I really want to write boombox stories like I have so many ideas but I’m also that person that everyone who reads fanfic hate? Like I’m that person that will write one chapter and then I won’t update for months.

This is not a game guys there is a story that I wrote back in 2012 that people actually liked and I haven’t update for the past 4 years.
And it’s not because I’m busy with life or anything it is because I’m LAZY.
Maybe I’ll try and write one shots I mean you can’t go wrong with those right?

exo as patrons of the casino
  • SUHO:the mysterious, stoic foreigner with stacks to blow, quietly cleans up the whole house, and slips inconspicuously to his penthouse suite upstairs afterwards
  • CHANYEOL:only plays the slots with the cartoonish illustrations cause it’s the only thing he knows how to play, more entertained by the sound effects the machine makes tbh...wins plenty of coins but spills it all over the floor, ends up with nothing
  • SEHUN:the prettiest boy in the room, wandering around with his silk blouse half open, leaning all over the richest men in the joint, winds up leavin' wit Daddy Suho
  • CHEN & XIUMIN:...spends the whole time at the buffet instead
  • KYUNGSOO:unassuming, but won the World Series of Poker competition for No-Limit Deuce-Seven Triple Draw 9 years in a row
  • LAY:desperately has to pee but can't find the bathroom
  • BAEKHYUN:can't hold his liquor, drunk within the first 10 minutes, dances on the dealer's table and gets arrested for it
  • KAI:can't enter the casino because the security won't let his dogs in

Although most of you lost yours, we made some wonderful new memories together, didn’t we?

Thank you for the memories RuneFa! 

Happy 10th anniversary~


So Ladybug starts falling for Cat Noir and Adrien starts falling for Marinette. The love square just doesn’t end.

This one’s really late but I really wanted to contribute since I just got into the fandom. So day 3 (tuesday) - LOVE SQUARE and day 4 (wednesday) - RELATIONSHIPS. I hope I’m allowed to squeeze two prompts in one piece.

How Could You?

Oh hey, I forgot to post this. Asked for prompts in the Slack chat and ended up writing a little SU angst. Spoiler-free, plotless, have at it.

The prompts used here were: “Steven falls over” and “how could you”



Steven falls over. The gems cringe, and they wait for it: the poof of smoke as his form evaporates, the ringing clatter of gem striking stone.

It’s been a hard battle. Pearl’s gem lies nestled in Steven’s hamburger backpack. Garnet groans as she strains to hold up the jagged boulder threatening to crush the warp pad and their only way home. Amethyst snarls like some wild thing as she fends off the tainted gems.

Steven was protecting the backpack. Pearl. The gem monster pounced for it.

They both hear the blow. It’s bad. Steven had grown strong, but not that strong.

“Oh man, Steven!” Amethyst flings the beast off her back and springs toward him. She’ll catch his gem and keep him safe, she thinks.

Who knows how long it will take him to reform, Garnet thinks, though some horror flickers in her future vision that makes her tremble.

They don’t understand. There’s no poof. No glistening gem, whole or cracked. Just the slow red seep of blood and a terrible stillness.

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Suicide Squad Coffee Shop Au

So i hadnt seen that many AUs so i figured why not, lets throw something random out there, this is not serious, its all crack because i need it right now, so totally ooc guys, also really long for some reason

  • Amanda owns the run down cafe
  • Rick is the manager
  • No one believes that Rick has a gf until June shows up
  • Katana is hired to help Rick because he needs someone sane and he doesnt want her to be alone
  • Waylon bakes all the bread and its delicious and everyone is always eating it so Waylon is always baking more bread
  • Harley flirts with everyone and on purpose misspells names and Harley put that knife away he didnt mean anything by it
  • Slipknot is always getting the most numbers from customers but Chato always there to take them away giving Slipknot a look
  • Chato handles Spanish speakers and any rude customers he just steps up and stares at them until they leave 
  • Or if they push him he’ll launch himself at them cause you come to my cafe ese? Disrespect mi familia? And Harley and Boomer hoot and holler while Floyd and Rick come in to get Chato off
  • But if Chato ends up getting hurt you bet that person will not survive
  • Floyd makes bomb coffee in record time
  • He also brings zoe to the cafe and everyone adopts her much to his dismay like I swear to god Boomerang watch your mouth and Katana smacks Boomer on behalf of Floyd
  • Boomerang always writes the crazy specials and he tries to be up front but everyone forces him to the back, assholes
  • Also pretty sure they all end up living upstairs above the cafe
  • June and Harley go to the same hospital to see their psychiatrist and they bring Katana along to bond and because they are not allowed around without a babysitter because people die if they are alone
  • The music in their cafe is always changing, from norteñas to classical to rock to rap to country but no metal Slipknot come on
  • Waylon is the best cook out of all of them but they make sure to know the exact ingredients in everything cause there better be no human meat in this meat pie Waylon!
  • Harley and Waylon go shopping and drag Chato with them, they have the best fashion sense and harley is about to bash a lady’s head in when she asks Waylon and Chato if they want makeup to cover up the tattoos/scars because these are Harley’s guys and they are sexy as fuck 
  • GQ shows up at random times for like part time work when needed and instead of working is always playing poker with Slipknot and Boomerang
  • Rick doesnt know why he bothers with any of them and he bemoans his life but Harley only laughs and gives him a big wet kiss before cackling 
  • June is always cold and tends to wear Chato’s jacket at all times and she really likes working on pastries and decorating them
  • Shit gets real when past lives comes to bite them in the ass
  • Like members of Chatos gangs and Waylon’s mafia crew
  • And when Joker is rumored to be about
  • Floyd is such a dad and doesnt hAve to look up to go “give them the change dollface” “untie Boomerang already Slipknot” “get your hand from the brownies Chato” “rick and GQ you better have finished inventory” “zoe i know you are not playing with Katana’s sword and Katana, you know better" 
  •  They have a sign that says 0 days since last customer sent to emergency in big letters
  • Rick has his own sign where he tallies how many of those emergencies led to deaths and how much he owes Waller for covering that shit up 
  • but its not too bad because the people that die are jerks and criminals themselves which is why Amanda put them all in that cafe in that first place, lbr
  •  They all get matching tattoos yes even Floyd, they tie him down and force it on him but he ends up liking it and sometimes when he by himself he’ll rest his hand on it, but he continues to pretend he hates it 
  • "Dad, your boyfriends are arm wrestling again” “Dad your girlfriends are about to kill a customer” “dad, can your boyfriends and girlfriends come to career day?” And Floyd just sighs 
  • Boomer drapes his jacket on people at night as they all stumble into their makeshift beds in the apartment they all somehow share 
  • He also is always taking Chatos lighter even though Chato is always like i’m cool homie but like Boomer knows about the buildings he burnt down
  • also no one talks about Chato’s family and what happened 
  • They also have no idea what Boomer says sometimes like what but Harley just laughs and pats him on the cheek 
  • GQ and Slipknot are the only one there not part of the polyamory thing the cafe has going on and GQtotally makes fun of Rick because lets be honest he’s whipped by everyone 
  • But they all take care of him so its ok 
  • Rick going golfing though imagine him being in a tournament and the squad going to see him 

Attn Steven Universe Fandom: What the fuck is wrong with you


Gonna move things out of the tags before The Discourse happens. I know a lot of people in the fandom follow me so I hope my message here gets out.

I am a part of the fandom. I contribute through cosplay. That’s it, that’s all I do. I make outfits and go to conventions and look nice a few times a year, that’s it.

I don’t threaten people. I don’t go after the show creators demanding content. Demanding ideas and theories to be true. Demanding that they think a certain way about Their Own Characters. Who knows them better than their creators? Fucking no one. They have the final say in what happens on screen. Their opinions are their own just like ours are. You don’t go attacking them for having an opinion on a show they run. Jesus christ.

I know the fandom range is big. There’s a lot of kids and a lot of adults, but you have to remember that the show itself doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to the creators and they’re making what they want. We just happen to like the things they make. We have no say in what happens in the show, it just happens. 

If you’re one of the people who’ve bullied the creators or any of the other fans because they thought differently than you I am very fucking disappointed. You don’t do that. That makes you an asshole. 

The show doesn’t belong to you so stop acting and thinking like it does.

Lauren Zuke deserves an apology and a break.