#Congrats on the Rookie of the Year award! I heard Seungkwan cried a lot.

In case we did end up receiving it, we prepared a bit of an acceptance speech. But because I was crying, I couldn’t properly speak. When “Seventeen” was called, my mind when blank (Seungkwan). I couldn’t remember the acceptance speech so I was strenuously tracing my memory (S.Coups). We seriously didn’t know we’d receive it. I tried to mention the people who the leader couldn’t thank, but because my voice was too small, I wasn’t able to convey it (Woozi).

#What did you do after you got the rookie award?

We ate meat! Even now, rather than beef, pork suits our taste. After we received the trophy, we took a lot of pictures while holding it and we got to deliver acceptance speeches that we couldn’t make already through videos. We also contacted all our friends. It was really great.

#Did you think you’d be doing this well?

We didn’t have any thoughts of doing well. We were happy just to be able to show the public our songs. Truthfully, before our debut, there were a lot of malicious comments (online). “Why are there so many” “why are there 13 of them” “there won’t even be any parts” etc… most of them were looking badly upon us. So, because of that, we didn’t have any expectations. We just ran with a ‘let’s show them as much as we’ve prepared’ mindset but now since everyone is complimenting us and saying nice words, we’re thankful.

#Other than the performances you do on stage for broadcasts, I hear your self-recorded dance videos are fun.

Those are all made directly by the performance unit members. We research on what the fans would like but there are also times where it comes out naturally from when we’re playing around. At our dorm’s 1st floor cafe area, there was even a time when I came across an idea while playing around with a cup. I think it comes naturally to us. Our team work is also good.

#Are there times where you’ve fought?

Between guys, of course there are conflicts that happen, but since we all know well (among us) that teamwork is important, we hold a ‘conversation time’ on the day of the indecent and talk honestly. Since it’s been around 3~4 years since we’ve lived together, we can get a sense of what’s going on just by looking.

#You all went through the trainee life for a while, huh. You must have been anxious about how things would turn out after you debuted.

Our album contains a song called “shining diamond”, which is a song that contains our hearts. The lyrics “you raised me up when I used to be on the ground covered with dirt” suddenly come to mind. Actually, we had quite some worries. Looking at it now, we’ve got to work harder, right? It’s become a sense of responsibility.

#Jun seriously resembles Super Junior’s Kim Heechul.

Thank you! Actually, during the time of our promotions, there was a time where I directly met Kim Heechul sunbaenim and he saw me and said “oh, he really looks just like me!”. At first I didn’t really know (that I looked like him) that well either but now, seeing (him) in real life, I was also startled.

#How’s everyone’s dorm life? Are roommates decided on individually?

Since we all gather in the living room, we also do it when we have to sleep, so theres nothing firmly set. It’s feels like we’ve been attending an MT for 3~4 years (T/N: an MT is like a retreat where a group of people from an organization/company, or a university even, go away together for a day or more and partake in group-bonding activities and stuff). The dorm feels like home now. I know I shouldn’t say this, but it’s to the extent that my (family) home feels uncomfortable. Lately it’s been so busy that even if we moved houses, there would be a friend who wouldn’t be able to go. (T/N: I didn’t really understand this part… if I can figure out a better translation I’ll fix it~) But even so, being busy is happier, right? Because before our debut, “I wish we were busy” was something that we always thought about.

#It’s amazing how Seventeen has directly participated in working on their songs since their debut album.

Truthfully, our original concept wasn’t “self-producing idols”. It was just us steadily writing songs step by step. It’s because in the beginning we too, like other groups, were scheduled to receive good songs from famous songwriters and have activities, that we were able to make it all the way here. We had the CEO listen to the song we made and he said: “It seems to show your colors. Write the song within one week” and gave us that homework. So while consulting with the members and making 3-4 songs, Seventeen’s concept was completed. We’re completely satisfied.

#How are the compositions and lyrics done?

We have a lot of meetings about our direction. We worry about what kind of music do we make that is fun for everyone and something that they will like. In order to develop a social consensus/bond of sympathy, we try our best to understand our same-age peers. The case for writing song lyrics is not my story but includes Seventeen as a whole’s story. We have thoughts like ‘If we approach the fans with these types of lyrics, how will they receive it?’ along with trying to include a young boy’s heart, youth, passion, and energy into the lyrics.

#I hear your concert is going to take place soon? Give us some spoilers.

In the last concert, performance, hip hop, and vocal days were divided separately but there were a lot of fans that missed out. So this time we prepared even more of the best performances shown from those days. Even more, an undisclosed song is also scheduled to make an appearance. Since the members also have solo stages, we did the making ourselves, of course. Theres a skit as well and a lot of funny performances that have been prepared. You can look forward to it!

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Oh my God I just read your fanfic "Within These Lines (Lies My Heart) and I loved it! I literally cried when reading John's letter to Sherlock!😭 I just wanted to tell you you're an amazing person and please keep writing because it's perfect! ❤ 👌

Oh gosh 😳 Wow. I’m so glad you liked it and took the time to write such a beautiful message ! I don’t plan on stopping, so I hope you’ll like my others fictions too ! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 💗

“Man, remember, until an hour before the Devil fell,
       God thought him beautiful in Heaven.”

I just had to do it. This is fan art of the Morning Star the way he is depicted in @thisiskindagross ‘s comic Satan and Me (which is amazing and something you should definitely definitely DEFINITELY READ BTW). This is Satan falling from heaven. I was originally meant to draw his wings turning black from the base, like the charred/charring feathers you can see floating around (y’know bc his sin was changing his wings whoops) but his wings were too beautiful and I didn’t have the strength TT^TT

So we were having team bonding for bowling the other night and my friend started playing OOTW and she was like “I know Alexa knows this song” and it was so hard to fight the urge of going into a full on rant about ‘Out of the Woods’ like “Hell yeah! It’s one of my favs! There’s also the acoustic version and my personal favorite the concert version! Have you seen the music video? It is so amazing with all the symbolism and I cried when she found herself because I am just so proud of Taylor and…”. All I said after about a good minute of silently freaking out was “Yup"😂 @taylorswift

ok my opinion on 1X04
  • In general I really liked the episode, really.
  • Alberto’s acting in this episode was outstanding!!! I really watched hi, with my eyes wide-open cause I was shocked because it was THAT good. 
  • Simon’s storyline was amazing.
  • I hope all the people who said that Harry is a horrible Magnus regret the day they said that. His acting was perfect, and I really felt like I'm watching the actual Magnus Bane comes to live on screen. I cried a little (a lot) because It was so good. He even walks like Magnus for god’s sake.
  • But I’d like to get more information about the little warlock girl and her connection to Magnus- it can be interesting.
  • I really want Magnus and Camille’s relationship to develop more.
  • oh and “who are you” I SCREAMED 
  • I liked Matt’s acting this episode a lot. A LOT. Alec was so  miserable, and messed up. AND THAT WAS PERFECT.
  • Malec’s relationships was a dream come true. It was even better than some of the Malec scene’s in the books. We got to see real, loving and amazing relationship that is about to start.
  • Clary is “flat-chested” yeah whatever
  • alright but there comes the stuff i didn’t like 
  • Jace and Alec relationship in this episode
  • really didn;t like that.
  • I’m sorry, but Jace is Alec’s parabatai. Its not supposed to be shocking that the person that Alec loves the most is his parabatai, but yet, look at Jace’s face when the memory of the person Alec loves the most shows Jace’s face

why the hell he was SO SHOCKED?

anyway I really liked it, and I wanna hear your opinions as well, so massage me\ reblog and add yours- I promise I’ll read them all.







Thank you. Thank you. We’ve hit another 50 mark and it feels amazing. Thank you for staying with me and ‘welcome!’ to those who’ve recently followed. I haven’t seen many Katherine posts, so I’ve decided to draw the cutie in that one outfit that hasn’t been released yet. I don’t even think it looks like that. I didn’t use ref. sobs. also mittens because hands couldn’t be bothered. RIP. Let’s hope the fandom grows big, strong and more supporting!  - ★

I fucking love Kirby games because the escalation is so ABSURD

Kirby’s Adventure? Kirby can’t sleep, then goes on to fight Nightmare, the demon that’s been inhabiting the Fountain of Dreams and giving EVERYONE IN THE WORLD nightmares.

Kirby 64: Crystal shards? Kirby watches a meteor shower and meets a fairy, ends up fighting a terrifying evil seraph thing with tendril-y wings and a single giant red eye that cries tears of BLOOD.

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror? Kirby goes on a walk and gets split into four different colored Kirbies, and then fights a giant flaming EYEBALL DEMON.


Pairing: Jungkook/Jimin
Author: wordcouture
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Apocalypse au, space-opera au, angst, friendship
Summary: “You see, one loves the sunset when one is so sad.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Admin Notes: *cries eternally into a huge black void because I just cannot* There are no words how much this fic screwed me over. I didn’t even expect it to be like this. I came into this story blind, and I should probably regret reading this but it’s too damn good and I’m crying. I don’t cry very often when it comes to fics, but this author is truly amazing in conveying emotion (and if you haven’t noticed I’m a sucker for emotional shit) so just read it for the life of you, please.

Link: AO3

don’t forget to comment and leave kudos~~

-admin sarah

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Just imagine how many people you make smile with your "Smooth Stilinski" series, it's amazing. You do one thing, and thousands of people scattered across the world crack a beautiful smile because of you. Maybe it was their first one that day, maybe they cried and you made them happy again, maybe they see it in school and suddenly the day seems okay again. I love your series, it always makes me smile and laugh. Never stop doing such things :)

Markiplier Memories

My first video by Mark was Slender the Nine Pages. I had heard of him before, but I had no idea what he looked like, sounded like, or acted like. I clicked on the video, and his voice caught me by surprise. I wasn’t able to finish the video the first time because I was a bit too emotionally invested in him already. XD I went back to his video a few hours later and enjoyed every bit of it. This was around 3 years ago, which I find amazing. I’ve stood strong with Mark, never once leaving his side from across the screen. He ended up saving my life a year later. Though it wasn’t a magical push of a button fix my life kind of situation. He just became an outlet for me, and he still is! One day, fairly recently in September, Mark noticed me on a live stream of his. I cried so much, I was screaming and flailing around because here he was, the man with 11 million subscribers just said some nice about ME! That day, Jacksepticeye reblogged my post on tumblr. So it was the best day of my life. (I talked to Jack a lot before he became well known. I was even on one of his videos)
Finding Mark was the vest thing that could have ever happened to me. I seriously don’t know where I’d be without him.


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Wait wait you know IGAB? Do all amazing authors somehow know each other? Do you guys have a club? Do you talk about how to break our feels? I need to know the answers.

Everyone knows IGAB. Everyone.

I know IGAB mainly because Jane and I are currently writing the two biggest high school AU Percabeth fics on ff.net right now, so I get some comments about how my reviewers are reading both. (ONE TIME WE UPDATED ON THE SAME DAY I HAD SO MANY PEOPLE TELL ME THEY CRIED IT WAS AWESOME.) 

But to actually answer your questions, quite a few of the fanfic writers know each other, especially with groups like the OT7 and stuff. I actually don’t think I’ve ever talked to Jane personally, but I know a lot of her friends and I’m sure someone could make a chart of everyone’s relationships with one another amongst some of the PJO blogs (that’d actually be hilarious, esp if you went with definitions like Ashlee as my wife and Dan as my honorary big brother and Mari as my ex-mother, it’d get pretty messy.) 

We do talk about how to break your feels though, that’s a big topic of conversation amongst how our lives are going, how much writing we’re getting done, and messages about fluffy headcanons.


I may not look super happy in the pic (because I’m exhausted) but I got my binder today and I’m feeling good! I even made a review with my first impressions of it :) That review can be found here for those interested. The review does include pictures of me in a bra, so If anyone is triggered by seeing things like that please be careful viewing it. When I put the binder on and saw my chest I cried because it made everything I have been feeling just that much more real.

that’s amazing, buddy! You look absolutely handsome. I hope your binder continues to bring you much happiness and self appeal. Thank you so much for sharing the great news! 💚


Tonight at my favorite open mic I tested out a super terrifying poem about trauma that I’m planning to use at WOWPS, and really didn’t know what to expect in the way of a reaction from the crowd. 

I ended up getting like… 10 hugs from beautiful strangers, including one from a lovely guy who hugged me on his way up to the mic, and proceeded to say on the mic that he was so grateful for voices like mine. We talked during the break and he said “When you do that at your competition, stand tall. Some people will hate that you’re speaking out. There may even be a few Michael’s [the name of my abuser, which I use in the poem] in the crowd, but you will help the kids like you, and you will also help yourself. Thank you for being so strong, girl.” 

I could’ve fucking cried right there because it felt amazing to be… understood? So shout out to Antoine aka Chance Freedom for giving me that sensational courage. 

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Your post about Autistic Pearl nearly made me cry (A hard thing to do). I mean; Oh my god I've just turned twenty-one and I almost cried because of a post about a children's cartoon. But it's so, so, so amazing to see a character in any sort of media that actually reflects aspects of myself. God, I never even thought to think of Autistic Pearl, I would have never thought to think of a female coded character on T.V could be like me. Thank you for that post!

FRIEND, I am so glad you have seen the light of Autistic Pearl, it is truly a life-changer and I am incredibly happy for you

I just finished The Song of Achilles.. And holy shit, I have no words. It was amazing. And so beautifully heart wrenching. It destroyed me, I cried in public, and right after I finished it I just sat there looking at it for a good 10 minutes thinking “holy shit”. Wow.
@charlie-and-books, I read this mostly because you spoke highly of it a while back, so thank you.

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I love the video! My photo wasn't in it so I cri, but honestly that video and song was amazing :) is there any possibility you may do the same next year/also for dan's birthday so I could maybe be in it? cx

Yeah we sadly couldn’t include all of the people in the video because there were so many but we are setting up a blog with all of the pictures we got! And we might, we haven’t really talked about it yet xD