the one when you're pregnant while on tour with Michael



in which (y/n) is pregnant with Michael’s baby and he ask her on tour so he doesn’t miss the majority of the pregnancy

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“He had four of his best friends set everything up. He had picked the perfect spot, along the cliffs there was a cave, inside the cave he had one hundred white candles lit, with blankets laid over the sand and flowers, champagne and cupcakes. His two friends, both professional photographers, were shooting the whole proposal. I never even saw them until he later pointed them out. The whole proposal was a blur, but Garrett dropped to one knee and asked me o be his wife. The first thing that came out of my mouth was, “have you talked with my dad?” Garrett laughed and said he did. I feel to my knees in the sand  and wrapped my arms around him. Eventually after he reminded me that I had not said “yes” yet I told him, “Yes I will, I do, I will, Yes, Yes!” 

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Tsukki!! How do you feel now that your brother knows about you and Yama?

T: Did you know that nii-chan was actually on to us about that for months? Even before we were dating, he keeps asking me about Yamaguchi. He wouldn’t quit it so I started messing with him about it.

I do believe that I didn’t give you permission to rat me out like you did, dear anons. Although, I’m fine with it…

Tsk, tsk, tsk. What would Yamaguchi say

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do u mind sharing how u paint teeth?? :0

Let me just preface this by saying I’m the worst teacher in the entire world so if it doesn’t make sense or really address what you were looking for, please feel free to ask any additional/specific questions. sorry!! also sorry my writing was so bad bc I did this really quickly. 

Also I didn’t address this in the image because it was just a white bg, but usually I shade teeth similar to the colors in the background (i used a default cream PS shade for the teeth in the above image, then used flesh tones from the mouth for darker shades). In my recent Andraste pic, I imagined she was under a night sky and added very very subtle blue hues to the front of her face so I used a blue shade to start off then also used colors from her skin tones so they didn’t seem fake or out of place. 

I hope any of this helps at all, and sorry if I didn’t explain things in a helpful manner! D:

maureenbourg said: We never heard Emma say ILY directly to Walsh. We only heard she was “in love, so of course I was considering it"in response to Hook asking if she was considering proposal. correct? If so no way she loved him, she was just pushing Hook away with that.

So actually Emma did say that to Walsh. Right after he proposed, she said “you know I love you, right?” and then she said to Hook right before she drank the potion “…a guy I love”

But there are two things here. First of all when someone (at least on a TV show) is saying “you know I love you…” it usually as a result that his/her actions don’t match what he/she claim to feel. Emma was running out of the restaurant after he proposed. She said it was because it was too fast for her, but the truth is that the new guy who came that morning to her house has shaken her heart and made her doubt everything she convinced herself in believing.

The second thing is that I think Emma only now knows what love truly is. I think the fact that she said ILY to Neal and Walsh so easily really emphasized it. It was easy to say because she didn’t really know what these words meant. There was no fear attached to these words, the fear of changing everything by saying them. There was no real depth there. With Walsh for sure and with Neal it was a teenager love, a love that is very naive and sweet, but not love in a heart of an adult that has gone through and seen a lot in life.

This time Emma fell in love in the most intense way. So you see, I think if you would to ask her now she would say Neal was her first love, Walsh was a guy she thought she loved, and Hook is her true love. (And BTW, the term first love instead of true love in regarding to Neal was something Jen said during the panel in Paris and I couldn’t agree more)   


“Y/N I’ll just unpack this for you, okay?” Dean called from the other room.

“Okay sweetie! Thanks!” you called back, smiling to yourself.

You were moving in with Dean after months of dating and honestly, you couldn’t be happier. You’ve been in love with this man for a long time and knowing that that gorgeous green-eyed Winchester feels the same, made you want to jump and squeal all day. 

He was a sweetheart, always trying to make you happy. He’d do anything for you and you’d do anything for me.

“Y/N!” he called again. “Did… did you go to Oxford?”

You walked to the door and Dean looked at you in awe.

“You have a degree from damn Oxford?” he asked again.

“Yeah. I lived in England for a while, went to Oxford… Crazy years.” You smiled at the memories. “I have a few stories to tell you.”

Dean nodded and walked to you. His arms wrapped around your middle, pulling you closer.

“Smart and sexy…” he smirked. “What good have I done to deserve you?”

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tfw someone shows up on your dash with an icon of a drawing you did of your own character ? 

i mean tell me what the feel should be I dont really know…. 

 if you wanna use my art as an icon i’d prefer it if you asked first :/ , im not going to say no if you link me back or something but still its polite to just kinda , toss a message my way. 

Practice pt. 2

s u m m a r y // don’t know how to explain lol but part one here +


“No.” He paused fixing your hair. “Do you want me to show you you’re supposed to feel when he’s giving you head?”

“—Um I don’t know. I already feel kind of weird about what just did Justin.” You said honestly. You weren’t sure if you were supposed to like it but you sure as hell did. You should have listened to your head and not done it—now all you would be able to think about was the way he kissed, the ways his hands were tangled in your hair, the way he turned you on, the way his hands felt on your—

“Are you okay?” Justin asked, snapping you out of your daydream.

“Um—yeah I just, I gotta go.” You rambled, picking your shirt off the floor.

“Wait Y/N, don’t go.” He said, grabbing on to your hand to stop you. He quickly pulled on his boxers motioning for you to sit back down which you did. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know, Justin things just feel different now.” You slyly admitted, running a hand through your hair. You tugged your shirt on to your body adjusting so he would stop staring at you weirdly.

“Do you regret or something?”

“Yes—I mean no, it was great, I’m sure it felt great it’s just now…”

“Now what?” He questioned intrigued on what you were going to say next.

Just as you were, about to open up your mouth you phone started ringing making you turn snap your head to the direction of the table. Justin sighed as picked it up seeing that it was the new guy you’ve been talking to. Pressing ignore you turned your attention back him as you saw him scratch the back of your head.

“I—um, I can’t tell you.” You replied and he gave you a confusing like, wiggling his bushy eyebrows. If you said something, he would probably reject. Yes you just gave him head but he was just being a good friend and he’s said many times he doesn’t want to ruin that.

“Why not Y/N? You know you can tell me anything. I just want to know what’s bothering especially since it seems like it has something to do with me.” He retorted, resting his head in his hand, his elbow on the arm of the suede couch.

“If I tell you you’re going to hate me.” You muttered lowly looking down at your fumbling polished fingers. You felt your heart start to race at how nervous you were because knowing him; Justin wasn’t going to let this go. He was going to keep asking until you told him and would be able to tell if it wasn’t the truth.

“Y/N, please tell me.” He pleaded moving closer to you taking his hand in yours.

You sighed knowing it was about to be world war 3 and you weren’t exactly prepared for it. “Justin—I” Your phone cut you off again making you groan. Looking at the caller id it was the new guy again. You looked at Justin trying to if he would mind.

“Go head.” Justin breathed letting go of your hand but not moving from his previous spot.

You clicked answer and pressed the phone against your ear, “Hey Y/N.”

“Hi,” You said softly, clearing your throat. Justin’s eyes were on you as you continued on with a sort of normal conversation. He asked how you were doing and the usual stuff but your heart stopped once he asked if you had any plans tomorrow night. “—Um no, I’m not doing anything tomorrow why?”

Justin’s eyes flickered over to you as they were previously stuck to the ceiling. You pulled your lips into your mouth knowing that he was paying pretty close attention to your conversation now.

“I was wondering if I could take you out.” He began and you could sense his nervousness in his voice making you smile slightly.

“Like on a date?” You questioned, you could see Justin start to get a little tense after the word date and honestly, you just asked that with him here to see how he reacted and just like always—nothing.

“Yeah if you want to be.” He coed through the phone.

“Sure, what time?”

“How does six sound?”

“Six sounds good, see you then.”

You said your goodbyes then you hung up the phone setting it down on the table. “Now where were we?” You said sitting down criss-crossed facing him. He just stared at you for a moment then brushed it off answering your question.

“You were telling me something.” He replied, leaning back on the couch.

“Oh um—I kind of felt something while we were you know ‘practicing’—“ You hummed, putting air quotes around practice.

“Are you fucking serious right now Y/N?” He snapped, making you jump a little at how he raised his voice.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re trying to tell me right now that you felt somethings as in you felt feelings?” He barked, tugging on the ends of hair.

You really didn’t understand why he was suddenly mad you thought he would just ask you leave or something but that wasn’t the case. “I don’t understand….”

“You literally just sat here and talked to your little boy toy, now you’re going on a date with him and you expect me to believe that you have feeling for me?”

“Well J—“

“I don’t want be some side guy Y/N, if you’re going to have feelings from someone do it one at time. I don’t have time for your back and forth bullshit.” He spat standing up starting to throw his clothes on.

“What the fuck is even your problem Justin? You’re the one who suggested I practice on you knowing damn well about this other guy, so what you only agree to something if it benefits you.”

“You’re going on a date with him.” He yelled, throwing his hands up. This was just all so pointless to you, if he had a problem with something he should just say it.

“Yes, I am and you’re just mad it’s not you.” You hissed standing up to grab your stuff.

“The hell I am, I wouldn’t want to date a girl like you.” He snarled pulling his shirt onto his body.

“Whatever, you can go fuck yourself for all I care.” You fussed, sending daggers into his eyes. You grabbed your stuff then stomped out his house slamming the door shut before Justin could say another word.

Fixing your hair so it cascade down your shoulder you looked at your outfit in the mirror trying to decide what shoes would go best with your dress. You had on a tan body-con dress that was knee length and hugged your curves tightly. You remembered the one time you were kind of self-conscious about your body but Justin reassured you that you were beautiful the way you are.

You spent all night tossing and turning waiting on Justin to call or trying to get the courage to call him yourself. You regretted everything you said and you hoped he did too. The truth was he was right you couldn’t be going back and forth between him and this other guy you had to choose and unfortunately the choice you didn’t really want was about to show up soon. You actually wished it was Justin you were going on this date with and you’ve been thinking that for a long time.

You just couldn’t get the words out of your head ‘I wouldn’t want to date a girl like you’—they just kept echoing making you cringe. As much as you wanted Justin to just knock on your door and apologize you knew it wasn’t happening, you told him to fuck himself and it was a little harsh.

You could feel your throat start to go dry but you sighed walking over to your closet and throwing on some heels. The sound of a knock on your door startled you wondering who it was because it was only five. You fixed your dress walking over to your door you heels clattering against the brown wood.

Twisting the knob, you opened the door revealing a sad-eyed Justin. He was wearing some cheetah print vans, sweatpants, a t-shirt and snapback. You could sense the tension as you stood there staring at each other not knowing what to say. You opened your mouth closing it about so any words didn’t come out. Where were you suppose to start?

Before you could actually say anything, his hands cupped your blush-covered cheeks pressing his lips against your nude colored lips. You didn’t kiss back at first but your lips soon moved with his, walking backwards as he shut the cherry wood door with his foot.

He dropped his hands down to your waist pinching your side, your arms coming around to wrap around his neck the sound of the bracelets on your wrist clacking together echoing. You felt electricity between the two of you as your lips moved together in sync not even speaking a word to each other.

Pulling him down further to deepen the kiss, your lips smacked together as you took his snapback of so you could run your hands through his messy hair. He moved his hands down to your ass squeezing it tightly through your dress. You jumped wrapping your legs around his waist, cupping his cheeks in your hands.

He started to walk towards your bedroom, his lips never leaving yours for a single second as you kissed him passionately trying to let him know how sorry you were. Setting you down on top of your duvet, he pulled away taking the heel of your feet. You grabbed ahold of his shirt pulling him closer to with a smirk on his lips as you attached your lips back to his again.

You could smell a hint of perfume that had sprayed earlier and you just couldn’t believe this was actually happening right now. Pulling him closer to you, he laid slightly on top of you; you wrapped your legs around his torso again as best as you could considering the tight dress. Running your hand through his soft hair, you kissed him back eagerly. You held a fistful of his shirt in your other hand, one of his arms resting above you the other on your side.

“You look so beautiful in this dress.” He groaned against your lips.

Flipping him over you laid on top of him, his hands going all over your body not know where to keep them. You sat him up a little pulling his shirt off his head to reveal his defined abs. Your mouth watered (not literally) at the sight, running your hands down each one as he watched you. Your fingers trailed down, brushing over his happy trail. You were about to pull his sweatpants off but he stopped you, motioning for you to come here with his finger.

You let go of them climbing on top of him so that you were straddling him. He grabbed your chin pecking your lips softly before laying you back down on the bed. He slowly unzipped the back of your dress a cold breeze putting goosebumps on your skin. He helped you take the rest of the dress of revealing your matching lace bra and panties. His hungry eyes stared at your body for a moment as he caressed your curves.

He painfully kissed over your body in a slow motion. He started at your neck, kissing down your chest to your abdomen stopping at the hem of your panties. He kissed back up to your lips, pressing them against yours this time roughly. You moaned lowly into his mouth as his tongue fought with yours. One of his hands resting on the dip of your hips as the other began to rub you through your panties making you gasp. You bit down on his lower lip wanting nothing more than for his head to be between your thighs.

His hand slipped into your panties rubbing your arousal, Justin smirked against your lips, pulling away. He kept eye contact with you as he moved himself so that he was eye level with your sex. Sliding your panties off your legs he licked his lips putting his mouth on you without any warning.

“Justin—oh my god.” You moaned out, gripping onto his hair.

You felt his tongue slid up and down your arousal. Pausing to take off your bra he kissed your breast for a moment before resuming back to his place. Flicking his tongue on your clit he sent all sorts of pleasure up your spin. You clenched the sheet in your other hand keeping in mind that you had very nosy neighbors.

“Fuck, I’m so sorry.” Justin groaned burying his face between your thighs.

You hummed in response pushing his face further in you, bucking your hips forward letting his tongue work magic. He pulled away slightly looking up at you for permission as his index finger was placed at your entrance. You nodded your head, his tongue on your clit again as he moved his one finger in and out of you. You heard the door bell ring but you ignored it having one things on your mind right now—Justin.

Justin slipped another finger in you making you cry out as you felt yourself start to clench from the intense feeling. Your toes curled as reached your climax calling out Justin’s name. He chuckled, licking up every last drop as you smiled from ear to ear.

The doorbell rang again this time multiple times and you gave Justin a confused look grabbing your robe as he stood up with you. Walking over barefoot to the door your feet hit the cold floor. Opening the door you cursed yourself inside your head seeing your ‘date’ well not anymore.

“Who is it?—“ Justin said walking over to the door shirtless, his pants hanging off his hips slightly. Stopping in his tracks as he saw who it was he had a confused look on his face for a moment. Even though you didn’t show Justin a picture of him he put the pieces together.

“Um,” You muttered looking between the both of them not knowing what to say or where to start. Justin rolled his eyes at you going turning around to walk back into your room. You didn’t know what he was doing but right now, you needed to get hottie out of here.

“I think you should leave, I’m sorry it’s just something happened and I just can’t go on that date with you anymore. I don’t want to do that to him.” You explained holding your robe against your body.

He nodded his head, “I get it, call me if you change your mind though.” He smiled winking at you before leaving.

Shutting the door, you let a much-needed breath. That went better than expected you thought he would be pissed especially since it was pretty obvious you and Justin were doing something or about to. Justin walked out your room pulling his shirt down over his head once you realized he was about to leave ran your hands through your head.

“Justin, no.” You said on the verge of yelling.

He shook his head at you, “Y/N you obviously haven’t made up your mind and I’m not waiting for you to make it up anymore.”

“I just told him to leave Justin and that I didn’t want to go on the date anymore. I’m pretty sure I made up my mind.” You retorted, moving your now messy hair out of your face.

He didn’t say anything just put on his shoes walking past you to head towards the door. You sighed grabbing his hand before he could leave. He looked back at you making your stomach turn.

“Justin, I want you okay?” You said with a sorry look in your eyes. “Just stay please.”

He sighed pulling you towards you to capture you in a sweet hug. You smiled against his chest as he kissed your forehead.

“Now where were we?” You smirked pulling away.

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How come some playbills aren't colored

I’ve wondered this too! When I did research before, the only answer I could find was so the producers could save money. I couldn’t find what exactly would prompt them to switch color to b&w or vice versa. I feel like b&w is more common in the summertime but that’s just my personal observation. Anyone who wants to add onto this, feel free!

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What were/ are stevie and Lindsey's opinions on the buckingham nicks album cover?

My favourite chance for them both to discuss it was in a video interview in 2009 just because you could actually SEE their expressions and it was together. 



Garbo intro @ Woodstock - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_KxbojCDGY

“The second song is about the infamous photo session for the Buckingham Nicks cover. Every time I tell this story I feel like I’m depressing the audience but at the same time I actually need to tell you what happened. So I went to do this. I was not happy about it. I got into a lot of trouble for not being happy about it. ‘Don’t be paranoid, don’t be a child, this is art.’ You know. And so anyway I thought about in my dramatic 27, 23, 25, 24 maybe - I was very young - dramatic way, I thought maybe the movie stars who came here felt this way, you know. Maybe they felt like they had to do something they really didn’t want to do that much but they did it anyway. For art. For music. So I went home and wrote this song and it’s called ‘Garbo’.”

And a couple of other random quotes:

“Lindsey and I] were really poor when we took that picture [Buckingham Nicks album cover], and I went out and spent my last $111 on a really beautiful, very sexy blouse. And they agreed to do half the session in the blouse, and I thought ‘Oh, I’ll win. They’ll love this blouse, and they’re gonna love the way I look.’ Well halfway through the session, one of the photographers came over and said, 'Okay, it’s time to take off the blouse,’ and I died. it was awful, you know…. And maybe that has a lot to do with why I went from that [points to Buckingham Nicks cover] to that [points to Rumours cover]. Because I said, 'All right, that’s it. We’re gonna work this out so that I still have an image and a vibe, but instead of going in the direction that a lot of the women singers are going in now, I’ll be very, very sexy under 18 pounds of chiffon and lace and velvet.“

“Well, 'Sorcerer’ was written right after Lindsey and I had taken the Buckingham Nicks ( album ) cover in Hollywood. We had been living there for three years and it was really about how kind of scary Hollywood was, because we had just moved from San Francisco. We were fairly prim and had lived at home - Lindsey never lived out of the house, he moved from Mom and Dad’s house to Los Angeles with me! So we were these like really fresh kids from San Francisco and Hollywood was heavy. We went to go do that photograph and there were models everywhere and I was walking around proclaiming to everyone I was a songwriter and not a model! ( laughs ) Because I knew, I just knew that I better make sure I push the songwriting and not the sex symbol thing because that will fade and the songwriting will stay, hopefully.That’s as much as I can tell you what it’s about.”

What are your memories of shooting the cover for 1973’s Buckingham Nicks?
I’m actually quite prudish. So when they suggested they shoot Lindsey and I nude I could not have been more terrified if you’d asked me to jump off a speeding train. Lindsey was like, “Oh, come on – this is art. Don’t be a child!” I thought, “Who are you? Don’t you know me?” I went out and spent my last $100 on a beautiful, hand-painted chiffony blouse that wrapped around and tied, and Jimmy Wachtel, my long-term guitarist Waddy’s brother, took a bunch of photos of me wearing it. But then it was, “OK – now without the blouse.” I couldn’t breathe. But I did it because I felt like a rat in a trap.

And when your folks saw the picture…
Well, I’d taken it home to show them, because I didn’t want them taken by surprise. But then I got sidetracked by an overian cyst operation, and I kept the picture under my bed for five weeks while I was back home recovering. When the record came out and I saw my father  it was, “Why didn’t you just say no, Stevie?” I said, “Daddy, I don’t know. I didn’t feel like I had a choice I’m so sorry.” He said, “OK – move on. But you always have a choice.” I learned a big lesson that day.

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I've known this sweet, amazing guy for about 6 years, because we went to school together. We didn't become friends until 2 years ago, but then we had to go to different schools. I hadn't talked to him in a while, but one night he texted me at 12:45 am. I responded and we talked and flirted until 5. We did this for about a month and it was amazing. I learned tons about him (he gets panic attacks and social anxiety too) and I developed a crush. And I have a feeling he's going to ask me out soon :)

i think u have a twin

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Alright I didn't send that original anon but I'm Unfollowing after that response. I'm also a queer person and the idea that experiencing some facets of homophobia makes it cool to make other queer people uncomfortable by misusing language really bothers me! And opens up all sorts of door for non queer witches to use this offensive terminology.

Sorry to see you go, anon.

But know that at no point did we give a free pass for everyone outside of the queer witch community to appropriate queer terminology, nor did we claim that all queer-identifying individuals ought to have the same feelings as us. We are not here to speak for others or tell any of you what to feel comfortable and uncomfortable with, we simply reclaimed what applied to us as queer witches.

 If you have a problem with how C (and I for that matter) choose to reclaim queer language for ourselves, perhaps you’d better enjoy someone else’s company.


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How did you know for sure that you are gay? I am so confused rn and i was wondering how you came to terms with a label for you sexual orientation

It took me so long, it’s not an overnight thing at all. I think it’s just about what label you feel comfortable with, and identify with. I spent years cycling through “straight, bi, gay” over and over. Eventually I ruled out straight, and then I was just going back and forth between the other two. 

The reason I wasn’t sure for so long is that I do often have moments when I find a guy momentarily attractive in a particular picture, things like that, and it used to throw me off so much because I thought it meant I wasn’t a lesbian. But what it boils down to for me is that I can’t imagine dating a man and thinking “I’m so lucky to be with him.” The concept is just alien to me. So occasionally I do think guys are hot (gay guys particularly, idk why), but I could never date them. And the realization that it doesn’t make me any less gay is what made me feel comfortable settling with the gay label.

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hey, i really dont mean for this to sound rude i was just wondering why you're not comfortable writing smut anymore since you used to do it fairly often? your writing is really great btw i love it a lot

it’s not rude at all!!! and i’ve actually been waiting for someone to ask me this so i’m glad someone finally did :D

i don’t feel comfortable writing smut anymore for a few reasons; one of the biggest ones being that i don’t know sex well enough to write it. anything i’ve written before was from movies, porn, other writers, etc. so for me, it’s not authentic. because i’ve never had sex, i don’t know what the experience is like, therefore, anything i write on sex is not accurate. 

besides that, while i like the idea of phan and shipping phan, thinking of them having sex makes me feel…idk like i’m violating????? i don’t really know how to explain it, but i feel like i’m abusing their relationship when i write smut because i doubt that’s how sex works for them (whether they have it together or with different people). HOWEVER that’s not to say i don’t like when others write smut!!! i actually still enjoy reading smut every once in a while when i come across it because the people who write it either seem to know what they’re doing or are able to place themselves in a state where they can be like “while idk what sex is like, this is how i imagine it”. for some reason, i can’t do that anymore and i don’t want to force writing since i find it as a fun thing i like to do sometimes when i’m not working.

thank you so much for asking this question!!!! i’m glad i could explain myself :)

(let me know if anyone needs this ask tagged and tell me what to tag it as)

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tbh, it would've been better if Sasuke and Naruto died. There are not a lot of mangakas who kill of major main characters in shonen, and it would have been unique. Not to mention it would've been better than what happened ;/

Yes, after this disaster, I feel that Naruto and Sasuke’s deaths would have been the best possible option . Naruto and Sasuke did not derseve this crap. After all theyve done and all the goals they had, and THIS is what they’re characters a reduced to? Hell no. It would  be good if they died in peace like in chapter 698. The End. :(

And I also think no pairings happening at all would be good too. Like Kishimoto just leaving it up to the viewers/reader’s imagination. that would have been okay too :/ I  feel by doing this fan-service crap, he only  listened (and sold-out to) to 40-45% of the Naruto fandom instead of  just remaining neutral. 

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Peter with a hangover, but Penny is feeling fine.

“Ugh… shit..” Peter grumbled, rubbing his temples. He had a killer hangover, and honestly he regretted going to that bar. He barely ever drank, and now here he was, laying on his couch with a cold washcloth on his forehead. He’d asked Penelope over, just to help a little bit, but he doubted she’d actually do anything.

He heard his door open and he waved a hand. “Hey.. keep it down…. the hangover is a big one.” He grumbled, moving the towel a bit to see the girl herself. “So you decided to show up?”