a cursed psychic.
upon meeting someone, he immediately senses their biggest problem.
and if he can’t solve it within a week,
h e . w i l l . d i e .

Even a Fish

I noticed there’s not too much stuff about the one pet you are allowed to have besides service animals, so I thought I’d try something?


There is a dorm with a twenty-gallon tank sitting in the corner of the room on the bookshelf. There is an underwater castle, and many plants, lovingly tended. A filter hums away day and night. There is a chunk of driftwood in the tank, picked up from a distant beach that whispered of home. There is a single betta.

The betta is a glossy red. He is old. His name is Daisy.

Fish are not complex animals. They are not like the cats, that can slip between worlds, or the Crows, who see and know all and give favor to those who have gained it. But even a fish cannot avoid being changed, here at Elsewhere.

His person is an artist. She is quick to see the stories in something ordinary, to hear the music in an errant breeze. She is the kind of person who picks up driftwood because it spoke of home, and she is the kind of person who would walk into the forest because it sings of love. A cruel, cold, cutting love, perhaps, but love enough to lure her.

But she does not go.

Daisy sees the way her eyes flick to the window at night, when the moon is new and the snow barely dusts the ground. He hears the longing sigh on her lips when she speaks of the songs no one else can hear. He knows how slowly and reluctantly her feet step over the threshold after classes.

He knows also the thin, sharp faces that look in the window at night from between the curtains, and the whispers that filter through the glass, promises and temptations. The Fae want his person. That much is clear.

But she does not go.

He is fed once a day without fail. She speaks to him as she offers him bloodworms with the same care she leaves offerings for the Fae, unaware or uncaring if he can understand her. She sings to him the songs that she hears outside, and the music sends a shiver through the water of his tank. He flees the coldness that he hears in that tune, and hides behind his plants. She stops, surprised. She leaves him alone.

She does not sing that song again.

The Fae grow restless as the days go by. She does not go to the them - she will not go to them. Daisy sees their eyes at the windows when she is not there, hears the rasp of voices just outside. Somehow he knows that they will have her, that she will go to them, if they must bribe and threat for her.

Somehow he does not want that to happen.

He flirts his tail when she is in the room, pulling her gaze from the trees outside to him. He leaps and splashes in the water, drawing her attention when she seems too enraptured by the music that still sends shivers through the water, that makes the aquarium plants tremble and wilt. She sings to him again, but of safe things. About the warmth of the sun, and the movement of the clouds in the sky.

One day she is late coming home. Daisy stirs the surface of his water into froth, anxious. Then the door opens, and a groundskeeper enters, supporting his person. Her face is pale. Her voice is sore and choked and harsh.

“How did you resist them?” the groundskeeper asks, voice tinged with awe and caution. “I’ve never seen them so enraged. They want more what they can’t have, you know.”

She looks bewildered, as if just realizing where she is. Her gaze focuses on Daisy, and he sways side to side, spreading his tail.

“I - I had to feed my fish,” she manages to get out, still looking confused. “I had to come home.”

The groundskeeper notices Daisy and leans over to see.

“Something to ground you,” they say. “I see.”

She nods. She tries to speak again, but her voice is so shattered it may never heal. The groundskeeper looks at her sympathetically, but can offer nothing to help. Daisy doesn’t care. He flashes his fins and splashes, and she smiles.

She does not go.


i hit a follower milestone yesterday morning, so i thought i’d make a second mutual appreciation post! first i just want to say thank you to everyone who follows me, and a quick thanks to everyone who also follows my sideblog since that also reached a follower milestone a couple of weeks ago! ♡

bolded: fave blogs

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I swore I’d never do this but I’m not going to make rent.

I’ve been trying with every bone in my body to earn money and things keep coming up. My cat got sick and cost me 300 dollars. My car maintenance light came on and cost me another 200. I have to pay registration for a conference I’m required to go to and that was another 50 and the rest of what I had for rent. I’m trying to schedule photoshoots to make money and no one wants to pay for pictures, they expect them to be free.

I’m lost y'all. I’m just trying to graduate and survive and my depression has been telling me I’m not capable and the 400 I’m short for rent is just affirming that I can’t survive on my own. I want to drop out and go home because I’m so suicidal here that I can barely breathe.

I paid to register for bartending school but on the second day the instructor made some sexual comments that made me uncomfortable and I haven’t felt comfortable enough to go back and finish classes so I can start working

If you have anything, ANYTHING to spare please cash app me.


I can pay back whoever needs paying back in January. I wish I had skills to offer up but I really don’t know what I’m good at besides photography and a lot if you are too far away from Kentucky.

If you can’t help PLEASE reblog. I don’t know what else to do.

Post Race Report

I’m home. It was a ridiculously awesome run.

Leading up to the race, I kept going back and forth between wanting to shoot for 3:15 and 3:00. 3:15 would have been a PR for me, but I Though I had 3:00 in me.

At the very last minute, I decided I’d rather push it and shoot for 3 than take it easy and go for 3:15.

So I ran with the 3:00 pace team and they were awesome! The really helped me stay on track!

I fell a little short of my 3:00 goal but I couldn’t be happier with all of the personal records I set, including beating my previous half marathon time by over 22 minutes!

And check out my half marathon progress this season! I’ve cut an hour off my freaking PR?

I’m tired, I’m sore, but more than anything I’m proud of the progress I’ve made this year. It’s time to get some rest and then I’ll start training again for next year.

The Best Is Yet To Come!

Him X

Originally posted by kdrauhl

Pairing: Shawn x Y/N

Request: It was requested a long time ago lol

Warnings: Angst? Shitty ass writing

A/N: So here it is!! This’ll probably be the last part?? Idk we’ll see

Shawn’s P.O.V

A week has passed since I put Derek up for adoption. I thought if I did I’d forget Y/N completely, but boy was I wrong.

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Shawn Flynn Headcanons

Since I haven’t done anything for the good ole ink boy in a while, I thought I’d share some of my personal headcanons for him. Here we go:

  • Can play the banjo really well. Like, let him listen to a song he’s never heard before and in about a minute he can play it on the banjo.
  • Has some really good stories and story ideas. On Halloween whenever the other egos want a spooky story told they go to Flynn and he freaks them all out
  • Anything he draws or sews can come to life if he wants it to
  • He used to pretend to have an American accent when he was younger because of the hate towards Irish immigrants in his time
  • He makes a mean potato soup
  • Really tired, though, so don’t let him cook. He may end up feeding you ink soup
  • Loves cats
  • Is afraid of dogs for some reason
  • Really good friends with the Host because of the shared interests
  • Makes all of his friends a plushie version of them eventually
  • Let him sleep
  • Every other word is a curse word- mothers shield your children’s ears please
  • Probably a furry
  • Can slightly control the ink and has a hard time keeping it from controlling him
  • Schneeple has been working on a cure to rid him of the ink for a long time
  • Though sometimes Flynn is so tired Pitch can easily take control

Speaking of Pitch, some headcanons for the ink boy ;)

  • Is actually very nice to people he likes
  • Very gooey but likes hugs
  • Probably ticklish if it weren’t for the ink
  • He’s really warm though don’t touch him
  • Likes to hang around Anti
  • Though Anti is a bad influence get him away from the ink boy

So I hope ya’ll enjoy these ;)





So, it looks like my Ad-free Creators United post got quite a lot of attention lately (seriously, THANK YOU so much for participating!) and… apparently, I got quite a bunch of new followers, too. So I figured I’d better make some sort of “introduction post” in case you’re curious to know more about my blog ^___^

My name’s Astraea and I’m a 28 years old simmer from Italy. I consider myself a TS3 player, though you may notice that I have quite a bunch of TS4 posts on my blog as well (including this one, I guess XD)… and some TS2, too. I make CC for TS2, TS3 and TS4 and I usually post a mix of gameplay pictures and random (badly tagged) photoshoots. I’m also working on a fantasy/mystery/horror graphic novel in TS3 called The Emergency Coven, which hasn’t been updated in a while due to rl work keeping me super busy lately (and due to having to deal with a malware infection thanks to Adfly), but I swear I haven’t given up on it. From time to time, you may see me posting OC memes featuring the guys from the Emergency Coven. Here you can find a list of my characters, if you’re interested.

I’m open to WCIFs and I have a fairly open TOU on my downloads. I also have a FAQ page in case you’re curious about stuff like CC making, how to install package files and a bunch of other things. Aside from sims, sometimes I also share pics of my bjd, as well as pictures from other games.

I’m quite slow at replying to comments and private messages, but I try to do my best, I promise. See you around! ^___^


“Leading the Inquisition has taken much from me. It has cost me my clan, my family, and my freedom. Even still, if given the chance, I would proudly go to the Conclave a second time.

Before this, I never thought I’d have a chance to change the world. I don’t know if Thedas is ready for the change I plan to bring. To be honest, I don’t care either way.” - Isenama Lavellan

Showing off for my neighbor!

Hi. This is Rapebait (who submitted the “rape me!” post).
Wow. I was shocked to see all the likes and shares! I didn’t think people would be so interested in a 13 year old girl’s rape story! I thought everything would be nasty and negative!

I haven’t done anything with other people since then cause I don’t know how to set it up and as fun as it was it also made me realize how real it was and I think I’d be too scared to do it again even if I really really want to. But I do have something else to share.

I live next door to an older single guy who is like 50? and he works night shifts so he is getting up for work when I am getting ready for bed, and his bedroom is on the side of the house facing mine, so I started leaving my curtains open a little and undressing where he should be able to see me. 
After I caught him looking once I smiled and waved, and since then I leave the curtain open more. A few nights ago the timing was right and I faced the window and waited for him to walk by and when he did and he looked my way I smiled and stripped naked while he watched. It was really scary but really thrilling letting him see me! I might try masturbating next time for him to watch. But that will mean waking up early, so he can watch when he gets home from work, because he is usually in a hurry when he is getting up at night.

Man, that’s one lucky neighbor.
💫1.1k follower celebration💫

hey guys!! so ur fave enby bisexual (me) hit 1,100 followers the other day (yay)!!! so i thought i’d offer different options for the celebration? all you have to do is reblog + like this post, be following me, and send me an ask off anon for one of the following:

  • send me 💌  and tell me ur name and i’ll give you 3 things your name reminds me of!
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  • send me🌱 and i’ll pick a random line from my copy of ovid’s metamorphoses!

thank you guys so much!! honestly i don’t know why you guys follow me?? but thank you for being here and being hella awesome!! <3

anonymous asked:

I wouldn't do a lot for the D. Never been the type to climb rocks for the D. But then I see his man called Agust D. Made me question all my thoughts bout the D. After doing a lil research on Agust D. He got me wanting to do anything for his D. I would change my name to Nicki for the D. Girl I'm willing to learn Korean for the D. Shit I'd even move to South Korea for the D. I gotta go, I'm bout to catch a plane to SK for his D.

Lol! you know what?!

welcome to ur reckoning baBAAAYYY

ur, u kno, the V I N D I C A T O R S

U break the RUUUUUULES, loSe the Gameortrytoleaveyouwill dieeeeee

L I K E in SAW