And together we’re gonna run around, Todd, we’re gonna… do all kinds of wonderful things, Todd. Just you and me, Todd. The outside world is our enemy, Todd… we’re the only…. friends we’ve got, Todd! It’s just Dirk and Todd. Dirk and Todd and their adventures, Todd… DIRK AND TODD FOREVER AND FOREVER A HUNDRED YEARS Dirk and Todd… some…things… Me and Dirk and Todd runnin’ around and… Dirk and Todd time… a-all day long forever… all a-a hundred days Dirk and Todd! Forever a hundred times… OVER and over Dirk and Todd… adventures dot com… WWW dot at Dirk and Todd dot com w-w-w… Dirk and Todd adventures… ah-hundred years… every minute Dirk and Todd dot com… w-w-w a hundred times… Dirk and Todd dot com…“

anonymous asked:

How did you find out that Louis and Harry are together?

One afternoon, I decided to call Louis to get that confirmed for once and for all. He told me “binch have you ever seen my dagger?!”. I couldn’t say anything but “damn you’re right. You got the dagger”. We laughed together and went out for drinks with Harry and Niall (Niall showed me all the evidence he gathered for years)


Eva & Jonas | Come Back When You Can

Please take your time
But you’ve got to know that I am taking sight
Oh, you look good with your patient face and wandering eye
Don’t hold this war inside