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Omgsh I feel so silly I deleted this post by accident ><” I picked up some paint colour samples at Bunnings the other day which matched :D




Please say something

 I haven’t written fanfiction in a long time. I’m nervous! This may not be very good but please be patient with me. I’m slowly learning. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you to @sheylann for proofreading this! Also @insomniasix for encouraging me to try writing something! I may open up drabble or requests for practice, but for now I’ll see how this goes and take it from there.

Please let me know if you want me to tag you in the future!

Gladio + reader
355 words


“Please say something”, you said as stared at the man you have loved since you can remember. You had just confessed your feelings for him. You had first met Gladio five years ago, while you were working at the Royal Library. You were enthralled with his macho, but calming demeanor. You two quickly become friends and spent more and more time together, discussing the latest novels you had read, watching movies, and generally enjoying each other’s company. You soon realize you wanted more and wouldn’t be able to settle until you told him how you felt.

Gladio stared at you with a surprised looked on his face, all he could whisper was, “_____, what did you say?”. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Gladio always prided himself on being a confident ladies man, but when it came to you, he was always so nervous and afraid he would scare you away if he made any sort of move beyond friendship. He didn’t want you to just be “another girl” in his life. He wanted more, he wanted you.

“I love you,” you muttered, “I love you, Gladio.” Another moment of silence passed, as you waited for Gladio to say something. ANYTHING. It felt like an eternity. Afraid you had ruined the your friendship, you slowly lowered your gaze to the ground and began to turn around. You suddenly felt a large hand grasp your shoulder, turning you until you were nose to nose with Gladio.

You could feel his breathe against your lips, as you slowly closed your eyes. You were too afraid to look at him. He was so, so close. You could feel Gladio mutter against your lips, “took you long enough to tell me”, with a nervous chuckle. Gladio’s lips were on yours in a instant. The kiss was passionate, sweet, everything you had wanted. You could feel his emotions being poured into the kiss. As he pulled away, a tear fell from your eye, as it fell down your cheek. The large hand that had previously grasped your shoulder was now wiping away the tear.

“I love you, too, _____”.


Thank you for taking the time to read this! ♥  THIS GOT DELETED BY ACCIDENT. SO SORRY FOR THE REPOST. THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE!