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know any good shimadacest blogs? or even just people who ship it or aren't against it? 0: <3

o boy i dont actually follow a lot of overwatch blogs/shimadacest blogs? but here ya go

shimadacest mainly: @genji-for-shimadacest, @hanzo-loves-shimadacest, @pureshimadacest, @nohaijiachi, @koiwazurai, @hanzosnipple-against-shimadacest (not actually an anti blog LOL), @shimadafluff (on a hiatus), @angela-for-shimadacest, @baire-ow, @qyoo

ppl who ship it: @shimadacestamigo, @ser-ren, @spectralfossa, @lvtro

as for ppl who arent against it but dont ship it, i noticed a lot of the popular blogs for other ships never mention it and have friends who actively ship it sooo try ur luck with them :v

srry i couldnt really help ;-; if someone else ships shimadacest or arent against it, it would be great if you could like/reply to this post to help anon out :p (and give me more ppl to follow lmao)