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God, I have so many thoughts and feelings on the duggars, but the main feeling I get when I think about them is sadness. I feel like there is so much wasted potential in those kids, like they could have done something or been something. It just makes me sad

Sorry I have been so behind on messages, just a lot going on right now; ANYWAY, I know exactly what you mean.  I watched the Counting On premiere tonight and Jinger is so smart.  Johannah taught herself to read when she was three.  Jason’s goal in life was to be the doctor who cures cancer.  And what good does any of it do them?  No real education means no real opportunities, unless you’re lucky enough to pull a Josh and ride your D-list fame to a cushy job.

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     “ - scared ? oh come on now, you shouldn’t be. so old now, so so old - grey hair, NEVER GINGER, hmm ? so, so much the same. the same dull self; this one of yours though ? oh so
FRAGILE, so curious of everything - pretty, pretty space girl. tiny space girl, so easy to BREAK apart, right in front of you. maybe i’ll do that when i get bored of her, hmmm ? “