Tarot Time Correspondences

✨There are a lot of different methods of interpreting tarot cards when it comes to timing so I thought I’d share mine. 

Suit of Wands 

The Suit of Wands is commonly associated with the element of fire. Fire burns fast so I interpret this as days.

Suit of Swords 

The Suit of Wands is associated with the element of air. Air flows quickly and consistently so I associate it with weeks

Suit of Cups 

The Suit of Cups is commonly associated with the element of water. Water can flow quickly or slowly, can be rough or calm and is influenced by the moon so I interpret it as months

Suit of Pentacles 

The Suit of Pentacles is associated with the element of earth. Earth is calm, nurturing and unfaltering. I associate it with years.

✨I interpret the cards of the major arcana as dependent of my own actions or the actions of the person the reading is about so the event ( or whatever I’m reading for ) will occur when I or the other person behave accordingly to that card. I do the same with the court cards but I or the other person must act on it in the timeframe suggested by the suit.

do you ever just think about Cliff from Pride and cry… like when he’s explaining the history of the valley to LGSM… when the police are getting aggressive at the rally and he puts himself between them and the younger people and says “you want to start something, you start it with me!”… when he says “that’s what I’d say, if I ever came face to face with Margaret fucking Thatcher, that’s what I’d tell her - the pit and the people are one and the same”… when he comes out to Hefina… when he falls back to join the Gay Poetry Society in the parade and his entire face just lights up… I just love him so much wow

.。.:*☆  out.  honestly, i’m astounded. you guys are all so incredible, and i’m so blessed to have such amazing followers and friends. i’ve been going through a lot recently, as i’m sure many of you have noticed, so it means a lot that you’re all here, and so supportive. it’s been two weeks since i moved, and i honestly don’t think i’ve ever felt so welcomed or confident on a blog in the year and a half that i’ve been doing indie roleplaying, so thank you for that. here’s to more and more weeks, and more and more muses, and all the threads <3 time for some gushing about the people i love and admire <3

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Cayleigh Elise
Hey there, internet friends! I'm Cayleigh and every week I provide videos that cover anything from unsolved mysteries, to urban legends and folklore, to the ...

In light of all this shit with sixpenceee, I thought I’d promote Cayleigh Elise’s channel on  Youtube.   She tells some great stories and as far as I can tell, doesn’t treat mental illness like fodder for shock value.   I really enjoy her Dark Matters series the most.  

Also, sixpenceee don’t even think about stealing her content.  She has a decent follower base, you don’t want to piss them off.

A real beauty

[[I saw a crap ton of ppl doing a “mer-May” thing where u draw a character as a mermaid/merman, so I thought I’d join in! I feel like an ass bc I doodled this instead of answering asks ripp. Sorry it’s not colored, you know me, I don’t really color in my art haha, I should work on that lol. Also thank you so much for 700+ followers I’m screaming!!!!]]

Not going to lie. I got a small panic attack and deleted the first two messages. Literally the first message was “your character designs are flat” Just that sentence. I didn’t get it and figured it was just a random insult. The second was “you’re an unoriginal artist.” so yeah it felt the same.

The third was the “jealousy isn’t always” comment that I finally replied to and the last one I literally never got. 

If there’s a Way I can recover the deleted inbox messages I’d love to

I’m just trying my best to work this out and be over it because I’ve reached my shaky hands stage

Guys, don’t harass this person or send them hate or anything! I just want to feel better and for all of us to have a nice night 


• Double Bass - self titled - Gorillaz
• Dracula - self titled - Gorillaz
• Bill Murray - D-Sides - Gorillaz

Just thought I’d share some edits I made before signing off for the night~💜

(I’m open for requests, maybe it’ll be fun to try it out!!!!)

As the days get longer and we approach another sliding season, I’ve gotten many emails and letters and summons asking me about my waterpark, and begging me not to re-open my waterpark, and etc.

And rather than respond to those all individually, as manners and the law require, I’d thought I’d instead use the venue of this list-based comedy website to address some of these questions and concerns, and even, if I might be so bold, apologize for some of the events that occurred at The Slick ‘n Sloppy Chris Bucholz Experience last year.

Hold on to something, kids …

7 Reasons I Am Sorry I Tried To Start My Own Waterpark


Patrick laughed and then reached for Gus’ hand, turning it so that it was palm up and gingerly placing the boat upon it. “F-f-for you,” he explained a little shyly. “To…to cheer you up. N-n-not that you r-really n-n-need it today, but l-lately…. I mean I d-didn’t know you were d-doing b-b-better, I just…. Well, it’s d-dumb, but—”

“Thank you,” Augustus murmured.

Patrick flushed, holding Gus’ hand for a second longer and then letting go to stuff his own into the pockets of his jeans. “You can f-fold it to store it and k-keep it from wrinkling.”

This Augustus did, folding the boat along its creases and then swinging his backpack around to his front so that he could slip it inside for safekeeping. There was a bird merrily chirping in the tree nearby. He wondered whether it could have been the parakeet Tobias was tracking. The last he’d heard it was still cleverly eluding his grasps.



“S-s-sorry,” Patrick said, glancing at him uneasily. “I sh-shouldn’t have b-brought it up. I—”

“What? No, it’s—it’s okay,” Augustus said. “Don’t worry about it.”

Patrick opened his mouth to say something else, but Gus’ phone emitted a particularly loud tri-tone, causing them both to startle. He’d forgotten that he’d turned his volume up in case Gemma called.

“Sorry,” he said with a grimace, “hang on….”

My Season 5 Wishlist:

The Specifics

- Several Clarke and Madi flashback scenes: how they first meet, Madi’s tragic backstory™ and their bond developing

- Since we have visual confirmation that Gaia is safe in the bunker with Indra 

I’m gonna need some more of this 

and some Jackson/Miller

as well as Niylah and Octavia’s friendship

and of course, Kabby

- I want memori learning to trust in others and feeling like they belong

+ echo redemption arc?

and more of this beautiful group dynamic in general

(in conclusion, I think I’d be 100% satisfied if season 5 was just a bunch of little flashbacks to each character during the time jump)