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hi, could I have a ship with one of the seventeen members please? I'm 5'5 and I have dark hair that's up to my shoulders with natural beach waves, I really like fashion, sports, movies and art. I can sleep forever, I love staying in bed and being lazy lol. I listen to all kinds of music except country but I really like rap/hiphop, r&b, pop and EDM music!

Yoooo you sound a lot like me 😂😂 you should come off anon, let’s be friends lmao. Anyway I ship you with our memeboy Vernon bc your interests are alike & you two can be lazy bums together lmao. Hope you like your ship! If not, who’s your bias?

- Hoe$hi

“I’m laying here in bed listening only to music that reminds me of her.  I’m stuck here and I can’t talk to her and it feels as though my world is slowly caving in when only a few nights ago were we laying in my back yard holding each other close and looking at the stars, not only did I want to stay like that forever but I felt real love, and not only did I feel it for her but I could feel the way she felt about me with every kiss on the cheek and every time she ran her fingers through my curly, messy hair, and every time she rest her head on my chest, it was nice to feel loved.”

~Lines from a book I’ll never write, part: 1