MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL: Songs for the boy who fell in love with his own reflection to sing into the mirror (because you know he does). He doesn’t look at the reflection, he romantically gazes into his (own) eyes, admires ever line of his (own) face, feels himself becoming more and more enamored with him(self) every day. His mirror is a lake because walls are not worthy of surrounding such a view. He’d be a fuckboy to himself if he could, but for now he’ll just sing into the lake where his reflection lies until all the fish have long swum away. [LISTEN]

1. FRANK SINATRA i’ve got you under my skin 2. FRANK ZAPPA i’m so cute 3. PAOLO NUTINI coming home to you 4. INCUBUS you will be a hot dancer 5. ARCTIC MONKEYS you probably couldn’t see it for the lights but you were staring straight at me 6. THE USED i caught fire (in your eyes) 7. BILLIE HOLIDAY i’m a fool to want you 8. GREEN DAY fell for you 9. TWENTY ONE PILOTS can’t help falling in love

Reibert Week Day 1


Instead of doing what I normally do and write one-shots for each theme, my brain said it’d be a good idea to write a longer fic that incorporates all the themes. (Mostly cause I got a really good idea for one of the prompts that required more than a one-shot). So, I listened, and here am I, presenting to you chapter 1 of that fic. My goal was to premiere a chapter a day throughout the week, but this fic got much longer than I’d anticipated faster than I could keep up. In short, it won’t be done in time. However, it’s all planned and will be done shortly after the week. And it is kinda long, and I feel that it would be cruel to submit such lengthy chapters everyday. So expect chapter 2 on Tuesday (unless by some miracle I can get it done today!)

Anyway, enough rambling. I sincerely hope you will enjoy the fic I’ve crafted for this lovely pairing. :)

Dancing With Strangers 

Summary: The story of how Reiner Braun successfully made Bertholdt Hoover fall in love with him… twice. 

cricks replied to your post

“shesmashedtheradio reblogged your post and added:Literally keep…”

This…this person thinks that the only thing factoring into health is weight?? The traits that literally define the breed are unhealthy!! You could have the fittest modern purebred pug on the planet and it would still have short face problems

that’s what i’ve been trying to tell them but they literally do not want to listen. their love for short faced dogs trumps their ability to recognize how unhealthy the breed is. they just reblogged and responded to my post AGAIn:

“My pugs are very playful, we exercise them simply by throwing a ball from the porch across the yard and they will chase it until we stop, so they’re running up and down stairs and they could go on all day. We’ve done this since we’ve first got them all, and luckily they are up for the exercise. None of them though have stenotic nares.”

August 1: I love languages because...

I love how unique they all are, yet they’re all tangled up from borrowed words and shared ideas. Sometimes the ideas developed separately, sometimes they developed together.

I love the way languages look and sound. I guess it’s kind of hard to describe, but I just love listening to languages being spoken. I could listen to different language versions of a song all day, and it would never get boring (and having fun trying to recognize the language!)

One time I had just finished watching Frozen, and was too lazy to turn it off. At the end of the movie it will automatically start playing Let it Go in a selection of languages (I don’t remember which ones), but it was mesmerizing to hear it all, how they were able to keep the song’s emotion and flow even with different languages.

I really love language “collages” like this one, because it shows the same expression in a bunch of different languages, and that’s really cool. Plus I get to see how they all look :)

Alex’s Follow Forever

Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gaaaaaaaaaaal!

My Babies


How could I not tag this gem? This absolute lamb? This precious friend of mine. You have listened to so many of my rants and rambles about life, society, love, and countless other topics. Woman, I will write you another essay any day. Piece of cake. I can’t wait for us to build ironic snowmen, sandcastles, and farm together. We have so much in common and it blows my mind how you’ve endured so much in your life.. and yet you’re just so strong. Not only that, but you willing take on the burdens of others atop your own, no matter what it is that you’re currently struggling with. You are strong and brave and beautiful. How blessed I am to know you and call you my dear friend, you sassy thing, you.

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My darling dearest Yagmur. My Turkish Delight. My Rain. One of my best friends. How I love you so. You’ve done more for me than I could ask of a friend. You, my sweet, gorgeous girl, hold such a special place in my heart (as you very well know and if you didn’t, where have you been?)  You are so wise beyond your years. You are so kind, patient, caring, and understanding. You’ve taken very good care of my heart for the past several months. When I first stumbled upon your blog, I honestly had not anticipated that you and I would have developed such a close friendship. Nor that I would be friends with someone who is the real life Black Widow tbh.  You are so, so talented and you have such a beautiful and bright future ahead of you. I can feel it. Love you, nerd.


This is the greatest Sam Winchester I have ever written with. This is the greatest Sam Winchester I’ve ever met, to be perfectly frank. Never have I seen the demeanor captured so beautifully or written so eloquently. Not only this, this lovely lady is so full of empathy and kindness. Her smile expresses her personality as how I’ve come to find her. Soft, patient, gentle, and wise. I’m honored to know this woman and call her a friend. I know things have been a bit nomadic for you lately, to say the least, among other things. I’m always praying for you and thinking of you, love. I am so, so proud of you for being in school and having the opportunity and blessing to learn all you can. xo

My Honies

My beloved Stephanie (Who does not want her URL to be announced). You are that friend in real life who knows about my Tumblr, follows me, sees all my nonsense, and continues to be one of my dearest friends both virtually and in the real world.  We’ve been on many adventures, you and I. I can’t wait to see what other shenanigans we get into this year. Hopefully nothing quite as terrifying as last November, but.. You opened exciting worlds for me and taught me to embrace my inner Beyonce, wear that purple lipstick, and drive fast. I’ll see you soon, my flower.


A fellow thespian. A true friend. You’re honestly one of the few Canadians that I actually love and care for so genuinely and completely (save for like four others I knew from when I lived in Toronto.) You are so positive and encouraging. You always keep such a high spirit when talking to me. I can’t tell you how many days just seeing your messages has brightened my entire mood. I hope to continue talking to you often and for a long time, whenever you’re able to, of course.


I adore you. You are dry, adorable, sassy, and just wonderful. I’m blessed to know you and speak to you so often. Thank you for listening to all my shenanigans, rambles, ideas, and overall nonsense. You care so deeply for me and value what I have to say. I honestly can’t ask for much more than that out of anyone.

My Ragtime Gals
I feel as though I know so little about each of you, and yet I cherish you squish nuggets. I hold each of you in the highest regard. I wish for nothing more than to be more of a friend to each of you. I want to learn more about each of you and strengthen our bonds not only as writers, but as true companions. From what I have gotten to know about you, you must know that I just adore you and I’m always here to talk about anything serious, silly, or any shenanigans. xoxo






June 27,2015
Day 16 - today was a really good day! We had or program day so we went to this place special with people to people called “full on”in Assi. There we did team building things and self confidence building exercises and we repelled down this 100ft castle wall which I wasn’t scared tell I got all the way up there but I did go down I was quite prod of my self. We also broke a wood board with our hands like could karate movies, how break the wood which was really cool. It was lots of fun I know some people just lived through it and don’t actually listen tI what they were teaching but I know I did and I fell like I really learned lots of things to day, and hopefully it can help me in the future for myself, or one of helping others.

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1. Why did you choose your URL?

‘Tis my name.

2. If you could own a fictional pet, what would it be?

If this is talking about a creature that doesn’t exist, I guess… A sphinx, because it’s closest I could get to having like a tiger or something.

3. Favorite Color

I generally like jewel tones like turquoise or bright purples.

4.  Favorite Song

Um… I’ve had “Sugar” by Maroon 5 stuck in my head all day… Does that count? I’m terrible at picking favorites. Actually, I’ve also been listening to “Let’s Have a Kiki” by Scissor Sisters a lot recently, along with “212″ by Azalea Banks.

5. Top 5 fandoms?

Assuming we’re talking about the actual shows and not the fans themselves… Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black… Um… I used to really like Doctor Who…. and…. is Kimmy Schmidt a fandom yet? Because Parks & Rec and 30 Rock are no longer on the air and neither is Mad Men…

6. What do you like about Tumblr?

It’s honestly just a nice break from real life most of the time, and there are some great people here.

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High Voltage
  • High Voltage
  • Naoshi Mizuta and Masashi Hamauzu
  • Lightning Returns Original Soundtrack

This is by far my favorite song from the Lightning Returns soundtrack. Sharing my love for this song with all of you lovelies~ <3 



SasuSaku Month Day 28 - Through the Wardrobe

Where the forgotten memories lie beneath. 

See also the next part here.

So I was listening to this song from Ed Sheeran titled “Photograph” for the first time and this idea just popped into my head. It was a sweet and beautiful song but I don’t know what’s wrong with me all I could think was this angst x’D
But I hope you like it T.T

Fade Into Darkness
  • Fade Into Darkness
  • Avicii
  • Fade Into Darkness CDS

Why worry now? You’ll be safe                                                    

Hold my hand, just in case                                                            

And we won’t fade into darkness