Did you have a nightmare? I have nightmares too. Someday I’ll explain it to you. Why they came. Why they won’t ever go away. But I’ll tell you how I survive it. I make a list in my head. Of all the good things I’ve seen someone do. Every little thing I could remember. It’s like a game. I do it over and over. Gets a little tedious after all these years, but… There are much worse games to play.

So recently a lot people in our fandom have started making edits and gifs, which makes me really happy (:

But there are a few small things that kinda annoy me, so here are some tips: 

  • If you’re making an edit, make sure it is 500px wide, that way it will perfectly fit on everybody’s dash and blogs and will not let a white space on the right of the post.
  • Same for photosets, make the pictures the size they need to be: So if you have two pictures next to each other, make the wide 245px and if you have three pictures next to each other, make the wide 160px!
  • Also if you’re making photosets, use your own edits or give credit to the makers of the gifs and edits you are using, this will be very appreciated, haha (:
  •  If you’re uploading a photoset, make sure you drag the pictures to the right place, sometimes I see photosets with perfectly good gifs but because of the way they were uploaded they look a bit weird and messy. (example: instead of looking like this, some photosets look like this) So make sure you drag the pictures to the right place after you’ve chosen which pictures you want!

You can all ignore this if you want, or take the tips for granted. If you have any questions about photoshop, gif-making or whatever, feel free to ask (:

Reasons to stan UP10TION

  • They’re literally the sweetest people in the world
  • Every single one of them would probably leap over mountains if they heard you crying I guarantee it
  • Their music is BOMB I could jam to Party2nite for the rest of my life
  • The skinship is real
  • They’re so comfortable with each other it’s adorable
  • The biggest dorks I mean a few of them stan bts they outta be huge dorks
  • Hwanhee’s ear muscle
  • You know that one kid that looks like Jungkook? His name is Sunyoul and he is cuter than a dozen puppies huddled around two dozen kittens you think I’m lying but I’m not
  • All of them are so incredibly friendly
  • Wei wants to rap with Vernon from Seventeen and Wooshin wants to meet BTS
  • Wooshin has also called himself an ARMY how fucking adorable
  • There’s this kid named Bit-to and he’s the biggest bias wrecker ever just see for yourself I can’t explain it
  • The list could go on forever really

Reasons not to stan UP10TION

  • ?????? ? ???? ??
  • none really

I’ve been meaning to do this since forever. Most people listed here are either people I have been following for more than 2 months or people I’ve talked to more outside of tumblr. If you’re not here and thought you’d be here that could be one of the reasons why. I’m also pretty sure I forgot a bunch of important ones but here we go anyway…

incredibly close friends who i’d trust my life with even if it was the worst decision ever made

morishiges yoshitki (kishinooba) morishige-kun makotomore kidostrider quilavapower princessofbyakudan

important friends

purrffelstein suggar-chan parasitetxt kokuhaku-akaboji waluigipinball bunsofcheese mitsukuroi byakudanloner theneonflower guttsfetti sugarfloat 6pmburgers starchstars actuallygarry

lovely mutuals i wish i talked to more/want to know better and love love love seeing on my dash

saint-rupert gehrt espurrs-eyes punpunv brighteragate bdgrantaire ran-kobayashis mentalism-maria earthwormsama justlookatthetime nerdgirljessi komashope naegi–makoto nagisashiiota bearyuri shinysquirtlesquad horrorrpgartmastersupplier mayushiges ayame–chan pekowari desu-death lightningzap masterofthetetrisyard nmaryuu actualsakamoto kagerouchan shinobukokonoe tokik-o-tsuji samwastaken sabitzuki deceasenote gingkites kanekiri layzeal kiruqon nagito-kokopuffs manglevevo magnumbae tsukkidaisuki shimodas ahaufnoudie ahnjhyo gravespectre l3z4blog yukito3 ayanarnis seinaoo picklesgalore toomuchcai scossors yuuyakizami davidhoovers fujisaki-nanami


WOW. what can i even say? this is far more than i could have ever hoped for, dreamed for even, yet here we are today. a year or so later and this presh babe has over 1k little lost lambs following him around. wow. i don’t even know how you all found yourselves here but, i am so incredibly thankful to be having all of you amazing people here with me, sharing these special moments. you all are truly amazing individuals and i am absolutely honored that Arthur and i have piqued your interests enough to click that follow button. the support of all of you, not just the ones mentioned, really touches my heart and i am incredibly thankful for every single one of you out there, new or old. you all make a difference when i log on, whether its by expressing your interests with artie, talking to me personally as the mun, or simply supporting through a follow; all of you are very special to me and i love you all!! now, before i start getting too emotional here ( trust me, i already cried about this, you don’t wanna see all that lmao ) – the list !!

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Word Count: 2443

Warnings: None (at least I don’t think so)

Author’s Note: Yay I actually was able to post this sooner than I thought! Shoutout to my lovely friend @jaderz-mega-yikes // @imaginingadifferentlife for helping me edit. Thank you much ILYSM! Also the bold at the end is the future. 

Daily Avengers Masterlist: XX

Living with the Avengers wasn’t definitely normal under any circumstances whatsoever. You had two mad scientists up at ungodly hours, an assassin who liked crawling in vents (don’t ask), a god who was obsessed with Pop-Tarts, an android who had no concept of personal space, and the list could go on forever. This, however, was much better than my cell back at Hydra.

Ever since we were rescued from the lab, time caught up with us rather quickly. Spending years in captivity definitely left us out of the loop. Hydra only gave us basic schooling but anything that wasn’t Hydra history or some sort of science was never shown to us. It was to a point where we actually had no idea what an iPhone was. And yes Tony nearly had a stroke.

Though we didn’t have it as bad as Steve and Bucky. They’re practically one hundred and still get confused over technology. Luckily for us, we managed to retain some things quickly but Stark tech was just another story on its own.

By this time, we’ve been living in the Avengers compound for about two weeks now and so far it’s been nice. We finally talked after about a week of trying Clint got us to at least muttered a few words. Then after a few more days we told them our names, which didn’t help much in our case since our files are still missing from the Hydra Database. As far as I know Tony is doing a running a search to find them but nothing has come up.

Everyone just knew us Lucy and Annie or in Tony’s case Grim Reaper and Sparks. I honestly question what happened in that man’s head because I swear he just comes up with the weirdest things. Hydra did actually give us codenames but for now, we barely spoke, to begin with.

Everything was so new to us we were often too confused to say anything. Surprisingly my powers haven’t caused havoc in the compound but knowing myself it will eventually happen. I or well we haven’t gotten full control of our powers just yet but hopefully, we will soon.

Trying not to dwell thought of destroying everything I keep to myself mostly but that’s impossible due to the fact that I can see dead people. Yes, I see dead people don’t be surprised there are weirder things happening today.

Usually, they’re kind spirits that will help in battle but once in awhile corrupted spirits try to get me to lash out. Most of the time they win and I end up destroying everything or I hurt people. Let’s just say I’m not too fond of my powers.

Annie is the only person that believes me since it’s hard to explain to everyone else that I can summon and see dead people whenever I want. Even some Hydra agents thought I was going crazy. So for the safety of everyone, I keep to myself but ever since we got to compound we’ve been bombarded with questions.

I know everyone means well but having questions and spirits being thrown at you can be a bit overwhelming. Like today where I tried to distance myself but I couldn’t stop from listening to the conversation across the room. Tony needed some more details about our powers and apparently, his search on our files was hitting a dead end.

“Tony how about we let them show us when they’re ready,” Steve whispered while crossing his arms, “They have only been here a few weeks and they’re still trying to sort everything out.”

“I agree with Rogers we don’t want to push them,” Natasha chimed in.

“Fury is asking about them and it won’t be long until the government gets wind of our little unauthorized mission.” Tony stood up with from his seat. “We should at least have some idea what they can actually do. I’m pretty sure they don’t want to be locked up in some other place.”


“We don’t mind,” Annie interrupted.

Chuckling nervously Annie tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear before dragging me over to where everyone was. Cursing to myself quietly I tried to ignore the spirits circling around me.

“You don’t have to-” Steve started to say before I put my hand up to stop him.

“You had to find out eventually.”

“I guess I’ll go first,” Annie said as I stepped aside.

Raising her hand slightly up, I watched Annie’s amber eyes turn fully white. All around us the lights started flickering before each source of energy flew to her hand.

“I can basically summon electrical currents and then I can do this,” she said before creating a huge lighting bolt between her hands.

As Annie’s eyes returned to her natural color everyone stared at us as the lights came back on. Turning to me she sent a small smile my way as I cleared my throat.

“Umm so this is actually hard to explain but I’ll try. See I can use the energy of well, specters and form it into whatever I want.”

“I’m sorry specters?” Wanda questioned.

“Show them,” Annie said before I sighed.

“Just don’t freak out.”

What happened next, seem to startle everyone but Annie. As the ground shook as it did before a large number of Specs appeared. Soon the air grew slightly colder as I formed random shapes with the floating Specs.

Glancing around I watched everyone’s shocked expressions as the Specs came closer to them. Feeling my hands go numb, I felt a darker presence looming behind me. Panicking at the shadow growing bigger, I waved my hands quickly making everything disappear.

Once the air felt normal again I took a shallow breath before looking at everyone wondering if they saw anything. Scratching the back of my neck I looked over to Annie hoping that someone would say something.

“Wow,” Clint muttered as Tony typed on his tablet.

“They don’t just call me Lady Grimm for no reason,” I muttered as Tony’s head snapped up.

“Wait say that again.”

“They don’t-”

“No the name,” Tony said cutting me off.

“Lady Grimm? That’s just some codename they gave me I don’t see-”

“Found them!” Tony cried as he held his tablet up in victory. “F.R.I.D.A.Y. project the tablet’s data.”

“Yes, Mr. Stark,” the AI said before our Hydra files appeared in front of us.

Though there wasn’t much on them, it stated our date of birth, full names, family members, power skill set, and how long we were kept in the Hydra facility.

“So they’re my age sweet,” Peter muttered.  

“Eights years that’s a long time,” I heard Sam whisper to Bucky.

Growing uneasy I glanced at the names listed under family and notice one simple word next to all of them, “deceased.” Blinking back the tears as painful memories played in my head, I made eye contact with Steve. Somehow getting the message, Steve leaned over to Tony’s tablet and made the files disappear.

“That’s enough Stark,” Steve said is a stern voice, “I don’t think they want to be reminded of what they experience over the last few years.

“Alright Spangles don’t go full mama bear on me,” Tony chuckled as Steve sighed.

“We need to see the limit of their powers. If the government decides to pop in for a visit we need to be able to show them that they’re not a threat,” Natasha said with concern.

“They see us as a threat?” I said.

“To an extent, you see people today are quick to judge enhanced individuals when they feel like they are threatened. Theoretically, if the government sees that the two of you aren’t in control of your powers they’ll take action. Mostly likely either by imprisonment or in some cases death,” Vision simply said as our eyes went wide.   

“Vis!” Wanda yelled.

“Imprisonment?” I asked.

“Death?” Annie question with fear laced in her voice.

“Yes, but that would depend on-”

“Vision you said enough,” Bucky sighed.

“B-But why w-we didn’t do anything,” I stuttered.

“Breath kid, they won’t do anything if we just make sure you have full control of your powers,” Tony said as he began reading from the tablet, “alright so Sparks, or actually “Miss Shock” can manipulate electrical currents into an range of blasts, bombs, and you can breathe electricity out of your mouth?


“What does it taste like and seriously do you have any taste buds left?” he asked eagerly.

“Tony,” Bruce muttered.  

“It really doesn’t taste like anything. I usually don’t feel anything when it happens and yes I still have taste buds,” Annie laughed.

“I want to see this in person but moving on to little miss Grim Reaper. You can manipulate ectoplasm into whatever you want and you can see dead people. Wait is this the Sixth Sense?” Tony questioned before laughing to himself.

Just then Natasha slapped Tony’s head as he glared at her. Grabbing the tablet out of Tony’s hand, Natasha hit his hand away when Tony tried grabbing it. Turning to Annie once more I just shrugged as Bruce mumbled something to himself.

“Six Sense?” I asked.

“That movie came out before you were even born and you don’t what it is?” Tony questioned.

“At least we know how to work the tv. Bucky still has trouble using the right remote,” Annie chuckled as I snorted loudly.

Trying to contain our laughter, the others started laughing as Bucky rolled his eyes. Another thing I loved about Annie, she knew how to lighten the mood.

“You can’t even defend yourself man you know it’s true,” Steve laughed as Sam high-five Annie.

“I like these kids,” Scott laughed.

Grabbing the tablet from Natasha, Tony began scrolling through our files once more. Then out of nowhere, Tony began laughing to himself. Raising my eyebrow I watched as the others return my looks of confusion until Tony spoke.

“Wait so your full name is actually Lucinda Sage Grimm because that is a mouth full let me tell you Grim Reaper.”

“This he always like this?” I sighed.

“Sadly yes,” Bruce responded.

“I mean Lu it was a bit of a mouthful before you started going with Lucy,” Annie said.

“Whose side are you on?” I asked.

“I’m sorry there are sides,” She asked.

“We don’t need another Civil War. We just got over the last one,” muttered Peter.

“What Civil War are you talking about,” I said turning to Peter.

“Were you two actually living under a rock?” Tony mumbled.

“I mean in some cases yes,” Annie responded.

Tony began to open his mouth but quickly shut it once he made eye contact with Natasha. That women sure knew how to shut someone down. Mumbling to himself he returned to his tablet before walking away into another room.

“And while Stark is distracted let’s actually set up a plan,” Clint said.

“I give you about five minutes,” Rhodey said glancing over to Tony in the other room, “but we do need to establish some ground rules here. We just started gaining the government’s and the UN trust back.”

“Rhodey is right once word gets out that we rescued two highly powered individuals from Hydra there’s going to be some questions,” Natasha said.

“T’Challa can probably pull a couple favors with the counsel shall I give him a call,” Vision asked.

“That would be a start go ahead,” Clint responded as Vision floated through the floor.  

“Now,” Steve began to say before making his away over to us, “we want to help two but from now on you two need to be completely honest with us. Whenever they do decide to check in we can’t have any surprises. Do you understand?”

Nodding our heads, Tony returned with a deadpan face. Even after only know him for a few weeks I knew Tony was serious because he always had some look of amusement on his face.   

“Stark what is it?” Sam asked.

“Video just leaked from our mission two weeks ago,” he said in a low voice before projecting the video in front of everyone. “And as of right now all the news outlets are wondering who the two mysterious enhanced girls are.”

“Let me guess Ross saw the video?” Natasha asked.

“At this point everyone did. He’s sending people down either early tomorrow morning or mid afternoon to evaluate the girls. He’s also asking for all information we have on them,” he mumbled.

“What does he mean by evaluating,” Annie asked as her voice wavered.

“They want to document you as enhanced individuals but also to make sure you’re in the right state of mind. If they see you as a threat to the safety of others they’ll,” Clint tried to say before I cut him off.

“They’ll what lock us up until they think we’re safe to be around?”

“Correct,” Clint responded as the whole room went silent.

“Do you only have the information you found?” Annie asked.

“Yes, at least for now why are you,“ Tony began to say before stopping mid-sentence, "please don’t tell me you two were involved in some Hydra scheme.”

“Well we uh,” Annie began to say as I looked at ground, “I mean we didn’t kill anyone or at least we didn’t assist the agents in doing so. But we were used for extracting classified information and weapons multiple times.”

“Multiple so like five or fewer times?” Tony asked.

“More like dozens of times,” I answered.

“Well, that just made everything ten times harder. F.R.I.D.A.Y look for every file you can find on the girls and take it down.” Tony said.

“Yes sir,” The AI response.

“We’re screwed aren’t we?” Annie asked.

“No, trust me you two are fine. If they were able to grant me freedom I’m sure they’ll give it to you too,” Bucky said trying sound comforting.

“I mean hey we’re the Avengers and we avenge people for a living. Today those lucky people are you two,” Clint laughed.

“Well Avengers assemble,” Steve said as everyone circled around Tony.

“Just have a little faith in us we’ll protect you,” Peter said before joining the others.

Biting my lip nervously, I watched everyone break off into pairs trying to get the upper hand. The only thing I could do was hope for is that somehow they end up finding something that gave us an upper hand. But I knew even if we couldn’t find anything that everyone would protect us and that was one thing I was sure of.

Now, however, I’m not so sure that was ever entirely true.

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