F.A.S.T.L.I.F.E By: Christian Maugé and Jordan Webb


PT.1 - Created by Jordan and I in 5th grade. The acronym means we live our lives in fear. Fear of rejection, fear of failure etc.

Pt.2 - We consider ourselves as strange because we have ideas that the common person isn’t thinking of at our age, therefore some bash us.

Pt 3 - We created this brand for the people. We create. We are in the beginning stages of our lives and are trying to make a difference.


“Living Inspired From Everything” is my motto for L.I.F.E., an acronym I created some years back during a small struggle. I truly believe every situation that life throws at us has its pros and it’s cons, and we as humans have very little control over what we endure in some cases. If we just embrace those moments and focus on the benefits of the pros, while understanding why the cons is taking place, then life will be that much easier to live on a daily basis.

Colors are in red, embracing ones passions in life. Also in green embracing the inspiration from nature.

To purchase today go to www.josephwayne.bigcartel.com all wristbands are $5 in support of the Love & L.I.F.E. Creative Initiative.


I must confess… I have a little crush on one of my alt’s.
(I know I have too many alts!! …but the fact that I can keep creating new characters is one of the main charms of this game!)

This is Aoïfe my Worgen Warlock! ^_^
I have had a lot of time on my hand (and some nerves to calm) so I really ‘speed leveled’ her and she recently reached level 100! 
*whoop whoop!*

And I found out that worgen + s.e.l.f.i.e. camera equals disaster 
(big-furry-head-blocking-background scenario’s and such
…so future selfie’s will probably most of the time be taken in human form.

X A V I E R ‘ S  F I L E S

Full Name: Lorna Dane
Codename: Polaris
Age: Twenty Four
Status: Junior Staff Member
Affiliation: X-Men
Identity: Unknown
Faceclaim: Willa Holland
Availability: Taken


The basis of Lorna’s abilities is metal and magnetic manipulation. With that comes a few perks. She’s able to create magnetic force fields, create magnetic blasts, and as of late she has learned to manipulate the earth’s magnetic field in order to levitate herself and has discovered she can manipulate organic iron (i.e. the iron in living organisms blood).


It’s not easy being green and Lorna Dane can attest to that. Her beginning wasn’t the prettiest one. Her mother and father, Suzanna and Arnold Dane, died in a plane crash, leaving an infant Lorna to be raised by her aunt and uncle. Lorna was a normal child for the most part, bright and witty, but there was one thing that stuck out. Lorna Dane had bright green hair. It had to be some sort of a genetic quirk, but that quirk was in fact a sign that Lorna was not her father’s child, but that would not be known until much later in Lorna’s life. Her aunt and uncle decided it would be best that Lorna never know what happened to her parents and they instead raised her as their own and for many years she believed them to be her natural parents.

As a teen Lorna did many things to hide her peculiar hair color and became fond of hair dyes. Her go to color was brown and to this day still is. She just wishes that dying roots was easier. Throughout school Lorna succeeded, even though she didn’t try too terribly hard. During her second year of college, her parents finally told her that they were not her blood parents, but instead her aunt and uncle. This hit Lorna a bit hard. She had lived her whole life believing a lie and she had every right to be upset with them. She did however swallow the news as best as she could and went on with her life, until Bobby Drake showed up.

Lorna had been identified as a mutant by Cerebro and was sought out by none other than Bobby Drake himself. Lorna was confused as to why anyone would be contacting her about being a mutant and she needed some swaying to come back to Xavier’s School with him. Eventually, Lorna budged after he noted her green colored roots peeking out from under the hat she had been wearing to conceal them. Lorna stayed at the school trying to figure out what was wrong with her and feeling like the lamest mutant ever because apparently her power was having green hair. She felt like a prettier version of Kermit the Frog and more than a little useless. After being kidnapped by Mesmero after accidentally gaining his attention and being exposed to a machine that stimulated mutant powers it became apparent what Lorna’s true powers were other than the ability to not get pinched on St. Patrick’s Day.

Lorna Dane could manipulate metal. This caused quite the flurry at Xavier’s and many speculations as to Lorna’s true parentage. A frustrated Lorna decided to just let the whole subject of who her father possibly was drop at the moment. She had to focus on finishing college and honing her newly found abilities. Learning to work with her new found skills has been a chore for Lorna, but she is still as sassy as ever and learning about the plethora of things she is able to do. When she was able to gain a fair amount of knowledge over her mutation and the powers that came with it she was offered a job as a staff member at Xavier’s. She accepted eagerly and is now a junior staff member at the school.

Northrend S.E.L.F.I.E. Tour - Zul’Drak, Day Three: An Amphitheatre of Anguish

Making our first decent into the mid section of Zul’Drak we reach the Amphitheatre of Anguish, a place at which champions may challenge some of the created creatures that roam the troll kingdom! Although many of us remember it as a place of constant death, a fact I was reminded of when attempting to take this pic from atop a high platform… :S 

anonymous asked:

"How do you feel about your letting Tony Stark take the sceptre was what created Ultron that killed your brother?

There it was again. 

        That  stab  of  pain  that rattled her very
        being. That, now familiar, ripping feeling
        that  shook  her  to  her  very  core. The
        blame finding its rightful place upon her. 

“I find it easiest to  feel  nothing
 and  other  times I feel  far  too
 much  on  the  matter.  If given 
 the impossible chance, I would
 have stopped him. I  may even 
 have   ended  Stark  where  he 
 stood  for  the  damage he has 
 done   to   my   family,  but  by 
 allowing   him   to  live  I  have
 c a u s e d    a l l   o f   t h i s.” 

          She  knew it  was unfair of her  to  blame
          Stark for the  deeds of  his  past, but she
          could  not  help  the  ever-present hatred
          in her heart  for  the name that had been
          plastered upon the taunting shell in  their

“The   knowledge   of   what   could
 have  been  different  based   upon
 my actions tears at  my  very  being
 every  single   day.   And   there  is 
 absolutely nothing I can do about it.”

anonymous asked:


  • A:Age.
  • 18
  • B:Where I’m from.
  • Vermont
  • C:Where I would like to live.
  • Not entirely sure yet. I haven’t seen enough of the world.
  • D:Favourite food.
  • Chinese food
  • E:Religion.
  • I have no affiliation with a religion. 
  • F:Sexual orientation.
  • Straight
  • G:Single/taken.
  • Taken
  • H:Favourite book.
  • The Great Gatsby
  • I:Eye colour.
  • Lots
  • J:Favourite movie.
  • The Breakfast Club
  • K:Favourite TV show.
  • Bob’s Burgers, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Seinfeld, or Impractical Jokers
  • L:Favourite band/singer.
  • Led Zeppelin 
  • M:Random fact about me.
  • I am ambitious and constantly want to create things but I am a perfectionist so I rarely ever do.
  • N:Favorite day of the year.
  • Halloween
  • O:Favourite colour.
  • Blue
  • P:If I have any pets; if so, their names.
  • Two cats; Mischief and Peaches
  • Q:What I’m listening to right now.
  • Mr. Malum by The Dear Hunter

X A V I E R ‘ S  F I L E S

Full Name: Cheyenne Park
Codename: Yang
Age: Twenty
Status: Student
Affiliation: X-Men
Identity: Unknown
Faceclaim: Arden Cho
Availability: Taken


Cheyenne or Yang has the ability to create, shape and manipulate the primary property of visible light. Her ability includes intensified punches in a form of either light orbs or laser-like projection attacks. Yang can also alter photons which enable her to create simple visual illusions and as well as turn herself invisible for a reasonable duration. She may also absorb lights and solidify it into a weapon. If she and her twin, Yin, would will it, they can combine their powers and do twilight manipulation which will make them limited since they won’t be able to use the abilities associated with their individual powers, however, together, they will be much stronger.


If it weren’t for her twin brother, Jesse, Cheyenne would be swirled down to nothing in a most literal sense possible. Jesse had been Cheyenne’s rock. While the events of the night her parents were brutally murdered played in her head over and over again, Jesse kept it all together for her. He fed her, found her a place to sleep on and basically became someone who was more than a person that was born three minutes ahead of her. While Cheyenne grown scared to the world thinking how someone’s life could be easily taken from you just like their parents, Jesse was figuring how to live in it and at the same time, taking care of her. Even after the attack and they ended up living in streets, Cheyenne would always feel safe whenever Jesse was around. Cheyenne was nothing without Jesse, simple as that.

Her powers were included in the things she had grown afraid off, most likely because she had seen the showdown between her father and his enemy and how it was not enough to protect her. She had contained her powers and would not even use it even in dire situation in which she needed to help with her twin. She felt terrible but the fear was more dominating whenever she attempted to use her powers. Using light against her will used to be fun for her but after her parents died, it was just all tear-triggering and hyperventilating for her.

One night, her brother got caught and as much as she wanted to help her twin, there was just too much darkness not just because it was night time but as well as the negativity that came along with the fear of using her power. She felt weak and cried for hours. When she woke up, she was in an actual bed with other kids in a group home. It could have been a delightful thing because finally, her brother didn’t have to use his power so that they have something to put in their stomachs or have place to stay in for the night but it was their home. Nothing beats home. The other foster kids had been friendly to her but Cheyenne did not only remain quiet and shy but she couldn’t bring herself to trust people. Well, it was actually more like she couldn’t be sure that people would remain friendly once they found out what they were, mutants.

While in group home, Cheyenne did not gain any sense of belongingness or at least felt comfortable about their situation. There was always the fear of being separated from Jesse. They might seem to appear like a package deal but no one would like a girl who barely speaks. People would only want Jesse, not her. A couple visited their group and they seemed to like Jesse and of course, Cheyenne’s hostile silence worked like a happy family repellant. Sure, Cheyenne could try to be friendly, maybe just a hint of smile, but she knew that things would definitely go south if ever they discover what they could do. Cheyenne felt threatened; the feeling of escaping the system was surfacing in great intensity and thankfully, despite Cheyenne being heavy workload, Jesse felt the same way. They could not be separated.

Cheyenne lived in streets with her brother again and she swore that she would not simply become a liability. Containing her powers had meant control and when she had tried to access it, she remembered how good it felt and she had more control of it more than she ever imagine. She helped her brother stole for living. Being invisible and using light tricks, stealing something had been a breeze. Being street thieves was not part of their future plans and aspirations but at that moment, that was the only option they had. Who would want to hire scrawny kids?

With the increased usage of their abilities, it made them easier to detect and became a target of all sorts of organization, the ones who was against the existence of mutants and ones who thought mutants should have the upper hand about, well, everything. X-Men found them and gave them a safe place to stay in the X-Mansion. Cheyenne was taught how to embrace her powers and not all things that came with being mutants were all bad. They were not only taught how to put their powers in good use, they also got help in figuring out how to live with them. When the X-Mansion was attacked, the twins were tucked away along with other students for safety seeing that their powers were still raw or something along those lines and for that, Cheyenne was grateful. She was also heartbroken when the people who had mentored her first tragically died.

Nowadays, even if using words to express herself and being socially likeable seemed to be her biggest challenge, Cheyenne was now far from being afraid. Every single day, she was working hard to flourish her powers and at the same time, fighting for the X-Men’s cause, swearing to herself that if ever the institute would be under attack again, she would help protect it with her dear life. Cheyenne knew that Jesse felt the same way too.

The Incredible Floating Torso

At the carnival IN the cerebral theater, contradictions of the supercilious EGO mediating FEELINGS careening ME at the scruff of the NECK, minding the MUSE with the homunculus & the microchip IN the parietal CORTEX, a l w a y s BENDING that c u r v a t u r e of the VORTEX into parallel stories coming to SURGE in from under the morals & MOORINGS. It is only a HEX courting & adorning ME, yet by the time the first RAYS of FIRE hit my pillow I will have SLEPT so long MY h o l l o w heart will have grown SALLOW. I will be f r e t t i n g with ARMS as heavy as the WORLD they created in a MIRAGE, lacking the good sense to KEEP around what is LEFT of firebrand innocence ON the scent of the CAUSE. Welcome TO story time, where fleeting moments of LIFE trickle on by. You might have surmised I have HALF the mind I’d like. In truth I am bruised, ALOOF, & quite well tutored in what a boy IS to do as proof of losing… It’s a mute thing. Once upon a NERVE in truth I was the incredible floating torso with LIMBS, born to be the contortionist that LIVES forever. Note that on SUCH endeavors I am NEVER being clever for the SAKE of the w e a t h e r.

Green & Gold Smokey-eye.

Original Post From: May,15, 2015/

Green & Gold Smokey Eye look, Day 44/100! I’m super in love with this and I think it may be my best smokey eye, thus far! It was created using almost all @elfcosmetics, minus some @katvondbeauty as the base color.Happy Friday, kittens 😻

(Full) Products// Eyebrows: nyxcosmetics Eyebrow Cake Powder in ‘Dark Brown’. Lids: Again, most shadows are from the e.l.f cosmetics ‘Little Black Book of Beauty (warm edition)’ the center of the lid is covered in Kat Von D’s Shade Shifter Eyeshadow in ‘ On The Road’. Liner: e.l.f Studio Cream Liner in ‘black’. Lashes: lushcosmetics ‘Eyes Right Mascara’. Lips: wetnwildbeauty lipstick in ‘ Spiked with Rum’.


S I M P L E    T O     T H E     P O I N T     A 4      
P O S T E R S     F O R    J U L I A S     C A T E R I N G    V A N.

Julia Makin I have known since I was 13! I Created these simple posters for her back in November, She wanted the to be laminated so she could use them as signs and have them printed onto waterproof boards so they can be used in the surrounding area. She also wants me to create advertising leaflets, flyers, Digital Advertising and Vinyl wrap for her van in July 2015  ready for the busy summer and autumn months.

X A V I E R ‘ S  F I L E S

Full Name: Jesse Park
Codename: Yin
Age: Twenty
Status: Student
Affiliation: X-Men
Identity: Unknown
Faceclaim: Kim Woo Bin
Availability: Taken


Yin has the ability of manipulating and generating darkness. Like with his twin sister Yang, he is able to throw dark orbs that felt like hard punches. And he can solidify it and make it as any inanimate object he wants — most of the time he creates weapons. Yin can also travel through shadows — being one with them in some sense. In some occasions–when he and Yang really push it — he’s able to combine darkness with Yang’s light, making them two do twilight manipulation.


Through thick and thin Jesse had been with his twin sister’s side. She was a part of him as he was a part of her. It was as simple as that. They were inseparable, especially ever since they had lost their parents due to some rivalry in the past. He refused to remember much of it, and just let himself think that it was the reason for him to be stronger both for him and for Cheyenne. And getting stronger seemed to be a necessity once they had faced the world parentless.

He had to strive so he and his sister could survive each passing day. He had to learn how to steal just so they would have something to eat. The first few times he stole from people, he didn’t get caught, he was stealthy and with the help of his mutation it became easier. Whenever he had taken what he wanted he would travel through shadows so that he wouldn’t get caught. But as days passed by, he got weaker; he wasn’t able to sleep at night due to how uncomfortable the cold street was; he had to be alert so that no one would ever go near him and his sister; and due to all of that stealing got difficult for him. He couldn’t use his ability since if he would it really would wear him out and he had a high chance of fainting. He had to be on foot to escape and a couple of times he was chased, he never got caught though. Then a day had come where he didn’t get chased, rather he was immediately caught.

He fought his way out, but the cop was bigger and stronger compared to a nine year old boy like him. He was dragged to a station. He did his best not to cry. He was asked a lot of questions and it pressured him so much. He didn’t choose to speak and they started to wonder if an Asian boy like him could even understand whatever they were saying. Then they repeated their questions over and over again. And he lashed out, “My parents died. My parents died.” He repeatedly said. “I have to do this for my sister.” He cried. They had pitied him. How couldn’t they? They had asked him where his sister was and he told them, he even led them where she was. And starting that night they were put under foster care.

It was better than the streets, but as young as Jesse was he wasn’t ignorant to the fact that he and Cheyenne would be separated. There were few people out there who wanted twins, right? And if they were nice enough they might get the chance of being adopted together or whatever it was foster parents do. But the chances were fifty-fifty. So Jesse really grasped on his sister. In group home, people would rarely see them apart. For years they were stuck there, constantly worrying about the possibility of being separated from one another and the other possibility of people knowing about their mutation.

Jesse really grew restless. And he knew Cheyenne did too. So he decided it was better if they leave. They were older and possibly get by on their own now longer than before. Thus they did. Jesse held on Cheyenne and he let the shadow engulf them, and soon enough they had found themselves out of the group home and into the streets once again. And he did his best to make it seem like home for his twin sister.

They got by fine. His usage of his mutation increased. He used them a lot when he was stealing, or when he and Cheyenne move around. There were also a few times where he used it to his advantage in a couple of fights—those fights were in honour of his sister; those fights were always because of his sister—and whenever he did, he knew they had to move again to avoid the attention he—they—attracted. Jesse thought their whole life the would always be moving around. He thought that they would always stay that way, always moving, never ever going to stop permanently. Then the X-men found them, or they had found the X-men. And he and his twin sister started a new life. Jesse began to sleep properly at night, though he had to be beside his twin, he felt more assured—safer—that way.

Although he didn’t worry about the food and shelter anymore, he still worried for their safety. He knew that at some point they would lose it. And he wasn’t wrong about that. Xavier’s was attacked, the brewing war already exploded. Jesse couldn’t think of anything but protect Cheyenne. They were brought to safety, they stayed hidden along with students of the school. Once the war was over, Jesse knew they had nowhere else to go, although Xavier’s were still recovering, he knew they had to go back there. At least they could help there.

Ever since Jesse found himself standing up for what Charles Xavier believed in. Before he really didn’t care, since his intentions were selfish the first time they had gotten to the place. He didn’t expect he would actually turn out to love the place.

❝   You have pretty eyes, it’d be a shame if I had to gouge them out !


  • Name: Renee Colt
  • Age: 19/unknown
  • Species: human
  • Occupation: Student
  • Faceclaim: Leighton Meester
  • Status: Open for auditions


Renee Colt is the only child and daughter born to Samuel Colt, a famed inventor and industrialist, globally known for creating the infamous Colt gun and devil gates in Wyoming, born in 1849 her mother died during a long and complicated childbirth, leaving Samuel to raise the child alone. Less than adequate to nurture an infant Samuel sought the help of a close friend and trusted mambo, high vodou priestess Gloria. She raised the infant child as if she were her own and though frowned upon by her clan and Samuel, the vodou priestess taught Renee basic knowledge of voodooism, instructed her on ways that she could protect herself and told her in explicit detail of those whom may one day may want to do her harm in order to obtain what her dear father had created, specifically one weapon that had the ability to kill any demon, or supernatural being, the colt gun. Over the passing years Renee not only became extremely fluent in voodoo magics but also hunting, by early adolescents she was as profound a hunter as her father, with a vast knowledge on demons and other supernatural beings alike. Though raised by Gloria Renee was as close to her father as any loving daughter could be, idolising the man whom so very often got swept up in his work and forgot of her very existence.

Over the passing years Renee saw many hunters and demons alike come for her fathers most prided object, each one failing in their mission to obtain the Colt Gun, it was clear that Samuel would have given his very life to the cause of protecting the mystical arsenal yet she could not have possibly fathomed just how far he would go and what he would give up to keep it safe. Around her nineteenth birthday a horde of vicious demons approached the male hunter, capturing Renee the brutes intended to use her as leverage, however they had not foresaw that Samuel would sacrifice the life of his only child for the greater good. Furious at the man’s unwillingness to oblige the demons took Renee to the deepest depths of perdition itself, where she remained, longing for her father to rescue her as any child would. Centuries past, each moment filled with torture and blinding pain, over time the unwavering and unconditional love she had for the man turned to pure hatred and rage, until eventually it consumed and stripped her of her humanity. Thus transforming her into one of the things she had loathed throughout her short human life——a vengeance demon, a profession at which she excelled at quickly, which in turn caught the eye of the demon known as Azazel, taking the newly turned demon under his wing, along with Meg he treated her as his own kin, and flourished her with a love, no matter how twisted, her real father Samuel had never done.


With rumours of her biological fathers most prided possession, the Colt gun surfacing in Mystic Falls traveling throughout the demonic faction Renee has arrived in town under the orders of Azazel to obtain and destroy it. However with the town itself riddled with hunters, especially the Winchesters the task is easier said than done. Forced to adopt a human persona Renee lives under the pretence of being a hunter while striving to get close to those whom may have information on its whereabouts. Although her mission is that of a near impossible one it has not stopped the demon from provoking and having a little fun with those around her, using her abilities to grant wishes based on vengeance in exchange for ones soul she intends to rip the town apart, causing havoc and have a little evil old fashioned fun.


Renee holds many similar traits to other demons, she is MANIPULATIVE and VICIOUS, with but one goal in mind, to destroy the lives of innocents. However she would lead you to believe that she is a SWEET girl, with a KICK IT IN THE ASS ATTITUDE, always ready to help out when it is needed.

  • BELA TALBOT: Acquaintance
  • SAGE HATHAWAY: Acquaintances

I N D S P I R E D  W A L L P A P E R S

B L A C K F R I A R  R A N G E 

My BLACKFRIAR range is inspired by Blackfriars House located just off Deansgate in the City Centre. One of the main features of the building has to be its historic charm, with it being one of Manchester’s first steel framed buildings. The pattern used in my wallpaper comes from the beautiful hand railings found on the staircase, allowing me to create a charming geometrical style print, which once colour is added to seems to create an entirely different print. 

A r t

I need you 

     because when we are together 

you and I, we become, we are…

     we are some kind of augmented normal.

I need us because alone I am a

     numb scrap of sketch,

but with you I am an

     a m p l i f i e d type of masterpiece

—a lone painting at the corner of the room. dingy, dim, and dewy. you bring the right brush, he correct precision, the perfect strokes to create our piece de résistance.


I want to burn

     and tear

and throw 

     and simply d e s t r o y

the art we made together; 

     all of this to create

the perfect self-portrait. 

—a masterpiece hung in the center of the room. bright, blooming, and beautiful.  brought the right strokes, the correct precision, the perfect brush to whisk you from my main attraction. 

Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport. Primele schiţe ale conceptului creat pentru fanii mărcii

Volkswagen şi-a făcut temele şi pentru ediţia de anul acesta a Festivalului de la Worthersee. O echipă de studenţi a lucrat intens la un concept pe care fanii Grupului VAG îl vor putea admira de aproape în cadrul reuniunii de pe marginea lacului austriac.
Conceptul se va baza pe actuala generaţie a modelului sportiv Golf GTI, însă nu se va îndepărta foarte mult de la formele versiunii de stradă.

F e e l w h a t y o u H e a r // I just want to thank you guys who have taken the time to vote for my artwork for Yen Female Artist Sward!! Support has been immense and I got so many positive feedback for what I create and what people feel when they see it! All the gushing!! ☺️😍❤️ Ugh, your support helps me keep on going! Here’s to a lot more creating! ✌️👌 #🎧