Yess!! I’m so so happy that amazing ppl are cosplaying my pokemon gikinka!!

I feel really honored!!!

there were ppl asking about the permission to cosplay my design but seeing it really happen is amazing!

Thank you so much!

and some of the cosplayers did, but there are some ppl didn’t leave my name when they post it.. I’m always more than welcome ppl cosplaying my desing!

all I ask is just give me the credit for the design. you don’t have put my tumblr address or like that, but just when you post it, let people know the design is from me:D! and if possible, please send me the photos! I love to see it!!

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★ Bulbasaur @vulcannic

You’ve got a lot of responsibility now,” Jace said to Julian. “You’ll have to make sure Emma winds up with a guy who deserves her.”

“What about me?” Emma said, quickly. “Don’t I have to make sure Jules winds up with someone who deserves him?”

“Absolutely. I did it for Alec, Alec did it for me — well, actually, he hated Clary at first, but he came around.”

“I BET you didn’t like Magnus much, either,” said Julian, still with the same odd, stiff look on his face.

“Maybe not,” said Jace, “but I never would have said so.”

“Because it would have hurt Alec’s feelings?” Emma asked.

“No,” said Jace, “because Magnus would have turned me into a hat rack.

—  Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight

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Maggie, I can't express how much I admire how you manage your life. You've built a career doing something you love, you indulge in your passions, and you have a beautiful family. As a writer and new mother who aspires to this but feels overwhelmed, I was hoping you might share your experience juggling everything, especially when your children were very young. Did you have help? Or have to cut back on you-time and ambition for a while? What about now? How do you do it all? (PS. Love your books!)

Dear sunonmywings,

I’ve written before about my time management when the womb-results were small, and that is the logistical truth of how I got things done then. But there are a few other things to keep in mind:

1) My spouse is supportive of my career and always has been. He not only accepts my art, he respects it. I don’t really understand what the point is of having someone around who doesn’t do this. I have a sizable number of asks from women who ask me what to do about their husband or boyfriend not respecting their writing or art time, and I don’t really know what to tell them other then: get a new one. That one’s broken. Love might not always understand or actively help, but Love isn’t a persistently condescending asshole. 

2) I’m mindful that I could die at any moment. Morbid? Maybe. I just don’t believe in giving regret any handholds. If the stop button was hit on my pulse at any moment, I’d like to be pleased with what I had been working on and who I had managed to become by then. Until otherwise notified, I operate under the principle that I’m only going around this life once, and I want to make sure I’m happy with how I’ve spent it. Some people don’t want to spend that precious time striving for something they never get. I never want to spend a second not striving; I don’t much mind if I get to anything at all so long as my hands are always stretched up for something harder.

3) I tend to think the best creativity comes from living a life, not hiding dreamily in a bower. So while you’re pulling children off the chandeliers and pushing your car out of a ditch and chasing your loose dog across a distant field, remember that you are living through the experiences that you will later bud into creative fruit. Don’t resent the things that will become stories later.

Lastly, when you’re tired, sleep. Don’t watch stupid tv or play games on your phone. Sleep, and then get up early, and do the stuff you hope you’ll be known for after you die. 



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Amazing stuff. Are you on deviantart?

Oh god. Actually I’ve been wanting to go back there. It’s where I started. You can see the really old art work I made back in high school.

Come people. Lets go down memory lane. And visit some cringe worthy art. From way back.

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I feel like Lexa wouldn't have killed the Ice Nation rep if he hadn't made the weakness comment. She was prepared to argue and assert herself, but when he asked if Wanheda was her "weakness" (AKA if Lexa loves her like she did Costia) and said if she is, then they would step in (AKA torture and kill her like they did to Costia), this is what sent Lexa over the edge. She can handle threats to her coalition, but what she can't handle is threats against Clarke, the person she loves.

“Why Wanheda is still alive…if this is your weakness again, azgeda will happily step in.” 
yes. this is when lexa decided to bless him with a kick in the stomach. don’t threaten the bae in front of lexa.


I tried some shit, and I feel good. Who tf needs feelings anyways.

This post had me thinking pretty hard last night. About how older people are seen on tumblr, and in our society as a whole. So this is me. I’m 31. I feel the same way I did when I was 25, 20- I think I’ve managed to stop quite feeling like a teenager at this point, but my passions burn just the same, just as strong. So I definitely feel out of place sometimes here at my age, but then I stop and ask myself why that is? Is that because I’m supposed to be out there, married, raising children, doing all those “proper” adult things? Certain things are unavoidable: working because money is a necessity, doing what I need to keep up home and health. Death and taxes, yaddayaddayadda. 

Everything else? That’s up to me. Why force myself into a marriage if the idea of romance repulses me? Why bring a child into a world when I doubt the world we live in and my ability to give them the lives they deserve? Why base my life on milestones someone else created? I can tell you one thing: my life has certainly not gone the way I would have planned. I’ve already had to restart my life three times. It’s only this last time that I’ve really started to embrace myself for who I am and what I want to make of myself. “Typical” is never going to be one of those things. 

So I will: dance, love myself and encourage other to do the same, embrace my nerdiness and not-so-inner-fangirl, have pink highlights if I want to, dress up like a princess when I feel like it, embrace gracefulness when I can find it, hold on to that inner innocence I never quite lost, not be ashamed of my love of pretty things, makeup, or all those other things women are generally made fun of for liking; I will create terrible art so maybe one day I will create not so terrible art; I will be completely and utterly myself.

Growing older is inevitable. Growing up? Completely optional and preferably avoided at all costs. 

❝Shipping Off.❞

Ship: Pre-War!Bucky Barnes/Reader

Word Count:

Angst, mentions of the war, mostly smut (protected), more like making love than smut because porn with feelings

asked: “”  i really can’t remember who requested i did 1940s bucky but it was a hilarious conversation about condoms. i wish this fic had turned out near as hilarious as that was.

As always: feedback is really cool and makes me want to write, and thank you for 1k+ followers!

You stopped short though as you entered the living room the same moment he did. He was clad in a soft brown uniform, a hat perched up top his head and recruitment forms clutched tightly in his hands. You swallowed thickly; you wanted to be proud of him – he looked so much like his father in that moment that it was overwhelming.

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Nora: Phew! I feel like it’s been foreeeverr!

Ren: Well you’re not wrong.

Pyrrha: Jaune.. You’ve got a bit of dirt on you. Here.

Jaune: Ah- Thanks Pyrrha-

( Mod: Hey guys! Have you seen the small update yet? Well go check it out! If you were up at 2am pst you probably did, but for the afternoon folks.. Surprise! (again) We’re not officially back into the swing of things, but I did promise that i wouldn’t let this blog die ( completely ).

I won’t be explaining my situation outside of this blog, but thank you all for sticking around! Keep cool - Jay )

Uncomfortable content, FYI

I had a shit night at work last night, guys.  This isn’t Marvel related, but please forgive me for straying.  I need to get this off my chest.  Thanks for understanding, and you definitely can skip over this if you want.

As a nurse, losing a patient never gets easier, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve known them for weeks or only a matter of minutes.  

Last night it felt personal. I did my best and it wasn’t enough. I wasn’t enough.  I broke my promise and you broke my heart.

You were the patient in Room 629, as I knew you first.

When I met you for the first time, only two hours before, you were sleepy and not feeling well, but that was to be expected for the infection that was ravaging your body.  You did your best to be polite and smile at me, but I could see that it was difficult, so I asked you how you were really feeling. In the next twenty minutes of listening to you complain, cry, laugh nervously, and then finally sit in silence with your hand resting in mine, we built a trust for the night to come.  I learned about your wife of 33 years, and your grown children, Alex and Marie.  They were all coming to visit you in the morning, so I promised to let you get as much rest as you could between the medications and treatments that I was required to perform through the night.  I told you that I would do everything I could to keep you comfortable, and all you had to do was call for me and I would be there.  I meant it.

I had visited again in the next hour to see you asleep; your breathing was easy but you looked ill and I vowed to keep an extra close eye on you.  We had you on a heart monitor so I took comfort in being able to see that at least, not feeling good about being separated from you by a closed door.  I moved on to see my other five patients, knowing that you were as comfortable as you could be for now, as I had promised.

In the next hour, I broke my promise.

The second that I heard the alarm from the monitor, which would normally be a challenge from six doors away, I knew it was yours; I felt it in my soul and my heart began to pound in my chest from the surge of adrenaline coursing through me.  I sprinted to you.  I yelled for my peers to bring the emergency cart because you weren’t holding up your end of our deal; your body was giving up and I was livid that it would dare betray you like that.

As I pounded on your chest with all of my strength, trying to get your heart to restart, another nurse was putting the defibrillator pads on your chest, working around me. Another was forcing air into your lungs, squeezing the ambu bag over your mouth with a rhythm that always becomes a song in my head despite the morbidity of the moment.  When your body forced vomit into the mask because of the violent beating you were getting, I called out to someone else to do compressions so that I could suction and open your airway.

I was barking out commands, trying to focus on you and focus on the jobs that were happening around us. Compressions, check. Defibrillator on, check.  IV inserted, check.  Doctor on the way, just arrived.  Someone is pushing medications into your IV to try to restart your heart, check.  Anesthesia here to quickly force a breathing tube down your throat, check.

I took over on compressions again, now that another group was focused solely on your breathing, which you weren’t doing on your own.  I could feel your ribs cracking with each push beneath my hands until your chest didn’t bounce back up under my hands as easily.  I’m so sorry for that.  When they yelled “clear” for us all to back away so that they could shock your heart, I didn’t want to, but I did.  I wanted to give you everything that I had until I couldn’t give anymore.

After working for 45 minutes, you were gone.  You weren’t coming back.  After everyone had left, I stayed with you, alone, cleaning the room around you, washing you, combing your hair, closing your eyes, and preparing you for presentation to your family.  I folded your hands over each other and rested them on your chest, giving you the appearance of sleep that I had last seen before it all went wrong.  It was like I had imagined it all or that the clock had gone in reverse.

Calling your wife was the worst thing, even though I had done this countless times before.  She cried.  I cried.  When she arrived to your room, we cried again.  I apologized for my efforts not being enough, and she became the one consoling me.  I’m so sorry for that too.  

They spent three hours with you.  They loved you so much.  But you should know that they were strong, and polite, and thankful, just like you. You must have been so proud of them.

The time had finally come to move you from your room and to the morgue.  We removed your tubes and monitor patches, removed your glasses and gown, and put you into the stark plastic white bag.  I was talking to you the whole time, telling you what we were doing, just like I do with all of my living patients.  I didn’t even realize that I was doing it.

I pulled the zipper to the top of the bag, pausing for just a moment to look at you one more time, and to brush your hair from your face.  You looked comfortable for the first time since we had met.      

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My biggest problem with Avengers is how they clearly didn't get Renner an archery coach. I've asked around and no one will cop to coaching him. Every other actor that shot archery in a movie people climbed over themselves to say they coached them.

I’m pretty tired so I’m not going to try and find the source lol, but I feel like a read somewhere that he did do a little bit of training, but once they started filming they realized they had to do it differently to make the shots work? But I think I saw a recent interview where he told a little kid he did about 5 minutes of training lol. 

I’ve also read fics? I think, lol, probably not canon, that Clint had shit form any way since he was a self trained carnie lol. I don’t know man. I don’t know anything about archery so it doesn’t bother me lol.

Edit: I found this video lol


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Percy personality head canons! Like the same you did with Annabeth.

Whenever I do Percy headcanons I get tangled in canon and fall off a cliff

  • He’s a really good cook, when he has the time and energy to concentrate on what he’s doing
  • Tries to be supportive of everyone always even when he’s dying inside, and worries that he’s bad at it because he’s so bad at keeping track of things
  • He feels things very deeply. Certain things really hit hard and he’ll spend days, sometimes weeks, with it rattling around in the back of his mind. is known to bring things out of the clear blue, because they’re not actually out of the clear blue in his mind
  • His friends and family tag team keeping tabs on him because he has bad weeks when he has a really hard time managing even the simplest of tasks. They don’t tell Annabeth because they don’t want to make her feel like she’s not attentive enough, and they definitely keep it a secret from Percy because he hates feeling like a burden and wouldn’t handle it well if it ever came out
  • He has a paralyzing fear of people messing with his head and avoids the Hypnos cabin at all costs
  • The more intense his emotions the more he needs to move
  • But, he gets really still and quiet when he’s well and truly upset, and everyone who knows him well immediately starts backtracking and apologizing, no matter how angry they were before, because it’s a sure sign that they went way too far
  • People eventually learn to stop teasing him about his attention span and his inability to stick to deadlines, because it’s ableist and gross holy shit. They finally figure this out once they realize how genuinely hard he tries and are like wow… we suck, we’re really sorry
  • He’s most pleasant when he’s active. He gets irritable, depressed, and frequently zones out if he’s gone too long without activity.
  • Sometimes when they’re fighting Annabeth will say something (either really snidely or really genuinely, depending on how angry she is) like, “Go run around the block a few times and then we can talk” and if his first instinct is to snap at her then he knows he needs to listen
  • Those Big Three genes become more and more obvious as he gets older, even to strangers. Most people think it’s hot and he thinks it’s so embarrassing he literally wants to crawl under the table any time someone makes a comment about it
  • Forgets to eat often and has a terrible sleep cycle and doesn’t realize until he crashes, hard.
  • Tries to use Annabeth’s method of obsessive notating but he forgets to make the notes and forgets to read the notes and eventually needs to be medicated because he’s just so overwhelmed with simple everyday tasks
  • Can’t do school. Like. Just. Even on the days when he can get out of bed, he just can’t do school. He doesn’t have the energy to work as hard as he would need to to stay on task, and his thought patterns are either racing or way too slow (like seriously, balancing multiple mental illnesses/disorders is Fun tm 10/10 highly recommend)
  • It’s a really hard decision for him to drop out, because it feels like admitting that he can’t handle the normal life he wants so desperately, but his life improves dramatically when he has his mother around to help get him back on a regular schedule, and his relationships thrive because he’s much less exhausted and irritable
  • Takes off when he’s really emotionally distressed about something, usually without even realizing where he’s going; he just starts to feel suffocated and needs out. Unless there’s real cause for concern, people usually leave him to it, because he needs that time to himself and comes back much better for it.
  • He’s so bad at taking compliments he gets so flustered and Annabeth takes advantage of it every chance she gets, sometimes she’ll just whisper into his ear until he puts his head on the table and groans for mercy
  • Definitely the more likely partner to be too tired for sex
  • He is The Worst at keeping track of dates and anniversaries and eventually people just learn to remind him and accept it
  • Loves kids so much, he’ll drop anything always at a moment’s notice for a kid that needs help
  • Everyone uses him to keep track of the kids at the camps because he’s super fun but definitely respected and they all adore him, he’s really good at organizing games for them and finding creative ways to teach them
  • Sadly he could never be a teacher because he can’t Do School, but he teaches constantly at the camps. (have u read percy jackson’s greek gods okay HE’D BE SO GOOD AT TEACHING THE KIDS literally just imagine him narrating those exact words in front of the class they would LOVE HIM)
  • He gets super tetchy when people make “save the whales” jokes because the whales actually need to be saved it’s not funny, all his friends and family know this and are liable to launch into a fullblown explanation on why so that he doesn’t have to because he gets tired of explaining the same thing all the time
  • Big Three kids grow faster and use more energy from just like, living, than the average person and even the average demigod, so his appetite is actually quite standard for the amount of calories his body needs
  • Finally commits himself to training with his powers instead of using them purely on instinct, once he has a chance to breathe. Feels therapeutic, helps him feel like he has more control over his life, helps him to stop being so afraid of himself and slowly overcome a lot of his insecurities
  • Very strong believer in giving credit where credit is due, is typically the first person people go to with good news because he’s so genuine in celebrating with them
  • People look to him, subconsciously and sometimes consciously, to get a read on people, because he’s got really good instincts about who to trust and who not to trust. If Percy has a bad feeling about someone, after a few years, people learn to go with it.
  • Has like the nicest laugh in the world, it makes everyone feel good
  • So much more content to work behind the scenes, and only steps up on a needed basis, because as much as he hates pressure he could never dump it on someone else’s shoulders if they didn’t want it either
  • His happiness is very dependent on other people’s happiness
  • Has a bad habit of ignoring his own needs because he’s too focused on everyone else’s

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I can't remember it anymore (read the books for the last time years ago), but how does Robert found out that Alec is gay? And did Alec know that Robert knew it? :)

Robert suspected all along and shunned his son because of that, for the same reason he shunned his own parabatai, Michael Wayland, who was in love with him. This he confessed to Alec in CoHF. Officially, he found out at the same time as Maryse - and pretty much everybody else - when Alec kissed Magnus in the middle of the Hall of Accords in CoG. The fact that Robert avoided Alec like the plague, we found out in Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, where Isabelle threw it in her father’s face, the way he treated Alec for years, even before he came out officially.

Alec knew his father found him unworthy, always preferring Jace, which is why he wished so dearly to gain his father’s approval, as seen in CoHF. Robert’s trying to make amends now but Alec’s unsure if he should allow it or not because of how terrible Robert made him feel for years.

She plucked a few petals from the daffodil that sat motionless in her lap. “I always believed in you,” she told him matter-of-factly, “even when I wasn’t sure if I should.”
He looked up from his book with a quizzical expression and asked, “But why? How did you know that I was worth it?” He paused, silence filled the room, and his voice shrank, “Why was I worth it?”
“Sometimes,” she started, “sometimes all it takes is a speck of hope. I saw the best in you. I saw the hope in you. And that was enough for me. You are enough for me.”
“You have always been enough for me.”
And they both smiled because that was all they needed to communicate—a dash of hope and a never-ending supply of wanting to understand.
—  11:30pm thoughts// he always loved her, and she always loved him

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As far as I know you ship Bellarke right? Why do you like Gena then?

Yes I do ship Bellarke, but why would I not like Gena? That girl has done nothing wrong. It’s not like Bellamy and Clarke were a couple when Clarke left Bellamy. Bellarke have big feelings for each other yes, they sure do love each other, but not love love if you get what I mean. They’ve been through so much together, they have a special connection and how many times did they realize things work out better when they’re together. But with all that crap happening there wasn’t really much time to fall in love. Their relationship  keeps on building from season to season and hell I´m all in for slow burn, even tho it hurts to see them not be togehter. It wouldn’t make sense to make them fall in love now the bellarke scene in 03x02 really flashed me coz I never thought we’d get such a scene, still can’t get over it and probably will never get over it ha ;3 anways I´m driffting off again lol Sadly we don’t know much about Gena and how she met Bellamy. Maybe they knew each other before from the ark, or mabye they just met in the library there where he was reading all by himself and one day they started talking and the realized they have loads of things in common. Hell maybe she was there when she needed her, when he was sad and felt like he couldn’t go on or when he had nightmares. I wish we could have seen more of them and their relationsship. But Jr made it clear that they were not just friends or not just togehter for a couple of days coz they kissed everytime they saw each other *so adorable btw*  so I think they might have been together for a while, and you can’t blame Bellamy after all the horrible things he saw Gena was there with her warm heart and thats what he needed. I’m sure he never forgot about Clarke but she was gone and he was alone. I´m sure Bellamy was good to Gena, and he like her, not love love her, but she meant a lot to him. Maybe he wished he could love her like she loved him. But there we go with the tiny lil spark that he only feels with Clarke, so yeah. I´m happy Bellamy had Gena, and I hope he had some happy hours and he could forget his sorrow for a while. Bellamy deserves to get some love. I´m just so so bitter about how they ended the gf storyline, by killing her off, that scene was awful and it just adds more guilt on Bellamy (and also Raven) and thats bull if they only brought up Gena coz of that. That makes me really sad ;( but yes I do like Gena and I do like Gena being with Bellamy. Doesn’t change that Bellarke is my everything ;)

I really liked what @definegodliness did with the ask game so - 

And using The National solely because they are playing as I type this.

Rules: Using only song titles from 1 artist, cleverly answer these 10 questions. Tag 10 people at the end or not because I’m anti-social

Your gender: Sugar Wife
Describe yourself: Hard To Find
How do you feel? Slipped
If you could go anywhere, where would it be? Looking for Astronauts
Favourite mode of transportation: Driver, Surprise Me
Your best friend: Lucky You
Favorite time of day: Conversation 16
If your life were a TV show, what would it be called? Slow Show
What is life to you? Heavenfaced
Relationship Status: Pink Rabbits
Your fear: Graceless

I’m not tagging, but join in if you want! I’d love to see more answers

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also i'm just gonna write out a random thought in your inbox cause i got no one to share it with and i think people need to know; what if bourbon, once he meets sera and she becomes a real person to him, feels deep remorse and shame for what he did by pretending to be her dead brother and so decides "i am going to make up for this somehow" and does a ton of minor things for her once they get more acquainted. bourbon redemption arc, helping sera carry heavy boxes edition

Oh my god that would be so cute. Best would be if every time after that that he’s dealing with Akai he’s like “so have you told your sister you’re not dead yet” “Don’t tell her she’ll be in danger” “I just watched that girl kick a man’s kidneys out his ears when he stabbed her and we both keep bringing a six-year-old to BO situations. Tell your sister you’re not dead” “no” “I’m gonna tell her” “NO”

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I just finished Brotherhood for the first time and now I feel bereft. But I'm so so glad I watched it, and honestly the only reason I got off my butt and put it as first priority(I watched the 2003 version a while back, but only just got around to Brotherhood) was wanting to understand the beautiful essays you started writing about it. And I'm really glad I did, even though now I almost wish I watched it really slowly or something, because god now what do I do?




And you’ve got my sympathy on the “it’s over… oh my god how can it be over?” note. See I did that with the 2003 FMA, and was DETERMINED to make Brotherhood last as long as possible. So I watched the show, week by week, as the dub aired (the dub was about 7 episodes in when I started). So it took me something like a year and a half of excruciating patience to watch FMA:B, all because I’d vowed to not. let. it. end. so. soon.

At any point I coulda switched to the sub, or just read the manga (which I’ve since done). But I couldn’t actually do that. I couldn’t let it end. Oh god, not again, never again…

BUT, you just gotta get to the place where I am, which consists of roughly 5 separate re-watches, along with specific episodes I’ve seen like 20+ times, where every rewatch only fucks you up, and doesn’t emotionally cripple you

I also cope with essays. LONG ASS ESSAYS. THAT I WRITE WITH MY BARE HANDS! I’m constantly frothing over with all the love and admiration I have for this series so I vent it in these essay-like analytical posts so IM THRILLED YOU’VE WATCHED THE SHOW JUST TO READ MY CATHARTIC RANTS ABOUT EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL THE MIND OF HIROMU ARAKAWA CAME UP WITH