so i found out how to do those diamond paths what can be super easily changed colors and i did these and they work super well with the fairy tale PWPs color scheme wise

(and excuse the left/right mix-ups i copied paths so i could easily get the pattern/colors right)

Killian i’m not…a tearful goodbye kiss person. But maybe just this once.

(so this is my first drawing attempt using a graphics tablet, i’d love any thoughts/critique you want to give.)  (◡‿◡✿)



Zoroark, Venusaur, Pangoro, Excadrill, Dragalge, and Noivern! All done with permanent marker and crappy markers on a piece of glossy cardstock… I placed a thin sheet of clear polycarbonate over the top for protection.

The only things I don’t like is how Excadrill came out, I could not get his colors right, and how I messed up on Pangoro’s left fist (touching Venusaur’s flower). You can’t see it, really. But my desk looks awesome now!!!


I forgot I didn’t have any pictures of this guy. His name’s Rin. Pity I forgot to clean the glass ^^; He ended up being pretty photogenic (my other 3 bettas don’t like the camera much). I just wish my camera didn’t need the flash to stay in focus so I could get his colors right. His fins are actually white with just a slight blue tinge. I think they look pretty cool in these though.
Also, yeah, some of his dorsal rays are broken…they were like that when I bought him (got him at Petsmart, can’t expect too much), but it doesn’t seem to bother him at all.