You’ll look at her and instead wish you saw me. You’ll make light conversation with her while you imagine my beautiful, obnoxious laugh. You’ll listen to her but instead hear my voice. She’ll win your parents approval but not your heart’s. You’ll be driving your car and think about what I am doing. You’ll wonder how many times I’ve cried. You’ll think of the times we had, where it was just me, you, and God in a dimly lit room. You’ll feel unsure, because you’re never really sure about anything. You’ll think about how you hurt me and you might even feel sorry for a moment. But you’ll carry on with living your lie of a life, solely because you don’t know what you want.

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i wrote a v complicated Guide To Seeing Panic! Live at 12:15 AM one night and i just found it and cried laughing with my aunt while reading it because holy fuck was i sleep-deprived but it's still pretty fucking funny if i do say so myself and my aunt is now posting it on facebook and telling the band page about it and if they notice it i will burst into flames

omgg the funniest shit is when ur like half asleep i bet its amazing

i really want to throw up. like don’t get me wrong this concert is wonderful and the boys are doing fantastic as always and i love them lots, but it’s so bittersweet. they’re all performing out there and having a good time while jongin is sitting backstage in a wheelchair just listening to all of it. probably still crying, as he said earlier that he had cried so much that his face was swollen and then he tried to laugh it off. i don’t think anyone knows how gentle and softhearted he is honestly. he invalidates himself so often and he does so much for us and the guys and yet he still kicks himself SO much when he’s down. right now being a prime example. i really hope he realizes someday how important he is to everyone and that his feelings are real and reasonable. that we love and support him and want nothing more than for him to be healthy and happy.

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I didn't finish my ask cries. I wanted to say sorry for not buggin ye for a while. Things got busy ad hell laughs. But I hope you, jestre, sin, and ensy are doing ok! Has anything new been happening ?

It’s mostly been catching up on things, recovering mentally, and getting back in to the swing of things for everyone. We’re also all waiting for healthcare to process.

Jestre and I have been going to therapy and taking meds.

I think I’m finally adjusting to my meds, I’m in a better mood than I have been in a long time and I don’t feel so bogged down by depression, so I’m starting back up my projects  little at a time.

I’m laughing so I went to a 21p concert this week and this one girl today posted on Facebook how she cried during car radio while hugging her friend and that so funny to me cause during car radio I was doing my best to hoe drop every time he said silence while my friend was like “yas Queen” in the background

Dean Thomas Imagine: “Of Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs and Slytherins”

May I have a Dean Imagine? I am head over heels Alfie Enoch and Dean’s a favorite in the books and movie. Reader is hufflepuff, short and brown. Something to do with trouble happening over with the slytherin peeps, you decide how, why and what. :D

Requested by anon

Warnings: short brown hufflepuff reader (as requested), bullying


You were studying for your Charms exam, next to the Black Lake. Studying outdoors helped you to relax and focus better. You were concentrated on the subject when a group of Slytherins took your Charms book.

“Hey! Bring that back! I was studying!” you cried out.

“Oh! Look, the hufflepuff girl can speak!” a slytherin girl mocked, while the rest laughed. She continued: “I think I need this book. I’m not giving it back!”

In that moment, a gryffindor boy who seemed older than you stepped in and ordered: “Give her that book back!”

“Or else?”

“Or else you’ll find out just how many more hexes and jinxes I know!” he threatened.

As the slytherins were of your age, they returned you the book and left, without saying anything else. 

“Are you ok?”

You nodded and introduced yourself: “Yes! Thanks for that! I’m y/n  y/l/n, 4th year”

He smiled and said: “Dean Thomas, 6th year” Then he frowned and asked: “Is what has just happened a recurring situation?”

You hesitated but finally admitted: “It happens sometimes. And not only with the slytherins. They see I’m a short brown hufflepuff and instantly target me…”

He got serious and muttered: “Y/n, if you ever have trouble with them come to me, ok?”

You smiled gratefully at him and nodded. “What were you doing?”

“Oh! I was studying Charms… But I’m having trouble understanding some concepts…”

“Do you want me to help you? I mean, I’m not great at it, but I guess I won’t have any problem with theory of two years ago…”

“You would do that for me?” you asked, amazed.

“Sure” he replied without giving it a second thought.


In that moment you knew you had just made a friend.

Originally posted by sparkleslikeus

I look at you.
You could have been me.
But every time I chose to stay quiet
You spoke up.
They laughed.
You laughed.
I cried.
You kept growing while I shrank.

I look at you.
When we’re together it’s like looking in a mirror
But you walk away and put on your mask.
The mask that says
I’m willing to do what it takes to have friends
To be loved
To stop crying.

I look at you
And your mask
Which I can no longer see through.
Where does that leave us?
Despite the tears
I am the same.
I don’t even recognise you.
Now who’s the damaged one?

- A toast to false friends

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Hi! I finished binge-reading all your SVU fics on AO3 today and I'm not good with comments but I wanted to tell you that I adore your writing style and love pretty much everything you write. Especially Intact, your episode tag for Sheltered Outcasts? I cried and I laughed and my heart ached while I was reading it. It's amazing. Also, I have no idea how you manage to write so damn many high quality fics in such a short time. Basically, I'm here to tell you you're awesome. Keep being awesome!


Thank you so much @ivy-and-thorns !

Aw, thanks for telling me you liked Intact. I don’t know how all of that angst came from me simply seeing Sonny’s hair all messy and fluffy, but it did :’)

And hehehe “such a short time”, yes, how do I do it? I’ve been writing the episode tag for the finale since it aired and it’s been 2 months and it’s 31K and it’s still not done lol yes I’m so fast D:

No but seriously, thank you so much for this lovely message. It’s always encouraging and inspiring for me to read these. I really, really appreciate you taking the time to write this :’)

And I can happily promise you there’ll be more for you to read pretty soon :D

I’m glad Tiffany blew up people’s games, they’ve been shunning her for no reason. Hope she continues to do it, and Frank wins veto and takes her off the block.

Also sickened by Day and Z laughing in Tiffany’s face while she cried.

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today my mom and aunt took me to school for my schedule and they yelled at me for wanting to wait in line because i thought (and still do) there was something wrong with my schedule. then they got mad when i ran to the car because i had anxiety. then they laughed and said im dramatic and made fun of me while i cried in the car/ now my room

my mom does that kind of stuff to me too, like im the biggest inconvenience to her and everything i do just pisses her off more and more and then suddenly it’s my fault when she gets so angry that i just start crying and panicking and from there it only gets worse. i can’t offer any advice or words of solace because i never got it to stop. what i can say is that i am now 18 years old, i have people who love and respect me more than she ever did/will, im going to college, and im moving out in less than a month.
if there’s someone else who can take you about your schedule, you should ask them so things are easier for you when school starts.
it’s hard, but there’s hope. my brother got out of that situation and now i am and you will too. you won’t have to be around them forever, i promise

I’m kinda mad like
Some one co-worker said there were a bunch of posters that hadn’t been claimed recently after I asked if we could sign up to take home posters that have already stopped showing
He asked which one I was after nd I said the ratchet and clank one and he laughed all
“Are you serious??? Dude you would’ve loved this guy who used to work here, it was his fave game. He took all the posters of it home with him I’m pretty sure. Like there might be one left? But I wouldn’t count on it”

U…..rat bastard…….

Remember when that psycho inieciele or whatever her name was emailed my works Facebook about me trying to get me fired and my boss got it while we were drinking at a bar with other coworkers and we laughed until we cried?

I do.



  • i’m dsjfktrahdkfsh. if you somehow decode that keysmash you’ll find that it says i’m trash. i’m been quite inactive for a while [nervous laughing as i lower myself into my grave] but you were SO KIND and so patient with me when we first started plotting. you made a very deep impression on me!!! i love you and all the development you’ve put into jongdae. writing with you has been a blessing and i HOPE I WILL GET THE CHANCE TO DO SO AGAIN. HAVE A TERRIFIC BIRTHDAY. YOU DESERVE THE BEST!!!

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"I'd totally fuck you"

Oh, the blonde one was after him, eh? Junior almost laughed to think that such a woman actually liked him. Instead a hum of a chuckle escaped him, and he leaned and arm over Lucy on the wall, tilting his head downward while keeping his emerald eyes fixed  on her face.

“I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same to ya, Luce. But I’m a bit shocked to hear ya say that. I’m just a bookman, after all. I have no need for a heart.”

A quick opinion on the show Drunk History.

When the first season on TV happened, I loved just about everything about it SO SO MUCH. I’ve always loved history, and they were telling me tons of stories that I never really knew about, while also making me laugh until I cried.

But as the seasons went on, and they got bigger and better known guests to tell stories, I stopped watching. It stopped being funny to me. I wasn’t there to watch drunk comedians try desperately to be funny, I was there because I wanted to learn about history and laugh while doing it.

And that’s where I think they got confused. The show now seems to think that Famous Person Telling Story is the recipe for success, when that’s not it at all. The first season is so funny because those people genuinely love the stories they’re telling, and they’re trying their best to tell them right, but they happen to be completely obliterated. I don’t want to watch a famous comedian recite a story they just learned for the show while they try and be funny while drunk. It always seems like they’re trying too hard. Obviously you can tell when it’s a story they’re really passionate and knowledgeable about, and when it’s not, it’s just not funny to watch. It’s also not as interesting, because those stories tend to be very surface-level, like they just read one book about it and are summarizing the book instead of doing actual research and learning everything they can.

I obviously don’t know the research process for this show, so maybe I’m just flagrantly wrong, and the comedians they have on ARE passionate about their stories and DO know them really well. But even if that’s true, I don’t want to watch comedians desperately trying to be funny while they’re drunk. It comes off as disingenuous and self-serving. Sometimes it feels like the storytellers planned out what they would say ahead of time, planned out the jokes and the silly phrases, and usually that makes it way less funny.

SO. I have a suggestion.

Instead of getting famous people to tell the stories, have famous people only in the reenactment scenes. Those scenes are great, and it’s always hilarious watching celebrities play historical figures.

“So who’s gonna tell the stories then?” you ask.

Good question!


Literally just go to any college with a good history program, find some history students working on their master’s degree, buy them alcohol and then ask “so what’s your favorite historical story?”

Because let me tell you, NOTHING is funnier than a drunk person trying to HONEST TO GOODNESS explain something that they care about. Obviously not everyone is a funny drunk, but enough people are that it should be easy enough to find people who would make good episodes.

You’d get even better, more interesting, more accurate information in the stories, and you’d get a TON more of the funniest parts of the stories, where people just start going “an’ then Napoleon was all like ‘fuck u bro’ and like, just, fuck” and rambling and swearing.

It would be cheaper to produce because you wouldn’t have to pay them like anything in comparison to celebrities, you’d get tons of interesting, unique stories, and it would be amazing.

Less comedians making stock comments. More drunk students trying desperately to tell a historical story while being too drunk to even follow the story they’re trying to tell.

Get to know me tag~

I was tagged by @squishywooji @squishyjisu ! Thank you, this was very fun to do hehe~ Sorry if this is long friends ; v ;

Drink: Water
Phone call: Dad
Text: Friend
Song you listened to: Good by Gray 
Time you cried: last week /while finishing up Me Before You/

Dated someone twice: No
Been cheated on: No
Kissed someone and regretted it: No
Lost someone special: Yes
Been depressed: Legit or- because I think everyone has those days :\
Been drunk and thrown up: No
List 3 favorite colors: Pink, Blue, Green

Made a new friend: Yes 
Fallen out of love: No
Laughed until you cried: No
Met someone who changed you: No
Found out who your true friends are: Yes!
Found out someone was talking about you: No
Kissed anyone on your fb list: LOL no!

How many people from your fb list do you know irl: I think about a third, maybe half
Do you have any pets: No :(
Do you want to change your name: No, I like my name but if I had to I’d want to change it to my nickname Macky! hehe
What did you do for your last birthday: Surf the internet LOL ; v ;
What time did you wake up today: 11am ish
What were you doing last night at midnight: reading manga
Name something you can’t wait for: Christmas!
Last time you saw your mom: Yesterday
What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: Going on more adventures and meeting more people ;;
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Nope
What’s getting on your nerves right now: The heat D:
Blood type: I don’t know??
Nickname: Macky ^^
Relationship status: Single
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Pronouns: She/Her
Favorite tv shows: Criminal Minds :D
Long or short hair: medium!
Height: about 5′2
Do you have a crush on someone: Nope! Unless you count my biases.. LOL
What do you like about yourself: Nails?
Right or left handed: Leftie
First surgery: Never had surgery
First best friend: Friend from kinder! Not best friends anymore but we still keep in contact :)
First sport you joined: None :\
First vacation: Vietnam

Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Water
I’m about to: Keep scrolling through tumblr! LOL
Listening to: Nothing atm

Lips or eyes: Eyes!
Hugs or kisses: Hugs!
Coke or Pepsi: Coke!
Cats or Dogs: Cats!
Chapstick or Lipstick: Chapstick!

Kissed a stranger: No
Glasses/contacts: Yes
Had sex on the first date: No
Broke someone’s heart: No
Turned someone down: No
Cried when someone died: Yes
Fallen for a friend: No

Tagging last 7 mutuals in avtivity: @visualmingyu @prince-minghao @vernonature @svt-carat @glasseswonwoo @jeonghanie @rebelcoups You don’t have to if you don’t want to though ^^

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I'm curious, are you good with marked accents in spanish or is it confusing to you? (Like knowing the difference between porque, por que, por qué, porqué and ¿por qué?) If you are not good with that, don't worry, it's not that difficult. Also, some spanish speakers suck at that too (it makes me sad because marked accents are so important - río= river. / yo rio= I laugh. / ella rió= she laughed. - while you're writing in spanish and ugh, how dare do they suck at it? *cries*)

i think i’m doing okay with accents? i haven’t gotten marked wrong on any of my accents on tests and quizzes so i assume so bahahaha

accents can be tricky though ;;