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Unpopular opinion: I honestly don't like MCU Jane Foster, she just comes off too much like the only characterization they did was 'damsel in distress'

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Look man, we all have our own opinions, but Jane Foster is one of my favorite characters. She’s also my favorite female character save perhaps for Peggy Carter. So you may not have asked for a rant about how awesome Jane Foster really is, but I’m going to give it to you because I feel the need to defend her, you know? And who knows, maybe I can change your mind about her. I hope I do anyways.

Your opinion about Jane isn’t actually all that unpopular. A lot of people don’t like her, but I think that’s because of the wide misconception in the fandom that a strong female character has to be a kickass female character. You don’t have to be able to kick ass to be a strong character, you can be saved by the male hero while still being a well-rounded, three-dimensional character. Jane may not be able to take down an army with her fists, but she can and already has taken down an army with science.

Jane Foster is the lead in a field that is mostly dominated by men. She has two phds and is up for a nobel prize, so there’s no argument to the fact that she’s absolutely brilliant, but it’s what she does with that brilliance that makes her a fantastic character. She pursues every possibility, no matter how crazy it may seem (I point you to the scene in Thor where Selvig is saying how crazy her theory about Thor and the bifrost is, but she insists at looking at every possibility, even quoting Arthur C. Clarke “magic’s just science we don’t understand yet”), and she’s willing to put her life in in danger to answer the many questions she has. 

When people ask me to describe her, I say that she’s this perfect combination of a Gryffindor and a Ravenclaw. A lot of people are surprised when I say Gryffindor, but it’s true. In the first few minutes we see her, she drives straight into a god damn tornado. And Darcy is sitting there next to her like “Are you crazy? I’m not going to die over 6 college credits!” But Jane just goes head first into that thing without even a thought to her own safety. She’s not afraid to put herself in danger to satisfy her full-blown curiosity for all things science and she does this time and time again. She goes after Thor after they left him in the hospital, all while knowing he could be dangerous but not caring one bit because he’ll give her the answers she wants about what she saw that first night. She then goes with Thor (despite Selvig’s warnings that he’s dangerous) to break into a Shield site, again to get the answers she wants. That’s even after Shield steals her life’s work, which absolutely devastates her but she still doesn’t give up with trying to find answers and pursuing her love of science. 

And if there’s one thing I love about her is the way she fights. This is something I alluded to above, but she doesn’t fight with her fists like other characters do, she fights with science. In Thor 2 she takes Selvig’s invention that can only detect when the convergence is coming and changes it so that she can actually control the convergence. She uses this to fight against an entire army of dark elves, and then uses it to defeat Malekith. She literally uses science to defeat the main villain. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s fucking awesome. 

Even if you take away all of the things she does with science, she’s still an incredibly brave, caring, and headstrong person. In the first Thor movie she stays with Thor and the other Asgardians to try and help evacuate people and get them to safety. The first time she meets Loki she punches him in the face and says “That was for New York.” Loki is like twice her size and ten times as strong as her, he could easily kill her, but she doesn’t even hesitate to punch him and make it well known she thinks he’s a dick for what he’s done. Not only that, but when Thor’s lying unconscious on the ground and Malekith’s ship is about to fall on him, Jane runs over and uses her tiny body as a shield to protect Thor. In that moment, Thor is the the damsel in distress and Jane’s running to his rescue.  

Look, does she sometimes play the role as the damsel? Yes. But that doesn’t mean she’s not an extraordinary character. And honestly, I think it’s the fact that she can’t defeat an entire army with just her fists that makes me love her so much. Not many of us have the abilities that Natasha or Peggy or Wanda have, but Jane shows us that we don’t need to have those abilities to save the world. She proves that all we need is our mind and our will to do the right thing to become a hero.

So I urge you and anyone else who may not like Jane to re-watch the Thor movies and try and see her in a different light. If you still don’t like her that’s fine, we all have characters that we don’t like, but I hope my words have at least made a difference. 

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Louisa Im working on my thesis and I have a flu and Im so stressed, can you please give me some kaisoo moments where the love is obvious. Thank you, youre the best. <3 You put so much effort to make everyone who asks you happy so thank you

ahhh good luck and i hope you feel better and thank you so much my lovely you’re welcome <3

of course

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How would the 2ps ask for forgiveness after a heated argument?

(( Q ^ Q my children– ))

*you run into a 2P the day after having a heated argument with him*

2p!america: hey… *nervously runs hand through his hair, is staring at the ground* i feel like… really, really bad… i shouldn’t have yelled at you and you didn’t deserve it. *cautiously looks up* sorry… are we cool…? *uncharacteristically worried face*

2p!china: *runs over to you, grabs your shoulders* baby. please. i’m so so sorry. what i did was unforgivable but i love you and i didn’t mean it, i promise… baby, please… look at me *grips your face* do you think you can forgive me? please please tell me you can forgive me… *he can easily get desperate around a girl he likes*

2p!england: *lowers his head in shame* please accept my apology… *sniffs and rubs eyes* i won’t ever do anything to hurt your feelings again, i promise you, poppet…

2p!france: i’m… *pauses because it’s hard for him to say things with emotion* …sorry. i’m, uh, not good with words, but… i’m sorry. *unable to make eye contact, looks uncharacteristically uncomfortable*

2p!russia: *flustered, tugs at scarf* p-please forgive me. i never intended any harm. i would just… like you to be happy…

2p!italy: *pouts slightly, crosses arms, looks away* …okay maybe i shouldn’t have said that. *blushes* i shouldn’t have done that either. i guess… *forces self to look at you* all i can say is i’m sorry. er… do you think you can excuse my actions?

2p!germany: I’M SO FUCKING SORRY *hug tackles you* I WAS BEING A BIG DUMB IDIOT LIKE ALWAYS *buries his face into your neck* CAN WE BE FRIENDS AGAIN

2p!japan: *bows deeply* my sincerest apologies. *keeps his head down* i never meant a single word that i said. you… don’t have to forgive me. *raises head and starts to walk away*

2p!canada: you… you should know that i’m not good at things like this. *rubs the back of his neck, looks down* uh… sorry. it was stupid. all of it.

2p!romano: i’M SOOOOOOOOOORRY! *sobs and embraces you* i'msorryi'msorryi'msorry– !!!!

2p!austria: now i’m not usually one to say this, but… *grins painfully* you have stolen what’s left of this wicked heart. could you possibly… accept the apology of someone so twisted…?

2p!prussia: i-i know you’re probably still mad at me… a-and it’s okay if you never want to see me again… *agitated, tugs on his hood* but before i leave, i-i just wanted to tell you my feelings… and to… apologize for everything…

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I'm sorry to bother you, and of course feel free to answer privately or completely ignore this, but did you and Michael break up? Your posts and writing lately have been a bit sadder which is why I ask. I truly admire you and your writing and wish you all the best

No, we’re still together. My writing and posts are always sad but it doesn’t mean I am. Thanks for your support and much love x


- and to be clear, I don’t think he was aware of his own feelings in the beginning.

P.S. thanks for the question! I’ve been meaning to make a post about how Grayza is not a crack ship for a while now, and so it all kinda came out at once. Although it did take longer to do then I thought

(Disclaimer: all mangacaps were originally taken from mangafox (edited by me) and are originally from Hiro Mashima)

Chapter 40: Gray admits that he finds Erza cute

Chapter 50: Gray is affected by Erza’s show of emotion, even though he’s showed before during the reunion with Lyon, that when he disagrees with her rules he’s not afraid to back down. This is pure respect for her.

Chapter 78: Erza has been abducted, and Gray is super sensitive on the topic and snaps irrationally at Juvia.

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wait that was so strange 

he asked him out like he was definitely asking him out wasn’t he??? and then balth was like i mean did balth want it to be aj ust them thing because he didn’t seem like he DIDN’T want it to be a just them thing and like wow? why did??? why did peter 

i’m so unsure of what’s going on with these children i want to understand. balth, peter, HELP ME UNDERSTAND WHY YOU ARE AWKWARD

oh my god how can there be so much awkwardness boys???

boys what are you doing???

and how are you making me feel so many things??? what sorcery are you using?

Homeward Bound Part Seven {Bucky Barnes x Reader}

A/N: I want to thank everybody for reading my fics and showing me so much love. Its been great hearing back from you guys it honestly makes my day! This is kinda long but it was just so much fun to write, so I kept writing! I hope you guys like it!

I want to thank  disneylandequalssecondhome for asking me to add how the avengers react to the reader being gone. 

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Warnings: All the avengers are pretty angsty in this, cursing, violence

Bucky’s POV

I could still taste Y/N on my lips. I can still feel her hands in my hair. I can still feel her frame leaning against me. I don’t know how long I laid there on the floor staring up at the ceiling, but it didn’t matter anymore. Not much did.

I felt empty once again. The only thing I seemed to be able to feel was this ache somewhere in my heart. I didn’t ask to feel this way. But the moment she said she loved me, well I never felt so happy before. But she took that away with her. So I didn’t move. I stayed on the floor trying to make sense of it all. 

“Bucky!” Steve knelt down next to me “What the fuck happened?” Under different circumstances I might have told him to watch his language. 

“She left” I said. The words tasted strange in my mouth. “Y/N left. And she tased me”

“She tased you?” Steve looked equal parts shocked and confused. I heard a whimper and a sob. I think they came from me. I think I’m crying. 

She kissed me. She held me. She wanted me. She told me she loved me. She loves me. She loves me. she loves me. she loves me. she loves me. she loves me. 

She left me.

She’s gone.  I was standing up now looking into Steves eyes. Once upon a time he was my best friend. Once upon a time I knew what that meant. His eyes were sad too. He hugged me I didn’t hesitate to hug him back. His arms tightened around me as I fell apart. Maybe this is what being a best friend is. Being there for someone you love regardless of the situation.

“She ran away” Steve’s voice is all kinds of soft. 

“She left” I spit out the words, anger rising up in my mind. But I couldn’t be angry at her. I think that was physically impossible. Instead I was left with the bitter thoughts of what could have been. All I had now was this pain in my chest and the words “what if” in my mind.

Natasha’s POV

I should have known something was wrong last night. I should have known that she wasn’t as okay as she out off. Y/N had this habit of wanting to take care of everyone else. She wanted us to be okay, so she acted okay. I should have known.

Nothing was making sense this morning. FRIDAY woke everyone up. I was annoyed to say the least. There was a meeting. It was fucking 4:43 am.Steve was an early bird and I cursed him as I changed and rolled out of bed. I think everyone was thinking that Steve was being ridiculous. I think we all thought this meeting was going to be about training or a mission. But we all thought it could wait until a more decent hour.

But when we say Bucky’s red eyes and Steve’s clenched jaw, his arm around Bucky, everything changed.

“Buck go sit” Steve’s voice was broken and sad. Suddenly the hour didn’t matter anymore, I needed to know what was wrong. I kept my face stoic and my body languid. I gave off an air that was strong and careless all at once. 

“Roger’s what going on” I asked raising an eyebrow. Tony looked around the room. He looked Bucky. Even Stark was concerned. That was saying something.  Pietro and Wanda walked in together, both confused and fearful of the situation. Speedy scanned the room and I felt Banner come closer to me. I was on high alert. 

“Where’s Y/N” Pietro’s accented voice rang. I looked around for her her familiar Y/H/C, her kind Y/E/C, her small frame. But there was nothing. 

“She left” Bucky answered looking up at Pietro. There was something about his tone that made me look twice at the man. He was usually tense and alert. Even though he had warmed up to us he had retained this stiffness that only Y/N could ever really melt. He looked defeated. His shoulders were slumped, his gaze glazed over as if he was remembering something. I walked over to him, fury in every step.

“What do you mean Y/N left” He turned to meet my gaze.

“I mean she left. She walked out of this building and she’s not coming back” My heart sank and everything became heavy. I think I showed my heartbreak because Banner walked over to me and took my hand. I yanked my hand away and put away Nat, and became the Black Window. 

“She wouldn’t” Wanda walked closer to Banner and me.

“She was scared” Steve said, “She was terrified of what would happen if HYDRA found her, if they found us”. There was a weight in Steve’s very being that he didn’t have before. The world was spinning but my reality stopped. Y/N was gone.I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it. She couldn’t be gone. But the more I thought about the more real it became. My girl, my best friend was gone. She was my link back to normaldome. Back to being just Nat. I lost Y/N. I was getting her back by whatever means necessary. I promised Seth I would keep her safe, I was going to keep my word.

Steve’s POV

A few weeks later

People say you never know what you have until it’s gone. Y/N leaving was like that. I never noticed how she used to be the one to make us all smile and laugh. How she would deal with all our crap and love us even more for it. I never noticed it. And her being gone..it’s an ache that everyone’s feeling right now. 

Something snapped in Bucky that day. I don’t know what happened between the two of them that night and he never talked about it. He rarely talked about Y/N. He rarely talked at all. Bucky was in the dinning room drinking out of a coffee mug. He wasn’t drinking coffee. Clint was trying to make breakfast for us. It wasn’t the safe without music blaring and Y/N voice in the background.

Nat was gone a lot of the time now. No one really asked her questions. She was gone and angry most of the time. I tried to keep everyone together but the thing was that was never my job. My job was to lead and make sure we did our job. Y/N was the one that kept everyone together. She was the glue. Y/N was there for everyone, always doing little things that made everyone happy. Y/N had this way about her that put people around her at ease. We missed it. We missed Y/N.

The twins suffered in silence. I never even knew that Pietro had anxiety. I didn’t know what do the day he had his first panic attack since Y/N left. Y/N was the one who was there when his anxiety got bad. She was the one who would help him calm down and breath. And Wanda, well she was sad a lot of the time. She rarely left her room. There was this new quietness about Wanda that unnerved everyone. No one knew how to be around her. They were afraid to break her and I think that makes it worse for her. I’ve tried to be there for them, but it’s not the same. I can’t provide the same kind of comfort that Y/N did. I try but I know that what I do is not enough for them. 

Banner tried to keep a brave face but without Y/N to get him to lighten up and smile he stayed married to his work. He never really left the lab and there was even speculation that he slept there. I don’t think anyone knew how much work it took for Banner to leave his lab. I tried to get him to spend time with us but there was a sadness whenever he said no. I think he half expected Y/N to be there and when he remembered she wasn’t he just shook his head and got lost in equations and numbers. 

There was something particularly unnerving in seeing Tony quiet. He went out a lot. He was in the tower in short bursts of time. When he was here he tried to be his usual snarky self but it’s like he didn’t really care to try anymore. He missed her terribly. He missed their banter. He missed the way she made him feel. I think we all missed the way she made us feel. For Tony Y/N gave him a feeling of acceptance and appreciation without making feel responsible for the world. At least that’s how he described it last night when he came in completely drunk. 

I missed Y/N so much. She was my rock. The person who I could just count on to be there with a smile and hug. There are days I expect her to be home waiting to watch netflix. There are mornings when I wake up and the world is not so bad and I think maybe she’s in the living room drinking coffee.

Y/N like a ghost. Even though Y/N is gone it’s like she’s still here. The absence of her is everywhere reminding everyone of what it was like when she was here. I think as much as I hate her being gone I don’t mind missing her so much. I love the ghost of her because it’s all I have left of her. 

I look around the tower. Fake smiles plastered on faces with eyes still crying. Everyone’s here right now. Maybe it’s the promise of food that kept them all here.

“Breakfast is is served” Clint calls out trying to be enthusiastic. We all meet in the kitchen met with out plates. Everyone sits down at the table, Y/N spot still missing. It’s a cruel reminder she’s not here. As everyone digs in there are muttered “thank you’s” and “this is amazing clint’s”. 

“I think we should look for her” I break the silence. I’m tired of this game of pretending. I’m tired of ignoring her empty seat at the table. I’m tired of walking by her room knowing that’s it’s just the way she left it.

“Roger’s, she chose to leave” Tony says, his head in his hand. 

“She was afraid Tony” I say once more more forcefully than I intended. But I can’t help it. I’m angry. I don’t want to be but I am. I’m angry at her for leaving. I’m angry that we’ve all fallen apart. We’re supposed to be the greatest heroes yet we’re reduced to nothing now. We need our best girl back. Most of all I’m angry at myself for not being there for her when she needed me the most. “She was afraid and we weren’t there for her. We just let her be scared” Tony looks at me and in that moment his gaze could kill a little bunny rabbit.  His face softens and there’s pain lying in the creases of his face.

“I agree with Cap” Pietro says strongly “We’ve let this go on long enough. We need her home” Pietro has this determination that made me happy.

“Who’s to say she even wants to be found” Banner said, “I know a thing or two about wanting to hide. We can’t just go fish her out because we’re selfish” His words hurt and there’s truth to them I know. 

“She wanted to stay” Bucky’s voice is raspy from it’s lack of use, “She told me she wanted to stay. She left to keep us safe” His voice dies near the end. It’s soft and rough and sad all at once. There’s a new type of silence that falls over all of us. I’m shocked that Bucky spoke.

“She might be safe now” Banner says softly

“She might not be” Nat’s voice is like honey over spikes. 

“You know better than anyone what Y/N meant to all of us. But we can’t pull her into the light where HYDRA can find her. We need to be careful” Tony mentions. I know he’s right. I look over at Bucky for support. His eyes look alive for the first time since Y/N left

“Then we’ll be careful” He bangs his fist on the table. “We fucking be careful. I don’t care how it get done but we need to find her” 

“We need our best girl back” I add. Everyone melts into consensus. I feel a sense of hope. I think we all do. 

“I have a lead” Nat looks up into my eyes, “I’ve been looking for her”. Theres something in her eyes. There’s something she’s not telling us. I don’t push it because in this case I know we have Y/N best interest at heart.  We’re still a mess, but maybe to find her we need a little bit of chaos. 

Bucky’s POV

It’s been a month of hardcore searching. We research and research. We try and find traces of her and her power. But nothing, absolutely nothing comes up. There’s this glimmer of hope that I’ll be able to find her. That i’ll be able to hold her I did. 

I guess it’s cheesy thinking that love can fix this mess. But I want so badly to think it’s enough. I need to think that everything that we’ve done is enough to get her back. So I work and I work to try and find something, anything that can lead me back to her. 

“Bucky you should get some sleep” Tony yawns, “You’re no good if you’re dead beat tired” 

“I will soon” I say never looking up from the computer screen. I was getting the hang of the internet. I was still learning and didn’t quite understand some things, but I was getting there. I looked at conspiracy websites looking for people who have seen someone stop time. I kept looking and looking. But nothing. 

Time went by and I didn’t even notice. I didn’t even care. This was my mission now. My mission was to find her. Nothing else seemed to matter, it all just dimmed in comparison. Suddenly another memory resurfaced. They were coming back, faster and faster now. 

I saw Steve, tiny and skinny. He was sick and had no money for medicine. It’s not like I could ask my ma for medicine so I worked, I worked to help my family and to keep Steve safe. So I worked until I had enough to buy him what he needed. He refused it at all, felt guilty even but he took it. I remember that I had a habit of wanting to take care of everyone.

I want to take care of Y/N. I want her safe. With me. Maybe that is too much to ask. 

“Bucky”, I heard someone sigh, “You can’t keep doing this. You need to take care of yourself too” Steve said. He was big now. I had almost forgotten. My flashbacks had a disorienting element to them. Y/N always knew how to ease me back into reality, but without her reality hit me in the face without a warning. I laughed, I laughed and laughed, Steve was confused.

“Do you remember how I used to pay for your medicine?” I asked and he blushed. 

“Yeah, Bucky, I do” he takes a seat next to me.

“Strange how things change. how tables turn” I say no longer laughing at the irony of it all.

“There’s nothing wrong with needing a little help” Steve put his hand on my shoulder.”You told me that Buck. And right now you need to sleep and take care of yourself, otherwise you’re no help to her.” I looked into his blue eyes. I found comfort in them. In his presence. In this moment I felt like we were friends. 

“I love her” My words feel strange out loud. His arm falls back to his side

“Anyone with eyes could see that” Steve chuckles. I look at him confused. “I’m glad you found her. She’s good for you” he adds, a sparkle in his eye.

“She told me she loved me before she tased me” I admit. Steve lets out another laugh.

“That’s a hell of a way to show it!” Steve comments. I give a slight chuckle. “We’ll find her” There’s a sincerity in his voice that makes me want to believe him. 

“We need to” My words are shaky, “I need her here” the confession shocks me but I know it’s true. 

“We all do Buck” I look down, away from his face. We talk for a while longer. We talk about Y/N. About Steve. About Peggy. About memories I didn’t tell him I remembered. By the end of it I feel like Steve is my best friend again. Like he was the guy who once upon a time was worth falling off a train for. 

“You need to take care of yourself too. This isn’t healthy Buck. She would hate you for this.” He chastises me as we move back onto the subject of the search.I give him a smirk. I know he’s right, but that doesn’t change the fact that I can’t sleep without having nightmares. So if i’m not going to sleep I might as well work. But I don’t tell him that. I just nod my head. 

As Steve gets up and leaves I call out, “Thanks” 

“For what?” He turns around.

“For this” I say softer this time, unsure of what this moment meant. 

“What are friends for” He shrugs. Then I remember.

“I’m with you till the end of the line” I whisper the words but Steve here’s them

“You remember” 

“I think so” I look back up at him. He’s beaming, like he just found treasure or something. 

“Goodnight Buck” He says waltzing back into his room. I stared at the computer screen once more. I got up and walked away. I need a moment. Just one more moment without the frustration of not finding her. Banner told me that it might be good for me to keep a diary or sorts to help me sort out my feelings. He said it had a calming effect on him. So I was giving it a go. It was better than punching the wall. It was better than drinking until I didn’t know what month it was. Strange how I would sooner forget my name before I forgot her. 

I smiled at the thought of her. Of the way Y/N would come running into my room after nightmares. How she would let me hold her. I smiled at the countless moments I wished I could of kissed her. 

Dear Y/N,

I remember more now. I remember stuff from the 40′s. I remember my sister and my mother. I remember how Steve would always go looking for a fight. I remember fighting with him. I remember how often he used to get sick and how hard I worked to make sure he had his rent paid and medicine in his home. I remember going to movies with him and having a grand old time.

But there are things i'd rather forget. I remember when I woke up with my new arm. I remember the first guy the sent me to kill. I remember how brutal the training was. I remember how brutal I was when training the new recruits. I remember the time I spent in ice. I remember being so goddamn angry all the time. I remember really goddamn lonely.

I wish I could kill everyone in HYDRA for you. So you could some home. So you could be safe and not have to be afraid. I know you don’t need me to take care of you, but is it so bad that I want to. 

Doll, I miss you. I miss you more than I missed you yesterday. You think i’m better off without you and thats a lie. You told me once that we sometimes find people who make the emptiness less. Thats what you do for me. You make me feel whole and alive again. 

What I wouldn’t give to hear your voice singing off key in the kitchen. What I would give for you yell at Steve for being an idiot on a mission. What I wouldn’t give for you to sleep beside me again. The nightmares are worse now that you’re gone. Sometimes they’re memories but now all my worst nightmares are me losing you. I hope I haven’t lost you. I don’t think I could bear that. 

Please come home Doll. And if you don’t please let me find you. 


Reader’s POV

A week After the reader left

There’s music in the background. It’s something too catchy and a little bit crappy. Steve would hate it. It’s dark in here and there’s a disgusting dampness in the air. I look at my drink and try to look at ease. 

“Could you look anymore uncomfortable?” I smile as I hear the voice. I could place it anywhere. 

“Nat you could have picked a nicer place than this to meet” I smile, I give her a quick hug. She sits down next to me, scanning the room. 

“You’ve got a tail” She tells me.

“Yeah I know. It’s been that way for the past two days. They’ve been very helpful. The idiots don’t know I hacked into their phones and laptops. I know everything they do” I tell her.

“Guess you did learn a little something from me”

“Well you don’t live on the run for 4 years without picking up on somethings Nat” I remind her. She nods. She orders some whiskey and sighs. She’s lost in thought. Silence falls between us and I can already tell what’s coming. 

“You didn’t have to leave you know” Her eyebrows furrow as she stares down her drink.

“I did and you know it” My voice is steel.

“No that’s fear talking” She looks at me and I see just how much pained I caused her. I have to remind myself that the pain would be worse if HYDRA caught her. I look away from her and It’s my turn to stare at my drink.“I wasn’t sure you’de show” She changes the subject.

“How would I miss out little date” I joke, trying to lighten the darkened mood.

“Y/N” Her voice is stern. She wants an explanation and I guess she of all people deserves it.

“I knew you would find me eventually. You have a habit of getting what you want out of people”, I begin, “I figured this was my best chance of convincing you that this is the way things have to be for now. I have a plan” 

“Well i’m not convinced. What’s your plan”

“Can’t tell you yet” I look back at her, “HYDRA wants me back. Badly. They think they can give me the power I need to stop time on a massive scale without killing me. But even if that doesn’t happen, they’ll risk my life in order to get their mission done. That’s what I know. They’ll do what they have to, to get to me, Nat. I’m not letting anyone get hurt because of me”

“Y/N stop the martyr act” ,Her voice is stern and hard, “You don’t have to do this alone. All of us miss you” 

“I’m not being a martyr. This is my mess Nat, I have no right to drag you guys into it” I plead with her, “I love you Nat. You’re my person. But this” I motion to our surroundings, “This I have to do alone. But I promise I’ll do everything I can to come back. But if I don’t it’s because I’m keeping you safe”

“Whose going to keep you safe” Nat put her hand on mine.

“Bucky said something like that” My heart hurts and aches. Just thinking about him sent me down a bittersweet road of maybe’s and could have beens. He deserved someone with less shit than me. I wanted to be that girl for him. And maybe I could have been, But HYDRA had to fuck things up again. I love him and everyday I hope that i’ll see him again. That I’ll be able to just be in his arms again and feel safe. 

“He’s a mess without you” Her words are knives.

“He’ll be alright” I say, hoping he will be. 

“I don’t think he will be. You were this light for him. This good thing he never thought he could have and you left. I think he thinks you took the good with you” She explains. Tears prickle my eyes, I wipe them away furiously. “He loves you, you know. He’s heartbroken without you” Her voice is sweeter now.

“I know” I can hardly get the words out as I recall the night I left. “I do too” I admit to her. “I left my good bits with him. I’m not Y/N right now. I can’t afford to be. I have to be what I was created to do” I look over at Nat. There’s understanding in her eyes even if everything else in her body is stiff and filled with the determination to get me home. “I can’t do that with everybody here” 

“Y/N when are going to get it. This is bigger than just you or me. This is HYDRA. You can’t do it alone. You need us. Besides we can take care of ourselves” Nat’s voice breaks. She softened. In this moment she’s a girl pleading for her best friend sister to come home. I reach out and tuck a red strand of hair behind her ear.

“I will do whatever it takes to keep you safe. I can’t do that with you guys in the battle with me. I need you to just live for me. I need you to just let me do this”

“How can you ask that of me?” Nat’s voice is hurt, betrayed even “I was there when you escaped, when Seth died. You needed me then. How is this any different”

“I’m not a little girl you need to mother Nat” My words are harsh and cold. But I need to push her away “I’m all grown up. I can do this”

“Y/N” There are unshed tears in her eyes

“I love you Nat. You’re a great person and I love you” I say getting up from my seat. I turn to leave but she catches my wrist. I turn around to face her warm eyes. 

“Y/N you stupid bitch. There’s no stopping you is there” She gives me her famous half smirk. She slides papers into my hand. “I had them made just incase”. I looked into the yellow envelope. There were birth certificates, a new passport, everything. “Just promise me whatever your plan is, you won’t play the hero”

“Wasn’t planning on it” I give her a hug. I was never the hero. I was the villain. It’s time for me to start playing the role. 

“You’re not gonna tase me right?” She jokes I laugh. I think that’s the first time I laughed since I left. 

“No, you’re too quick for that”

“Damn right I am” She pulls away from me. “Y/N, keep in touch?”

“I promise” I nod, “take care ‘em for me, yeah” I ask her

“I’ll try. We’re a bit of a mess without you.” She admits sheepishly.

“Come on, you guys are the greatest, mightiest heroes!”

“But you were the glue” Sadness hits me in a wave. 

“I’ll try and come back” There’s a hint of a promise in the words I utter, but we both know that the chances of that happening are slim to none. Not until HYDRA is defeated. 

“I love you” She whispers one last time as I leave the bar. The stupid catchy song is stuck in my head and I want to cry. I walk out into the cold night and I find myself wishing desperately to be holding a metal hand. I hear two pairs of footsteps behind me. I bury my emotions away. There’s no room for that in war. 

A Few Months Later

“Fuck!” I curse. I was sitting on the floor, a crappy laptop in my lap. It was buffering just when I needed it to be working. I was about to hack into a little group of HYDRA’s that was in Boston. Boston was different than New York. I missed the big apple. Mostly I missed the people I left behind. Suddenly the buffering turned into a warning. The tracked back the signal to me. I cleared the hard drive of the computer. Then took a bat and smashed the computer. it was quite cathartic.Once I was satisfied I got up, grabbed my bag and made my way to the door. The one good thing about finding abandoned buildings is not feeling bad about burning them to the ground. This fire would provide just enough cover for me to ditch my tail and relocate. 

The plus side is that it would be a signal to Nat. By the time people stop the fire they’ll find one thing. A metal rose. It’s kind of my thing. Or it was my thing when I was with HYDRA. It’s my own person snub at HYDRA for being so close yet so far. I lit a match and dropped it. I had already dumped gasoline so the fire grew and grew rapidly. I ran out and watched as people gathered near the burning building. I stayed a moment to make sure that no one was left inside. I heard nothing but the crackling of flames. I stayed until the fire department came. People muttered that they were glad that it was empty. 

Then I made a dash for it. I found a care just around the corner. I jumped in and hot wired it. Thank you Rogers, I thought to myself. I set up my raidio that was intune to my tails phones. I needed to know what they know at all times. There was silence for the first few hours of driving.

“She’s headed for Quincy” I heard.

“Are you postive” A heavily accented voice asked. 

“It’s an estimation sir” 

“Then go, follow her”. I was going to drive south toward Quincy, make a call, then drive North. It was my best shot. Besides there was one last thing I needed. And it was in New York. Once i got what I needed I could inact my plan. Granted it was a really stupid plan, and quite dangerous, but it was the only plan in which HYDRA was shut down. I already knew where they were taking me. It was the main HYDRA base. It had their main intellgience files, their main scientists, their main everything. Taking this out wouldn’t be like cutting off a head. It would be cutting out the heart. If all goes well and it works only clean up would be needed. 

So I drove. I turned off my radio and used the car radio. I sang along to some new pop song in order to calm myself down. I was terrfied. The closer I got to New York, the more nervous I got. Maybe it’s because all the months of preperation were finally about to pay off. I stopped somewhere, I’m not entirley sure. Nighttime was already here and this place was beyond sketchy. I parked next to what my new car would be. I stayed in. I had a call to make.

“Y/N” Her voice was quiet.

“Nice to hear your voice Nat” I joked. 

“How are you? Are you okay? I just heard about the fire. What the fuck where you thinking? You’re supposed to be subtle. A fire is not subtle!”

“Nat breath. I was just having some fun with HYDRA” I explain “They think i’m still in Boston on my way to Quincy”

“That was still reckless” Her voice is calmer but there’s still an edge.

“I’m still alive Nat” I smile, “Look I don’t have much time. I need you and Wanda to meet me in Central Park”

“I’ve been working like crazy to avoid her. If she looks in my mind and knows I helped-”

“Nat, it’s fine, she needs to know. I need her to do somthing for me. If she doesn’t my plan might not work” 

“Y/N you’re going to do somehting stupid arent you”

“It’s the only way I know how to function”

“And I thought Roger’s was bad” she groans. 

“Nat? Will you do it?”

“Yes” she breath. We say out goodbyes. I turn off the burner and leave it in the car. The windows are rolled down so I can unlock the car door. I hop in, hot wire it and make my way towards New York. Well hell, if I thought I was nervous then, i’m about to have a heart attack right now. I took a deep breath and readied myself for the four hour drive. 


I was waiting in Central Park. I was wearing a hoodie and jeans. I sat on a bench reading a book as I analyzed my surrounding. There were no HYDRA personel yet. I waited and waited. I was nervous to say the least. I honed in my skills and hid my fear rather well.

“Y/N” I heard her before I say her. I felt her arms around me before I had a moment to process anything. “Where have you been” Her voice is airy.

“That story takes more time than I have.” I pull away from her. 

“I understand. Are you coming home?” Her face is hopeful and I hate to be the one to take that hope away from her.

“After I do one last thing” I tell her, “But the thing is I need you’re help to get it done” 

“What is it”

“Can you protect memories?” I ask her, my own hope was hanging in the balance. “You can manpulate minds. Can you manipulate mine so that I remember certain things”

“I’ve never done something like that” Her eyebrows scruch together.

“What are you planning to do?” Nat voices.

“It’s better if you don’t know”

“Like hell it is” She places a hand to her hip. I think about it for a minute. I decide that it was the only way for them to understand was for them to know.

“I’m going into HYDRA’s base” I say.

“Are you insane?” Nat’s disbelif is palpable.

“Y/N, You can’t!” Wanda exclaims.

“This is the only way. Trust me” I try and calm them down. 

“But-” Nat begins.

“No, this is my mess and this is my solution”

“And what exactly is your plan”. 

“Just stay tuned. If i’m not back in 6 months, then just asume the worse okay” I warn them

“This is stupid, reckless even!” Nat said.

“I never said it wasn’t. But I can get in. I can use my power to end them.” I find myself pleading with them, hoping they understand. “I can’t come home with them still out there with a gun to your heads”

Wanda nods. She understands. She doens’t like it, that much is evident but there’s a sense of understanding. I hold her hand in mine. 

“Can you do it?” I look into her eyes. She waits a minute trying to think about it.

“I can try” everything about her is determined. She reminded me of Peitro for a moment. They had the same set of their jaw, the same determined look. My heart hurt. Her eyes glow crimson. I lock eyes with her and get lost in the redness of them. There are different red hues. Burgondy, bright red, even pinky reds. Her hands release a red smoke almost as I begin to feel my head beguin to reel. I feel like i’m falling. I close my eyes.

I can see my plan visually. I can see it unfold. I focus on them, I focus on making them real. Then I see Bucky’s face. Sepcifically the way he looked after I told him I loved him. His hair was a mess and I probably looked like crap but he still grinned like an idiot. When I open my eyes Wanda is smiling.

“I think it worked” my voice is weak.

“It did. I figured You might need a Bucky memory” Wanda assures me. “Now you need to do what you need to do, but you need to come back” I smile at her.

“thank you for that last memory especially” I squeeze her hand.

“You’re even more headstrong than Seth” Nat say as I get up, “Come here” She pulls me into a hug. She holds on a little longer than normal. I guess that’s the closest i’ll get to “i’ll miss you”. We pull away and I can tell she’s hearbroken. 

“I love you Nat, i’ll be fine” I assure her, although I don’t belive myself. I turn to give Wanda a hug. She pulls me in tightly as if she never planned on letting me go. As I pull away she kisses both of my cheeks. “Don’t you worry, Wanda. It’s takes more than HYDRA to get rid of me” I joke. 

“Be safe” Her eyes are littered with worry. 

“wish me luck” I say turning and walking away. With every step I take my heart pounds faster. I’m terrfied that this won’t turn out well. But if I don’t do this, then HYDRA will just find some other girl to be me and fufill this mission. I’m not their top choice for this mission. But with me, they wouldn’t have to start with scratch. I walk down the familair streets of New York. I smile as I breath it all in for maybe, but hopefully not, the last time. I close my eyes for a minute. I open them and leave behind me thought and memories and feeling. I walk to an old building. There eyes everywhere. I can feel their greedy gazes on me. I take a deep breath and walk into the building. I make my way to my old aprtment

I look around. It’s just how we left it. It’s still a mess and I find myself starting to fall apart. I walk into Seth’s room. His stuff is mostly gone but there are few things littered here and there. I pick up an old book. I could never find the will to throw away his things. So I left them as they were. I walked into my room. There wasn’t a lot left since Tony and Nat moved my stuff into the tower. 

I feel like crying and breaking down and theres only one person I want with me right now. I pull myself together as I let one tear fall from my eyes. I move toward the nightstand. I take out the false bottom. There it is. Four vials of a bright blue liquid that almost glows. I stuff them into my backpack and pull out my gun and my knife. I tunk my gun in my boot and walk out of the aprtment, ready for a fight. 

I make my way out of the building and that’s when they attack me. I punch, kick, and use my knife. I can hear the gasps from people around me as black HYDRA personell attack me. I take down about 20 agents and I feel myself start to tire. I hear a gunshot and that wakes me up right away.

I tke out my own gun. It was my favorite gun. It was nothing fancy but it got the job done. I began to shoot as well as contunue hand to hand combat. I had to put on a show before I let them take me. They needed to think that had made me sibmit to them or else they would be suspisious. 

Then something hit my leg. I fell and hit the ground hard.

I shoot the agents closer to me and they fall with thuds around me. But more people swarm towads me. My heart races.

“Y/N!!!” I hear someone call, my heart skips a beat. I would know that husky voice anywhere. Bucky. I look over my right shoulder and I see him. He does look like hell. He’s got bags under his eyes and his hair is even more unruly than normal. He hasn’t shaved in a while either, but when he see’s me he looks almost happy. Thats soon gone as he realizes the predicament I’m in. 

“Bucky RUN” I yell as loud as I can, but it’s too late the jerk is running twards me. He lands punshes and kicks trying to make his way towards me. I feel arms pick me up roughly. The last thing I see is Bucky fighting two agents as a HYDRA worker carries me and puts me in a black car. I hear him scream my name but it’s too late, HYDRA has me. Tears stream down my face as I hear him call my name as we drive away. Then everything goes black

Please let me know what y’all think! Feedback and comments are much appreciated!! 

Lots of Love,

Ellie from Physics of Fangirling

anonymous asked:

do you like toby? what do you think about him?

hahaha hello anon. I assume you are referring to Toby Ziegler and I’m starting to think I need to do something differently if people are asking me this question lol.

I adore Toby Ziegler with my whole heart and soul (he’s the only man in my top ten favorite characters list).

I think that he can be often very mis-read by people who assume that he is just sad and angry, or just the funny cynical grump, because he is honestly one of the most complicated and wonderfully written characters I’ve ever seen.  

We know his background wasn’t easy and I really think that that informs this weight he carries on his shoulders, I think he has a deep understanding and even fear of the influence and responsibility he all of a sudden is entrusted with as a close advisor to the President.  

I also think that his temper stems from the fact that he -almost more than any of the rest of them- believes so deeply in them and in Jed Bartlet and in people
in general and in their ability to create real and lasting change. He believes so deeply and so strongly (and has this huge, bleeding heart) that it’s then more difficult for him to contain his disappointment and anger when he is let down or when they are beaten. Ironically, I do think Toby is actually the most deeply idealistic. He is surrounded, too, by people (i.e. Jed Bartlet and CJ Cregg and Josh Lyman) that he respects and loves who are both more cynical and at the same time have an easier time celebrating successes, and I think being around people like them who can remember to take a moment to breathe and celebrate a victory helps him remember their successes and to not lose hope in the face of failures/disappointments.  

And he loves his people so much.  From “there’s no one in this room who wouldn’t rather die than let you down”, to the “we’re a team” speech (”you’re my guys, and I’m yours, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you”), from shielding CJ from gunfire with his own body, to his speech to Jed in Hartsfield’s Landing (You’re a good man, you don’t have to act like it….You’re a heavyweight. And you’ve been holding me up for too many rounds).  The moment when he comforts Ginger after the shooting and when a single man met in a hotel bar’s plight inspires him to try to reform college tuition.  Or when he arranged the funeral for a homeless veteran who died alone.  Even his immediate love for the children he had been terrified he would not love, because he didn’t have a father around to model being a father after. 

Anyways, yeah, Anon. I love him.  He’s flawed and complicated and difficult and idealistic and brilliant and good-hearted no matter how he pretends not to be.  (sorry this got long and confusing. I have a lot of feelings. I hope this is coherent.) 

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did mulan like/love philip or aurora?

From what I remember, Mulan loved Philip too, which is why she had a little difficulty with Aurora at first. But through time, you could see that Mulan was starting to develop feelings for Aurora, too. When she went to go see Aurora again, she was going to tell her that she loves her (I’m just guessing here because she never really said it but we’ll pretend like she was going to) and the writers crushed everyone’s hopes and dreams by Aurora telling Mulan that she’s pregnant and Mulan going off to join Robin Hood’s merry men because we can’t have nice things

Duran update: The gig at Port Chester

Ok - this is a long post.  Bear with me or move on, no hard feelings.

Number One: shoutout to allegra0 for being supercute and ready for anything. We spent considerable time in the heat waiting for either band members to show up or go back to their cars, or to go inside the theatre, and for the show to start.  Shoutout to my girl johnspleasuregroove for texting me throughout the day with encouraging words.  Shoutout to Her Dailyness john-taylor-daily for being her amazing Daily self, and asking probing questions like “did you touch him???” (”Him” being the unearthly beauty that is John Taylor.  And no, I did not touch him, but, like a guru or saint, I feel blessed by his presence on earth).

You’ve seen the vids by now, plus allegra0 posted some blow-by-blows last night, and you have seen the set list.  I must confess to you I took no pictures and/or video, in spite of my promises.  I just soaked the entire show in and relied on others who are less shallow and selfish than I, and who actually served the fandom.  But I come to you now with words, which, after all, are my thing. And what I think are some pretty juicy tidbits.  All below are my own opinions.  I am expecting some hate mail already.

The theatre set up DJPenguin to fluff us.  Ha! Like we needed fluffing.  An older Duranie behind me was shouting “thanks, byeeee” every time a song in his set ended. I felt bad for him, but actually the whole fluffing thing was annoying.

The show was superb. A small theatre like the Capitol is perfect to see Duran because you can feel the closeness (and smell it - ewww), and they are not dwarfed by a huge stage.  The sound reverberated too much at times, but that did not upset the show balance.

I was never a Simon girl, but now I know what Simon girls mean when they swoon over him.  Last night he exhuded raw sexiness in his white pants, and he was totally toying with us fans using his body language, facial expressions and voice. I was lucky to be directly under the stage where he usually stands, and could see his eyes and long eyelashes. Also - and I am hoping for video confirmation of this, just in case I am losing it - in the Girls on Film chorus he said “too many taylors” instead of “two minutes later”.  I was beside myself. Finally - and this is what totally won me over, because after all I am the most shallow of them all -  he raised his arms at some point, his shirt rode up and we caught a glimpse of his round dad belly.  BOOM. Sold.

John is a beautiful man, and he’s so tall and gangly that he hunches over a bit when he walks. He is really sweet and nice to the fans.  His smile lighted up the entire street when he exited the theatre after the show.  Atlanta was there too incidentally.  John is really thin, though, almost dangerously thin - I guess it’s the Southern California thing that gets everybody who moves there (me included, years ago)? His face is supermobile when he’s playing, he smiles then he furrows his brow then he rolls his eyes back into their socket, then he bites his tongue and on and on.  He’s a total babe though, with his hair standing up all over the place on his head… but his leather pants were long enough!  And yes we did do the “play the fucking bass John” thing at the end.

Everybody on stage and off was soaked in sweat except for Nick Rhodes, who demonstrated for the umpteenth time what it means to be ‘not of this world’.  He was in full dress (some brocade thing with some shiny thing on top, shiny shoes - just stupendous) and full make-up.  No trace of sweat or a hair out of place. He’s like a doll, pocket-size and absolutely dreamy. Not aging gracefully though, even though he runs some genome futuristic skincare thing.  Which maybe does mean that he is of this world after all.

Rog is a compact mass of muscle and nerves, naturally handsome, tanned and healthy with teeth so white his smile blinds you. An amazing drummer. When they did their first goodbye (they thought we were going to let them go without an encore.  How naive, these men), Rog stood up to get off the drum podium, and he flicked his tongue to the side before smiling. My god what can I say?  I love the man. Shy as he is, he even made nice with the fans on the way out, but on the other side from where we were standing, unfortunately. 

Loads of JoSi, RoJo #sammich, and NiSi action.  I am hoping for some vid or pictures to substantiate these comments.  Rog was very serious the whole time during the show, so at some point John walked over while playing and made him smile.  At the end of the encore, John did put his hand on Rog’s shoulders and Rog reciprocated by touching John’s hand. Total ovarian explosion there. Simon also made Nicky smile and laugh a couple of times in between songs. Nicky’s smile is so precious, and I would actively campaign for more full-mouth smiles on his part.  allegra0 has some JoSi pictures that I hope she will post soon.  Very sexy.  Like, very.

My prayers were answered: they did Election Day, and Pressure Off. They also did Careless Memories, which was a total encore treat which nobody was expecting.  They also mixed Psycho Killer with Girls on Film at the encore. They did White Lines that made the Duranie standing next to me go crazy, which was unexpected since for the whole show she was pretty quiet.  This is Duranies, you know? Some go total insane and stay insane for the whole show, some have some insane deep down that only comes out when it’s triggered by some particular songs or whatever.

Right now I am totally exhausted.  But right now a bunch of Duranies are lining up at the Capitol for the second night of Duran.  If I did not live 3.5 hours away, I’d get in my car right now and drive back there.  They’re coming back though, or so Nick’s keyboard minder Ozzy told me when he accosted me on the street to ask me about fandom.  My answer was: well, I know a thing or two about fandom, how long do you have?

Send me an Ask if you have questions on the show.  I may have answers.

Love, and Durans Forever.

Yule Ball Kisses - George Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: I’m combining these because they’re really similar

1.)    Hey, first can I just say that your writing is fantastic and your blog is one of my favourites! But can you do a imagine where your in Slytherin and you and George have a crush on each other (you have for ages) and then somehow they end up together? With lots of fluff! P.S. My names Caitlin 🏼️ Thanks love 😘

2.)    Hi, could you please write an imagine about a Slytherin who is best friends with George. She wants to go to the yule ball with him but he asked someone else. During Yule Ball she gets jealous, confesses her feelings and it gets really cute? Thanks :)


So this is like a mix of fluff and a tiny bit sad because I couldn’t pick!


The Yule Ball was like prom to muggle students. Most people went, and those who didn’t secretly wished they did. Boys asked anxious girls, whom had already had their dress picked out weeks prior, kept their eyes and attention locked on one boy in particular holding their breath every time he walked  by hoping he’d ask them to the festive dance, and had a hair appointment scheduled for the dance. This was all true for the girls at Hogwarts… except maybe the hair appointments. A lot of the girls just had their friends do their hair, or worked up some magic. This all being true for a particular Slytherin girl that had her heart dead set on a particular Gryffindor pranking king.

Caitlin, a sixth year Slytherin, had grown close to the Weasley Twins over the course of their years together at Hogwarts. Of course their first encounter hadn’t run over too smooth, the trio quickly patched things up and moved on as friends. Caitlin had accidently turned into the victim of one of the twins pranks gone wrong as she found herself with maroon and gold hair for the week, just as the big Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin was approaching. To sum it up, her housemates weren’t too pleased to be cheering alongside her, decked out in the opposite colors.

After the color had washed out, a very pissed and full of revenge Caitlin set out a plan to put the boys in their place. In short terms she had somehow managed, with the help of an older more experienced Slytherin friend of hers, to gender swap the boy and change them into girls for the week. Sadly, it earned her and her house friend an after hours school detention but in the long run it was totally worth it.

 Having admired her work, Fred and George approached Caitlin and offered her a spot, helping them carry out and plan new pranking ideas. She accepted and soon became inseparable with the Weasley twins following them everywhere they went. In the process, she grew quite a strong relationship with a certain red head twin,

In an odd way, Caitlin seemed to connect a little more with George Weasley than Fred. Fred and her were still amazingly close, but it was different when things came to George. Often times, she’d find him escorting her to and from class, waiting on her while she took trips to the bathroom, inviting her to their house over break, and constantly writing letters to her over their summer breaks and every other one she doesn’t spend with them. If she was to be fully honest with herself, Caitlin would have to admit she found herself falling for the mischievous twin. Sadly, it became clear to her George didn’t feel the same based on the obvious fact she wasn’t the one he asked to accompany him to the Yule Ball.

Alicia Spinnet. A literally flawless Gryffindor student. Long luscious raven black hair, and eyes as dark and enchanting as the night sky. She had a slim figure and a happy always smiling face. Alicia was a saint to everyone she talked to, never judged at first sight, giving each individual a fair and equal chance. Why wouldn’t George ask her to the dance? He’d be stupid not to! Though this didn’t ease Caitlin’s pain, as it set in in the pit of her stomach that her dear crush chose Alicia over her.

For the rest of the week, Caitlin tried her absolute best to keep her distance from both of the twins, and when she did find herself around them, she put on the happiest face acting like everything was perfect fine when in reality nothing was. George being too caught up in his date, Caitlin’s odd behavior went unnoticed by him but not by Fred. Fred confronted Caitlin on this but she brushed him off, playing it like nothing was wrong, leaving Fred defeated.

Caitlin entered the Great Hall arms interlocked with her date, John Lunterman, a fellow Slytherin that had a crush on her since their second year. Caitlin didn’t exactly feel the same way towards him, but to her a date was better than none when George was coming with someone that wasn’t her.

“Y’know, love, we should really go dance.” John stated rising from his spot at the lace lined table top. Reaching out his hand and intertwining it with Caitlin’s, she gave him leeway of guiding her through the mob of dancing students despite her heart not wanting to dance at the moment. Truthfully, she’d much rather be bathing in the chocolate fountain having a pity party alone.  

John positioned the pair in the dead center of the ballroom, leaving Caitlin to groan mentally. She wasn’t one for being the center of attention, and certainly not tonight when she wasn’t even at the dance with the guy of her dreams.

There was just something so distinctively different about George that set him apart from everyone else, even his identical brother. He didn’t care that Caitlin was a Slytherin, unlike all of his friends who were hesitant to meet her and cringed when they heard the twins had become friends with her. Caitlin was nowhere near a bad person, it was more so her house title that scared away the Weasley twins’ friends.

 There was a natural rivalry between Gryffindor and Slytherin… the “good and the bad”… the “brave and the cowardly”… “light and dark”. It was written in the stars to Caitlin, her and George were simply not meant to be. Little did Caitlin know George was dreading the dance. Alicia wasn’t the girl he had been planning to ask, originally he was gonna ask Caitlin the girl he’d fancy for years, but it struck him that Caitlin could possibly not feel the same way. So instead of risking all their years of friendship, George took the safe route taking his okay friend Alicia Spinnet instead knowing the night wouldn’t be as perfect as he had hoped for with Caitlin under his arm.

From under her long, mascara soaked eyelashes, Caitlin caught glimpse of a glowing George Weasley whisking away the utterly beautiful Alicia, whose body hugged a red strapless dress better than most girls could. Her face was bright and buoyant, a smile radiating the rest of her features. Fred was to his brother’s right glazing around the room effortlessly with Angelina. The pair seemed evenly in sync dancing the night away.

Caitlin tore her gaze away letting her eyes rest on the door way behind John’s head wondering if she could make a clean break away.

John’s touchy hand snapped Caitlin back to reality as it creeped down her backside inching dangerously to her bum. He bobbed his head down, mouth resting on the shell of her pink tinted ear, whispering softly,

“You look hot tonight. You dress really shows off your sexy curves. I was thinking, maybe later we could sneak off down by the lake and y’know…” He smirked, his massive ego shining through and practically visible. Caitlin stepped back completely flabbergasted and offended. Did he just say what she thinks he did?

“Excuse me?” She spat venomously. John shrugged, that stupid cocky smirk still displayed on his arrogant face.

“I think you heard me, babygirl.” He pressed his body tight against her chest, making Caitlin take an abrupt step backwards, pushing him off of her and catching the eyes of those around the in the process, one of those eyes being George Weasley.

“Don’t touch me you ass! God, what do you think I am? I have more respect for myself then to allow myself do something like that with an arrogant shit like yourself!” She shouted pivoting on her heel as exiting the Great Hall in a matter of 10 seconds. John scoffed sauntering off the dance floor and over to his group of friends, becoming embarrassed with all the attention now on him.

Tears brimmed Caitlin’s eyes which were wiped away the exact moment they fell. There was no way she was letting him have the satisfaction and affect to make her cry. Annoyed beyond her limits and confused, Caitlin perched herself on the open brick window sill, sighing as the cold air slapped her half bare back. She didn’t get the comment he made about her “curves”. For the most part, she didn’t have any and if she did the dress certainly showed them off to the extent of not at all.

Her mother had sent the dress to her from Caitlin’s home town when she received new about the ball. Caitlin’s mother wanted nothing but the best for her being the reason behind the fairly expensive dress.

The gown itself was drop dead gorgeous. Overall the color scheme was champagne pink and feel gracefully to the floor pooling slightly around her ankles. The dresses bottom half had a slight puff to it but for the most part was flowy and was sprinkled alluringly with golden sparkles, along with the barley distinctive belt and caved top. The top half was strapless and the material covered her breast in a shell like fashion, making her the apple of the eye to most everyone at the Yule Ball, not that she noticed at all. Her hair spread in spiraled staircase like curls running down her shoulders and back.

The night was supposed to be perfect for her, but in Caitlin’s point of view, it never could’ve been without George by her side.

Meanwhile, back in the makeshift ballroom, George had set out to find Caitlin and abandoned his date on the dance floor. Yes, he did find Alicia to be attractive, but she didn’t even come close when in comparison to Caitlin. He liked Alicia to an extent but she could never quite understand him the way Caitlin did.

 She hated pranks, found Quidditch boring, disliked big get family get-together’s (which would obviously come as a problem with the Weasley crew), didn’t like steeping too far out of her comfort zone and had a hard time getting loose. All of which Caitlin did perfectly in George’s eyes. In fact, Caitlin was perfect in George’s eyes. He just didn’t know how to tell her, and if it was right for him to. They had one of the best friendships ever, so why ruin it? But George didn’t want to settle for just a friendship when he was head over heels in love with Caitlin.

Searching corridors left and right, George sighed in defeat wondering if he should give up and talk to her when morning came around. Though, he frowned upon the idea, knowing he might chicken out with waiting that long.

A whimper echoed like a pebble falling down a well. George took off in the direction the noise came from and found himself facing the back of a weeping girl.

“Caitlin…?” The room stood still. The girl’s breath hitched as a new presence entered the room. Oh no, she thought, I’m nowhere near in the mood to hold a stable conversation. Peeking over her bare shoulder, Caitlin’s eyes multiplied as they landed on that of George Weasley.

“Darling, are you alright? I saw yours and John’s little exchange. What happen?” Caitlin huffed rubbing her delicate hand over her face wiping away all her tears. George leaned his hand over, skimming his thumb along her cheek to catch a stray tear. Caitlin smiled lightly, wiggling over and allowing George access to squeeze into the open space beside her.

“Nothing… he’s just a prick. I don’t know why I came tonight. I have no interest in him so why waste the time dressing up only to be disappointed and feel like, and look like crap afterwards. He’s such a jerk too! Why did I think this was a good idea, Georgie!” She complained leaning her head onto George’s shoulder as he rubbed her back soothingly. His heart was beating so fast he was almost positive she could hear it. Caitlin snuggled her face into the crook of George’s neck as he held her in a calm silence until he decided to break it needing to get the words out from his mouth.

“I think you look lovely tonight. Actually, I think you were the most beautiful girl in that ballroom tonight. Fred agreed with me when I told him that. Far more elegant than my date who had been making rude remarks all night about my horrible dancing skills. As for John, I’ve never liked him and to be honest with you I wasn’t too pleased when Hermione and Ginny told me he had asked you and you said yes. 

He’s not a good person and he doesn’t treat you right. Caitlin, you deserve to be treated like a princess… and not just tonight, every single day of your life. You’re not some prize that he has bragging rights over and I swear on Merlin’s beard if I hear him say one remark about you during class I won’t hesitate to put the bloke in his place. You deserve so much better than a shit like him. You deserve someone that won’t take you for granted and will cherish every waking moment with you. You deserve to be happy and feel loved. I think I know just the person that can make you feel that way…” George spoke as light as a feather like he was afraid of something. Caitlin leaned back, un-attaching her head from his shoulder and glanced up at him with a questioning look.

“Who?” She asked, hope leaking through the cracks in her words. George grinned happily leaning forward and taking her face in-between in his hands. Caitlin froze like ice as his face approached hers, while her eyes fell shut finding his warm glossy lips placed lovingly against her own cold ones. A wave of electricity entered her veins feeling his lips reposition locking with her own. George felt like the king of the world reaching down to hold Caitlin’s hand in his. She pulled back not long later leaning her forehead up against his smiling like a fool. George mirrored her actions, chuckling out loud.

“Me… I could be that guy.” Alicia wasn’t a relative thought in his mind. It was like he had never met her… she was only used as a numbing medication to get over the thought of Caitlin but now that George knew she felt the same way for him that he did for her, there was no use as using Alicia as a cover up anymore.

“Yeah, I really think you could.” Caitlin blushed feeling George’s lips press to her crimson cheek.

I guess the night didn’t turn out too bad for George and Caitlin.

-Daizy xx

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Clint Barton :D

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: I don’t really ship him with anybody, I guess? Or rather equally Natasha (pre-AoU) and his wife (post-AoU).

general opinions: I have always been super intrigued by non-supernatural/magical characters in fantastical universes. They must have such a unique outlook and opinion on the situations, because I feel like no matter how much the crazy consumes their life, it will still never be their normal, whereas for those with those gifts it either already is or becomes their normal. I guess that’s why I actually liked Clint having a totally normal family in AoU. I really like the juxtaposition of this apple pie, country farm life being SO WEIRD to the Avengers, when in reality, any other government official like Barton (at a lower rung on the ladder, of course) would probably have something like that, so it shouldn’t be that off putting, expect they all have superpowers, etc. Basically, what the average American sees as ‘normal’ is completely foreign to the Avengers, and it boggles their minds that Clint has that, which I think puts them in awe of him a little bit, almost on a pedestal that he has this thing that none of them will probably be able to have ever, which is a power in its own I think.

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My sister thinks I'm gay and one time I did something that I guess seemed gay and she's like "wow you should just come out right now" and my grandma heard that and said "no, if you do come out, I'm sending you to therapy" omfg I guess I'm not telling her I'm bi till I move out

i guess your sister had a gut feeling ahhh

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You are on your way to meet Takao in the park. When you see him sitting on a bench and approach him, you notice that he's looking at his phone with not only the cutest smile you've ever seen, but also the occasional sigh. You decide to sneak behind his back only to see him looking through all the selfies the two of you took together, mostly at his request. He hears you giggle, blushes heavily and then gives you a sheepish smile, inviting you to take yet another photo togehter.

oh my god

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What did he say about the single? Anything about who wrote it or why that choice? I love hearing them talk about music :)

No it was all pretty generic! He said that South America was his favorite place to tour, that they have a name picked out for the album but he won’t tell, that the album has a different feel to it as we can hear from Drag Me Down, and that the recording process wasn’t all that different without Zayn because they all record separately anyway. :)

votes for icons :)

here’s the deal: i am thinking about changing urls, i am endlessly indecisive, and i would appreciate feedback. but instead of doing blogrates, i’m making  custom icons for everybody who votes! this idea is pretty shamelessly stolen from something allisvnargent did recently, so all credit goes to her!

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You know what, I’m kind of tired with dealing with you, especially because it seems like you just choose to read what you want to read out of my points rather than the big picture. I’m going to get real snarky in this reply because it’s almost midnight and I’m tired of people too chicken to show themselves off anon.

I don’t particularly believe doujinka frown on english translations. My big point is that none of these scanlations are ever done with any permission. It’d be like someone taking your college thesis and then posting it online as a free resource for all interested in the topic. Sure they might not be earning anything out of it, but how would you feel if someone did that without so much as asking you, and then getting popular for “reposting” your work while your name is just in small print, despite being the one to produce all that work? Or is a college thesis a bit too high level for you to understand considering I doubt you’ve ever written one?

Plenty of Japanese people buy western comic books that are in English - I don’t see them complaining about it not being available in Japanese. I have a friend who’s an avid Marvel fan, and official translations are slow and often backlogged, special side stories never get translated etc. She still buys the books and asks me questions about what they say. Her English is about as good as a 5 year old and it’s never stopped her. Learning a language might seem difficult, but only because you’re not fucking trying. You know why I know? My japanese is 100% self-taught. I never had the luxury to attend Japanese classes, nor the time. Didn’t stop me from learning to communicate with doujinka and Vocaloid producers approx 5 years ago, when I purely relied on a hover dictionary to try to even read what their tweets or blog posts said. I never lived in Japan either, so you can’t even chalk it down to that and being exposed to the language in a real situation. I just sat down and learnt it because I wanted to.

If you have so much time to whine about how Japanese people don’t appreciate Westerners, might I direct you to this lovely post that compiles free online resources to learn Japanese and many other languages, because that might be a better use of your time instead of whining on anon.

Good night.

(re: the discussion thus far, and this ask that the anon is directly referring to)