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I never used to understand when people would talk about their favorite Tumblr blogs, I guess I wasn’t really using Tumblr correctly because nowadays I know what its like to have favorites. And they’re both run by Canadians which pleases me for some strange reason.

Shout out to @cinensis and @chokemejimin (aka @sincerelysanaa @rima-toya and @justataehoe ) for proving to me its possible to have favorites. I love you guys so much thank you for your wonderful blogs.

To Sana, Emily, and Kat, you guys have been such an inspiration to me to be honest, without you guys to encourage me to keep writing I would’ve given up long ago. Plus you guys run my favorite BTS blog in existence. You guys are beautiful wonderful people so thank you.

To Joshua, there are so many things I want to thank you for but I’ve lost the words. Following your transition has been really inspiring, your art is beautiful and you’re really handsome, and of course a thank you wouldn’t be complete without thanking you for all of your Ace-positive posts. You’re also definitely my favorite OPM blog ever. Thank you for being amazing.

Okay I’ve had enough of the hatred begin spread across this fandom, all fandom, and in the world in general. It is one thing to tell someone over and over that their life doesn’t have meaning to you and they should go ahead and end it, but to EDIT a person’s tweets to make yourself sound better is not the way to handle it. Any real fan of Bex knows that she would never post anything that made someone feel smaller than themselves. She is about spreading LOVE. Stop editing her tweets to make yourself feel better about posting the hate to begin with it. It isn’t working. No one believes she is a monster, so stop.


get to know me meme: [1/5] favorite female groups

the ark (╥_╥)


Their performance just keep getting better and better! No wonder they won this episode. 🙌


“…that was my second day of school. Spider-Man walked me home that night and sat on my porch for an hour talking about all kinds of things. It’s strange, he wore a mask but I felt as though I knew him, like we were best friends. He never said so, but I knew that, as busy as he was, Spider-Man was watching out for me. After that day, I began to watch out for him, too.” Mary Jane Watson

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Matsus seeing blmatsu on tumblr :^)

I’m tagging this as “BLmatsu”, I apologize if it makes anyone angry.

Osomatsu: Hes confused? He’s happy he’s so popular

Karamatsu: Everyone has a fetish he guesses. He’s happy so many people are drawing him.

Choromatsu: PEOPLE WATCH THE ANIME? WHY??? he’s seen too much of the internet to honestly care, but thats his bro?

Ichimatsu: anyone but karamatsu. Otherwise he gets angry.

Jyushimatsu: BL? Like Base ball right?? finally he can post his art.

Todomatsu: hes seen too much. 


The best part about this scene is the look Magnus gives Alec. You can honestly see how much he loves him already. 

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I remember seeing a text post about this awhile ago, and I was wondering how do you think the boys of Overwatch would react to being gifted a rose bouquet? A big bunch of red roses, with a red ribbon and cheesy [or funny] hallmark card for a special occasion, like their anniversary or something? (I'm a sap, these guys deserve to be seduced okay?)

Reaper: Blushing behind his mask and pretending that he’s not flattered bc he hasn’t gotten a present like this in like… forever. Thanks his s/o with a kiss to their cheek.
Soldier 76: Flushes bright red and asks if they’re sure that these are for him, and blushes more when they giggle and promise him that they’re all for him, and there’s more waiting for him on their date.
Reinhardt: Beams and kisses them in thanks before proudly exclaiming to everyone that his darling s/o is so cute and he loves them so much. The next day, he returns the favor and gets them two bouquets.
Junkrat: Blinks and furrows his brows bc why would they get him a present??? and then when they promise that it’s for him he tears up a little bit bc that’s.. so sweet… and no one has done that for him! Then he eats like two roses.
Roadhog: He’s confused before they explain the reason behind giving him a bouquet and then he thanks them bc that’s v sweet, and then he makes sure they’re in a vase with water so they don’t die.
Lùcio: So excited!!!!! Beaming and giggling and kissing his s/o all over!! He loves getting flowers, and cares for them until they wither and die, and he cries when that happens.
Hanzo: Blushes and acts all tsundere bc he’s a shy butt and doesn’t know how to deal with cute actions of love like this, but ultimately accepts the flowers and keeps the card forever bc it’s sweet af
McCree: Grins wide and thanks them before reading the card and letting out on of those rlly long ‘awwwwwwwwwwwww’s and just crushes his s/o against himself in a long ass hug.
Genji: Steams and flushes before happily taking the flowers and caring for them. Memorizes the card’s words for when he wants to reminded of how much his s/o loves him.

God I hate it when you can SEE female characters being aggressively shoehorned into a romance based solely on Their Assigned Role As Love Interest. 

Never mind their personality up until that point – never mind the fact they’ve LITERALLY been written to receive every overture of romance with bafflement or downright fucking discomfort – the time has come for the hero to Have His Girl and by jove he will!

The worst part about this? Most of the audience will just fucking take it. We’ve been trained so long and so well to just accept that this is how shit goes, that any critical thought into believable character motivations is all but short circuited.

I’m so, so SICK of watching engaging, intelligent female characters all but place their personalities into nondescript boxes and set them aside when the moment for Requisite Romantic Culmination hits. The Padmé Amidala’s and the Scaramouche’s deserve fucking better okay, and I sure as hell do too.