Cafe AU

I don’t know how this AU just hits today, but I also love the idea about Drift as Barista while Ratchet is an overworked doctor and is a regular customer in the cafe.

At first, Drift sense such an unusual attraction towards Ratchet, who becomes their regular customer and comes every early in the morning. He tries to not to show much how he was interested on Ratchet but fails, hiding in the corner while watching Ratchet drinks, being always the one who will serve coffee for him, and even take the cashier role just so he could face Ratchet.

He always tries his best to make Ratchet feel comfortable and even serve him with newspaper. Ratchet is also very serious at reading newspaper, serious about how news was going worst and see people kept dying each day, so he usually compliments Drift’s effort for him in rush or busy mood.

But there is this one day, when Ratchet finally in calm mood and unexpectedly make an eye contact at Drift when he make compliments, leaving him started to get more awkward as he blushes suddenly in front of him.

Drift hoping Ratchet didn’t noticed it, but he actually did, and its been since before. 

Ever since Ratchet and Drift began to form its relationship, Drift become more excited as ever and even put some decorative designs on his coffee. Until he never thought he already have put too many heart designs on Ratchet’s coffee, too obvious he’s already fallen in love ww


Ratchet asking Drift what kind of taste he likes and since he likes sweet better than bitter, Ratchet took a sugar cube & make Drift hold it for a second on his mouth before proceeding to kiss him and makes out from sugar.

I actually got more headcanons for this AU, but its already morning that I didn’t sleep all night just for the livestream >< ww

Fangirl Reactions

“I love Harry Potter! I know all about it because I watched all seven movies!”

“I don’t understand what you like about Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s really not cute at all.”

You watch Doctor Who? Isn’t that just for old people or something?”

“The Marvel movie is over. Look, it’s the credits. Let’s go.”

“I watched an episode of Supernatural once. I didn’t really get it, so I gave up.”

“Firefly? OH I love that show. I’ve seen all of the seasons!”

“Why do you spend so much time on Tumblr? You could always just talk to me about your shows/movies/books.”

A Good Guy

Pairing: Theo x Stiles

Warning: N/A

Request: Requested by aww-hale-naw : Could you possibly do a Theo x Stiles? I don’t know, the pairing has just been very good to me lately :’)

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‘Through Time’ PART 3

part 1: Calum had never even thought about time travel actually existing before [Doctor Who AU]

part 2: that girl had left a lasting impression on Calum but time travel and relationships aren’t renowned for being easy

summary: Calum had seen too much to let her go now - he couldn’t wait any more and the band was getting suspicious. He had to take them through time to make them understand

note: again, you don’t have to watch or know anything about Doctor Who to understand this - I’m so, so proud of it and it might just break your heart, I love it

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wikiwikipedia asked:

It makes me so sad that I don't love dw anymore because I used to get SO STOKED for the show and I remember the episode that I lost all hope for it was the episode where river song and the doctor """got married""" and I just felt so resigned and I only watched like 2 episodes after that.

i really miss loving it. 

it just started to… like… hurt??? like davies wasnt perfect at all, but his seasons were all really good-natured and u could tell how much he loved the original show just by watching. and it was a solid four seasons of “humanity is flawed but there is so much potential!!!” really optimistic carl sagan “we are all made of star stuff”-esque positivity

and then eleven swooped in like a fedora-wearing nihilistic douchebag ready for doomsday, and it became all about how doom and pain are unavoidable and everyone suffers and its annoying and negative and “gritty” 

i watched up until the episode where he killed an asylum full of neuroatypical daleks who could actually feel love bc the other daleks wanted them gone

thats the part that broke me.

With several cosplay events/conventions coming up in the relatively near future, and what with how much of the stuff clogs my dash, I decided to finally try watching the first few episodes of Gravity Falls and Steven Universe so I could finally understand what everyone’s talking about. Suffice it to say, I like both of them quite a bit so far and will try to catch up in between work, raising a kid, cleaning the house, occasional Minecraft, reading, gamboling about the Internet and binge-watching Star Trek TNG/awaiting the next season of Doctor Who. It’ll be some time before I catch up to everyone else here but I don’t mind spoilers and the like. Looking forward to the rest of both shows and perhaps watching new episodes with the lot of you some time (though don’t expect me to delve too far into the theorizing and analysis that runs rampant here, I already have too many fandoms on my plate to get as deeply involved as some people do) :)

I got tagged in this by museaway, so awesome excuse for procrastinating!

What do you usually eat for breakfast? Ideally, French Toast with fruit bread. But often I’m cheap and end up just eating through whatever’s in my fridge.

If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would you pick? The History Boys (I love Alan Bennett’s work way too much)

Share an awesome recipe with me! THIS.This cheesecake recipe helped me survive uni finals along with copious amounts of Bailey’s and marathoning Supernatural. I had no cooking facilities except for a microwave so this was pretty much the only way I could get awesome cake and make it myself.

What TV show have you seen the most times all the way through? All the way through? Heh. I don’t tend to watch whole seasons again, just individual episodes with the occasional marathon. So Doctor Who and Supernatural, while they’re my main rewatch pleasures, are eliminated. That means it’s probably either “Garrow’s Law”,  a BBC historical legal drama that I’m way too obsessed with, or “Jericho”, which I started watching for Richard Speight Jnr.’s beautiful face and then got addicted to the amazing plot.

What position do you sleep in? I think it’s called the Freefall position. Lying out on my stomach.

What’s your ideal meal? Carbonara. Ultimate comfort food. Or possibly burgers. I’m on a personal mission to try every major burger restaurant London has to offer to work out which one’s best.

Are you a night owl or a morning bird? Night-owl. I never want to wake up in the morning.

What’s the best present you ever got? Ooh, this is such a tough question! I think I’ll go for the beautiful old-fashioned cross necklace my parents gave me a few years ago. It looks like something from Tudor times and I’m completely in love with it.

What would your patronus be? Either a fox or a peregrine falcon.

Who is your ultimate OTP? Ooh, tough one. I ship rarely, but when I do ship, I ship hard. Sabriel is my ultimate feel-good OTP, but I think Destiel wins out a little over them. Simply because I identify with Cas way too much and their dynamic is one of the things I love best about the show.

I’m going to take wordssometimesfail, greymichaela, schmerzerling, dustyjournal, and anyone else who wants to give this a try. Just tag me in your answers! It’d be great to get to know some of my followers better.


I watched this video when it was first published on July 24th, but after watching it again yesterday (notice how you catch more on a second viewing?), I just wanted to say a few words about it.

This felt more like watching two fans talk about a show they love rather than an actual interview, and that made it all the more enjoyable. When you get Peter on the subject on Doctor Who, expect to get long and elaborate answers. :) Both he and Christel Dee (That’s my mom’s nickname!), his interviewer, were all smiles as they gushed over their favorite episodes, Doctor actors, and scenes, so much that time was getting away from them. If Peter could, he would talk all day about something he’s loved since he was five years old.

If I had this wonderful opportunity to talk to Peter like Christel did, I’d probably have to go with NuWho instead of Classic. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do with those episodes, but the 2005 and up series is still fresh in my mind. Even still, there’s loads to talk about with Doctors 9 to 11, so again we could literally chat the entire day away. It’s fun to do with another fan, and it would be even more fun with someone who just happens to be the Doctor. ;)

speaking of mission to the unknown (the serial not the target novel), as much as i loved it there’s so much to ask about what was going on in the producer + writer’s head. i get that it was meant to be a set up for the daleks master plan but they could have at least made that more clear beforehand

i mean if i were in the 60s and tuned in to watch dr who like I did every other week and the same theme song played but then mission to the unknown came on id be really confused

anonymous asked:

Your top 5 favorite doctors from doctor who and why

This is actually incredibly difficult for me to answer! The first reason for that is that I haven’t watched every episode of DW, including the high, high majority of Classic Who. I’ve been meaning to get to all of Classic Who, but I’ve only really touched a few episodes with the First Doctor at this time. It’s also been a moderately long time since I’ve watched Nine and Ten, so it makes it harder to compare.

Consequently, I really could put Nine, Ten, and Eleven in different orders on any given day. Odin, if I were answering this question in a different hour, I’d probably put them in different orders! I do like all those Doctors very, very much.

1. Eleventh Doctor. I know the fandom sometimes seems to be on an opinion split regarding Matt Smith. Some people love him, some people don’t. Matt Smith is my first Doctor (though I watched most of Nine before I went through Series 5 and onward) and he’s consequently the one who pulled me into the fandom. Matt Smith’s later seasons have some glitchy writing in my personal opinion, but when this Doctor is written well, he’s written well. And Matt can make any script fall into the character of his Doctor. It’s cool. And I think that Series 5, the first season with Matt as a Doctor, is my favorite all-time of Who. There is some downright stellar stuff with that. I can’t help but love a quirky, cheerful, nutty Doctor like him; he’s what I think of when I think of the show. The Raggedy Doctor is my Doctor.

2. Tenth Doctor. I actually haven’t seen every episode of Tennant, but I have seen most, and he has some real stand-out moments. Like when he is the human John Smith. That episode is just one big “wow.” One BIG wow. The writing for the Tenth Doctor is some of the best in Doctor Who, so his character is well-done. He’s a bit of an amusing nut, but he’s oh-so-noble, and feels so personable and “human”(oid). I think that makes him great.

3. Ninth Doctor. Sometimes I feel like this guy is so underappreciated. Nine is a Doctor full of depth, personality, humor, and buttkicking. I really love this guy and get extraordinarily excited when I meet other Nine adorers. Honestly, I just see the twinkle in his eye and squeal, “NINE!”

4. Twelfth Doctor. I’m not going to try to list off the Doctors from Classic Who, even though I’ve seen more than a few of them at comic conventions, and they’re great personalities. But as far as on-screen Who is concerned, I’m only going to talk New Who. And I think Capaldi is great. I’ll admit I don’t like the episodes that much for him (okay the Robin Hood episode was entertaining!), but I do enjoy Capaldi’s acting. I like this whole gruff, obnoxious, socially unfit version of the Doctor. And as someone who studies philosophy in college, I find his internal ethical theory downright fascinating. It’s honestly a really cool philosophy and perspective on ethics we don’t see portrayed enough on screen.

5. The War Doctor. John Hurt’s Doctor does not intrigue me as much as the others, but he should be appreciated for sure. I mean really. He does a good job, and he really adds to the dynamic of all the Doctors in the 50th Anniversary special. His pragmatism and seriousness is a great contrast from Matt and Tennant bumbling around on screen. He shows what it means to be a man within conflict very well.

I was re watching “The Christmas Invasion” just now, and I saw something beautiful.

The Doctor is trying to figure out who he is at that point- new teeth, new body, new personality(but still not ginger!). When I first watched it, I immediately saw that so much had changed from 9 to 10, even in one episode, you can tell. He’s still the same old Time lord, same witty, sarcastic, goofy, brilliant Defender of the Earth he always was, but he was different, just like in every regeneration.

But now I’ve watched it a third time, I noticed: From episode one, you could tell he was so different from 9, and yet still the same Doctor; from episode one, you could tell his hearts were still filled with Rose Tyler.

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I cant stand doctor who anymore because the episodes are never fun & lighthearted anymore everything is part of some huge storyline & everyones connected and theres no spontaneity anymore its all people who were born basically to serve the doctor :/

Yeah, I’ve pretty much given up on watching it until after Moffat is long gone. It’s just not fun anymore. I missed the Doctor Who that I could watch and laugh at, while simultaneously being enthralled by the plot and side-characters.

I haven’t seen anything past Twelve’s first episode, (and that, I so very much did NOT enjoy) so I can’t comment on any of the newer episodes, but from what I hear, things have just gotten worse.

I just…It has gone so downhill in the past few years, it’s not even remotely the same show.

watching doctor who (spoiler alert!)
  • me at s1:ok nice rose is cool
  • me at s2:wow tennant is gorgeous oh wow
  • me at s3:yay another time lord oH OKAY NOT YAY
  • me at s4:okay so who is this river???/why am i crying please stop this
  • me at s5:this series is fxckin me up so bad omg so scary bUT BABY SMITH
  • me at s6:ok rory could u pls stop dying all the time???
  • (to be continued)

8 Questions meme, as tagged by @rainsoakedsam

1. Why did you choose your url?
Stanford Sam in bondage. Nuff said.

2. What is your middle name?
C. It starts with a C and I dont like it that much anyway.

3. If you could own a fictional pet, what would it be?
Probably some kind of Pokemon

4. Favorite color: Blue, green

5. Favorite song: Uh. A couple songs that have been stuck in my head lately: Everything by Lifehouse and Brother by NEEDTOBREATHE

6. What are your top 5 fandoms:
Steven Universe (rainy, we should talk SU)
Uh. Uh. Stuff I watch or watched thats already over: Dexter, Psych
Doctor Who

7. Why do you enjoy tumblr? Its so full of all the things I like and people who also enjoy them

8. Tag 9 users (they do the 8 questions too): All of you. Do this. Go for it.

vitnatt asked:

good to know that i'm not the only one for whom Moffat ruined Doctor Who /my favourite childhood series that i don't watch anymore, nice job here/


I started watching from s5, actually, when they were airing s6. (I actually only started watching DW because of readhead Amy Pond whom I fancasted as Lily Evans for my vids, tbh, so much for a romantic beginning) But I went backwards, and I watched all the previous seasons. 

And since I was basically watching early seasons AND season 6 at the same time, I could see a stark contrast of how the show differs. And early season are just so much better. The plots are better, characters are treated better. Nine’s ‘Today everybody lives’ is one of the best lines not only in DW, but in cinematography overall, because it sends such a great message. 

But for Moffat a companion has to be an enigma wraped in a mystery, with secrets on top, and that frustrates me to no end, because Moffat’s Doctor doesn’t see peoples’ value for who they are, but for what they are to him

hiriahb asked:

Fruity Asks: Strawberry, Banana, Grape, Raspberry, Blackberry - What's one of your favourite lyrics?

ahhhh thanks so much for sending!! C:

Strawberry: What’s your favorite food?

hmm that’s tough but maybe shrimp mediterranean pasta? i’m not sure how common that is but it’s like pasta with shrimp, olives, and cheese seasoned with garlic~

Banana: What’s your favorite show?

i don’t watch much tv anymore but my last favorite show was doctor who!!

Grape: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

hm i want to see more of asia!! technically i’ve been to south korea, japan, and china for a few hours each but i want to see more of those countries :o those visits were all during trips to the philippines and i really want to go there again too, and luckily i think we’re visiting again in a few months so i’m excited!!

Raspberry: Do you read a lot?

not as much as i used to, sadly!! D: tumblr has completely taken over my life but for some reason though i decided to start rereading harry potter the other day, i’m midway through goblet of fire!

Blackberry:  What’s one of your favourite lyrics?

ooohh that’s a fun question! i have a lot of course but the last song i listened to with lyrics that really stood out was kill the lights by set it off:

Stop there and peer inside of me
You’ll find a man once lost at sea
But all the while I would think to myself
It’s not the end, it’s not the end at all
So sick of nothing going right
Sail on along into the night
Not even death could stand in the way
You never even tried in the first place

… okay so that’s much more than a few lines but i really like the lyrics in this song ahahah ;; again thank you!! these were really fun to answer :O

bpdamethyst asked:

1 + 4 + 7 + 9

  1. if someone wanted to really understand you, what would they read, watch, and listen to?
    I would say for reading, Stephen King. For watching I would say Doctor Who, Supernatural, and horror movies.. Listening to? I would say Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday.. This is a hard question since I have so much different music genres that I like but that’s definitely what I listen to most. 

    4. do you like your name?  is there another name you think would fit you better?
    For those of you who don’t know my name is Janel. I like my name. I don’t hate it. My middle name and last name is a different story. If I could change it though.. Maybe Violet.. Or Siren.. I like those names. 

    7.do you care about your ethnicity?
    Well I’m mixed so.. Yes I care. I’m proud of both of my sides. I am Jamaican, Native American, Italian, Polish and I’m sure there’s much more I don’t know about. I’m proud to be mixed. 

    9. are you an artist?
    I’d like to think of myself as one. I have a room currently, to help me explore that. I’ve been painting a lot recently and I really enjoy it. I’m going to make a tumblr for that too, most likely!

    Thank you for asking, pal! <3 

So basically, I’m sitting on the couch, watching Doctor Who, with our cat on me. I really didn’t know how much fun that could be. Before we got her I was very afraid of cats (I still mostly am), but I am not afraid of her at all. She’s a kitten though, so that’s maybe it.
As I didn’t want to get her at first, I got to help with naming her. So yeah, her name is Luna - after Luna Lovegood, of course. Our cat’s just really cute, okay.

without being too cheesy I am honestly so proud to be a fan of tessanetting she is such a kind, beautiful person. She has achieved so much and I could honestly not be any happier for her. Not only are her videos funny but they are also inspirational, she has helped me on many a day. Whenever I am upset I will just sit and watch her videos and I will always end up with a massive smile on my face. So thankyou Tessa for being the amazing person that you are💗💗