this week on “why AA is the only Good avengers universe left”
  • the team has game nights
    • specifically, card game nights, because steve is an old man/dweeb who loves Pinochle
    • everyone hates Pinochle
    • but, everyone loves steve more than they hate Pinochle, so they play it anyway
    • (and apparently, steve is undefeated)
  • the government tries to control the Avengers under a “New Powers Act” and, quote:
    • Tony: “Some government pencil-neck giving us orders? I don’t like it.”
    • Steve: “I’m with you.”
    • WOW!!!!!!
    • they agree with each other…….they Support each other
    • thnk u @god i never thought i’d live ot see the day…….
  • the government aka shady, self-imposed liaison Truman Marsh tries to get rid of Hulk (and replace him with Red Hulk)
    • cue the team expressing unfailing support of their friend
    • cue the team taking Hulk aside and encouraging him not to let “critics like Marsh” get him down
    • cue the team working together seamlessly to save the day even with added pressure from the government
    • cue me weeping
  • last but not least, Steve and Tony continue to be shamelessly married
    • what a world

I made Jack look like he has a prosthetic or robot body, giving him an echo eye so it seemed that rhys gave him a body and they are together/ruling together. Idk, I like the thought of it <3 

Hope you like it nonny! :D


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the derp crew

                                 so many memories,
                                 so many stupid fights,
                                 so many inside jokes
                                 and the craziest nights,
                            everything crazy that i we do,
               always seems to happen when i’m with (you)
                                      in the derp crew.

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anonymous asked:

Think the main thing about am//ed//ot that has irritated me(I ship lap//id//ot and am//ed//ot) is some of the ame art making a clear unapologetic stab at lap//id//ot. Which I rarely see with lapi art(I got sick of using the hashes) Which is pretty low and generally immature. The block list continues

I actually have A//me/d/ot blacklisted at the moment (I tend to take it on-and-off the blacklist depending on my mood) so I don’t really know what you mean by this, Anon - sorry.

I do agree that it’s probably best to just block these people though, if it’s bothering you.

  • Me Before Episode 5 of Life-Is-Strange: Doesn't ship Max with anyone because she's a strong, independent character who don't need no significant other.
  • Me After Episode 5 of Life-Is-Strange: Ends up shipping Pricefield, CaulScott, Grahamfield--*list extends into the void*

anonymous asked:

How about finding a job to pay for theraphy?

I could do that. I’ve tried getting jobs before, but I haven’t heard back ot I’d miss the interview for personal reasons.

I could definitely try getting one. Gonna have to wait until the end of this week, though, because I have my driving test and (if it goes well) I’ll finally have my license.

I could maybe work at the daycare my mom was the manager for. I know the owner so there’s a plus.

Idk I would love to et a job, but I’m terrified of getting one!!!!

tag game thingy

tagged by @somewintersneverend thanks bro

rules: answer 20 questions and tag 20 followers you’d like to get to know better

name: Mihaela (Михаела, actually)

zodiac sign: its either virgo or libra i d o n ot give a s h i t

height: 5′7" (170 cm)

orientation: bisexual

nationality: bulgarian

favorite fruit: t o m a t o e s

favorite season: idk prolly summer its that time of the year when you can go for a walk at 2am cuz its not fucking freezing

favorite book:  i think i dont have one right now

favorite flower: i dont knoow sunflowers? but tulips are really cute and so are roses and!!

favorite scent: oh well i love it when it Just Smells Like Rain; also ciggaretes but like before you light them which i guess is just tobacco but tobacco is such a ridiculous word .. oh and paper *almost every kind of paper AND COCONUT OMG HOW COULD I FORGET COCONUT

favorite color: maybe that specific shade pale blue idk

favorite animal: c a t s

coffee, tea or hot cocoa: tea .. or maybe coffee or maybe tea .. no probably tea because it doesnt make me shake which is awesome

average sleep hours: 5? idk

cats or dogs: cats

favorite fictional character: snape? mcgonagall? i really love alex vause from oitnb tho
im not even really answering these because i cant choose :”)

number of blankets you sleep with: right now its 3

dream trip: i wanna go e v e r y w h e r e ?? i dont know i just wanna see the whole world thats my dream trip 

blog created: 2015? i guess

i tag @whisperinghorizonns