Sangwoo in Chapter 18


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Red Waters

Oops, I ended up ruining a good moment at the lake with a lovely head injury to our favorite mess, the Blue Paladin, I don’t regret anything and at the same time, I regret everything

Lance jumped to the next rock, a grin brighter than the sun plastered on his face.  Pidge screeched and shot Lance off the rock and into the water.  Hunk popped up beside Lance and raised his water gun up to his shoulder, aiming at Pidge.  “Keith, back up!”

“Wait, wait, I don’t have a water gun, don’t attack me!”  Lance hollered with both his hands raised in the air, surrendering to the others.  Pidge and Hunk smirked before turning on their friend, shooting streams of water at his face.  They laughed infectiously while they played in the water.

Shiro, Allura, and Coran sat on the beachside, watching the Paladins as they played in the water.  Coran and Allura had found a planet like Earth that has breathable air, lush greenery, and flowing water.  Once the Alteans brought it up, there was a unanimous vote to take a break and visit the planet.

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Haikyuu! Karasuno's boys if they had super-powers:
  • Kageyama: - Controls Fire; Takes a long time and a good part of the local forest before being able to control it; hates Hinata's power.
  • Hinata: - Controls Water; Doesn't know how to swim tho, so is mocked by Tsukishima and Kageyama; Creates a bubble around Kageyama's head often just for the pleasure of it.
  • Sugawara: - Controls brute force; Uses it to keep the other guys in line; is often considered a softy by outsiders; it's called "mom" often but he doesn't mind, since Daichi's the "dad".
  • Daichi: - Earth manipulation; Leads & protects the others; secretly loves being called "dad" cause Suga's the "mom". Uses his powers to trap Hinata & Kageyama and stop them from fighting.
  • Tanaka: - Manipulates sound-waves; Is forbidden to drink by Daichi & Suga because his yelling puts humans to sleep when he's drunk; escapes practice to go flirt with girls.
  • Nishinoya: - Elasticity; Creates different moves and gives them stupid names; reliable for guarding their hide-out; uses puns about how he can extend all his body-parts to get girls.
  • Tsukishima: - Controls Ice; Teams up with Hinata to bully Kageyama often but then bullies Hinata too; is praised by having an amazing control of his powers; hates pet names, unless it's from Yamaguchi.
  • Yamaguchi: - Controls Wind; is secretly very in love with Tsukishima and very happy their powers complement each other; still learning how to extend the usage of his powers; everyone clings to him in the Summer in hopes he can blow some wind around and refresh them.
  • Asahi: - Pheromone manipulation; refuses to help Tanaka and Nishinoya getting girls with his powers; uses his powers to get a laugh at watching Kageyama and Hinata getting sexually tense around each other and not being able to know why.