Speed paint of the commission I posted last night. Actually this probably isn’t a “speed paint” since it’s not me paintin’ fast, but whatever. Gaze upon ye process and go “oh”.

I took out the lineart portsion since that was way more dizzying than should be allowed, so yeah just be aware that this is sped up roughly 30x and I move around like crazy. It’s about 3.5 hours condensed into 6 minutes.


I have decided to drag everyone to Flowerfell hell with me while waiting for “the Last Reset” :D I suppose this is the prequel to the last few pages i did (but umm those were sketchier)?

Flowerfell AU by @underfart-snas / @siviosanei
Overgrowth Fanfic by @leviticusarts —>https://archiveofourown.org/works/5734642

The senpais have noticed me ahhhhhhh i’m so glad you guys liked the last one ;//////;

I tried to make it neater this time with a bit of colour but lineart hates me i’m sorry ;////;

I enjoy your art and stories very much, please continue making more Flowerfell (so my soul can recover) : >

EDIT: IT SEEMS I HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE DEATH TOLL // WWW welcome to feelsy soul crushing hell