Don't judge a thing 'till you know what's inside it
Don't push me, I'll fight it
Never gonna give in, never gonna give it up, no
You can't take me, I'm free

okay but imagine Jackson coming back and he sees Lydia messing around with Aiden and sees how much she’s grown in his absence and he’s really upset, but mostly with himself because he let her go by leaving, and he acts like an asshole for weeks

and then when he finally gets her alone for the first time, and Lydia doesn’t even know how to talk to him, the first thing out of his mouth is “do you still?”


…Dorian closed the book, grimacing as all those names burned in his vision. What sort of throne would he inherit someday? If the heir of Terrasen, Aelin Galathynius, had lived, would she become a friend, an ally? His bride, perhaps?
He’d met her once, in the days before her kingdom became a charnel house. The memory was hazy, but she’d been a precocious, wild girl- and had set her nasty, brutish older cousin on him in order to teach Dorian a lesson for spilling tea on her dress.
—  Sarah J Maas, Crown of Midnight