me: hope you need to learn to balance out your content you know maybe not everyone wants to see your weird little domestic tzka au all the time? maybe you could draw other things? have you ever drawn a cake hope? maybe like a cute cake or something? god i don’t know anything else
also me, the dangerously apathetic one: i could die at any moment and you think im not gonna draw my hot anime crush training a pig to compete in a fair’s pig races….do you stand here and take me for someone that doesn’t Live? someone who doesn’t enjoy Life? who are you
also me, but this one’s the one across the table nervously making it shake from her feet tapping against the stand: guys,, please were at ihop..

Dear Monty,

Monty Oum. That name wouldn’t really mean anything to me if I didn’t start watch the RWBY series. I had watched Red vs. Blue but that didn’t do much for me. It was funny but Not much else. Now two volumes into RWBY and I’m starting wonder how I never knew about how great this man was.

But I’m being negative. I’m glad to have known such a good man, such a great animator could have possibly existed in my lifetime. With that I’d like to announce that Elemental will be drawn in honor of this man. I hope we get to meet in the next life. You seem like a nice guy. @montyoumproject

Could I ever do Commissions?

Hey guys, I’ve never done this before, and maybe It’s not a demand people have from me… but if you check out my profile let me know if you’d want me to do anything for you.

Types of stuff I’d do

  • Hand drawn
  • Pixel art & animation
  • Low poly models & rigging & animation
  • (Maybe) High poly models

Any advice for doing commissions would also be appreciated.

  • What are people’s preferred method of payment?
  • What are general prices for doing these things that a lot of people operate by
  • Anything else I am missing