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Last movie I saw: Independence day.. only redeeming feature was the gigantic alien queen

Last song you listened to: silent snow stream by cornelius

Last show you watched: alaskan bush people…………………..:~)

Last book you read: Dracula. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!

Last thing you ate: Jagabee (butter soy sauce flavour)…..NOT recommended avoid at all costs

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: Beijing best city!!!

Where would you time travel to: one second before i ate the Jagabee to save myself

The first thing you would do with lottery money: fly to @himemayu

What fictional character would you hang out with: all my farm animals from harvest moon

Time right now: 23:00 ! ! !

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I just wanted to say to all my followers that are Royai fans: if you’re ever having a bad day and could use some cheering up, feel free to request a royai fic from me or something. I’m usually pretty fast with my writing and it would be my pleasure to write something that might help cheer you up. =)

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i think it's a bit suspicious how ppl jump to say it's wrong for an adult to make sexual comments towards a young terf, but it's totally okay for a guy to call a female terf a bitch

Making sexual comments towards minors is wrong so I’m not debating that. but tbh are we really at a point in our politics where we’re criticizing people for calling violent bigots names? Lol if I say anything even vaguely terfy y'all can call me a bitch every day of the week and I’d deserve it. I mean I understand that we’re all feminists here so we all Feel A Certain Way about that kind of language but y'all need to sort out your priorities. But don’t listen to me, I’m just an angry gay on the tungle. I could be wrong.


Imagine Morishige being stressed from upcoming finals and studying as much as he could, hardly making time for anything else. Every night turns into an all-nighter, and he’d show up to school every day, almost ready to collapse from exhaustion. After noticing how malnourished Morishige was, Yoshiki offered to walk him home. Morishige would refuse, but Yoshiki would do it anyway.
Imagine Morishige passing out on the way home. Yoshiki gets him up and carries him home. Yoshiki stays in Morishige’s room until he wakes up. 


"Hey. You need to rest up." 

"I can’t." 

"Listen, you get top marks in everything. Just rest.”

“Will you stay with me?" 

"Of course, Morishige.” The blond walks over to the other just to lay beside him and wrap his arms around Morishige. “Get some rest. I’m not going anywhere.”

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1. what’s the last movie you saw? 
I saw Suicide Squad last, I think, and I’m in love w Harley Quinn, that’s all I’ll say

2. last song you listened to? 
The entire Life is Strange soundtrack has been on repeat for the past few days

3. last TV show you watched?
Omg I was watching Bear Grylls Survival School with the family tonight

4. last book you read? 
Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, it’s gay 10/10 would recommend

5. last thing you ate?

6. if you could be anywhere right now, where would you be? 
with Shannon in the US

7. which decade would you want to travel to?

8. which fictional character would you hang out with for a day? 
okay so I feel like I would get on w Ellie Williams really well and we’d have a lot of fun, or Sarah Manning and I’d end up making out w her, or Reyyyy, or Lexa

9. what was the last fandom you joined?
Stranger Things vvvv recently! Also I’m officially in the GBBO fandom oops

10. last video game you played?
Uncharted 4!!!!

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The word “discourse” is ruined for me forever, maybe even more than the word “problematic”

Like this New Testament professor I was listening to the other day kept talking about “the discourses of Matthew” and all I could think about was like, Jesus accusing the pharisees of being messiahphobic

Fade Into Darkness
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Why worry now? You’ll be safe                                                    

Hold my hand, just in case                                                            

And we won’t fade into darkness                                                    

I’m gonna have to assume that there were lions on Altea because otherwise… What the hell could Voltron have been based on?? Or did Alfor just one day wake up in the dead of night and go, “Oh shit I gotta build this robot.” 

Actually how did his royal advisors even react to Voltron lmfao were they all like, “Alfor? Sir?? What the hell are you building?” 

To which Alfor responded, “I’m building Robot Jesus.” 

And the advisors replied, “Yes we get that but- what is it based off of? We’ve never seen an animal quite like that.” 

“It’s a lion.”

“The fuck is a lion?”


혁오 / Isn’t She Lovely