On the third of July, Chris is woken up by the quiet whispers of ‘Hey’ into his ear. Opening his eyes, he sees Darren’s body leaning over him, Darren already starting to suck a hickey on the left side of his neck.

‘Morning,’ Chris mumbles, forcing his eyes open to take a look at Darren properly. There’s something round his neck, he notices. A piece of blue and red striped fabric- somehow familiar.

‘What’s that?’ Chris asks, pulling at the fabric.

Darren sits up, showing him.

‘My warbler tie,’ Darren smiles, kissing Chris in a quick peck. ‘You remember the date, right?’

‘t’s July, third…’ Chris frowns, thinkinng. ‘Oh! My dublin kiss.’

‘Your Dublin kiss,’ Darren nods. ‘Back when I had a crush on you and was quite possibly the worst person at hiding it in the world.’

‘Well you did show the whole world,’ Chris giggles.

‘It was my pleasure. Now shut up and let me recreate the moment.’

They do a rubbish job at recreating it. There’s too much tongue, too much hands. And they’re both pretty sure that three years ago, the kiss didn’t end with Darren’s cock in Chris’s ass.

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A happy happy birthday to my #1 Tumblr crush! May your day be filled with cake, fanart, and makoharu!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


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"I had a crush on you as a child.. I ... I will leave it as, you mean the world to me, Artorias. And I could never stand to lose you."

Artorias was stunned, he’d never expected such words from the Knightess, as she’d made an effort to refuse any gifts or words that seemed to go even just over the bounds of friendship. For the first time in a while, The Abysswalker was speechless, so he said the only thing that came to mind.


Dear Candace,

You probably don’t know anything about me.

You are probably just being nice to me just because I’m the only person who stopped to listen to your science fair project when everyone else just walked past and that’s okay.

Do you wanna know why? Because the day you talked to me in the washroom about paint I realized something. I like you. I have a crush in you.

Yes, I saw you in the movie theater today and I saw you in the washroom. By the way, I’m sorry for cutting in front of you I didn’t realize I did that.

You’re probably wondering, why I didn’t even glance at you or say hi even though we go to the same school.

Its because you are just too beautiful and great that I froze and so many thoughts consumed my mind and I could not look at you because I was scared amd nervous and honestly, I’m really sad that you’re gone. You have graduated and I’ll probably never see you again. I’m scared that I won’t see you again. I’m scared that you’ll read this and realize that it’s you.

But you know what? That is okay. Because even though I truly will miss you, I am watching Orange is the new Black on Netflix so I feel better.


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please tell us who your crushes are :3 :3

okay here’s the deal, go to my blog’s
/tagged/hot and you’ll see a bunch of pictures of guys I think are cute/hot (duh). if you’re on there more than a few times, I’m crushing on you. make a list if you want, I don’t care