I made Jack look like he has a prosthetic or robot body, giving him an echo eye so it seemed that rhys gave him a body and they are together/ruling together. Idk, I like the thought of it <3 

Hope you like it nonny! :D


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the derp crew

                                 so many memories,
                                 so many stupid fights,
                                 so many inside jokes
                                 and the craziest nights,
                            everything crazy that i we do,
               always seems to happen when i’m with (you)
                                      in the derp crew.

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this week on “why AA is the only Good avengers universe left”
  • the team has game nights
    • specifically, card game nights, because steve is an old man/dweeb who loves Pinochle
    • everyone hates Pinochle
    • but, everyone loves steve more than they hate Pinochle, so they play it anyway
    • (and apparently, steve is undefeated)
  • the government tries to control the Avengers under a “New Powers Act” and, quote:
    • Tony: “Some government pencil-neck giving us orders? I don’t like it.”
    • Steve: “I’m with you.”
    • WOW!!!!!!
    • they agree with each other…….they Support each other
    • thnk u @god i never thought i’d live ot see the day…….
  • the government aka shady, self-imposed liaison Truman Marsh tries to get rid of Hulk (and replace him with Red Hulk)
    • cue the team expressing unfailing support of their friend
    • cue the team taking Hulk aside and encouraging him not to let “critics like Marsh” get him down
    • cue the team working together seamlessly to save the day even with added pressure from the government
    • cue me weeping
  • last but not least, Steve and Tony continue to be shamelessly married
    • what a world
  • Me Before Episode 5 of Life-Is-Strange: Doesn't ship Max with anyone because she's a strong, independent character who don't need no significant other.
  • Me After Episode 5 of Life-Is-Strange: Ends up shipping Pricefield, CaulScott, Grahamfield--*list extends into the void*

Ha it’s christmas eve and I have nothing better to do with my life so I made christmas follow forever, we could talk about the shit edit but we’re not going to okay?!

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Hi guys! Just a signal boost for Aussie Star Wars fans, that Event Cinemas and Hoyts are going to be playing all six Star Wars movies in cinemas on the weekend of May 3rd and May 4th this year!

They’re playing the Prequel Trilogy on May 3rd and the Original Trilogy on May 4th, at various locations around Australia.