Manorian Headcanon
  • Manon and Dorian have been together for a while
  • but they get into a fight
  • and Manon storms off
  • She flies with Abraxos back to the Wastes where The Thirteen are waiting
  • Dorian, at a loss, decides to write Aelin a letter and ask for her advice
  • Aelin, who is on a diplomatic tour around Erilea, happens to be near the Wastes
  • She sends a letter back to Dorian
    • ‘Expect Manon home soon’
    • ‘Or expect her to never talk to you again’
    • ‘We’ll see’
  • And then she sets out for the Witch Fortress 
  • She doesn’t stay long
    • and no one sees her
    • but they do see what she left behind
  • It’s scorched into one of the barren plains just outside the fortress
  • Needless to say, Manon sees it
  • and because she knows Aelin was against their relationship from the start, Manon knows that the message must be true
  • So Manon spends another week with the Thirteen (just to teach him a lesson and because she misses her girls)
  • and then goes back to Adarlan 
  • Dorian is waiting there with apologies prepared
  • but they are unneeded
  • because one look at him and Manon knows that Aelin was right

teen wolf appreciation week day two: favourite development

We’re here to save Lydia. We’re here to save our friend.

~The types as my internet search history~

ENTP: are nuns just self insert shipping themselves with jesus

ENFP: wher buy kazzoo

ESFJ: breast milk calories

INFJ: self sacrificing puddinng recipe

ISTJ: what liight do i cross street on red or gren??

ISFP: fear of pool floaties name


ENFJ: is obama a lesbian

ISTP: i hear goku

ESTP: how do i sneeze into my elbow without looking like im dabbing

ESFP: snazzy cool boy jumpin with hat

INTJ: quick and easy ways to kill your relatives

ESTJ: why does my grandma look like psy

ISFJ: how to censor swear words with while still looking cool and trendy

INFP: dream about finding child in sandwich meaning

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askthecelestialroyals  asked:

Question, in alterfell and alter swap what does toriel (and asgore) like to eat? In altertale its whipped cream, so what is it?

ASgori loves pocky
AFtori loves cranberry sauce
AFgori loves bacon (but he bakes poisonous scones)
AStori loves Lucky Charms with only marshmallows (but she bakes cupcakes)

sorry for not posting but we have a cat now

his name is Đông as in East as in East Side’s Best Cat Alive


Blastwave kind of stole my heart

He growl
He eyeline
He kinda look like a turtle

Featuring: Cybertronian sign language (CSL?)
ALSO FEATURING: Great Autobrand placement!


“This booby is madly in love with Clawsette.”

Classicat #25: Meowrius Pont-Mew-Cy, Clawsette, and bonus confused dad Jean Meowljan, from Les Meowserables by Victor Mewgo

(Clawsette’s fur is naturally white. Meowljan’s fur turned white long ago from stress, so that many cats call him “Mewnsieur Leblanc”  Or “Mewnsieur The White.”)

In the book Clawsette and her father walk to a park every day, and every day Meowrius Pont-mew-cy walks to the same park. One day, Clawsette and Meowrius make Dramatic Eye Contact and spend the rest of their days nonverbally flirting with each other. Clawsette flirts by owning fancy clothes and makeup. Meowrius just acts like a dweeb dweeb (he hopes Clawsette has noticed his new hat!!) Meowljan, meanwhile, is very confused. 

Basically: all the cats involved in this subplot are complete dorks. Meowljan has never loved anyone romantically, and Clawsette/Meowrius are experiencing romantic love for the first time– meaning none of them know what to do because none of them understand romantic love. So the whole subplot is an adorable mess of awkward


Sormik Week, Day 2: Ladylake (Conflict/Trust)

Nothing like clearing a crucible together as a sign of mutual trust and teamwork in the face of conflict, right?

(Full equipment build explanation below the cut)

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This morning I got off the phone with my mum, she asked me when I was going to settle down and have kids like my two older brothers. Does anyone else get this conversations on a daily basis from their parents, or is it just me that does? I’m Jesse by the way, no I’m not American, I just fake the accent. No I’m not a real firefighter. I was close to being a doctor though, a real one. Decided to play a fake one on tv. Anyway, how is everyone doing? 

this upcoming school term is going to be stressful as heck….. i’m nervous about my language classes bc i’m already sort of behind in french and Italian, and now we’re gonna be learning latin and it’s so many languages man i can barely keep up with swedish which is my native language lmao… and my ballet practice starts in the beginning of august and i haven’t done anything this summer???? i haven’t practiced one bit, not even stretched so i’m gonna be so stiff and just… yikes >:-(((