The Foxhole Court, Chapter 12 – Road Trip To Embarrass… Who Again?

In which the squad goes to a talk show, wake-up calls go wrong, Neil goes live on national television, shipping goes well, and I go nuts, just a little bit.

Sounds good? Then itโ€™s time for Nicki to read The Foxhole Court.

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I feel like I just did a current tanks post but again… here are my current tanks.

1. 5 gallon Aqueon Minibow, occupied by my dragonscale HMPK male betta, Titan. He is more chill in this tank and does not glass surf as much. He loves the betta log thing I found in my fish drawer.
2. Temporary 2.5 gallon occupied by my new HM male betta, Oleander, who is swimming better and eating. I’m getting him a 5 gallon tank tomorrow (and possibly planting it, we’ll see)
3. 10 gallon occupied by my female betta, Durriyah. I removed the obnoxious submersible lighting! Lighting is now a cheap ass LED
4. Planted 10 gallon occupied by my HMPK yellow koi male betta, Buzz, and a mystery snail. The tiger lotus has put out a LOT of new little leaves despite not staying put at the bottom of the tank yet, the sword is still covered in algae and the microsword keeps melting with no new growth… also the anubias is being an anubias. Lighting is a Marineland LED light that i forget the name of but it seems to be doing ok. Buzz was flashing yesterday and parameters are good and nothing noticable on him so I’m keeping an eye on him…
5. Planted 20L occupied by 1 male Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami named Mimosa, a school of 9 Harlequin rasboras (well 7 and 2 espeis because my LFS is incompetent), 5 ember tetras, and 5 horned nerite snails. Lighting is a Finnex Stingray and substrate is Ecocomplete with some sand mixed in because I was too lazy to remove it all. There is still a big algae issue going on but lots of glass scrubbing and reduced lighting and ferts seem to be getting it under control? Maybe? My dwarf sag is still all melting, my big crypt is also melting but with lots of new growth and my other plants are all doing well and I may pick up and quarantine some new Ember tetras tomorrow if they have them af my LfS
6. Planted (“modded”) Fluval Spec V riparium experiment thing occupied by my HM dumbo male betta, Kraken. Ft. new driftwood and play sand. Kraken has shown signs of possibly starting to fin bite which may have been caused by the stress of removing him to put in the sand. New plants are coming in a few days. So far, the little crypt babies I pulled off my big crypt are growing well even with no ferts at all in this tank (well I think I did dose some liquid ferts once). Also now have a Pothos, Dieffenbachia, and Philodendron ‘Brasil’ growing out the top. The Dieffenbachia is doing surprisingly well, better than the potted one I have, and the Pothos is obviously thriving. Idk about the Brasil, it seems like the plant itself is a little more fussy than what I’m used to. The light is a crappy LED but this tank is currently mostly growing on an hour or two of sunlight. Which means brown algae but oh well
7. Planted 10 gallon occupied by my dumbo HM male betta, Zazzle. The java fern has some spots but the new growth does not. Also, the water sprite is growing ok but keeps melting a bit and putting out roots from a different part so I keep whacking bits off and reburying. The lighting sucks and the duckweed makes everything green. Also the pothos in this tank gets nowhere near enough light to be healthy so I’m trying to grow an English Ivy out the back instead.
8. 2.5 gallon Minibow occupies by Snail Lord and his Snail legion. This tank has new lighting and is my favorite tank tbh I mean, look at it. I moved the hornwort in here because it was being suffocated by algae and shedding and the snails have enjoyed eating the melty bits a lot. Also, there’s java moss in here and it’s the ugliest

HTTYD Interview (FanFic) (Hiccstrid)

I thought it would be fun to pretend that Race To The Edge was a real show with real actors and special affects and what not. so I composed this fake interview with the actors who play Hiccup and Astrid. (they just so happen to be named Hiccup and Astrid as well.)

Hope that this answers some questions that you never asked and that you like it!

Hiccupโ€™s interview:

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Do let me keep you

(Or: In which Dan and Phil get a cat.)

Disclaimer:ย These fictional characters are based on real people. I do not claim to know them, nor do I cast aspersions on them.
Wordcount: 7662
Warnings:ย Animal injury/death (not the cat!), very mild body image issues, societal pressures against everything which isnโ€™t the perfect romantic/heterosexual love story.
AN: Thank you very much to my beta adoringphil and artist moreorlester, and to silverluminosity for suggesting the title. This is likely my last fic for the phandom, so I figured it was probably time to write that kitten!fic Iโ€™ve been promising for two years, right? :P Itโ€™s been real, phandom. More details as to my departure here, but for now, click here to view Samโ€™s incredible art (also embedded below), and enjoy the story.


Quite how they talked each other into getting a cat, neither was entirely sure.

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Losing Her (part 3)- Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: Yay! The conclusion to Losing Her is finally here! I want to say thanks so much to everyone for all the likes on my last post holy wow I couldnโ€™t of asked for more. To get into writing this final part I was listening to Fitzpleasure by alt-J for the fight scenes and All I Want by Kodaline for the ending! And now, Losing Her part 3! Thanks to all who followed and enjoyed this story! :)

POV: Peter Parker/Spiderman

Part One ย  ย  ย  ย  Part Two

Originally posted by teamunderoos

I made my way through New York silently aiming my webs at roof tops, allowing my self to swing above the streets. It took a while to find the place, but the smell gave it away. The air around the shabby abandoned building was tainted with the scent of booze and cigars. How stupid were these guys, all meeting in one place, practically setting them selves up for the cops? I shook my head landing quietly on a building above the scene.ย 

Below me a group of villains leaned against the brick wall no doubt comparing tattoos and laughing about how many crimes they committed this week. I felt something building in my chest as I glared down, crouched in the shadows, it was pure anger, the days of waiting, of looking, the days without her were driving me crazy and now I was so close. Donโ€™t get me wrong I tried to think rationally about how to confront these guys I mean they were twice my size and I was out numbered six to one outside of the club, who knew how many were actually in the place, but suddenly none of it mattered. I swung down landing right in front of the men and stood to face them. At first they were caught by surprise, but they recovered quickly stepping towards me reaching for knives or guns or whatever they had on them. I however, was not in the mood.ย 

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Hey, here’s an update on the allergic reaction situation 

I informed the OIT people of the allergic reaction, found out exactly what went wrong, and I just did the regular dose 

I was given a fuckton of meds, but overall, I am fine.