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hi darling please help how do i stop craving food? i'm always hungry n cant fast for more than a day cause i get crazy hungry n i could eat a whole horse then! any tips to stop hunger?

Hi craving are caused because of “sugar addiction”. When you eat food high in carbs and sugar, your blood sugar gets high, then it drops, and youll crave more sugar. Its like a continous crise. What you have to do is eat foods low in carbs and high in fiber, so your blood sugar gets evened out and you wont crave more! Its a long process, dont worry its okay if you sometimes eat high carb foods! Imagine it like putting down smoke, its a long and hard progress, but definitely worth it for your health! Stay safe❤

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Hi sorry I'm new to horses. Recently you said you gave your pony some branches and twigs in her stall. I didn't know horses could eat twigs and stuff. Do they enjoy destroying wood?

Branches are good to give in winter, gives them something “green” to chew. They mostly chew off the bark and young branches, and they like some trees better than others. I’ve heard people say some trees have deworming properties, but idk how true that is. Rudi also loves spruce/pine branches even though they have needles. I think branches are good to give to horses who have to spend a lot of time in gravel paddocks or stalls, as it gives them something to do beyond just eating the meals of hay they get. Obviously you should have some knowledge of which trees are good for them and not. 


After enduring Eliza’s last minute efforts to gussy her up, Em headed for the restaurant.

Emily: Why are you looking at me like that? Do I still have toothpaste on my face or something?

Salim: No, it’s just, you look really beautiful right now. 

Emily: Oh! T-thanks!

Salim: Er, anyway let’s head in! I don’t know about you, but I could eat a horse.

Let The Stars Guide You

Character: Thorin Oakenshield


Word Count:1070

Warnings: None

AN: A little something I whipped up on a whim! Requests and Feedback welcomed!


           Your parade of ponies comes to a halt as you stop for the night in a small clearing. It had been a long cold day of riding and it felt like every muscle in your body ached, especially your backside.  You hop off your pony and lead her to a tall birch tree where you tie her off and tenderly pat her neck.

             “I’ll bet you’re over the moon to be rid of me.” You smile as she nuzzles your cheek. “Don’t worry I won’t take it personally.”  You give her an apple from your pocket and stiffly stroll over to where Nori had already gotten a fire going.

            “I don’t know about you all. But I could eat a horse!” Bombur bellows as he sets up his pot and ingredients.

            “Bombur you could eat the horse, the stable and the whole 25 acre farm!” Bofur laughs helping his brother make a makeshift stove.  

            “Mahal I’m too tired to do a damn thing.”  You hiss slowly sinking down to perch yourself on top of a fallen log. “ I’m going to take a little nap. Fili, wake me when supper is ready.” You nudge your closest friend as you cup your head in your hands. You close your eyes and see the dull colours of orange and yellow dance on the back of your eyelids as the heat from the fire pulsated over your face. You can also hear the booming voices of your companions but for some reason you find a comfort in it. Maybe it was because knew that if you could hear all of their voices that meant that you were all safe and sound.


            You wake with a start as you suddenly feel your body hit the cold ground. You thrash your arms and legs around quickly thinking for a second that you’re somehow falling. But as the starry night sky comes into focus you realize that you weren’t in fact, falling. But what you did do seemed to be much worse. The laughter from Fili and Kili fill your ears as you hoist yourself up into a sitting position. But now you were on the opposite side of the log. It appeared that you had fallen from the log and ended up going head over heels backwards. Fili wipes a tear form his face as Kili gives you his hand to help you back onto the log between he and Fili.

            “That was quite a tumble (Y/N)!” Fili laughs getting up to fetch you a bowl of stew. He comes back and hands you the bowl of steaming meat and vegetables. “You were teetering back and forth there for a while, we didn’t know whether you were going to fall or not.”

            You laugh along with them as you start taking hefty spoon fulls of the warm meal. You can feel it warm you from the apples of your cheeks to the tips of your leather clad toes. Your eyes scan over the faces of the dwarves as they stop at the face of your leader. The amber light dances and contoured his face making it look more handsome than it did normally. You see him smile as you all listen to Dwalin tell a happier story of he and Thorin’s early days of weapons training.  

             It was really a shame that your king was always in such a grumpy mood. You seem to get lost in your thoughts but are quickly snapped out when you see Thorin’s piercing blue eyes meet yours. You know you should look away so he won’t think you were staring. (Which you were but that is beside the point.) Instead you simply smile at him, eating your last spoonful of stew. To your delight you see the corners of his mouth turn up, returning your gesture.

              You look away and get up from your seat, stretching your back and taking your bowl to the nearby stream to rinse it out. When you return you tell the company you were turning in early and take out your bed roll. You set yourself up and close your eyes, letting warm thoughts lull you to sleep.


(Thorin’s POV)

            I take my bedroll and walk over to where (Y/N) lay sleeping quietly. It had been a long day and I also decided to turn in early. I assigned Bofur to watch duty and to wake me to relieve him in a few hours. I decide to unroll my bed closer to her than I usually would.  I lay my head on the ground and watch the bright stars above me, silently wishing to myself that she was awake right now, so I could have someone to look at them with me. I remember when I would walk to the different villages seeking work in the forges and look up in the night to see these same stars, guiding my way.  I turn my head and look at (Y/N) as her chest rises and falls steadily.  I see her stir slightly and put my gaze back to the sky, not like she could see me anyway, but I couldn’t help it.

             I close my eyes and try to shoo the thoughts of her away when I suddenly feel a warm weight close to my side. My eyes shoot open and I look to see her body pressed up against mine. I assume she just rolled in her sleep, not odd behavior for someone who really has no comfortable, sure fire way to sleep. I gently move my shoulder so she’d hopefully wake up. But instead I hear her hum contently and nuzzle her head in the crook of my neck. I groan and let my head fall to the ground. I know I should wake her up, or try and move her back to where she laid before. But I really didn’t want to.

            “Mmm Thorin.” I hear her sigh as she wraps her arms around me, anchoring herself. My eyes must have grown to the size of saucers when I heard that. I look down again and realize just how beautiful she really is. This had crossed my minds hundreds of times during our journey, but now she looked peaceful, serene. I always thought her eyes looked like the stars, bright and shining. They always seemed to guide me and one look from her could change me in an instant.  I decide to let her sleep, leaning down to place a kiss on her temple before wrapping my arms around her and drift into the best sleep I had in ages.


(Reader’s POV)


“I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!” Jack said as he rose to get the menus. Lara’s heart fluttered. She was already so nervous about this blind date (and was embarrassed about wearing a bandana when Jack had politely assured her she didn’t have to) but she had chosen a Mexican restaurant. Jack returned with the menus.

“Um, I don’t think they serve horse here. We could go somewhere else? If you want to …” Jack smiled. He really liked this woman so far.

“I’m fine with right here. My joke didn’t go down too well, ha.” He scanned the menu.

Lara frowned. “Jokes can’t go up, can they.” She picked up her menu and wondered where you’d even get horse in this city. How would they serve it? In a burger? A horse burger? She looked up and noticed Jack smiling at her. “What?”

“I’m just digesting what you said.”

“Well, that’s a good thing since you’re hungry.”

Jack started laughing.

She blushed. “So why did you agree to this blind date?” Lara queried.

“I’ve never done this sort of thing … and I felt like I should just throw myself out there.”

“Throw yourself, whoa, I caught the bus here.”

Jack started laughing again. Lara sipped the water on the table. She decided she loved his laugh. Jack wiped his eyes. “Well, my brother should get out and do it too, since his break up. Maybe I’m trying to inspire him … he’s a chicken though.”

Lara’s eyes widened, ‘Hey, a lot of families are very different from your own’, she reminded herself. Can you adopt a chicken? Can you marry a chicken? She smiled politely and didn’t broach the subject. Jack asked her what she wanted. “Ummm, I’m going to get nachos. Do you want to share?”

“I’ll have a few yeah, but I heard their chicken tacos taste like heaven.” Lara drew back. Given his brother is a chicken wouldn’t that be like cannibalism? Something like cannibalism, surely.