the worst part about tumblr is that whenever a blog i follow gets into a new fandom and its all over my dash i’m so tempted to just watch one episode and i’m convinced it won’t be a big deal but then the show ends up being super good and i watch the whole series and it’s just like guys my life is already controlled by too many fandoms i don’t have time for any more yet here i am how is this my life

new teevee in april

Doctor Who
American Gods
Master of None
The Get Down: Part 2
New Bill Nye series
Call the Midwife (which I need to catch up on)
iZombie (finally!!!)
Better Call Saul
The Handmaid’s Tale
And Class is airing for the first time on BBCA right after Who, please everyone watch it if you can and you actually get the channel, it is so good and at high risk of being cancelled right now and its performance in the US could save it!


demaupin  asked:

Hi! I've been watching your reviews for a long time, and wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed them - thank you so much! I was wondering- of all the things that have been briefly brought up in Doctor Who, then not really explored, which ones would you most love to have seen addressed (assuming they could be addressed by a writer who had the sensitivity & thoughtfulness to do so properly, etc.)? ❤

Thank you! =) <3 

You know what would be super cool? Holding Britain accountable for its war crimes. Its all well and good occasionally bringing up how shitty the nazis were. But what about Churchill?  We get companions or companion-like characters of colour like Martha and Rita, but when would their British history be explored? They’re British too! Their ethnic groups are just as important as anyone else’s!

Like I’m pretty sure to India, Churchill was kinda Hitler. And yeah we’ve got Martha (and maybe Bill one day soon) running around Elizabethan England, during a time where Queen Elizabeth I was banishing black people from the country! And that’s before we even get to slavery!

And I guess those are situations where having the Doctor be a person of colour would make for NEW STORIES but which are not white-savior-y. But also allowing the companions to take centre stage and be the hero more often (like in the original 60s DW, and arguably more often in RTD era), then companions of colour could take on that role.  I think its always been super limiting to insist that the Doctor be the hero every time!  That’s so not the point of this show!

I suppose on a more personal level, I really wanted to see more queer people who just are queer, and its not a big deal and not a joke. Can you imagine if there had actually been an episode where Clara had had a romance with a woman? That would’ve been so amazing. It’s 2017. Jack and the Doctor kissed on screen for the first time literally 12 years ago, and we’re holding back on same sex romance now?

And I want to see a trans actor in a better role than 474. Bethany Black was cast as a “grunt” and I have a feeling the casting call for the “grunt” was not a flattering one. I feel like in this instance a trans person was cast exclusively because some of the more common features of trans women fit Gatiss’ ideas of what a bio-engineered grunt creature would look like. And that’s kind of depressing.

Also the only canon trans characters in the show are Cassandra and Missy, and as much as I love them both, they are villains. What kinda message is that? As soon as the Doctor transitions (he will eventually) then that’s gonna send a great message to kids. And to me =)

Fangirl Reactions

“I love Harry Potter! I know all about it because I watched all seven movies!”

“I don’t understand what you like about Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s really not cute at all.”

You watch Doctor Who? Isn’t that just for old people or something?”

“The Marvel movie is over. Look, it’s the credits. Let’s go.”

“I watched an episode of Supernatural once. I didn’t really get it, so I gave up.”

“Firefly? OH I love that show. I’ve seen all of the seasons!”

“Why do you spend so much time on Tumblr? You could always just talk to me about your shows/movies/books.”

Cafe AU

I don’t know how this AU just hits today, but I also love the idea about Drift as Barista while Ratchet is an overworked doctor and is a regular customer in the cafe.

At first, Drift sense such an unusual attraction towards Ratchet, who becomes their regular customer and comes every early in the morning. He tries to not to show much how he was interested on Ratchet but fails, hiding in the corner while watching Ratchet drinks, being always the one who will serve coffee for him, and even take the cashier role just so he could face Ratchet.

He always tries his best to make Ratchet feel comfortable and even serve him with newspaper. Ratchet is also very serious at reading newspaper, serious about how news was going worst and see people kept dying each day, so he usually compliments Drift’s effort for him in rush or busy mood.

But there is this one day, when Ratchet finally in calm mood and unexpectedly make an eye contact at Drift when he make compliments, leaving him started to get more awkward as he blushes suddenly in front of him.

Drift hoping Ratchet didn’t noticed it, but he actually did, and its been since before. 

Ever since Ratchet and Drift began to form its relationship, Drift become more excited as ever and even put some decorative designs on his coffee. Until he never thought he already have put too many heart designs on Ratchet’s coffee, too obvious he’s already fallen in love ww


Ratchet asking Drift what kind of taste he likes and since he likes sweet better than bitter, Ratchet took a sugar cube & make Drift hold it for a second on his mouth before proceeding to kiss him and makes out from sugar.

I actually got more headcanons for this AU, but its already morning that I didn’t sleep all night just for the livestream >< ww

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Requested by anons <3
Prompts:  Yayy, loved the one with the 10th Doctor and the Time Lady that I requested. Can you please do part 2 to it or just another one.?

Another 10 x Timlady please!!! The next one could be how their relationship is and how it develops into something more?


“So, Doctor,” You started, running a finger through the foreign console. Yours was much more organized, good God it was painful for you to watch as he pressed some buttons and pulled a few levers, the TARDIS shifting course and taking you where ever The Doctor pleased, “Where exactly are you taking me?” You asked, leaning onto the railing. The Doctor glanced at you.

“Have you met me?”  

“You mean my universe you?” You pretended to think for a moment, “Nope. I might be younger or older. No idea, really.”

“What time is it in Earth?” You frowned at his question.

“There is no Earth.” You told, making him freeze, “Not anymore, at least. I have travelled to the future and eaten some ‘ice-cream’. Really delicious, have you tried some? I brought back some to Gallifrey for my sister-brother- well he originally was my sister, and then my brother, but then I was a boy, and now I’m a girl and she’s a boy so is she my sister or…? Well, that’s besides the point. Regenerations are weird, but what else is new?”

“That humans aren’t a thing anymore.” The Doctor blurred out. You smiled.

“Such weird creatures. Only one heart. I went on a date with one. It was a girl. Her name was…” Your eyes gazed to the side, trying to remember the name of a blond haired woman with such a  bright smile it could rival with any sun. You could almost feel her name on the tip of your tongue, and snapping your finger you tried to jog your memory, “Ah, ah, a flower – human flower. Her name. She shared a name with a human flower. I don’t…Botany was never my strong point damn it, it starts with an R, I think. Ro…Rolex? No that’s a watch-”

“Rose?” His voice sounded sad, somehow. You grinned.

“Yes! Rose, twenty first century, a really sweet girl but disappeared somewhere.”

“WAIT, you dated the Rose?!”

“The Rose?”

“She was my…companion.” He explained, looking away. You blinked.

“And my girlfriend. I guess now I know where she disappeared too.” You mumbled halfheartedly, but seeing as he didn’t find it amusing you pushed yourself off the railing and landed your hand on his shoulder, gently squeezing it, “Don’t worry, Doctor. You have a new companion now.”

Requests are opened!


Twelve x Clara // Smile

…tbh i didn’t smile…i cried

Musketeers 2x10 (Spoilers)

Okay, I am going to do yet another rant because this show’s previous episode was so suspenseful and intense and its finale was nearly perfect in every way.  I only started watching The Musketeers this summer (because the BBC played previews so much during their promotion of Doctor Who’s season eight premiere ).  But in such a short span of time, the show has got me hooked line and sinker and now ties with Doctor Who as my favorite current tv show.  So now, here is the break down of the Season 2 finale of this beautiful, wonderful show:

-Omfg, I was so freaking nervous about Constance and holy shit, what an incredible rescue.  Athos, D’artagnan, and Treville are bosses.  Once again, Constance has shown she is equally if not more tough than the Musketeers by refusing the blind fold before the almost execution. Props for Treville for handing Rochefort’s ass to him and showing that loyalty is far stronger than any manipulation.

-Ah, Porthos and the Spanish ambassador.  That was a western style shoot out  and it was brilliant.  He’s got some serious balls for taking out like ten guards on his own and a great strategy with having guns in specific places on the forest ground.  And lets not forget Constance with her zinger line to the Spanish ambassador: “Perhaps, I bring men to fight for me.”That’s another great thing about The Musketeers is that it says fuck you to sexism.  I mean because Treville is such a dad, he at first shoots Constance down when she days she wants to come with, but not one objects after she says that Rochefort is her enemy too (Lemay was her medical bro).  D’artagnan treats her more as an equal in this episode and only tells her to be careful.  God, the four of them were so awesome together.

-Milady-master of sass: “God works in mysterious ways” when saving Aramis.  It was also very much of a “surprise bitch, thought you’d seen the last of me” moment that made me laugh.  While showing that Milady is a bamf (but we already knew that), the scene also intrigued me.  It shows the contradictions Aramis is made of.  On one hand he is the Don Juan, a great soldier and not bad with charming the ladies.  On another hand, he has a deep respect for God and has a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong (which he may not always act on, but what can we expect, he’s human).  We can see the look/mask of Milady fade when Aramis just punches out the guard (He says she doesn’t have to kill him) and says that she values life too lightly.  The thief, the manipulator, and the chameleon will always be a part of her, but that doesn’t erase the desperate girl (when she was a common street thief) and the desperate woman (the genuine feelings for Athos and her attempt to clean herself up through her marriage) thats also inside.   

-I don’t think BBC ruined Milady’s character by having the scene between her and Athos saying that they are bound together (a fear that some fans have).  It showed a lot of vulnerability on on both their parts.  It in no way, dumbed down their story line.  In fact, it made it much more complicated because she gave Athos an ultimatum.  Deep down she knows Athos will choose the musketeers because its his duty, but she still hopes to have the life with Athos that they were robbed of.  She doesn’t outwardly say she loves him and neither does he.  I had major feels when Athos in his own way said he loved her by saying “It rains a lot in England…”  My Milathos feels, you guys…

-The scenes with Louis and Rochefort were like WTF, but at the same time, gave me more perspective on Louis’ character.  He is so alone in the world (father was murdered, his trusted advisor is dead, he’s been kidnapped (ok that one was more his fault), and he had a psycho play russian roulette with his wife and child).  I understand his feelings of paranoia and since he’s super weak minded, it makes sense he’d latch on to Rochefort.  Louis desperately wants to save his wife because she is the only companion he has had.  Multiple times, he pretty much tells Rochefort to shut the fuck up, because having to execute his wife and give up his son is in no way just a matter of state.  I still don’t excuse him though for giving in and signing Anne’s death warrant.  And OMFG, after the emo-king phase, is he really ready to declare a war with Spain like a day later…Jesus, his character is so flippant.

-The trial scene  for the most part went the way I expected (good for you, Aramis for calling Rochefort out), and, therefore, I was more interested in watching Magritte.  I like the subtleness they put with her character to show how much her guilt is destroying her from the inside out.  She looks so worn out with dark circles around her eyes and the dark gowns.  Her face looks pale and angular.  I know some of you were like she got what she deserved when she killed herself, but I always to a degree felt sorry for her.  She was at the mercy of Rochefort (you have to really understand the time period to understand how much reputation and position meant economically for not only a singular woman/girl, but also for her family). In the end, she is laughed at for having confessed for sleeping with Aramis, which was the thing she was trying desperately to both hide (her reputation) and forget (her broken heart).  Rochefort completely threw her under the bus by doing this and therefore, like Lemay, I’d count her as another victim of Rochefort’s cruelty and ruthlessness. 

-My boys and Constance storming the palace gave me the “hell yeah” feeling and was the centerpiece of the episode.  And Treville was there with them, which gave him an opportunity to dad (he can never not do this) and reclaim his honor (not that it was actually gone, but you know, Louis ruined him).  Man, and the scene leading up to it, showed a huge character growth in Queen Anne, especially with another verbal bitch slap (”know that I did not think a day about you” when Rochefort was being the creepy dude he is).Anne was every bit a queen when she knew/saw what Rochefort intended to do with the chain.  There was no fear in her eyes, just utter bravery (something her husband should really get).  There’s so much coldness when Rochefort looks up at her after being stabbed and she looks back, unemotionally, and does not move an inch.  She’s no longer so naive nor merciful to others who dare threaten her.

-Rochefort, the douche/fuckboy he is, is one tough fuck.  I mean he gets shot in the arm by Constance, stabbed in the back by Aramis, and he’s still able to fight?  And he just pulls the sword out of his back and tries to fight D’artagnan, Athos, and Porthos. As evil as he’s been the whole series, the comparison i made to Rochefort’s last moments was that of a trapped animal.  He knows that Anne despises him, the Spanish ambassador spilled everything, and that Aramis can no longer be executed.  He’s been tortured physically for five years (also lets you know how sadistic the Spanish ambassado is) and now the only thing left to do is not surrender/face execution to gain half an ounce or redemption, but to claw and snarl back.

-On that note, I’ve got to say, I think everyone within the show, was shocked at D’artagnan straight up stabbing Rochefort through the heart.  I mean, I know earlier he said Rochefort is mine, but he had a certain coldness in his eyes and an element of ruthlessness (Rochefort was pretty much done for anyway).  And no, I’m not at at all sympathizing with Rochefort, it’s more on the grounds of the Musketeer’s code of honor.  I think it opens up the gate for a little more darkness for D’artagnan’s character.  Not that I want him to go the opposite direction from the way he already is (love my Musketeers the way they are), but it’s a definite step away from innocence.  Basically, it opens up for more character development for season 3.  

-The wedding was freaking adorable and one that D’artagnan and Constance deserved.  It was so sweet Athos walked her down the isle (he’s so much like Treville).  The only bad thing Treville has done the entire show was cock block Athos from getting to Milady on time by telling him he has to prepare for war.  There’s a sense of grief as he watches the wedding of his friend out of his own broken marriage and it is the trigger that pushes something inside him to say that he wants to fix it. His bros cover for him as he neglects Treville’s orders to go and catch her carriage.  Once again, Milady’s vulnerability is shown through the scenes in between.  She’s dressed in a flowy, blue gown, which was very good symbolism to show that she is bearing herself to Athos and is opening herself up to the feelings of guilt/despair but also hope.  The way she jumped out of the carriage when she heard that random horseman was so heartbreaking.  I wonder if she thinks that Athos doesn’t love her now…NOOOOOOOOOOOO, but we know he does.  So sad that he realizes he’s too late and he finds the singular blue glove. He’s heartbroken…Damn you BBC, she better be coming back.

-Whelp, Aramis learned the moral of the story and that is to control his dick.  But in all seriousness, I think his commitment to live a monastic life shows more about his character and that he truly is trying to fix who is as a person.  He cannot bring the Cardinal’s mistress or Magritte back to life nor can he take back how much fucking danger he put Anne in.  He realizes that and him staying away and living a different life is part of the long road of redemption.  As Porthos said, “That boy is the king’s son.”  I mean, I was heartbroken when he said he was leaving, because he’s my favorite (okay, it’s actually always been a tie between him and Athos because I can relate a lot to Athos and he’s basically the Obi-Wan of the show).  And I didn’t want some random newbie showing up to take his place.  Really glad that it ended with Athos, Porthos, and D’artagnan riding off (of course with dad Treville’s permission) to tell Aramis about the war with Spain and how they’re going to need him.  Most likely, he’ll be back in the game and the perfect team will be united again.

Miscellaneous notes:

-The world of The Musketeers just got ten times bigger with the on coming war with Spain. 

-I’m really hoping Milady will return and part of me thinks she will.  She’s going to England, which leads me to my theory of the season 3 villain.  I think it’s going to be the Duke of Buckingham (the righthand of the king of England).  Pretty sure the book had France and England as allies against the Spanish, if I remember correctly.  Somehow, I think she will be linked to him and it will be a way for her to reunite with Athos.

-Fan girl me says nope Aramis, nope, you’re not leaving your bros and me to go pray. Nope. 

-Really glad Treville is guiding Louis.  Not really happy it’s through war (and neither is Treville), but at least there won’t be another Rochefort running the show.

-Louis is freaking moody and needs to grow up.

-Athos needs to be happy one day and BBC needs to compensate him for his Someone-just-kicked-a-puppy look when he picks up Milady’s glove. 

-The cinematography for this episode was beautiful (when Aramis is walking off on his own with the autumn leaves falling and the other three riding off to go get Aramis).  It was also so well used (the blue of Milady’s dress as well as the emphasis of her left-behind glove in Athos’ hand).

-Louis: “It’s like I’ve woken up from a nightmare.”  Everyone’s like no fucking shit and thinking so have we, so have we…

-Hoping Annamis doesn’t go away.  Their relationship is very domestic, whereas Athos/Milady’s is complex and disfunctional and D’artagnan/Constance is passion/young love.  I like all the ships on the show.

-Constance is awesome and I hope she has no less screen time in season 3 than she had in this season.

-The ladies of the show had all the best lines.  Preach it, ladies…  

41. Sherlock

A happy Monday to you all. It’s a fairly short little post from me today mostly becasue it’s one that I’ve had lying around for a while and I needed to post something. 

~Much love, Ive

Sherlock was in a mood again. Well actually he was always in a mood. I could hear him playing his violin and obviously it was perfect. He always played better when he was in one of his moods. John wasn’t going to be back for hours, he was on a date as usual so I didn’t expect to see him home until morning. I looked up at the roof and sighed, what was I supposed to do now? I couldn’t watch Doctor Who since Sherlock was taking up the living room and trying to do anything in this kitchen was a nightmare. I figured my best bet was to brave the kitchen. I don’t know how long I spent baking all sort of cakes and biscuits but I stopped everything when the music coming form the living room stopped. After pulling my last baking tray out of the oven I turned around and jumped letting out a scream. Sherlock was standing right in the doorframe. When I jumped I’d spilled at least half the biscuits onto the floor, there was no saving them now.

“You did all this for me?” Sherlock asked furrowing his eyebrows.

“No! Why would you think that?”

“Well I presumed you knew I was having an off day as you people call it and thought that’s the kind of thing you’d do.”

“No I got bored. The sun doesn’t shine out your arse, believe it or not.”

you watch him, while he stares in awe at you
like you could give him the universe with a smile
he looks away before you can hand him shattered stars
        he’ll suffocate himself on memories that feel like discarded dreams
        and you’ll swallow the bitterness of what could have been, and isn’t
                      he won’t remember you in the morning, burnt out suns never do

(poem by p.d)

I Am Asexual

Thank you, Tumblr.

For 41 years I thought there was something wrong with me. I’m a woman, attracted to men, but I never enjoyed sex. I love snuggling and kissing and being close, and I always thought that sex was something I had to do in exchange for that closeness. When I had sex with my husband I had to fantasize scenes I’d watched in pornos. I’d even asked my doctor if there was something I could take or do that would bump up my libido.

When my husband and I separated, and the loss of sexual expectations was actually a relief, I started wondering why. And there was Tumblr with the answer. I’m not broken. I don’t need medication. I’m asexual. I have always been asexual. It all makes so much sense now.

So thank you, Tumblr, for the posts on sexuality. Thank you, fellow Tumblr bloggers, for helping me learn who I am and letting me know that I’m perfectly normal.

Thank you.


Lis Sladen (1946- 2011)

Elisabeth Sladen was an English actress, most famous for her role as Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who, often described as the most popular companion ever, her character was the first proper feminist companion on the show and also the longest serving (1973-76) she returned for the 20th anniversary special (1983) and for an episode with David Tennant in 2005, before she was given her own spin-off show on CBBC (The Sarah Jane Adventures, 2007-2011)

Lis Sladen passed away exactly 4 years ago today (19th April) at the age of 65 and I just wanted to take a moment to say how much she meant to people, not just to me but to every child who watched her alongside the Doctor or in Bannerman road and she is so, so missed. Thank you for lighting up my TV screen Lis :)

Except, of course, she was everything I could hope she would be. Charming, diffident, conscientious, giggly, determined, straightforward, a little crazy and enormously warm.” - David Tennant  

Tom campaigning for no new companion, ‘because no one could replace Sarah’,” - Elisabeth Sladen (The Autobiography)

“There she was on  the TV screen, smiling and laughing and looking beautiful. How could she be gone?” - Brian + Sadie Miller

“Her doctor said, ‘We can’t cure it, but we’re going to throw everything we can at you to fight it as long as possible’ That fight lasted no more than two months. Lis died at the Meadow House Hospice in the early hours of Tuesday, 19 April 2011. She was 65 years old.” - Brian + Sadie Miller

Goodbye 11, hello 12.

This post contains: 

I’ve just seen season seven of doctor who and I am an emotional mess. God I never knew how much I loved eleven.

I couldn’t even watch the regeneration of ten, I skipped that. However, I grew to love eleven so much that I couldn’t bare not saying good bye, if that makes any sense.

 A few episodes before this amazingly well written episode, when River said goodbye I could cry. 

 That was because I almost forgot River had died the first time we met her. I could have cared less at that time, but learning about River’s past was just..amazing. I am going to miss eleven so much, probably more than I missed Ten the first episodes. However I know that his absence will make me move on eventually because thinking about ten right now, is just a pleasant memory rather than missing him immensely like I did before. Doctor, you will be missed.

Welcome 12th doctor. 

Disclaimer to the people who think I love rivers and numbers, those are the names of Doctor who characters. I don’t like numbers or math, the only math I like is Matt smith. Bad joke, I know. 

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twelve + clara | i’ll be good (please watch in 1080p)