So recently a lot people in our fandom have started making edits and gifs, which makes me really happy (:

But there are a few small things that kinda annoy me, so here are some tips: 

  • If you’re making an edit, make sure it is 500px wide, that way it will perfectly fit on everybody’s dash and blogs and will not let a white space on the right of the post.
  • Same for photosets, make the pictures the size they need to be: So if you have two pictures next to each other, make the wide 245px and if you have three pictures next to each other, make the wide 160px!
  • Also if you’re making photosets, use your own edits or give credit to the makers of the gifs and edits you are using, this will be very appreciated, haha (:
  •  If you’re uploading a photoset, make sure you drag the pictures to the right place, sometimes I see photosets with perfectly good gifs but because of the way they were uploaded they look a bit weird and messy. (example: instead of looking like this, some photosets look like this) So make sure you drag the pictures to the right place after you’ve chosen which pictures you want!

You can all ignore this if you want, or take the tips for granted. If you have any questions about photoshop, gif-making or whatever, feel free to ask (:

tag game

i was tagged by beautiful-collision

just gonna copy and paste the one part:

“If you could only listen to one playlist for the rest of your life, what would it be?(Make it as long as you want, your entire library of music if you’d like)“

i’ve decided to make this a lot easier for everyone and just say names of the bands i’ve been previously obsessed with because i like every single song they have done and i don’t need to put individual song names

1. phil collins, every song

2. genesis - every song, except i haven’t heard anything from calling all stations and tbh i have no idea if it’s good or not but nobody ever talks about it so exclude that album for now

3. mike rutherford - acting very strange album, because i haven’t listened to his other album much and i can’t stop listening to this one

4. tony banks - the fugitive album, i haven’t listened to his other stuff much and i just really love his singing

5. lifehouse - every song

6. billy joel - every song

7. the exies - every song

8. mika - every song

9. coheed and cambria - every song

10. sweet(or ‘the sweet’, idk) - desolation boulevard album, i used to listen to this every single day when i was a kid but i don’t know many of their other songs

11. mxpx - every song, i think, unless there are new ones i don’t know about

12. barenaked ladies - every song, i think. idk if i’ve heard them all but i think i have

13. rob thomas - every song, i don’t think i’ve heard completely all of them but i have a feeling it’s impossible for him to have a bad song so i would be okay with them all invading my playlist

14. matchbox 20 - every song

and there are so many songs i hear on the radio that i could add here but it would take years to remember them all so i’ll just put a few that i do remember

15. sledgehammer - peter gabriel , i have not heard this one on the radio and i don’t know his other songs yet, even though i’ve listened to them a bit, but this one is great

16. american pie - don mclean

17. love grows - edison lighthouse

18. tom sawyer - rush

19. working man - rush

20. fly by night - rush, probably more rush songs that i don’t know the names of but have heard a lot

21. the night chicago died - paper lace

oh god i have no memory because there are too many songs to remember, i cannot do this

can i just say every single song that comes on the classic rock stations? because i could live for the rest of my life with just a radio and i would be very happy

i am probably forgetting a very important song or band that i just can’t think of right now and later i’ll remember and be like “oops i forgot that existed, how could i?” 

i will not tag people but if anyone sees this and wants to do it, do it

90 Day LDR Challenge: Day 55

Day 55: What is the most interesting thing your partner has ever told you?

The culture in Sweden and America is both very similar and very different in many ways. We both like to hear about the culture that the other grew up in because it helps us to better understand each other and learn about each other’s lives. I could mention specifics, but the list would go on forever!♥

anonymous asked:

hey arden, how's it going? how has your day been? I just wanted to say, you are the most exeptional, beautiful, talented, and near-perfect person I've ever met. everything that is you just shines brighter than any star in the sky and your existence lights up my life. It's an honor even knowing you. It kills me that you don't see all the beauty in yourself, because I could seriously go on forever listing reasons why you're by far the best person i know and one of my most favorite people ever.

Honestly, its been as normal as possible, but I’ve been alone most of the day to just think. So it turned shitty pretty quickly. I really wish I could see what everyone else sees but I can’t. Ill never see it and I keep trying but as soon as I feel better I crash back down and fall deeper. Im glad people like me, but I wish I liked me even a fraction of that.  

theludisin asked:

helloooo 13 21 and 58

ya dude lets go

13. What is your favorite background noise? (Ex. Water dripping, people talking.)

i really really like crackly old phonograph sounds like from the caretake a bliss beyond this world or something album, and also big big storms and conversations in restaurants the best honestly bless my ears

21. List 3 things you like about yourself?

one personality thing is i can keep conversations going on and on im v talkative with ppl i like so thats nice. and i like my bod and my eyes too.

58. What is your ideal meal?

honestly something i could eat forever and ever is jollof rice and bolognese (?) spaghetti my old schools caf would make fuckign best!!!! and also rootbeer i like it cause i like bubbly things