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Im shook bc listen,, if bellarke kiss in the glow forest ill be dead. Like queer platonic soulmates ftw.

I TOTALLY MISREAD THIS ASK APPARENTLY. SORRY, B! Honestly I kind of agree. Sort of ignore the bottom half of this? I did not know queer platonic was a thing!

I make out with my friends surrounded by radioactive foliage all the time tbh like…it’s not a biggie…

ANYWAY I know. I know. I know !!! But listen…any Bellarke scene next season will have me rolling on the floor, and we’re 100% getting Bellarke scenes next season. Obviously. So I am 100% getting rug burn.

That being said, while I do enjoy the idea of Bellarke kissing/hugging/fighting/just being within the same square foot of each other in a glowing forest, I don’t know if I actually want it! It’s just that we already have a Flarke scene like that, you know? When they’re admiring the glowing butterfly and then giving one another heart eyes. I don’t want Bellarke to recycle a Flarke scene. I don’t want them to recycle a C.lexa scene either. Certain moments belong to certain pairings, and I feel like glowing trees belong to Clarke and Finn. Plus, I want Bellarke scenes that are wholly unique to them.

However, BECAUSE Finn and Clarke had a moment in a glowing forest, I actually really really really want to see Clarke and Raven share a scene in a similar setting. Maybe a bittersweet moment where they remember Finn together, take a minute to grieve, appreciate the beauty around them and each other.

Now ask me how my ass turned a sweet Bellarke ask into Princess Mechanic angst.


Kastucon 2016 - Desire Demon @shibahri | Fem!Dorian @sassygaykorra (based on this design) | Fem!Cullen @synnesai | Photographer @dtjaaaam

*because we got asked, yes fem!dorian would be lesbian 

  • The world's greatest mystery:the orphan black blooper reel release date

so earlier on the fancafe jin posted this really long letter to taehyung saying he was alright, and he danced well.. he pointed how he (taehyung) did some mistakes in their performance but he was ‘a cool oppa’…. taehyung at that time was online too but basically ignored it so jin posted again and was like ‘you punk do you know how hard it is to type that long letter on my ice cream phone huh?!! (I hope) all the mosquitos will go to you tonight’ SO TAEHYUNG POSTED 'ok sorry sorry i said sorry i didnt see it please stop now’ (he really said sorry 3 times but it looks insincere like just to get it over with) OHMYGOD HONESLTY IM WEEPING AT THESE TWO



This . this is the most , ridiculous thing ; i dont even know where to begin i rly dont


i met benedict cumberbatch today!! still can’t quite believe he’s real omfg

i took a photo with him and i asked him if he could do the pointy thing and he laughed and said ‘of course i can’. and he also signed this drawing i did oh god. (it says ‘Thank you so much. You are very talented.’ ;;;;;;;;;) at the panel he was super nice and thoughtful and in classic wafflebatch style he spent at least 5 minutes on each question, and he extended the q&a when the MC tried to end it uwuu

oh god today was the best day I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED

i feel like posting this even though it’s from a year ago … this is the valentine’s day surprise my boyfriend did for me aaah im getting butterflies just thinking about it. hes incredible. here’s the story, i posted this post a year ago but ill put it here with some edits:

“im sorry i need to vent about my valentines day feel free to ignore lol
so after sean and i got breakfast in the morning he made me go home so he could set something up so at 6 he finally said i could come over again and urghhhhh when i got there, he was like “just come up”
so as i walked up the staircases, printed out screenshots of our facebook messages that outlined the succession of our relationship led me up to his roof! the story of our relationship is that we were BEST friends for a year before we starting dating, and he literally liked me for 9 months before i came to my effing senses and realized i of course liked him too. so the screenshots were things like the first time we ever talked, the first time we planned a movie night (he is a movie buff and always wants to show me movies - we have watched 67 movies together so far haha)
anyways when i reached his top floor there was a ladder i had to climb up and when i did he was standing there in front of the cutest dinner setup i’ve ever seen omfg i’d never been up to the roof because it was always really dirty and gross but sean and his friends cole and robbie had swept and mopped, there were blankets spread out on the ground and a little table with a table cloth and a fan to keep away the mosquitoes and a BUNCH of potted plants that three of them had moved all the way from the gate outside up to the roof (that is SEVEN floors because his house is narrow and tall) omfg
there were Christmas lights
candles that kept blowing out because of the fan hehe he kept relighting them because he wanted to be romantic
his iPod with speakers playing all the songs i’ve ever learned and sent him (singing is one of my hobbies and music is my life), or talked to him about
a million pillows and blankets
he’d gotten my favorite cashew chicken and bubble tea and there were SO many mini m&m packets strewn on the blankets (those little yellow things) because peanut m&ms are my favorite candy
we ate dinner and the whole time i was freaking out about his cuteness and he was laughing and telling me the work that had gone into it
after we ate, the sun had gone down so we lay and watched the progression if the moon and talked about how we sucked at seeing constellations haha
i gave him the present id made him (a song i wrote for him ehhe)
wow it was so wonderful and comfortable and just cuddled and talked for ages and it was so so peaceful and i was so so so happy
he is literally just the cutest human being to exist on earth
THE END im sorry but also not really bcs i warned you”

hehe im so glad i wrote that a year ago because it’s SO nice to remember it. anyways, sean and i have been dating for a year and some months now, and we have never had a big fight or been angry at each other for more than a day. hes been my best best friend for years. we’re both leaving for university in a few months but we’re staying together, i know it’s naive to think we’ll be together forever but i dont care. he loves me so much. haha im going to cry. what an extraordinary thing it is to love someone this much

im sorry if people get annoyed at this. i know this is pda and im like hardcore against excessive pda but some things i want to share because they make me so so happy. im really not trying to brag in any way i just feel very full of warmth and affection 


Happy 3rd Formation Announcement Anniversary, Sexy Zone

Hope we will be always able to see your smile.


Okay, so after realising how much I love OiSuga as my brotp, I had to write some stuff down ((so much rambling under the cut, just a warning)):

  • First of all, Oikawa probably barraged him with selfies in the beginning with masses of compliments to himself and hoping to make Suga jealous of how pretty he was 
  • Suga ain’t buying it and sends one of him first thing in the morning and it practically makes Oikawa cry on the way to school bc he’s stuck between admiration for how pretty he is, and how he feels insulted by how pretty he is. 

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alright kids, here’s a theory

Ok, so there’s the headcanon (and possible canon i can’t remember im sorry) that Castiel is based off of the archangel Cassiel, the angels of tears and solitude.  The angel that simply watches the cosmos and doesn’t interfere.  That’s a pretty neat idea, yah know.

but like,

there’s also the headcanon that Castiel actually is Cassiel the archangel, and had his memory wiped.  Which is also very plausible.

But what about… the headcanon that Castiel has had more than two faces.

In The Great Escapist, Naomi reveals that she’s wiped Castiel’s memory multiple times.  He was apparently present during the plague of the firstborn in egypt (when people were told to put lambs blood on their door frames to protect their firstborn son from the angel of death), but Naomi erased that from his memory. (around 0:33)

The book of Hebrews only mentions the Destroyer or Angel of Death (sometimes Angels of Death or even Archangels of Death) (It’s not clear whether there was one angel or many, but going by Naomi’s canon, it appears there were multiple angels)

So there’s always the possibility that at one point, Castiel was an Angel of Death.

Perhaps Angel of Death Castiel, previously the Archangel of tears and solitude, had trouble obeying the orders to kill firstborns.  Cassiel had been a solitary angel that watched over things.  Those innate instincts and feelings carried over despite having his memory erased.  Naomi said that Castiel has “never done what [he’s] been told” (around 1:01).

Perhaps he was whisked back to bible camp, had his memory wiped again, and soon given the task to free the righteous man from hell to redeem himself.

I’m not saying Angel of Death Cas, buuuuut  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

personal headcanon: the reason cain didn’t kill cas wasn’t because he needed him to run to the winchesters and lure them out. it was because he knows what it feels like to lose a colette and he wasn’t going to do that to dean.

; heavy the head that bears the crown of the forgotten, of the lost, of those completely earnest and completely alive.
a bed made of whispers of that old nightmare that tears at his heart, and yet he wonders why he can never sleep at night.
building himself and his town into paper to make what he sees feel solid and tangible and not something he has thought of in his head. 
maybe there will be a day when his car takes him to a place from where he won’t come back, maybe one day he will not be richard gansey but a merely a story that haunts the things and the people he left behind.
he looks in the mirror hoping to see the king he is searching for, but there is a swarm of bees around his head in place of his crown. their wings beat to the thrum of his heart, and they seem to say, “oh, silly boy. monarchs always fall.”
when will he learn that what is hidden can be found only by those willing to get lost themselves?
he wants to come home, but home is just a group of people with smiles just as broken as his. 
(maybe that will be enough.)
—  character study; richard c. gansey iii

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