i swear the idea that in a different world (or in a normal one actually), touka and yoriko can go on double dates with their husbands and just enjoy life as it is seriously keeps me up at night 


On Ravus Nox Fleuret...

Ravus Nox Fleuret may have been painted as a villain, and did do some pretty bad things…

But take into account how he watched his mother be killed before his eyes and he hadn’t been able to do anything. How the King of Lucis had ran instead of helping. How his entire homeland was invaded and set ablaze.

How he was probably forced into Niflheim’s military, how he had to fight for over ten years to rise to his position of high commander, working for the people he hated more than anything in the world, all the while secretly helping Lunafreya. Telling her where to hide, helping her be one step faster than Niflheim.

How he had his arm burnt off. His /arm/. And then had it replaced with a magitech prosthetic- a creation by the people he hated most.

How his little sister was killing herself with every covenant she formed, while trying to save the boy he hated. And then, ends up dying at the hands of his superior.
He doesn’t get to go back and find her body, because it was most likely lost in the rubble of Altissia.

How he died with a changed heart, ready and willing to aid Noctis, only to be cut down by /not/Noctis, and to die thinking that he had failed.

Only to be brought back as a semi-sentient daemon. One who begged Noctis + party to kill him. To end him.

You can say what you want, but Ravus Nox Fleuret did NOT deserve the shit deal he was dealt.

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You said you want asks and I feel chatty; Kiri as Eri's big brother figure. He seems like he'd be good with kids, I like to think she'd like the little horns that result from his hairstyle because of her own horn. He could show her his new arm injuries (so could Deku, team fucked up arms! they bond so she feels less self-conscious about them) and tell her how brave she is for living how she did and seeking help. He also could help reassure her because the bullets won't hurt him.

… because her bullets won’t hurt him.

There is someone out there whose life can’t be destroyed by her blood.

Man, that hits me right in the honey nut feelios


aldjfkajfjafdALSDKJF thank you so much again these are so adorable! SOME OF MY FAVORITES ACTUALLY LOL i always thought the cucumber one is cute and i saw the dream one on a really cute bubbline post + kittens are ofc the greatest. but you’re the sweetest one of all 🍉🍌🍎🍈🍬🍭🍩🍪  thanks for making my day extra great with your cute msgs!! ;v; hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend ✨💖🌸

you ever think about how the most important things in metis cykes’ life to her were her daughter, her work, and aura? and how even apollo could pick up that metis must have loved aura so much so that she put her with the most important things in her life?? and how when apollo points that out, aura starts laughing that’s almost surely her trying not to cry?? because i do