I could listen to his part all day and never get tired of it. I am so blessed with his existence. I don’t care how long ago this was, it needs to be talked about until the end of time.

The Metamorphosis
  • The Metamorphosis
  • James Barrett
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Hey. Substream Magazine streamed my EP today. It doesn’t come out till next week, but since it’s already on the internet, here is another new song. I would be a happy boy if some of you could listen! 

if you looked at my spine
you would find vertebrae out of line, and so am I
but insisting you and I are still the same gets harder everyday
when I forget our names

there’s nights when my bed won’t let me sleep 
there’s days when I’m too stubborn to be the friend that you need
I’ve been so busy I forgot to call
but I feel I still do nothing at all

the nights where we write to survive the winter that didn’t come
but I’m bleeding and I’m freezing inside
but that’s my DNA
I’ll use that excuse again

I miss you everyday when I wake up
but you were gone before the sun could ever run
I’m older now and there are things that I would like to stay the same
but I’m metamorphic and changing everyday



The word “discourse” is ruined for me forever, maybe even more than the word “problematic”

Like this New Testament professor I was listening to the other day kept talking about “the discourses of Matthew” and all I could think about was like, Jesus accusing the pharisees of being messiahphobic


I have played this song a million times today. Seriously cannot get enough.

Fade Into Darkness
  • Fade Into Darkness
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Why worry now? You’ll be safe                                                    

Hold my hand, just in case                                                            

And we won’t fade into darkness                                                    

I’m gonna have to assume that there were lions on Altea because otherwise… What the hell could Voltron have been based on?? Or did Alfor just one day wake up in the dead of night and go, “Oh shit I gotta build this robot.” 

Actually how did his royal advisors even react to Voltron lmfao were they all like, “Alfor? Sir?? What the hell are you building?” 

To which Alfor responded, “I’m building Robot Jesus.” 

And the advisors replied, “Yes we get that but- what is it based off of? We’ve never seen an animal quite like that.” 

“It’s a lion.”

“The fuck is a lion?”


혁오 / Isn’t She Lovely

listen nothing you can say would convince me that james wasn’t that one kid who was operating at 100% all day every day 24/7 365 days of the year like when he was younger he was probably always jiggling his leg or moving around or talking and honestly that was probably why he was such a good quidditch player, because he could channel all that energy into being a fucking Beast™ on the pitch and i mean it wasn’t even only his body i bet his mind was going a thousand miles a minute literally all the time and he would be talking and the conversation would move so quickly and words would just kind of come tumbling out and he probably sometimes didn’t really make much sense to other people because they couldn’t really follow his thought process because it was going way too fast and i bet like there was a point where it was three am and james was puttering about the boy’s dormitory because “i just had an idea and it’s quite possibly the best idea i’ve ever had” and sirius fucking lost it (because he loved james he really did but jesus fucking christ) and like chucked a book at him or something and was like “james, holy shit, shut the fuck up please for the love of god” and so like james went to bed because he felt kind of bad but not really because his brain was still whirring and the next morning he literally woke up and pushed sirius off the bed and was like “okay do you wanna hear about my idea” and sirius just looked up at him because jesus christ did this boy ever stop


VIXX Noraebang Lotto (chaotic dorks) 😂