((i fucked up the latest au anon by deleting the first message by acCIDENT ok here u go guys)

(au anon) okay soulmates au’s with markings on their bodies and all are cute but how about the ‘were mentally bonded and everything u think my mind knows’ and like ofc when they were little its like the most random stuff like 'this car toy is really great!!’ but as they get older and Evens bipolar develops and Isaks life gets overthrown it becomes the randomest shit ever like Isak just hearing 'i rlly feel like buying 8 cars rn,’ and isak is like 'wtf no’ OR isak having his existential crisis //

(au anon) // about his sexuality and Even hearing the panicked thoughts in his head like fUCK why do i keep looking at tHIS GUY DURING THIS PORN??? but the moment they find each other its like hella shook because like isak thinks 'wow hes cute’ and even thinks 'hes rlly hot’ and u get not so appropriate thoughts at one point 'how about i pull ur red snapback off and play w ur blonde curls’ and isak is like what,,,, and even is like what,,,,, ,,, ,,, , and it just a mind blowing moment in the //

(au anon) // school cafeteria that got everyone shook,, but like theres no wAY u can hide ur secrets to ur soulbond because even was like 'cmon this movie is great’ but all isak is thinking is 'i rlly wanna kiss u rn’ and even is like baby,,, what the fuck,,, ((this became more crack than srs lmao sorry but like u culd have cute moments like completely shook even at a low and isak being like hey man its okay theres someone out there listening to u always ok ur always being heard))


20th February 2017 • day 4/100 • sorry for the lack of posting, I’m ill so I set up a queue but it deleted by accident and now I have to make up for the 3 days I missed :((
Statistics is getting harder and harder to revise every day but at least I’m slightly more capable at trig.


“It’s an honor to receive this meaningful award and thank you so much. First, someone who lead us here and believed in us, CEO Yang Hyun Suk, I really really want to say thank you to you. Teddy oppa who writes great songs for us and thinks about us, thank you very very much. 

And to people who always work hard at backstage, hair, make up artist director, staffs and unnies, oppas, thank you very much. Management team, teachers, I always thank you and I love you.

 And most of all, to our parents and families of BLACKPINK, I want to say thank you so much and we love you! For last, our fans who love us and cheer for us, thank you very very much. This award will be the start, and BLACKPINK will develop and show great sides of us. Thank you!”