wow look at that wonky arm placement!

i’m not much for shipping, like i just generally don’t have an opinion but damn this game.  damn it for succeeding at making me have opinions even though i also think anyone would look cute with anyone else


Dad's Log 05242016.01

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past year (with going through a separation, being kicked out of the house, being told that she wants a divorce, etc…) , I’ve learned that if you both want it over, you need to talk about things.

My ex made so many snap decisions, she didn’t think about things and the impact on others. She didn’t talk to me about getting a divorce. She made up her mind without thinking about our children or anything else that our marriage had.

If you notice things going downhill, talk to your spouse, and do it now! My ex and I could have signed the papers months ago. But she decided not to talk to me about the kids, about a visitation schedule, about money in our account, about the 401k accounts. She didn’t want to talk about anything and that has lead to a very long drawn out divorce, where we are over a year later and still haven’t signed the papers.

Maybe the lack of conversation is the reason for divorce. You will need to put that aside for the best interest of the children (if there are any) and to love the process along.

Take it from me, talk now so you don’t have to deal with your spouse any longer than you have to. It’s no fun meeting up once a month in court or paying thousands of dollars for a lawyer. Bite the bullet and talk, discuss, understand and compromise now. Remember it’s not about winning or losing, it’s not about right or wrong. It’s about the children and what is in their best interest

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are you okay??? i have never had anything blacklisted because i didn't feel like anything bothered me particularly but you have interests in very violent and horrible things.. can you please make a list of most of the things you reblog that are triggering in any way because i'd like to blacklist them from now on because i am very disturbed.

ye, i tag some things accordingly as gore(both irl and drawn) and othe r things but???if there’s anything else you’d like me to tag ple ase tell me bc i don2t really know what to tag at all///