zayn quoting that rbb updates twitter account yesterday prompted them to delete the rbb account? not that he did that on purpose or with that intention...but he has a lot more followers than RBB obviously, and maybe they were worried too much attention would be drawn to RBB? when he first quoted it I thought nothing of it at all...but now that they deleted the next day it has me like...👀

Nah, love. They literally asked 1D about the bears and nothing happened to the account.

This is… something else. This feels different and weirdly positive, prompting to good things. When the old account was deactivated, we somehow knew it was shut down. This time it doesn’t feel like the account was deactivated against the owner’s/owners’ will.

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I know everyone is freaking out about the awesomeness of the YouAreNotAlone campaign and how adorable the Cockles stuff was on the live stream but did anybody else notice the awkward pained expression Misha made when asked if there was going to be another season of SPN? And he said (looking sad) "I don't know. I hope so." THAT freaked me out more than anything. Either he knows something and can't tell us yet or he doesn't know. Either way BAD. They should know by now if S12 is happening. #scared

I do feel like it should be getting near the time for an announcement soon. Jared had a livestream this morning and was asked the same thing and was also kind of cagey, saying they didn’t have an official renewal yet but that they also weren’t being told to wrap up sets either. Maybe there’s something story related going on/going to happen that knowing about a renewal now might spoil? The old adage has always been that the show would go on as long as the boys still want to keep going, and it doesn’t seem like they’re tuckered out yet, so I think things will be ok. 

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Hey, I love your theories so I'm asking you this. What did you think of the scene with Stefan breaking down in the car? I thought that it was because this time he feels like he lost his brother for good and that he can't save him. Because this was pretty much the worst thing Damon could have done. And also when he lists out the reasons why he wants Julian dead, he doesn't mention Elena so I never thought it was about her. I mean sure he cares about her but I thought his reaction was for Damon.

I have a lot of asks about this episode and I needed to do a rewatch first before answering everything because at first I was really mad. I was mad that it seemed like the episode was so disconnected from beginning to end and I was mad because I overhyped this episode in my mind because of spoilers. I realize now there were things I not only missed in the first viewing and I missed how Stefan not being there was done on purpose so 7x13 had an even bigger impact on him. In general this ask summed up how I should have viewed the episode the first time: “[7x12 - don’t read if you haven’t seen it!] I saw a few reactions to 7x12 before I saw the ep and honestly I don’t think that was bad for us. If Stefan’s journey this season is, as the stone suggested, how he is always putting Damon before his own happiness, the fact that Caroline collapsed when he wasn’t there should be another point towards that direction, don’t you think? I know we shouldn’t really trust JP/CD but I still have hope.

Also wrt to the ask above I think his breakdown was mostly about knowing Damon is destroyed and he’ll never be able to bring him back knowing he killed Elena. That’s not to say Stefan wasn’t crying over Elena being dead, she’s still his friend and someone he loves (and at one time was in love with) so of course he’d be upset. I have to be honest I don’t even know why it matters I think it would be extremely OOC for Stefan not to be upset over Elena being dead. 

And now to my other asks.

PART 1 - I am curious about your thoughts on 7x12. For me, it feels like if the person I love (or even a friend/family member) is in the hospital at a time thats obviously extremely vulnerable for them, I am NOT going to leave their side for any reason. and especially WITHOUT telling them first. I would make sure that the person heard from me that I am leaving and I will be right back and is that ok. I mean, that’s common courtesy. So, i am definitely put off that this is the choice made here. Do you think this was the choice made to emphasize even more that S puts Damon 1st bc he feels a sense of responsibility toward him so that when he finally doesn’t do that, and instead attends to C that the impact of that will be felt even more?

Personally Stefan leaving never bothered me because its not like Caroline was laying there dying and he decided to leave her to go after Damon, in fact the way Caroline was desiccating at the end of the episode was nothing like earlier in the episode. Stefan wasn’t going to leave until Valerie told him Damon had a death wish and since Stefan knows his brother better than anyone and knows first hand what the stone can do to you he knew there was a very real possibility Damon would end up dead. Stefan was planning on spending the entire night with Caroline (its why he gave Valerie coffee because he said they’d be there all night with Caroline) and when he gets in the car after his breakdown he says “we should get back to the hospital.”

I think after rewatching and catching a few things the intention of the writer was to show how Caroline is Stefan’s constant and she continues to be the only person he’s ever emotionally open with completely. When Valerie gets in the car Stefan turns his head away from her so she can’t see him crying. When she asks if he’s okay he says “I’m fine” totally the opposite of Caroline saying “you’re okay” and him replying “no I am not” in 7x11. So Stefan being with someone who he’s not willing to emotionally open up means he fell back on old habits and turned all his hurt feelings into rage, rage at Julian. If Caroline was in that car with Stefan or if he had driven to the hospital like he said he would have been able to talk about what he was feeling. Stefan was extremely overwhelmed and when he gets overwhelmed he doesn’t think straight. Now that’s not to say Stefan isn’t responsible for his own decisions and he needs to learn how to deal with his emotional pain properly but it did show once again how Caroline is “the one person who would sit with me and let me cry.”

How do you think Stefan will react knowing the danger Care is in and being distracted by his revenge and anger and not being there when she needed him the most?

I think the fact that he wasn’t there is going to kill him and make him feel terrible and I think that was the intention of the writers. They wanted Stefan’s “extreme measures” (whatever they are) to hold even more merit because he wasn’t there when she needed him but he’ll make sure he does everything in his power to save her life. My guess is he links himself to Caroline so the babies pull the magic from his blood rather than hers. I also have some suspicions that Stefan gets his scar from whatever he does to save Caroline but I can’t figure out how exactly that happens. Since from the promo I can see that Beau is in the next episode I’m hoping that means we’re getting his back story and why his scar is still there and it prevents him from speaking knowing he used to be a singer.

Either way I’m hoping this was all the set-up 7x13 with the scar, the huntress and why Caroline is the bait and Stefan’s weakness but we’ll see.

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good morning, big fan big fan. i'm in a MA program and will be applying to PhD programs in psychology this year. having a brief internal crisis--it takes me hours upon hours (way more than i feel like it takes everyone else) to read journal articles and i often need to reread them. i clearly lack in the reading comprehension department but i really want to do research/get my PhD/go the whole track. did you have to overcome anything like this? all the best.

this might help! if you’re struggling with comprehension too (which i 100% get - sometimes i’ll spend forever reading something and then be totally unable to explain any part of it afterwards) i’d suggest keeping a word doc of notes on the articles you read for each class/project. just a quick paragraph (it can be bulleted!) of the main parts you don’t want to forget - thesis, evidence, engagements with other works, that’s it. just enough so you’ve got something to jog your memory when you have to return to it.

We finally did it, I’m outta here as soon as I’ll finish rp with @glitterfairytaylor (we’ll then move it somewhere else, okiedokie?).  

I hate tumblr, I hate certain blog who everybody loves, I hate the fact that I’m constantly fogotten and I give a finger to 4 331 people. Because @ask-high-school-alice, Yaarie and fairy mentioned above gave some shit :”) 

Feel as much offended as you want, because you know? Being offended is actually better to being ignored, And hated and compared, but that’s an other story.